15 Hilarious Stories About Working Moms

Moms these days are supposed to do it all. They take care of the home and the kids while holding down at least one job, sometimes more. Everyone hears the success stories of the women who flawlessly pull it all off with clean homes, obedient children, and stellar work performance all wrapped up in a neatly dressed package that also, usually, includes flawlessly manicured nails and coiffed hair. It’s enough to drive a normal mom to tears!

Thankfully not all moms are so willing to gloss over all the stress and mess that comes with motherhood. Some people might scoff, others might judge, and most may not believe what these moms do to juggle the pressures of motherhood. But at the very least these women are being honest, which is more than can be said for the polished mothers who claim to have everything under complete control.

Whether they work in an office or from home, these moms have had to do some truly unbelievable things to keep themselves going. Sometimes the kids are there and sometimes it’s just the time crunch of motherhood itself that pushed these women to walk on the wild side at work. Whatever the reason, these women give hope to the rest of the moms out there feel a little more normal!

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15 How To Pay The Bills

It is hard to know whether this is a bad whisper or a brilliant one. Her husband would probably be mad if he knew that she was flirting with her boss, but at the same time, he might be OK with it if he finds out that it is getting her raises. We would like to know if she is flirting with her boss because she enjoys it, or if she is simply doing it because she thinks it will get her what she wants at work. Either way, obviously flirting with someone other than your husband is wrong, and we do not condone it. That being said, if this is working for her, then get it girl! Hopefully, her coworkers do not catch onto what she is doing though, because I can not imagine that going over well with them.

14 Leftover Milk

Everyone tastes their own breast milk at some point. It might sound weird, but when your entire day revolves around producing, storing, and then doling out breast milk, you’re going to get curious! No matter how much everyone denies it, get any milk-producing parent alone and they will eventually admit that they’ve tried it. Their partner has probably tried it. Even the guys on Friends tried it! So if this mom is using her milk in her own coffee, more power to her. At worst her coffee will be a little too sweet and at best she won’t have to add as much sugar!

But if she’s passing off her breast milk to the rest of the office without telling them, that is a definite office foul. There are plenty of people out there who want to try breast milk, the trend a few years back of breast milk ice cream is proof of that. But give folks a warning first!

13 Beating The System

Does this one count as “wild” or “unethical”? The answer is probably “both”. Working moms know that you have to do whatever it takes to get ahead and stay there, but there are some lines that have to be drawn and never crossed. Gaming the judicial system but sleeping with the judge is definitely one of those lines! This mom says she would be mortified if her kids found out, but she needs to look a little further than that. It would be horrifically embarrassing, but would also lead to several rounds of “you slept with the judge to win a case, you don’t get to tell me it’s wrong not to be home by curfew!” at the very least. And, let’s be honest, that’s not a game anyone likes to play because nobody ever wins.

12 Stealing Food

This is much, much more common in the food industry than people think. And it’s probably a good thing! So much of the food left over at the closing time is still good, but it just ends up in the trash. Considering most food service companies in America don’t pay their employees very much - and what they do pay seems even harder to live on when you have kids. If there’s a choice between making life a little easier on an underpaid mom and just throwing away perfectly good food, there really is only one decent answer. Some people would say that the food should go in the trash since it wasn’t paid for, but that’s just unnecessary waste. More power to the mom who does the right thing and makes sure that food goes to the little ones who will appreciate it!

11 Ready, Set, Break

Every new parent has been there. If you are expecting your first, you should get your fun in now because there is not going to be much time once your new addition arrives. And if you aren’t expecting your own bundle of joy any time soon, enjoy it while you can! Once there are little ones in the house, it is next to impossible to get time alone and getting any time together takes some creativity. This mother found the perfect opportunity and took it. It was a risk to do it on the boss’ desk but if that was the best time she and her husband could find, more power to her. At least they were both more relaxed after her lunch break! The real question now is, how often does her boss go to a meeting during her lunch break?!

10 Blowing Off Steam

Everyone needs to blow off steam now and then. It would be in everyone’s best interests to avoid going full Office Space and keep the bats away from the fax machines. But that doesn’t mean that fun can’t be found around the office! We have all considered the juvenile classic of a butt photocopy at least once. Is it warm when the scanner passes over your butt? Inquiring minds want to know!

And after the photocopies are made, you can always round up a few friends and race down the halls in office chairs, play hide and seek in the cubicles - extra points if you make it from one end of the room to the other without being seen - and play “guess the contents” with mystery boxes in the back of the breakroom fridge. Just don’t tell the kids, they have to think adults are always mature enough to resist the temptation!

9 Keeping Him Entertained

This woman says that she sexts her husband from work because she doesn't want him getting bored with her since they had a baby. This is actually pretty sad, I mean there is nothing wrong with wanting to keep the romance and spice alive in the relationship, but feeling obligated to so that he doesn't veer away is just horrible. This man should, and hopefully he does, understand that she just had a baby and it is going to be a little bit before she is able to do the things that she could do before. We do live in a day and age where a lot of people go by this rule where if their partner isn’t giving it up for a certain period of time, then they think it that it is ok to just go get it from someone else. What ever happened to loyalty?

8 A Quick Snooze

If new moms were surveyed on the one thing they miss most since having kids, the number one answer would have to be a time between “sleep” and “free time”. For this mom, free time was clearly not something she could manage while at work. A little creativity netted her some shut eye, however. The good news is that this little trick is not exclusive to new moms. College students, people holding down multiple jobs, and those who don’t get sick days all know the beauty of a good excuse, an out of the way bathroom stall, and a wall to lean their head against. It might not be the most glamorous place to catch a nap, but it’s quiet and cool. Bonus points for pulling it off for an hour and at work, where there’s a coffee machine ready and waiting in the break room!

7 Extra Flavor In Your Lunch

This next whisper is absolutely horrible, sure we can all relate to having that one coworker that drives us insane, but spitting in their lunch seems a bit extreme. This is probably something that would get this woman fired if anyone caught her in the act. The thought of people spitting in other people’s food is so disturbing, but it is also something a thought that we usually have in the back of our heads whenever we go to places like a fast food restaurant. Obviously, if this is something that she would ground her kids for, then she knows that this is wrong to be doing. So, it is safe to say that she should probably stop, before anyone finds out, she loses her job, and she becomes the person that everyone knows as the woman who spits in other people’s food.

6 Smoking In The Office

This person must have been so embarrassed to know in the back of her head that she was the reason that the Fire Department ended up at her job. This probably means that the building was evacuated while the firemen evaluated the building that she works in, so she caused a lot of unnecessary stuff that would definitely get her fired if they found out that it was here. I sure hope that her job does not have security cameras in her office, because if they do then she is probably in a lot of trouble. We understand that smoking can be very addictive and hard to quit, but is it really worth risking your job for? I mean, if someone finds out, and she gets fired for it, then her husband is going to find out anyways.

5 Under The Desk

A running theme here is “it is not easy to be a working mom”. Most people assume that working mothers can afford to put their children in daycare or have family to leave them with, but that is not always the case. Most children of single mothers have memories of something similar to this, but from the child’s perspective, and most single mothers can relate to this struggle more than they would probably want to admit. When there is no childcare available and you can not afford to miss a day of work, you have to get creative. And as long as the child wasn’t hurt and the work gets done, was this really so wrong? At worst mom was a little distracted and at her daughter learned some intense lessons about life as a single, working mother!

4 No Pants Mondays!

One of the many reasons that working from home is so awesome, is that there are no dress codes to follow. How much better could it get than that?! We all know how uncomfortable nice clothing can be, so if you can work from home without ever having to get dressed, well I call that a win in my book. As for the video call meetings, as long as she is dressed appropriately from the waist up, then I see no problem here at all. After all, what they don’t know won't hurt them, although there may be some degree of mental scarring if they do accidentally see it. This certainly is not the craziest story that I have ever heard about workplace shenanigans, and to be honest, I would do it too if I were in her position.

3 Always Press Play

We can totally understand this one, and it is probably one of the least horrible whispers you will see on this list. Honestly, if all of her work is done, and no one is catching on to what she is doing, then I really do not see a problem here. We can all relate to getting a little bored at work, and if your job is to sit in an office and do work on a computer, then watching something in your downtime is definitely a great option. However, if she does get caught in the act there probably will be some consequences to follow. If this is the craziest thing that this lady has done at work, then I would say that she is actually a pretty good employee, because as you will learn from this article, most employees do much crazier things than this.

2 It Wasn't Me

We moms like to pretend that we’ve got it all in hand. Is something lost and nobody else can find it? Mom can! Did someone make a mess that they think will take an hour to clean up? Mom can clean it in five minutes flat! Did something break and needs fixing? Mom is on the case!

But sometimes, just sometimes, moms are the ones who make the biggest messes of all! This mom might be the one making the messes and work and passing the buck off to someone else, but true to mom form she feels guilty about it. Honestly, this is completely understandable! When you’re cleaning up all of the messes at home, you need a little break somewhere. As long as nobody is getting hurt, maybe this mom can cut herself a little slack and let someone else handle a little bit of the pressure. Just maybe don’t blame a particular person... that’s pretty messed up.

1 You Try Working From Home

A whole bunch of questions immediately came to mind when this whisper came up. The first, and most obvious, is what kind of cam show is going on here exactly? There should not be any shame in a full grown woman doing what she needs to do to get by. But things get a little, how do you say, disturbing when a kid starts crying part way through. There are things that should never be mixed. Kids and adult cam shows are very definitely on that list.

We can only hope that by “cam shows”, she means product reviews and slime tutorials for YouTube. Or maybe even an unboxing video. People still make those, right? Let’s just pretend that’s what she means. It makes the idea way easier to process.

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