15 Hilarious Times Moms Failed At Working Out

If Mom thinks she'll be able to exercise like she did before she gave birth to the little love of her life, she'll have to think again.

Before the baby, finding time to work out was probably not much of an issue. Now, however, when there's the rare moment that Mom has a slither of time to herself, all she wants to do is get some shut eye before she's back on duty.

But remember, she's just carried another human being in her belly for nine whole months. That body has worked extremely hard, and actually needs some recovery time before she begin going full pelt at snapping it back into shape.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that don't feel guilty for not getting your workout in every single day. And when you do manage to move around for your benefit, give yourself a pat on the back because you really bloody deserve it, lady.

To be able to work out from now on, you're going to have to adapt and shape your exercise routine around your kids. Sometimes this will mean pumping your boobs while running a marathon, sometimes this will mean attempting yoga when your toddler wants to use you as a jungle gym.

These fifteen moms capture the essence of what it's like to have kids and feel the impulse to get moving, though I think you'll do equal amounts of cringing and laughing.

15 When Mom Tries To Lift Weights At Home

Playing With Weights

So mom has gone and got herself some kettlebells. They're probably the first thing she's brought for herself in what feels like a million years. Now the time comes to give her arms that first pump. She knows it's going to be sore, but she can't wait to get started because hell, she feels like she's neglected herself for long enough.

The little one is playing happily with his toys, mom's got her eye on him and it's time to go! But wait. His little eyes see all, and they notice that mom has something that they don't. And of course, he wants it now.

The (previous) owner of these kettlebells knew what was going to happen if she said no. The pet lip would come out, those innocent eyes would fill up and the wails would start up. I wonder if she ever managed to get them back and get her workout completed.

14 When Mom Runs A Marathon And Pumps - At The Same Time

Mom Running A Marathon

Baby is still on the boob and mom already running a marathon (I don't know whether to laugh or cry with this one.) There's no denying - it's pretty damn impressive. Though, on the other hand, there's also something just a teeny, tiny bit crazy about it, too.

Life is hectic when baby comes along, and so much stuff needs to be crammed into 24 hours, but mom pumping her boobs while pounding the pavements is something along the lines of extreme, in my opinion.

In no way should moms be made to stop doing things that they love to do when they have a baby, but if that baby is still small enough to be breast fed, it is permissible to lay off the marathons for a while at least!

13 When Mom And Baby Are Both On The Treadmill

Mom On The Treadmill

Getting some gym equipment for home is always a great option for the new, busy mom who needs to multitask and be one step ahead of the game, sneaking in workouts when she can.

But this mom is taking the tip 'include the kids in your workout' to another, quite frankly dangerous level. Balancing baby on the treadmill while working out? Really not sure if this is going to end well at all.

I'm just looking at this precarious situation, dwelling on of all the things that could possibly go wrong, firstly, mom or baby losing their balance and falling. This mom might just have wanted some one-on-one time with her cherub, but even the baby looks as though it thinks it would be better off elsewhere.

12 When Mom Becomes The Jungle Gym

Mom Tries To Do Yoga

The internet has an obsession with moms doing yoga accompanied by their kids. Every other day there's a new video of some badass mother in some outlandishly difficult pose, accessorized with her small child. These photos are nearly always beautifully shot featuring an utterly serene mother and child in spotless surroundings. One time, I even happened upon a mother breastfeeding while pulled into some unfeasible position.

However the majority of mom's trying to do yoga with the kids around don't have professional photographers on hand, or help at home, and instead they end up becoming their child's own personal jungle gym.

That's clearly what this mom has become after trying to de-stress and tone up with some yoga. Used to having his mom at his disposal wherever and whenever, this little cutie didn't see mom trying to do yoga as a reason to stop clambering all over her.

11 When Mom Takes The Baby... Dancing

Pole Dancing Mom

Multi-tasking is all well and good, but combining pole dancing and child care really might not be such a great thing to do. There's been copious debates across internet forums - and rightly so - about whether it's Ok or not for moms to pole dance, not just in front of their little ones, but with their little ones, as this scantily clad pole-dancing mom illustrates all too graphically in her teeny tiny white bikini and knee high leather boots.

Ashley Wright, a mom from California sparked controversy when she uploaded videos of herself pole dancing with her daughter strapped to her back. While Ashley claims that her routines are not meant to be 'erotic,' it's still easy to see why people could view it as not only inappropriate, because of the affiliation with strippers, but dangerous too - fall and you can crush your baby.

10 When Mom Uses The Baby As Dumbbells

Dumbell Baby

Parenthood brings plenty of joy, but it also brings about change... a lot of change.

While many women wouldn't have batted an eyelid about buying exercise equipment before they had kids, the money often simply isn't available for that sort of 'luxury' anymore. So they need to make use of what they have at home. Most of the time this includes the things that would usually end up in the trash, like plastic bottles and old socks.

On the upside, plastic bottles filled with sand or pebbles make great dumbbells. Socks stuffed with dried beans can be used as wrist weights. And packets of beans or rice are excellent for doing bicep curls.

Now, while it's important for any mom to take care of herself, using one of the aforementioned suggestions instead of hauling her child up and down might be more advisable for this mom if she insists on using this particular 'lifting technique.'

9 When Mom Is Trying To Make A YouTube Video

YouTube and Instagram is always busy with new moms filming their workouts, but the majority of them simply aren't relatable. Where are the kids? How come the house looks like no one lives there? How in hell does this mom manage to look so fresh, like she's just slept for 8 whole hours?

I find myself leaning towards the more relatable videos, the real life videos where mom can't get a minute of workout without being interrupted. The videos where keeping cool is a truly impressive feat that deserves applause. Videos like the one featuring this somewhat miffed mom, trying to record a workout video with her exercise ball.

Her adorable blonde toddler and tiny dog have other ideas though, and keep on running into the shot, blissfully unaware of what mommy's trying to do.

8 When Mom Combines Pilates With Breastfeeding

Getting back into an exercise routine (or something close to one) helps moms get their body confidence back after giving birth. Mat based Pilates exercises are a fantastic way to get back into shape and are, ahem, easy to do at home. Easy perhaps when the baby is fast asleep, but when baby wants the boob, it's a different matter altogether.

Designed by Joseph H. Pilates back in the 1920's, Pilates training works on strengthening the muscles and is especially brilliant for moms because it targets the muscles mainly affected by pregnancy.

Whenever this mom tries to squeeze in some Pilates, like clockwork her little tyke decides he wants the boob. So, to kill two birds with one stone, she lets him latch on while attempting to get on with her workout.

7 When Mom Tries To Do Hanumanasana

While kids are nearly always curious about what their parents are doing, if mom tries to explain to feisty young boys about the benefits of yoga, it's unlikely that their attention span is going to last for more than a few minutes, at best.

Young boys generally aren't enthusiastic about sitting still for long periods of time, unless, of course there's a screen of some sort in front of them in which case contorting themselves into any sort of position and staying like that for hours is a piece of cake.

Hanumanasana pose, otherwise known in yoga as the splits is difficult enough... but when you have two boys tackling themselves on top of you, it makes things a hell of a lot more difficult, as this slightly frazzled looking mom illustrates!

6 When Mom Doesn't Know She's On Webcam

Mom has finally got around to 'treating' herself to that new fitness DVD she's been after since before the kids were born, and now, when they're old enough to use the computer, she's finally able to put on the DVD and get moving for herself with the full intention of getting her body back to top form.

But before any mom puts an exercise DVD on, she should ensure her child is not in the same room with a computer, as this mom probably wishes she did when she saw her workout routine uploaded onto YouTube.

This enthusiastic exerciser was giving it her all, though little did she know that the apple of her eye was filming her every move for the whole world to see.

5 When Mom's Crossfit Training Doesn't Go To Plan

My first thought when I saw the mom in this video was holy hell, how has she achieved that body when her child looks like it's just learned how to walk? The more I watched the more clear it became just how seriously this mom takes her crossfit training, to the point where she actually neglects her little girl.

It's fine for mom's to train intensely with kids around, of course, so long as they do it safely and make sure their children aren't going to get injured in the process. I'm not sure it's the best idea in the world to leave your small child unattended in a gym where, if you look away for a moment, untold damage could occur.

Unfortunately this intensely focused mom didn't have her eye on where her baby was when she was feeling the burn, and she ended up sending the little one flying!

4 When Mom Can't Get A Moment

Mom Can't Get A Moment

While moms may meticulously plan a routine for their workout, the likelihood of them being capable of sticking to it with little ones running around, doesn't have great forecasts.

Maybe once the kids are in collage, then the chance will come. But until then, mom has to expect to be on call for pretty much eighteen years.

Moms also have to accept that once the little one is old enough to talk, talk they will no matter what. If mom is working out at home, she has to expect to have a little commentator at her side, asking for juice, saying they're bored or begging to use the exercise mat to slide down the stairs.

This mom had the best of intentions when she unrolled her mat. Clearly Buzz Lightyear and the Cabbage Patch doll weren't quite as entertaining to her little girl as winding mom up the wrong way was.

3 When Mom Knocks The Baby Out By Twerking

Twerking. You love it or you loathe it. Personally, my toes curl when I see it performed... especially by moms. Especially by moms who happen to have their kids in the room while they're doing it.

There's been countless articles published about how you can 'twerk' - urgh, even the word makes me feel slightly ill - your way to a better body, and why there's no reason you shouldn't 'get your twerk on.'

Well, I can think of quite a few reasons why you shouldn't, but now isn't the place or the time. Today we're here to witness one mom fail so spectacularly - by knocking her little girl over with her but - that I'm hoping she will be encouraged to quit twerking forever.

2 When Mom Works Out On The Pole While The Kids Watch

Mom Fail

Using a pole in the comfort of your own home while your kids are around is one thing. But taking your kids with you when you're going to work out on a strippers pole in sexy underwear and perspex heels is another thing entirely.

This unbelievably epic mom fail leaves me feeling a little bit depressed if I'm being perfectly honest, especially when you spot the double stroller in the background and the look on one of the little boy's faces - it looks like he's crying, and who can blame him?

I'm wondering how on earth these two toddlers - who look like they're in pyjamas and all ready for bed - were actually allowed into what looks like a horribly dingy strip club.

1 When Mom Brings The Baby To The Gym

I had to look up the etiquette of bringing your baby with you to the gym for this article, and, as you would expect, the internet is very much divided on this one. In most cases, gyms won't allow you to bring your baby along, unless it's to leave them in the nursery, provided the gym has one of course.

I think bringing the baby to the gym and letting them sleep while you're on the treadmill is totally acceptable, but doing pull ups or weight lifting with the baby attached to you is something of a liability.

Looking at the photo of this mom and baby it's not hard to start to list the things that could go wrong. Who knows, maybe her arms buckle, or her legs give way when she comes down or even worse, there's a fault with the bar. It's hardly bears thinking about.

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