15 Hilarious Snapchats That Show The Downside Of Motherhood

Whether it is pictures or videos, snapchats are mostly funny or quite personal as they are meant to be candid and shows real moments of life. Snapchats is an image messaging and multimedia mobile app which is being used mainly by teenagers and celebrities. Snapchats can't be edited or photoshopped. The pictures and videos on this platform are not supposed to be taken by professionals

Of late, there's a new category of people who has taken a liking for snapchats, and these are the new mothers. After all, who does not like showing off their adorable kids' antics?  Parenting is an adventure; there are no reference materials out there which help you to get prepared for this roller coaster ride. Parenting will undoubtedly be the most important job a woman can take on, irrespective of how long she has lived.

Yes! Motherhood is to be revered, and new mothers take on their roles with eager expectations that its roses and sweet smelling baby powder all the way. There's absolutely no one who would dare say that parenting is a cakewalk. Whether it is a teenager saddled with an unexpected pregnancy or someone who is in their 40's, parenting is a strenuous job. Many a time, it will drain you of all your patience, tears and sweat. But somehow, it is a rewarding experience that becomes worth the pain as the child reaches and overcomes each milestone in his/her life.

Here are 15 snaps that show you the downside of motherhood. Take a look and have good laugh, especially if you can relate with the depicted incident.

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15 Oh, Motherhood!

If you need a highlighter to color your day, it's pretty clear this mother had a really bad day. Yets its nice to see that she is still able to retain her sense of humor. We all have days when nothing seems to get done. As quoted in the blog site www.lifeasamom.com by Jessica Fisher, "While we all dream of getting ahead of schedule, life happens. None of us really gets it all done. But she goes on to share some good tips on how taking care of five simple things can go a long way.

The first and foremost point to remember is not to be harsh on yourself. Being gracious to oneself will bring more peace and you will start appreciating whatever little work that gets done. Making a timetable or a charting a schedule may not always work because kids and their moods are unpredictable and it can throw your schedule out of the window.

Prioritizing what you really need will be helpful. Teach your kids to get involved in the household chores. You can use them to sort the laundry and fold them, clean up after themselves, and dust the room while you do the cleaning and so on.

Forming a daily and weekly routine and rhythm through the day will help you when things go crazy. It will also help the kids learn time management early on. And finally, do things which make you feel rested and energized. You could take a short nap if you like, or do some activity which will boost your energy. You have to take care of yourself. Stay hydrated and follow a healthy lifestyle.

14 Fishing For Dinner

The kid must have been thrilled to find so many fishing rods in one place much to the dismay of the mom. Tampons definitely look curious to kids and it is absolutely normal for them to develop a liking for it. The picture may appear funny or even 'cute' to some, but if this was not noted at the right time, it could have proved to be disastrous. The next thing the child does is put it in his mouth, followed by choking.

Every year, thousands of toddlers are seriously hurt because of negligence from their parents. In fact, this is the main cause of death in toddlers older than 12 months. Children are mobile, eager to explore their environment but cannot anticipate the consequences of their actions making them vulnerable.

Every parent has to be concerned about the safety of their child and there could be many safe but potentially dangerous items around that could pose a serious threat to kids. When there is a child around, keeping your place 'child proof' is of supreme priority for the parents.

Almost any household thing like house plants, toys, footwear, furniture, curtains or blinds could pose a danger and in other words, children have to be monitored throughout. Some items like medicines, alcohol, tobacco products, lighters and so on are things which have to be kept secured and absolutely out of reach of toddlers.

13 Sleep Deprivation Is Real

This mom in the picture is a classic example of "exhausted mom". She is completely oblivious to her surroundings or what is happening around her. She is lucky that her child is just having some harmless fun and not up to any serious mischief.

According to wearemitu.com, Javier Lerma spent his weekend pulling off an epic dress-up prank, using his mother as the unsuspecting victim.

Being a mother is a privilege and taking care of one's family is a joy. However, when you are focused on others from sunrise to sunset, all twenty-four hours, the effects start to accumulate. When we have little ones to take care of, we are always in the "heightened awareness" mode - even in our sleep (if we can dare to call it sleep at all!). This is physiologically exhausting. There comes a time, when our body just gives up.

If you can manage to get your spouse or someone responsible to watch over the kids for about two to three hours, it would be a good idea to keep all the errands and housework aside and try to catch up on your sleep. This thought does not even occur to most moms that they can use some help so that they can put their guards down.

12 When You Turn Around For One Second

My question exactly!! But the fact is, with kids, you should expect anything - just about anything. And this kind of stuff happens when excess energy and mischief get together. The blog site www.narrowwaywife.wordpress.com explains this in a very simple formula: Excess energy + lack of stimulation = boredom. And we know that boredom= getting into stuff.

What this little child needs is a way to channel her energy. It is obvious that this child is dexterous. She is just experiencing a "prop malfunction". It would be a good idea for the parents to spend time with her outdoors. Get her enrolled for activities or sports which will consume her overflowing energy. Getting her into a routine and schedule will also be very helpful.

Children work very well with routines. They are pretty relaxed and at ease when they know what they are doing next. It may take some time to get this on track and as parents, you may be faced with some tough resistance. But know it will be good for the child and for you too, to ensure that a schedule is in place. Children also get into mischief to seek attention from their parents or primary caregiver. Parents must ensure that they set aside and spend a good amount of quality time with the kids. It goes a long way in the wholesome development of the child.

These snapchats make it clear that motherhood is a bumpy road with plenty of downsides. But no matter what, hang in there and enjoy that rollercoaster ride, you'll someday be able to look back and marvel at just how amazing it was and how quickly the kids grew up.

11 There Goes Dinner!

There nothing like dinner splattered all over the kitchen that can top a mad and frustrating day with the kids. The poor mom who posted this snapchat has obviously given up in defeat. Even if you have the budget to order out for dinner, cleaning up that mess is going to a painful job. Al the more, because the poor lady does look exhausted!

The first thing that comes to one's mind after seeing this picture is that of 'Sympathy' for the poor lady. And yes, she needs a break, right now. A lot of mothers will be able to relate to this picture. Time and again, this picture simply proves that parenting is one of the most toughest and demanding jobs around, so much so, there's every chance you will lose your sanity.

There are literally no 'off' days for parents. Getting sick and exhausted is our body's way of informing us that it needs a break, but if you are a parent, this simply does not happen. The fact is you cannot afford to fall sick, because, if you do, food still needs to be served, laundry still needs to be done, kids still needs to be loved and the list is endless. You are on the verge of illness at any given point of time because you never get a chance to recover.

The word 'Fatigue' is written all over them when overworked moms don't get enough sleep. It would have been ages since they last made an attempt to groom themselves and look good to go to a party. In short, they become a nervous wreck and would not be able to concentrate on anything. So to take good care of your little one and be a great mom, take care of yourself first.

10 Motherhood Is A Fulltime Job

Though this mom posted this snapchat and dialogue, her daughter ratted her out publicly pointing out that the computer is not switched on and there is nothing to indicate that she has been working. The poor mom must have been really embarrassed to receive such a humiliating comment from her daughter for the snapchat. What does working from home mean anyways? Isn't a stay-at-home-mom working hard enough to manage the household and the kids? and it does have its perks as well as its downsides?

Watching your baby grow and bloom is one of the most miraculous sights for a mother. Being a 'staying home mother' has your work cut out, your child understands and longs for every touch of yours, you will know him better than anyone else, most importantly, you are there for every milestone of his whether big or small.

While it will not make things less stressful, staying at home will help you to be more streamlined and focused in everything you do. From a child's perspective, cuddling up to his mother right from the time he wakes up and being there throughout for his every need during the day is something that every child dreams of.

The most dedicated nannies or babysitters would not be able to replace the warmth of a mother. She does not have to worry about shifting gears in the morning, no separation anxiety, no routine inconsistencies and above all there's stability that comes from the same person instructing and disciplining them. Her relationship with the husband also can do wonders as they can try and spend more time together during his off days.

This arrangement has its negatives too; the child will be clinging to her all the time and will be totally dependent. It is extremely important to strike a balance and make sure to take some time 'off' to keep away from all distractions and to recuperate.

9 Mom To The Rescue!

Wow! This mom is quite inventive. A tampon is a handy solution for an unexpected nosebleed. But how do you explain what it is to a small child? Hmm... a cotton stick?

Being a Mom also means that you are half a physician and you have to be prepared for any kind of medical emergencies at any hour of the day or night.

Which also means that you have to be prepared with the first-aid and also know how to handle the situation correctly. It would be a good idea to talk to your child's pediatrician and discuss the kind situations that can pop-up and what should be the initial response strategies, after all - forewarned is forearmed.

However, emergencies can catch us all off-guard (that's why they are called "emergencies")! And then, you are required to use the presence of mind. As seen in the picture above, the little girl had a nose-bleed while they were on the road. Although it is not a life-threatening situation, it requires immediate attention.

Now, the ideal thing you need here is a clean towel to apply pressure on the nose, just below the nose. But what if you don't have it at that time? Well... you've got to use the best of your resources to contain the situation till you either get help or the right tools. Being a mom makes you think out of the box to give the B-school graduates a run for their money!

8 The Diaper Struggle Is Real

Most parents of toddlers would have faced a similar disaster at some point, though probably not of such a scale. This is a true parenting nightmare. The parent had obviously put a diaper on the child which he seems to have taken off before using the stuff in it to decorate his room. To the child, it's just like clay or paint, so he experimented with it. Its a natural instinct. From parenting guilt to the horror of cleaning that up - I definitely do not envy the parent who walked in on that. But that's a price to pay when children are left unattended even for a short while.

Parents face the risk of committing an offence if a child is left unsupervised at home. The law does not specify a particular age when a child can be left at home alone as understanding and maturity differs from one child to another. Coram Children's Legal Centre advises that most children under the age of 13 should not be left at home alone. Under The Children and Young Persons Act 1993, if a parent leaves a child unsupervised 'in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to health' they can be prosecuted for neglect. There have been so many instances of either both or one of the parents getting arrested for leaving their child home alone.

The above picture shows clearly the outcome of leaving a child unsupervised. It indicates total disregard, disrespect and irresponsible behaviour from the parents and calls for immediate dressing down so that this is not repeated. It is extremely important to childproof your home if there is one. Secure anything that could be a health or a safety risk no matter how well your child follows rules. Things like alcohol, prescription and over the counter medicines, guns, matches and lighters, tobacco, keys and so on should be locked up and put in a place which is out of the reach of children.

7 Like Mother Like Daughter

Does she look kind of cute and adorable? Yes she does! But my first thought when I saw my daughter in a similar situation was- That's my new lipstick and I paid a bundle for it!

Children love to imitate and they learn by observation. They emulate their parents and a girl's first role model is her mother. So, if mummy has that magical bag full of 'face paints', then, of course, her daughter will want one too. You find young girls getting thrilled and excited as they rummage through a makeup kit. Most of them love the colour pink and are especially fond of sparkle. Give them anything similar to pink, a little glitter and a brush, the result would be something similar to the picture that we have here. And be rest assured, she will carry it with her for life.

Girls and makeup are like milk and cookies. You can try keeping them apart, but they will come together eventually! No matter how much you try to get them excited about "other things in life" there is nothing like makeup and playing "Princess".

If you have kids in the house, it would be a good idea to take a look at your make-up kit. Ensure that the makeup you use is approved by dermatologist. Not only is it good for you since you are the primary user; it will also be safer for your little girl, just in case she decides to play "Mommy".

6 Everything Becomes A Toy

Kids love experimenting with new things and some of the oddest things become their new favorite toy. For this kid, it seems to be a tampon that's caught his fancy and to the mother's frustration, he wants to take it out with him. Kids do throw tantrums for the craziest reasons!

When toddlers first start crawling and then moving around, parents take safety measures to ensure that all safety measures like installing safety gates, latches, outlet covers are all in place. Even if all possible hazards are eliminated, there may just be the one place which everyone had ignored and that would have caused your child an unexpected injury. As per safety experts, it is advised that one gets down to your child's level to identify the areas where there could be a potential threat.

Install locks for low drawers that is normally left open, China cabinets and bookcases might appear like great adventurous toys to be maneuvered, knives and glass dishes, medications, alcohol, tobacco and its products, lighters have to be placed under lock and key at all times. Some children will develop a liking towards cosmetics and lotions and these also has to be kept in a place which is out of reach for children. Children are always inquisitive and in motion, they tend to grab hold of whatever comes their way.

Children are generally smarter than you think, if they fail to achieve something today, they will keep on trying until it's accomplished.

They should not be left alone anywhere at any given point of time. Parents have to be extra cautious when there are visitors at home or if they are visiting somewhere. And the golden rule is that even with the most thorough child proofing cannot replace adult supervision.

5 Moms Need To Let Loose, Too!

This is a snapchat where a daughter was taking a selfie (yeah!, the one with the facemask) and in the background her mom just lifted up her own T-shirt t embarrass her. Not sure why this mom did such a wild thing, maybe to teach the daughter a lesson. But what lesson is that? Instead of trying to embarrass her daughter, the mom should deal with whatever that's troubling their relationship in a better way. Now mother and daughter can both put on facemasks and take selfies together. Mother's do really need to take better care of themselves.

Mothers spend most of their time not thinking about or caring about themselves and their needs. A very recent article in Mail Online points out that 'Mothers gets just 17 minutes of "me time" to themselves each day....and STILL take on the lion's share of the chores'. The study showed that 'me time' which are those rare moments of peace is usually spent catching up on the latest soaps, watching TV in bed, reading or enjoying a well deserved cup of tea. The study also found a staggering 51% does not take even a single minute of relaxation. Whereas nearly three quarters of the respondent mothers felt they lived their lives entirely for other people.

All mothers are emotionally exhausted and it is very important for them to be alone at times. Working out a good strategy to wind down, process and get refreshed, maintaining a good schedule of routine and order are some of the small breathers that help you to keep moving. It is easier said than done.

Health psychologist Kathleen Kendall-Tackett points out the importance of mental recuperation in mothers, they should have at least 15-20 minutes of 'me' time a day to decompress, especially between afternoon and evening. A lot of mothers who followed this routine claim that they are able to carry out their chores better after spending more time taking care of themselves.

4 Mom... Let Me Explain!

Now that's another familiar scenario for moms - kid has not only made a mess (flour, face powder, detergent, etc), he has also covered himself with it. Now you have to clean up the mess and clean him up, not to mention the cost of the things he just ruined and wasted! One look on his mom's face and the little one knows he's been busted! His 'explain face' does look rather adorable though! Mom might just find that her anger is melting way on seeing his cute expression.

As quoted in www.parents.com, "for young children, the kitchen is a compelling place: Parents are bustling around, pulling colorful items from refrigerators and cupboards. Things are going on out of a toddler's sight on counters and stoves, and he yearns to see and participate." When we try to keep them off limits, the kitchen becomes a "must go to when Mamma's not around" place for them - with obvious consequences as seen in the picture above.

Children love learning and doing new things. The moment you teach them something new, they get all upbeat about it. It is important to channelize their curiosity in the right direction and use it to teach them new things.

According to www.shawacademy.com, if your child is over three years, it is imperative to teach them the basics early on in life. Cooking is an important life skill and it is the best way to teach your child about nutrition, healthy food and food safety.

Keeping your children engaged and interested in the activities of the kitchen is the key. You need to allow them to get their hands dirty, literally. They will enjoy and have fun when it involves hands-on activities and of course food! You also need to teach them to clean up after themselves in the kitchen too.

3 Midnight Snacking

Wow! He does seem to be having a great time. Quite a smart and daring kid to be actually doing this. I can't imagine my little ones even thinking of doing something like this - not until their teens anyway!

In this age of Digital revolution, how long can you keep your child away from the screen? How much of screen time would be considered okay for a child? Experts all over the world differ in their opinion on this nagging and sensitive topic.

According to www.babycenter.com, little to no screen time may sound like a great goal, but reality tends to get in the way of a parent's best intentions.

Maybe you started out by banning TV, but then your preschooler found your iPad and is now tapping and swiping like a pro. Or maybe the rules you carefully established with your first child got bent – or tossed entirely – by the time your second child came on the scene. About an hour or less of monitored screen time may be considered okay for kids as little as eighteen month old.

And then there are kids who get addicted to the screen, like the one seen in the snapchat picture above. This is a very troublesome phase to be in. Unsupervised access to TV, internet, phones, tabs and iPads are dangerous for the child. Not only is he vulnerable of all sorts of online exploitation, it is also hampering his development and intellect. It is also obvious that this child does not have routine or schedule to follow.

2 What Shopping With The Kids Looks Like

Indiscipline and disobedience from children, especially while in public, can be quite embarrassing for parents. The above snapchat shows the utter helplessness of the grandmother and the mother as the child misbehaves. The odd thing is that -that doesn't look like a small child! I mean he looks big enough to be reasoned with or even threatened with consequences.

If you are able to discipline your child, no matter where you are, it will be quite an accomplishment. The key, when it comes to disciplining your child in public, or anywhere at all, for that matter, is to correct their ways without criticizing them or making them feel ashamed. The aim is to let the child know that what he/she has done is wrong and will not be tolerated.

The rules for a child needs to be laid down clearly beforehand. Before going outside, make it clear to your child about what you will be doing and how you expect him to behave. He has to be sure that there will be consequences if he misbehaves or does not follow instructions and that he may not be able to join the family on outings if he persists with his bad behaviour.

Offering incentives and rewards for your children if they get through the day with excellent behaviour is a great source of encouragement. Setting rules without follow through serves no purpose. Similarly, if you offer a reward, make sure to give it.

1 No Yoga At The Table!

Now that another scene most moms are familiar with. There is an age, about one and a half to three years wherein dining out with your kiddo can get hilarious or extremely frustrating, depending on your viewpoint. They just can't sit still and try out all kinds of antics. Tantrums erupt if they don't get their way. To me, the child in th picture looks pretty normal- doing exactly what's expected from some her age- to do acrobatics at the dining table. Welcome to the reality of motherhood!

Toddler tantrums can be really frustrating for parents. Having said that, it could be used as opportunities for education instead of treating it as disasters. One gets to deal with all sorts of temper tantrums ranging from whining, crying, screaming, kicking, hitting and in some cases holding breath.

Irrespective of gender, it happens between the ages of 1 to 3. Language skills starts to develop during the 2nd year and it is generally during this time there is high incidence of showing one's temper. As language skills improve, there is less incidence of showing temper tantrums. Some children exhibit tantrums often while others do it rarely, nonetheless, tantrums are considered as a normal part of child development. It is also a sign that indicates that they are either upset, frustrated, tired, hungry or uncomfortable. Learning to deal with all these traits is a skill that develops over time.

Some children could hurt themselves while throwing a fit and they should be taken to a quiet and safe place to calm down. This is also applicable if it is shown in public places as it is the case with the above picture wherein the child is doing something to attract/distract the parents. The key is to handle the situation effectively and you may need to provide comfort. It is extremely important to maintain your cool while responding to a tantrum.

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