15 Times Dads Ruined The Day With Fun


There are no shortage of dad fails on the internet. It seems like no matter where we turn, dads are doing something silly, stupid or just plain dangerous! But what is it about dads that leads them to such crazy antics?

We know that all of the guys on this list are great fathers—they spend time with their kids, change and feed them, and give them lots of love. It’s not “babysitting” when a dad takes care of his own child, right? So we do really love and appreciate all the wonderful fathers out there.

But… I really think there is just a maternal instinct that moms have, something in our genes, that many dads just lack. Maybe it’s also because in general, moms tend to spend more time with their young children, so they are more experienced in how to take care of them. Dads try their best, but sometimes they do things that moms would know better about.

Plus, guys just don’t have the same “ick” factor that women do. And a lot of guys seem to have an inner “man child” that just can’t help but emerge when they are playing with actual children. It’s great that they can get so involved in being a kid again—but maybe sometimes they need to remember that they are the parent! It’s always the mom yelling, “Be careful!”, isn’t it?

Of course if they were just as cautious and careful as moms, we wouldn’t have these hilarious moments to laugh at. Before anyone says that we’re picking on men, any of these could happen to anyone—but somehow they’re that much funnier when they happen to dads!

15 Dad Drips Ketchup On Baby, Tries To Lick It Off


Really, dude? We get it: It’s hard to eat while holding your kid. And we give you props for stepping up and wearing that baby like a champ. But maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to order a giant cheeseburger! And then to actually try to lick the ketchup off your baby’s face? Use a baby wipe, SMH!

But this guy is not the only one who’s dropped food on their unsuspecting child. “When my son was two months old, my husband was holding him while watching the Superbowl, and eating a sub,” one mom wrote online. “When he finally peeled his eyes from the television he saw that a sliced tomato and onion had dropped onto his head!”

Another mom described her husband licking salsa from their baby’s head! And yet another had a bit of scare—with hot sauce.

“Our daughter was at daddy's legs, probably about seven months trying to get him to pick her up,” she says. "He was hurrying to finish eating his chicken dunked in hot sauce, and hot sauce dripped into our daughter’s eye. I started freaking and called the pediatrician immediately. They said just rinse her eye with warm water. I never let my husband eat anything spicy around her again!” Good idea!

14 Dad Dries Son’s Peed-On Clothes With Restroom Hand dryer

Via: anapeladay.com

This story had me about to pee my own pants! One dad forgot a change of clothes for his young son while out at the mall—and paid the price! While taking a break to eat, something unexpected happened. (Parenting 101: Always be prepared.)

“He gulps down a huge apple juice,” the dad wrote on his blog, aptly titled Dad Fail Diary. “Earlier, I remember, he drank a lot of milk. Then a lot of water.” Suddenly, he realizes his son peed his pants right there at the table! “‘Um…’ I look around. I go to the counter. They’re very nice. I take a huge amount of industrial kitchen paper and start hand mopping. I have no change of clothes. I carry my son at arms length through the shop, dripping, to the restroom.”

“A few minutes later another customer comes in to use the toilets,” he wrote. “He finds a boy, naked from the waist down, dancing around like a robot. He also finds a man trying to dry a tiny pair of blue underpants in a Dyson air blade. The man is also dancing like a robot. They are both laughing.” Can’t you just picture it? Hilarious!

13 Dad Sends Baby To Daycare With Overalls On, No Shirt


OK, so most guys are not into fashion. Or clothes. Or apparently how to wear them. And they probably didn’t have too much experience dressing their dolls when they were little. Well, note to parents today: Maybe get your boys some dolls to practice with so they won’t end up as hapless as these dads who can’t figure out how to dress their children!

After mom Brooke posted this photo to Ellen DeGeneres’ Facebook page, it went viral—and for good reason. “Did you send Olivia to daycare without a shirt on?” Brooke texted her husband. “Uh, I sent her with that thing on,” he texted back. “Overalls? Supposed to wear a shirt under overalls,” Brooke informed him. “Um, I gotta please ignorance here,” he wrote. This dad is pretty clueless, isn’t he?

But he’s not alone. Facebook is ripe with stories of dads’ wardrobe fails. One mom, Brandi, posted that her husband called to tell her their daughter can’t wear the dress he put on her ever again, because it’s not appropriate and doesn’t fully cover her. Brandi hung up, confused. When she got home, she saw what he was talking about: “He sent her to school with her dress on backwards!”

12 Dad Knocks Daughter Down Stairs By Accident

Via: James Emery/Flickr/CC

We totally know this loving father didn’t mean to push his own kid down the stairs. I remember my son, around two at the time, once fell down the stairs. He was walking in front of me and took a misstep, and I couldn’t grab him before he fell. It was horrifying to watch. So I totally feel for this dad—it really could have happened to anyone. But luckily, his daughter wasn’t hurt.

"I took Maddie upstairs with me to get a tote of Mega Bloks for her to play with,” dad Nick wrote on his blog, Papa Brownie. “This is a big tote. A BIG TOTE. So, I grabbed the box and we made our way back to the stairwell. Maddie started down the stairs in front of me, as I held the box with both hands in front of me.”

That’s when things went wrong. “As I turned my head to start down the stairs, I took one small step and—not realizing Maddie hadn’t actually gone anywhere thanks to the box obstructing my view—I felt my knee touch her back,” he says.

“And then…It felt like slow motion. Forward Maddie went. Head first spiraling down the hard steps. There was nothing I could do. I screamed in horror as I saw her first land a few steps from the bottom, bounce, flip, and finally settling on the hardwood floor in the dining room below. Bright side? She lived. Downside? Now she tells me not to knock her down the steps again… Jerk!”

11 Dad Finds Out What Happens When He Gives Daughter Yogurt In The Car


There is an art of feeding your kid in the car. The mom in me always worries that I’ll stop short and my kid will choke on whatever he has in his mouth, so there’s that… But sometimes as a busy parent, you do what you have to do to save time. Or maybe your toddler is just screaming that he needs Goldfish crackers NOW NOW NOW! So yeah, you do what you have to do.

But you have to consider the messiness of the snack. Crackers are one thing. Easy to pick up. Your child can hold them easily. If they fall on the carseat it’s NBD. But what in the world is this dad thinking? “That moment when you realize you actually gave your one-year-old yogurt in the car…” he captioned this photo on Facebook.

So, did he actually give this to her to eat alone while he was driving? That really a whole other level of not looking ahead. What did he think was going to happen?

10 Dad Actually Puts Baby IN Diaper Bag


It’s hard to tell if this dad was actually joking or not. “Going away for the weekend and I asked my husband to pack a bag for our daughter…” a mom posted online. You have to wonder if her hubbie thought this was funny or if he’s just that stupid…or possibly a genius? The baby looks pretty comfy, and it is a handy way to carry the kid.

Although it's probably actually not safe (there’s likely a risk of smothering), so don’t try this at home!

But joking aside, most dads just have no clue how to pack a diaper bag, amirite? Whenever my husband packed one for our son, I’d have to go over it to make sure he didn’t miss anything. Which kind of defeated the purpose of asking him to pack it in the first place! This dad just decided to take his wife’s request literally, and as one commenter pointed out, husbands are like an evil genies: “We will grant your wish, but it will be totally f’ed up.”

9 Dad Puts Two Different Shoes On Son


We already know dads have an issue with dressing kids. But this goes beyond that—obviously dads know that you need to put on two of the same shoes. So this must point to something else, perhaps a lack of awareness and inability to multitask? (Sorry dads, was that too harsh?)

Getting kids ready in the morning can be chaotic, hectic at best. And this dad was probably running around trying to get everything done and out the door on time. But seriously, these shoes don’t even look remotely similar! A cowboy boot and a sneaker? How do you mess that up? Maybe the kid did it to be funny, and his dad must have just been really not paying attention.

“When Dad is on morning duties you get this picture from the teacher!” his mom captioned the photo on Facebook. I can relate: Once my husband carried our son out to the car, and when we got to where we were going we realized he didn’t have any shoes on! He needed new ones anyway, so we went right to the shoe store.

8 Dad Melts Daughter’s Elsa Crown In Oven


Little girls love Elsa from Frozen, so one little girl was super upset when her new Elsa crown didn’t fit. She couldn’t “let it go,” ha! But dad Adam had an ingenious solution…until it all went wrong.

“So, Blayke had a little meltdown because the new Elsa crown that the Easter bunny brought her wouldn't fit (she has a tiny head like me),” he wrote on Facebook. “I heated up the oven to make it pliable so that I could bend it in for a better fit. After placing it in the oven, we got on a FaceTime call and lost track of time…”

And then the crown had a little meltdown, too! Uh oh, I hope Blayke didn’t launch into another tantrum upon seeing what happened! I have to say, I would never think of putting a plastic kid’s toy in the oven. But it was the first thing that came to this dad’s mind!

7 Dad Tried To Balance Baby With One Hand, Drops Her Instead

This is just one of those “dads doing silly things” moments. At some point this dad realized his daughter’s feet could fit in the palm of his hand. And then she started standing up on her own. Somehow, this made him think that he could combine his ability to fit her feet in his hands with her ability to stand to create a fun trick. Why? Who knows. It’s just the kind of thing dads think about.

But honestly, what did he think was going to happen? After balancing her on his hand like a basketball on a finger, he can’t hold on any longer, and plop! Down she goes on the bed. To be fair, at least he did it over the bed so she’d have a soft surface to land on. And who knows, maybe she thought it was fun. Mom is also culpable in this dad fail though—she was the one recording it!

6 Dad Forgets What Day Camp Starts On


Many moms keep a calendar in their heads of everything everyone is supposed to do at what time. How else can we keep our busy schedule of juggling kids from activities to doctor’s appointments to school? But when it’s dad’s turn, somehow they need constant reminders of who goes where when—and when left to their own devices, inevitably something gets screwed up.

One dad totally forgot what day his son’s camp started on! “Tyler was supposed to start summer camp today, we went to the recreation center and waited for them to open, and waited and waited,” dad Eddie posted on Facebook. “So finally at ten till 8am I looked at the website… Camp starts tomorrow!”

But at least he says he didn’t totally ruin the day—Tyler came to Eddie’s work and chilled out watching cartoons in the conference room while he worked. He must have a very cool boss!

5 Dad Pushes Toddler On Riding Toy, Then She Falls

Oh, this poor girl. Just watching this video you know what’s coming. Toddlers love those ride-upon toys, don’t they? And GoPro cameras are super fun gadgets to play with, especially for dads, right? Well, put the two together and you get this insane video from one dad who just couldn’t help himself.

Dad Rodney decided to push his daughter on her ride-upon in circles around the house while filming the whole thing. And the video is pretty cool to watch! But those toys just don’t corner well, and—you guessed it—she took a tumble. You know this is something mom wouldn’t have allowed if she’d been home!

“Mom's at work....time to have some fun!” Rodney said on Facebook. “I swear she's OK.” When the cat’s away, the mice will play, right Rodney? I wonder if his daughter got right back on for more after her spill, or if the experience ruined the ride-upon for her forever!

4 Dad Tried To Give his Daughter Elsa Hair


Even famous fathers have dad fails! TV personality Dax Holt tried to give his daughter the perfect Elsa hair—lose braid to one side over her shoulder. But pulling all her hair to one side turned out to be more difficult that he expected! Instead, he came up with this hairstyle that’s halfway between Frozen and a fundamentalist cult!

“Sorry Skylar,” Dax apologized on Facebook. “Last time she'll ask me to do her hair.” Commenters gave him props for even attempting it! “You get Daddy points for trying, Dax,” one said. “I'm surprised you attempted to do hair! Good job sir!” another said. It’s true that most dads probably don’t have experience styling long hair, so you can’t blame them for not being experts at it.

I’m sure his daughter just appreciated the time he spent trying to give her the perfect Elsa ’do. As another commenter pointed out, she probably thought it was perfect!

3 Dad Doesn’t Pay Attention While Kids Trash Room


You know the expression “eyes in the back of your head”? This is something most moms have in abundance. It’s part of multitasking—you can be doing something while at the same time subconsciously paying attention to what your kids are doing. It’s almost like you have a sixth sense when they’re up to no good.

But this dad was totally lacking this intuition when he was tasked with watching his kids while his wife cooked. “It was so peaceful while I was making dinner,” mom Brittany wrote on Facebook. “This is what happens when Tyler puts together our entertainment table while watching the boys…”

Uh oh, what a mess! Tyler was so focused on what he was doing that he didn’t notice his sons ripped up styrofoam and spread it all over the room. This must have been a real pain to clean up—I hope Brittany made her hubbie do it!

2 Dad Scares Baby With Elephant Noise

When moms coo at their babies, they seem to know just what sounds to make. This way of speaking to infants is actually a thing that’s been studied, and it’s called “motherese.” This dad, though, doesn’t quite have the hang of it. He starts out nice and gentle by blowing some raspberry sounds.

Then he decides to take it up a notch—with a loud, trumpeting elephant! Understandably, the baby’s demeanor completely changes. Her eyes get wise, she starts shaking, and then the tears. Poor little one.

“So, today I accidentally figured out what my daughter is most frightened of in the entire world…elephants,” dad Nick wrote on Facebook. His wife shot back, “This is what happens when momma goes to a relief society activity for the evening!” Kudos to dad for giving her a night out by herself—that’s so important and something many moms don’t get enough of. He was just trying to entertain his baby, even though he went about it the wrong way. Next time, stick to the coos, Nick!

1 Dad Plays Catch, Hits Daughter With Ball

Catch, that classic game between father and child. The tradition of throwing a ball back and forth is almost as old as…getting pelted by said ball thrown by your father! The internet is rife with overzealous dads throwing snowballs, kicking soccer balls and lobbing giant inflatable balls toward their offspring. Why? It must just be a dad thing.

But this little girl was not having it. After her dad accidentally gets her in the head, she decides she’s had enough of that nonsense. No yelling, no crying—she’s just like, “I’m outta here.” At least she was still on her feet and could walk away! Other not so fortunate children have actually been knocked flat on their back by their fathers’ throws.

But seriously, you can’t blame dads for getting into the game. All these dads just really, really, really enjoy spending time with their kids. And we love them for it.

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