15 Hilarious Things Moms Do When They Find Out About Their Pregnancy

A woman finding out about her pregnancy is a life changing moment. One she is not always prepared for. It could be her first pregnancy. Maybe she didn't think she could get pregnant. Perhaps it wasn't planned. Then there are those that wish they weren't. Regardless of the situation she is faced with, there are a million different thoughts that run through her head. Even the most unemotional person is instantly full of emotions. Mom-to-be loses herself in that moment.

Whether it is your first pregnancy or your fifth, the reality of it all really packs a punch. It takes a moment to sink in. Then when it does, we are off and running. Instantly there is a to do list in our heads. What comes next. Sometimes those things make perfect sense. Then there are the things that we look back on and question our sanity. What were we thinking?

That moment your test was positive, your life changed. It can cause us to have an out of body experience of sorts. Looking back on the things we do often makes us laugh. For some it is because we've done something so crazy that we can't even believe it. If you don't think you are part of that group then you likely know someone that is. However, chances are you have done at least a few of these things yourself. At least I'm willing to bet you have.

Here are 15 hilarious things moms do when they find out they are pregnant:

15 Take Another Test

The side of the box says each test will a provide 99% accuracy rate. It makes you feel good, right? Yet, the moment you see the positive result you aren't sure you can trust it. So you take another test. Again, it is positive. So you question if you understand what a positive result looks like. Reading and re-reading the instructions to compare your results to what the picture shows doesn't make it any easier to digest. Your brain instantly forgets what it just saw and requires more data to process so you take one more test, just for good measure. This is why the pregnancy test companies sell their multi-packs. Most women go through the entire box in just one session. Taking multiple tests and not being able to remember what a positive result looks like is part of the shock factor of finding out you are pregnant. Am I really pregnant?!

14 Throw Up

For many women, the moment they see and process the positive results of their pregnancy test they are sent running back to the toilet. Feeling the need to throw up is a pretty common reaction. I'm not sure if this is due to finding out about their pregnancy? Or if it just so happens those morning sickness side effects immediately kick in with a positive result. Regardless, this crazy side effect can be comical. Believe it or not, vomiting can actually be induced from fear, anxiety, strong emotions, and even disagreeable thoughts. The moment you find out you are pregnant there are so many emotions and thoughts happening that it's no wonder this is a normal reaction. It really has nothing to do with whether or not you are excited about your pregnancy. It is just your body's way of trying to cope and process the life changing information it just received.

13 Selfie With The Pee Stick

We live in a digital, social media, selfie obsessed world. It should be no surprise that this moment would be included in that addiction. Why wouldn't every woman want to take a photo of herself holding the stick she just peed on? Right?! Then why not take it one step further. Let's share it with the entire world on each of our social media accounts letting everyone see just how excitedly crazy we are. It certainly gives everyone a laugh. Talk about taking pregnancy documentation seriously! There are even some that have been known to save the pee sticks in a little bag. I'm not sure what they do with them later? It's a little gross to think about. If you don't see the humor in it now, you will definitely get a laugh out of it in years to come as it pops up in your memories. What was I thinking?!

12 Freak Out

As the news sinks in, every woman has a freak out moment. Even those that knew their pregnancy test result would be positive can't help but have a moment. It's that initial shock and validation. You make eye contact with yourself in the mirror because there is no one else to exchange glances with. Some people talk to themselves. If someone had been there beside you, you would have grabbed them by the shoulders to shake them around. Your jaw drops to the floor. It is likely the same reaction you have in between each of the numerous pregnancy tests you take. Holy crap! I'm pregnant! It takes a few minutes to process through this phase. Again, it doesn't matter whether or not you are excited about the pregnancy. That is irrelevant. The reaction is the same. If someone could record these minutes, it would be quite comical. Reality changed in an instant.

11 Cry. A Lot.

This is typically the last initial reaction you have before you face the world with your newfound knowledge. We will call it the last stage of shock. Now that the news has set in, the emotions come flooding out. Grab the tissues now because many women find themselves a sobbing, crying mess. I can't believe this is happening! Tears of joy and fear alike have the same reaction. These emotions show up without any way to slow them down. Get used to it. Pregnancy wrecks havoc on a woman's emotions. You will find yourself crying as you watch commercials, read the news, and even simply think about your little bundle of joy. Others will look at you and think you are being ridiculous. Later you will be able to have a good laugh at yourself. In the meantime, hang on for the ride of your life because THIS IS HAPPENING!

10 Mess Up The Announcement

Now that your initial shock has worn off, the next step is sharing the news with your partner. Before you were pregnant, you imagined sharing this kind of news in a really sweet way. Something well thought out, creative even. A warmhearted story to share for years to come. After you find out you are pregnant you lose the ability to think. You simply let your emotional side react. Most women end up just blurting it out because they are so excited. Others just shove the pee stick at him and let him try to figure it out on his own. Either way, it never matches up to the grand story you had dreamed up in your head. Don't worry, you are not alone. Very few of these conversations go exactly as you saw them in your head. There is always next time. Until then, it makes for a funny story.

9 Start Eating For Two

Ready, set, go! That positive pregnancy test immediately gives the green light to begin eating for two. All dieting goes out the window. This pregnancy becomes your reason to say yes to anything you want. Why not? You earned it. After all, you are growing a human being inside of you. The extra calories are necessary, right?! You look at the next 9-months as being your opportunity to indulge. If you are craving it, that must mean the baby wants it. Needs it even. It never fails that the moment you find out you are pregnant you realize you are hungry ALL THE TIME. Eating becomes your favorite past time. Sometimes it feels like it is all you do. Enjoy it now! It will go by really fast and then the hard work begins of getting the weight back off, but we don't want to think about that part right now! Bring on the dessert.

8 Fake Sick

Those first couple of months you have to be so careful. Your excitement level is through the roof, and you can't wait to tell everyone you are pregnant. You're already feeling huge and the pregnancy symptoms are coming at you left and right. However, you haven't told anyone! It's not time yet. You need to be selective about the activities on your calendar. You don't want to put yourself in a position where someone could figure it out before you've told your parents. So you start faking sick! Anything that could include alcohol just happens to fall on the same night you get this massive migraine. If you have bad morning sickness, everyone hears about your food poisoning incident. Food aversions? You tell everyone you think you have the flu. You find clever ways to avoid what you can until the cat is out of the bag and you can breathe easy again.

7 Make Up Cravings

It is a well known fact that women can develop crazy cravings while they are pregnant. While most people think of things like pickles and ice cream, there are others that want to eat unusual things like dirt. Yuck! Regardless of whether or not you actually have any cravings, you will find yourself making them up. This happens in order to persuade your dear, loving husband to get in the car at 10 PM and drive to the nearest grocery store to buy something that you just HAVE to have! You know, because the baby is craving it. All of your favorite foods instantly become a craving. Everyone will want to know what foods you are craving, this is a common question you will get. The more people that know, the more opportunity you will have to enjoy those things. No one will invite a pregnant woman over without having her favorite snacks.

6 Download Three Pregnancy Apps

Pregnant moms tend to spend a lot of time on pregnancy apps. There are so many out there to consider and choose from. Each one pretty much does the same thing and has the same features. It tracks your pregnancy week-by-week. You will find out what size of fruit or vegetable your baby most resembles each week. It talks about what you should expect at each stage. They will offer forums for pregnant moms to chat, ask questions, and share their experiences with each other. There really isn't a lot of difference between each one. However, you will find that you need to download more than one app right away. It's too much pressure to commit to just one. You don't want to miss out on anything. After all, you need to absorb as much information you can about pregnancy and raising babies to be prepared for what is to come.

5 Fall Asleep Everywhere

They tell you that you feel fatigued during the first trimester. What an understatement! Pregnancy tired is intense! It's no wonder pregnant women can literally fall asleep anywhere. I do mean anywhere. I remember every afternoon dying to just crawl under my desk at work to take a nap. It was so painful not to. I had all I could do to keep my eyes open. There were days I had to get up and walk around the building just to avoid dozing off. The moment I got home, I would crash in the first place I sat down. It can get so bad some women have been known to fall asleep in the middle of a conversation. Just close their eyes and drift off. Talk about an ego boost. Doctor's offices, waiting in car lines at school pickups, on the bus, and even sitting straight up at a restaurant. Nothing is off limits!

4 Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

Now that you know you are pregnant and you have started eating for two, you just feel fat all the time. It seems to take forever to get to the stage where your belly pops and people can tell by looking at you that you are pregnant. That in between time is depressing. You just can't wait to get through it so that you can begin to feel better about how you look. While some women try to wait as long as possible to transition to maternity clothing, there are others that begin wearing them almost immediately. They love trying on the clothes at the maternity store, wearing the fake belly. I had someone tell me once they wanted to take it home to wear until their own belly popped out. Women will do anything they can to appear pregnant right away, like walk around with their stomach pushed out.

3 Childhood List Of Baby Names

Every woman I know has a list of baby names they created when they were just a kid. Some are just in your head. Others still have them written out on a piece of paper. These names came from playing with dolls. You had to be selective about the names you chose because they were like your real children. The funny thing is, you take it so seriously that these names stick with you throughout your life. When you find out you are pregnant you are so excited to pull this list out! The hard work of selecting a name is already done. Unfortunately, your partner will HATE every single one of them! This is after he makes fun of you for having an actual list of real baby names from your childhood. All of your hopes and dreams of having a little Jennifer or Brian, just like your dolls, will be dashed in the first trimester.

2 Tell Strangers

After you download every pregnancy app you can get your hands on, you enter the forums and start sharing your news. I'm pregnant!! You have been bursting at the seams to tell someone. Anyone! Inside these forums there is no risk that the news could somehow get back to anyone else before you are ready to tell them. It's anonymous after all. Same goes for when you are out in public. Random strangers get to hear all about your pregnancy. How excited you are. How far along you are. How you told your husband. As long as there are no ties back to the people you really know. How crazy is this? We can't pick up the phone and call our friends and family. However, Jane Doe down the street knows how many pregnancy tests I took last week. As you near the point of telling those in your life, this craziness slows down. At least a little bit.

1 Calculate Due Date... Again

You will calculate and re-calculate your due date probably two dozen times before your first doctor appointment. While every app uses the same calculation, you try them all just to make sure they didn't come up with something different. At your appointment you question your doctor to make sure you got it right. This is a big deal! It will be the day(ish) you get to meet your baby. YOUR baby. Let that sink in just a minute. Then go mark your date on the calendar so you can see it and remember it. Every few days you will count down the weeks just to see how much closer it has gotten. It really feels so far away. Trust me though, that time will fly by! Then you will forget about all these crazy things you did. The next time you get pregnant, it will start all over again. We call that pregnancy brain!

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