15 Hilarious Things That Made Women Cry During Pregnancy

Pregnancy isn't exactly known as a time of rationalization. For most women, pregnancy is nine months of incessant mood swings, hunger, and various aches and pains (you know, among the beautiful and more magical stuff).

Until you've been pregnant, you have no idea how little control one person can have over their own actions and emotions. Before you got pregnant, you may have been a rational and down-to-earth person, but once you start gestating, it's like a switch in your brain flips and all bets are off.

Most of this has to do with the crazy surge of hormones that run through the body of a pregnant woman. They’re doing a lot of work to regulate all kinds of things for an expectant mama and her growing child, and as helpful as that is, there has to be some drawbacks, right? Well, there is and those drawbacks happen to cause emotions and reactions to go haywire.

The 15 women below have experienced this all firsthand. From the sentimental to the absolutely ridiculous, these women know all too well how quickly those pregnancy hormones can dissolve even the strongest woman into a blubbering and inconsolable mess. Whether it’s over food or not getting their way, there’s never a shortage of reasons for being overcome with crazy emotions.

Here’s 15 hilarious accounts of women who found themselves bursting into tears for obscene reasons during pregnancy (and they’re not ashamed of it, either!)

15 When Decisions Are Limited

Although it’s not unheard of for a pregnant woman to cry over having too many decisions to make, when it comes to food, not having enough options can certainly be the culprit as well. If you pair this with the fact that hunger can quickly become an emergency in every situation when you’re pregnant, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

One mom needed a quick and tasty meal after a long, gruelling day. Thinking that fast food was an obvious idea, she pulled through the drive-thru an hour before closing to indulge in a cheesy, delicious Mexican meal from Taco Bell. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, as she was getting ready to order, she was informed that, since they were closing soon, the only proteins they had available were chicken or beans. Surprise, surprise, she wasn't craving either of these options. Even though drive-thru attendant apologized, the poor mom cried her way through each delivery window, to the point that they comped her meal!

14 Triggered By A Musical Melody

One mom just wanted to serenade her baby inside the womb by playing some beloved music. She chose a tune from Sufjan Stevens that was close to her heart.

Well, as she played the song for the baby, she began listening closely to the lyrics for the first time, and realizing that the song was actually quite a tearjerker! Pre-pregnancy, she probably would’ve accepted how the sensitive tune it was, but pregnancy caused a cascade of tears.

First, it reminded her of her own job as an oncology nurse and she was overwhelmed with sympathy for all of her poor patients. Then, she felt a swell of appreciation that she was alive and able to carry a baby, which made her cry over the fact that she was going to be a mom! And after all this, her husband couldn’t tell if she was crying tears of joy or sorrow!

Quite a rollercoaster of tears over a single song! Don’t worry, she calmed herself with pickles, just like the best of us.

13 A Case Of Chub-Rub

Another mom-to-be was hoping to finally get some much-overdue exercise in during the third trimester. When the spring weather finally hit, she thought she’d do the right thing by taking a nice, leisurely walk home from work in an effort to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

However, a few short minutes into her walk, she realized that her thighs had apparently grown along with her belly, and there was some serious chafing going on under her dress! Not wanting to be a quitter, she fought through it and made it all the way home on the verge of tears.

Those tears turned to full-on sobs when she finally made it home, trying to communicate through hiccups and wails to tell her husband what was wrong. Eventually she was able to tell him that she was experiencing a serious case of “chub-rub” and her tears turned to laughter despite all the pain.

12 False Advertising

Everyone knows you don’t mess with a pregnant woman’s ice cream. One particular mom had been seriously jonesing for a quart of her favorite ice cream. For one reason after another, she was unable to reunite herself with the blessed, creamy treat she was craving for several days in a row.

Finally, she opened the freezer after work and discovered what she thought was a wonderful surprise! Her husband had listened to her pleas and whines, sneaking in her favorite flavor into the freezer as a special treat.

But when she opened it, she discovered that he’d just re-purposed an old ice cream container to store old tomato sauce! Major bummer, and cue the tears. Understandably, she was inconsolable for hours until her husband returned from the store with the ice cream... For real this time.

11 Raffling Off Disappointment

There's nothing like going out to take your mind off of pregnancy and make yourself feel like a human, right? That’s what one mom-to-be thought when she and her husband left the house for a night out at a local charity event.

Since the event had a raffle, she thought she’d buy a couple tickets. Why not, right? Well, it turns out that luck was on her side, and she won! What did the lucky expectant mother win, you might ask?

Whiskey... Which she obviously couldn’t drink. The mom-to-be immediately bursted into tears. Turns out, she knew when she bought the raffle tickets that all the prizes were booze. Not only that, but she wasn’t even a whisky drinker, nor did she have any desire to be. This goes to show you how irrational some of those pregnancy tears can be!

10 A Difference Of Opinion

Sometimes, half the battle when you’re pregnant is getting along with the people around you throughout the day. Unfortunately, your significant others are no exception to this, and as much as we love them, their mere existences can make things very, very difficult.

This was the case for one mom, who had a very specific vision for her Saturday morning. While her husband was mixing up pancake batter, for a delicious breakfast he was whipping for them, she decided she really wanted to watch her beloved television show, Dr. Who.

Her husband said that he wanted to listen to music instead. He didn’t fight her on it, but the tears started flowing. See? Even the sanest of moms can be reduced to toddler-style tantrums once in awhile when they're pregnant. We truly can’t help it! Thankfully, like most delicious breakfast foods will do for a sad mom, the pancakes helped dry her tears.

9 Burrito Or No Burrito

As you’ve seen on this list, food is often the cause and solution to hormonal tears. Whether an expecting mom is dying for a certain dish, or elated that she’s finally received it, tears can oftentimes be traced back to food in some way, shape, or form.

This pregnant mom had one seemingly simple request. She wanted a burrito from her favorite local restaurant. However, her wife was busy across town and unable to make those dreams of Mexican food a reality. Cue the tears.

However, the wife decided to go retrieve the burrito anyway, unaware about the tears of sadness occurring at home (now that’s a sweet partner!), which caused the mom-to-be to burst into more tears once she was united with her precious burrito! From tears of sadness to tears of joy in such a short span of time! So goes the life of a gestating woman!

8 When The Sweets Disappear

Everyone knows not to mess with a pregnant woman’s food. If you do, you’re practically asking for a fit, right? Well what are the rules if a pregnant woman insists she’s really not interested in a certain food? What if she goes as far as giving her husband permission to eat it?

Well, as it turns out, she’s prone to changing her mind.

This expectant mother of twins was less than thrilled when her husband tried surprising her with Girl Scout Cookies. Thin mints, to be exact. Since they weren’t her favorite and weren’t striking any cravings chords, she told him he was welcomed to have them.

A couple of days past, however, and the craving for minty, chocolatey goodness was strong. Suddenly, remembering those tasty thin mint cookies sitting in the cupboard, she ran to look for them, pissed when she couldn’t find them anywhere.

With tears flowing, she texted her husband to ask if she’d imagined those precious thin mints. As it turns out, it wasn’t a dream. The husband decided to take them to work and share them with his co-workers. The missing cookies lead to a couple hours’ of tears, and I don’t think her husband is ever going to ever make the same mistake again!

7 And Then There Were None

Thin mints aren’t the only chocolate cookie on this list that have made a pregnant woman cry. As it turns out, Oreos have also been the cause of a tear or two. This one also includes a misinformed husband (do we see a pattern here…?).

So what happens when there’s only one cookie left? To an innocent, well-meaning husband, it meant that one single Oreo wouldn’t be enough to satiate his wife’s craving, so he went ahead and ate it to save her the grief of eating only one cookie.

Much to his dismay, it caused his wife to burst into tears (which is no surprise to those of us who have been pregnant before). To make the story even better, when the mom-to-be told the story to a friend the following day for laughs, she actually started crying about it all over again!

6 A Change In Recipe

Not only do moms get easily fixated on various foods during pregnancy, for many, there are only specific, particular foods that they dream about day in and day out. For this mom, it was french fries. Not just any kind — fries from a specific restaurant chain in her hometown that were like no others in the state. (Really. She swears.)

After a bunch of missed opportunities to indulge in these glorious fries, the day had finally come. She packed up her husband and her toddler, and they prepped themselves for a delicious day out that would end with her reuniting with the much-anticipated, precious fries.

How could this possibly go wrong? Well, when the meal was served, she noticed immediately that the fries didn’t look like they usually do. She immediately began to cry, and even her toddler was confused about what was going on. Sheepishly, she spoke to the manager, only to find out that they had changed the fry recipe altogether!

Not only was she unable to eat her fries that day, but she was never going to get them ever again. Now that’s a reason for waterworks!

5 When A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Tears

Some might think that once you’ve got one pregnancy under your belt, the next one should be a breeze, right? Or, at the very least, that those crazy hormones would be easier to tolerate. Well, you're wrong. Even expecting moms, who already have kids, are prone to spontaneous, tearful outbursts.

One mom’s breakdown was caused by her daughter’s school picture. Yes, you read that correctly. When she received her daughter’s school photo after picture day, she cried over how horrible it had turned out. Then, she cried even harder with guilt for not liking a picture of her own kid. But the tears weren't finished yet, she then cried all over again because she had to pay ahead of time for a photo she didn’t even like!

Eventually, she was able to transfer those tears over and blamed the person who didn’t think to calm her crazy hair or straighten her shirt. Once her outburst was out of her system though, she was good to go and the picture became just a picture again.

4 Pregnant Or Piglet?

Silly wants and needs aren’t the only outrageous things that can make a pregnant woman cry. Sometimes, her perceptions about herself can be enough to bring her to tears. After all, pregnancy is never as glamorous as it’s made out to be.

This expectant mom was under the impression that she was being a perfectly courteous and amicable wife. And perhaps she was… until it came to the sleeping arrangements.

Her husband announced hesitantly that he was going to start sleeping on the couch. Although he tried to give her the news as kindly as he could, he eventually had to come out say it — she had started snoring and it was keeping him up at night!

A non-pregnant and sane mom may have been able to laugh it off, but she was reduced to tears after hearing that her horrific snoring was so bad her husband couldn’t even share a bed! To make matters worse, as he tried to console her, a snort slipped out, which caused the rounds of tears to start all over again. Hey, we happen to think piglets are pretty darn cute, even if they’re crying.

3 When Luggage Is The Culprit

These hormonal outbursts aren’t always sad breakdowns. Sometimes, being hormonal and pregnant just means you’re overcome with emotion, and that can be emotions of any kind. Often, it’s even feelings of pride and elation that will cue the waterworks.

That was the case for this pregnant mom, who was booking a babymoon with her husband — the first trip they were finally getting to take just the two of them. Booking the cruise itself didn’t do her in, but buying the luggage caused her to breakdown.

Why? Well, it does make sense when you think about it. It meant a lot to her that they could finally afford not only a vacation together, but had the luggage to go along with it! She was so proud of how far they’d come and how much money they’d saved up that once she started crying she just couldn’t stop! We’re guessing the cruise helped dry those eyes at least a bit.

2 When The Kids Are At Fault

Sometimes having kids to take care of while you’re pregnant can make things super difficult. Not only do you have a growing baby in your uterus but you also have to care for the needs of the kids. You just want to keep everyone happy and healthy, right? Who would blame you.

One particular mom, after having an intense craving for berries (yup, this one is about food again), finally managed to waddle to the grocery store to stock up. She purchased a huge container of raspberries, and let them chill in the freezer so she could enjoy them later on.

Well, her plans were thwarted when her first grader came home from school, apparently with a berry craving. Mom found her daughter in the kitchen after having annihilated nearly the entire container! Knowing better than to let her poor daughter see her tears, she locked herself in the bathroom to have a good cry over her lost berries.

1 The Long Lost Dream

If you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to pregnancy tears, epecially when it comes to food, I promise you, you haven’t. This first-time mom found herself crying over something she’d never had before.

After scrolling through some mindless website articles, she stumbled upon one about various things from the 2000’s that would make you cringe. Among the posts about failed hair styles and too much body glitter, there was a paragraph about a Heinz baked beans pizza that wasn’t available anymore.

Instead of shedding tears of yuck, she started crying over the fact that she had never tried it and would now never get to! Her husband's laughter over her tears wasn’t enough to get her to stop either. She insistent that she would’ve loved this pizza to death if she would've tried it, and that was enough to keep her tears pouring for awhile.

Source: Reddit.com

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