15 Hilarious Times Parents Couldn't Help But Mess With Their Kids

I have a feeling it might be a bit dangerous (or fun, depending on how you look at it) to expose my husband to this list, especially once our kids are a bit older. (It’d be sort of hard and quite cruel, if you ask me, to prank a baby.)

It’s not that he’s really a practical jokester or anything, but he does a have a great sense of humor, and I know he and his colleagues at the office have been known to do things like cover each other’s desks in Post-Its while someone’s out on vacation and generally give each other (well-meaning, hilarious) shit.

Whether or not he’ll jump at the chance to play jokes on our unsuspecting kids only time will tell.

But there are plenty of parents out there on the World Wide Web who have been there, done that. And I’m happy to tell you that what I’ve gathered in my extensive, chuckle-filled research for this article is just a small sampling.

Yes, these parents have changed thousands of diapers, patiently braved hundreds of toddler temper tantrums, carefully crafted dozens of lunches and dinners only to see them thrown in the trash or on the floor…

And now it’s their turn to have some fun of their own. Check out these 15 hilarious times parents couldn’t help but mess with their kids.

15 Sensual Seduction


Okay, so you’ll notice a trend. Some of the most LOL-worthy, awesome, and ingenious examples out there of moms and dads messing with their kids occur once the kids are teens and acting quite grown up, indeed.

These kids are doing things like posing sensually with French fries, mugging like they’re hot shit, and hanging out with their D-bag boyfriends – and the best part is they’re posting it all on Instagram.

The fun starts – and you realize how ridiculous almost every “selfie” is – when ole mom or pop follows their son or daughter on Instagram or other social media and makes the quite hilarious choice to quite perfectly imitate their offspring’s pose.

In this most awesome case, the young lady appears to be entirely naked, covered up only by a pillow, and looking at the camera coquettishly as she gingerly noms what appears to be room-service burger (or maybe patty melt?) and fries.

14 Dude, Bro


This guy thinks he’s pretty hot shit with his mirror-aided selfie, huh? He’s got his stupid hipster beanie on with his hair sticking out the front just so (and we all know the slant of your beanie or fedora is very important to contributing to the overall effect of your douchebaggery…). Check out that super cool superhero muscle tank he’s got on, too.

But the best part, I think, is that even though he’s looking right into the mirror, the better to capture himself looking exactly as he wants to in this snap, he’s barely even smiling. It’s more like a little half-smirk that seems to say without any words, “I think my mustache looks GOOD.”

Mom found the whole thing quite amusing, as well, and that’s when she took to the phone to snap a little shot of her own – a pic that also makes us realize that the phone is even covering up part of his face, as it is in her recreation.

13 Tat Copycat


Every time you look to take in another glorious detail of this selfie recreation, you laugh a little more. The cherry on top for me, I think, was the drawn-on copy of his daughter’s tattoo on his round poppa tummy. You must be made of stone if that doesn’t make you smile.

It’s clear that this guy knows how to laugh at himself, and – most importantly – his selfie-taking daughter.

Why is her head cocked so to one side? Why are her lips pursed up in such a way? And the fashion choices are what we think are truly amazing. Certainly the, um, trendier outfits we wear are the most hilarious or embarrassing to look back on in later years – and they’re funny right now to our parents.

The crop top… The tribal-print pants… The sassy, self-satisfied expression… and the pile of dirty clothes in the foreground. Nice picture, babe.

And the dad has it down pat, from the way he holds the phone with fingers overlapping to the silly way he sucks in his cheeks.

12 Well Hello, There


What you really have to admire about this one is that even the location of the copycat photoshoot seems to be the same, or at least very, very similar, with the lamps, mirrors, and closet all in the same orientation.

In the shot at the left, we see a seductive take on the Mona Lisa smile, head turned just so to present a most flattering (in the eyes of the selfie taker) angle, and the one free hand acting as the only thing keeping the fluffy white robe up over bared chest and shoulders.

Clearly – as all women, at least, will be able to tell after a more careful look – this young woman has just put quite a lot of time and effort into her hair and makeup. Highlights in her hair are fresh, it’s washed and carefully styled and curled, and her makeup is both freshly applied and abundant.

11 Dad’s On A Roll!


Dude, I think this is the same father – and the same daughter – from number 13!

She’s simply changed the color of her very died hair. And this time, she has a dude standing behind her in the picture.

And has ole dad used a balloon to create the boyfriend’s face? OMG. Even the thick eyebrows and moppy hair seem JUST right on his boyfriend sub-in.

Once again, the tattoos are drawn on in Dad’s version quite accurately, and hey, way to rock that spaghetti-strap tank top!

You can tell this one was actually taken in the exact same location, with the same picture on the wall in the upper left.

His phone isn’t blocking all but the corner of his mouth this time as it is in her shot, but he seems to have the expression down regardless. He’s so good at recreating her bad photos that we have to wonder if he may also be able to create quite good ones… Maybe he’s an artist or photog himself?

10 Seductive Sips – Sans Kicks


She’s in what could almost be a yoga pose (but I don’t think it actually is), poised with pursed pink lips ready to sip a drink of wine – from a glass held by her foot.

It’s funny how when a pretty young lady does something and takes a picture of herself for all the world to see, it has quite a different effect than when a bushy-bearded dude does it.

He, too, wears a hoodie and sits in his yard. His big ole bare foot delicately, sort of, holds the stemmed glass of red wine placed just so to his pursed lips, and his eyes, too, are closed.

The recreation really brings to light how awkward the whole thing is. Why is she doing this? Who took the picture? And who, for the love of all things social media, is she trying to impress?

9 Prank Strength In Numbers


Um, okay, where do we start?

The team effort on this one is what really earns it five gold stars.

Mom rocks the tongue out, imitating the wannabe bad girl in the photo on the left. Meanwhile, dad, sports a wife beater tank top with fisted hand covering his mouth, either to carefully observe the female in his foreground or to sort of say, “Oh, snap!”

The awkwardness of the hand gesture in the women is what really comes to the forefront for me the longer I look at this. Why is it resting so under the chin? And why are both kids in the pic posing with their hands so awkwardly in the shot?

Mom even put on a gray shirt to more closely imitate her daughter’s look. A for effort, guys. And for awesomeness.

8 Now To Have Some Fun With The Son


Mirrored sunglasses are on. Sign is (ridiculously) thrown up with the right hand. Red T-shirt is sported, and chill, smug look is on the face.

We might need to put this theory of mine to a vote, folks. Is this the SAME dad from numbers 13 and 11 of this very list?? Did he just, like, spend an evening trolling through his kids’ Instagram posts carefully recreating their more ridiculous selfies? I just really, really hope so. He has one lucky son and daughter, if that’s the case, if you ask me – because at least you know he has a sense of humor about all their publicly shared shenanigans. The daughter has tats all over in both of her shots, and the son in this snap quite frankly looks like he might be high as shit.

7 I’m Being Totally Cereal Right Now


These parents decided to have a bit of fun pranking their son – and first thing in the morning, by the looks of it.

I’m personally in quite a hurry to nurse my baby and get some food in my toddler’s tummy ASAP when they wake up. See, it can mean the difference between a disaster of a morning and an OK day.

But this boy is a bit older. What? Maybe 6 to 8 years old? And his parents served him his usual breakfast of cereal in the morning – or at least that’s what it looked like. Then, he sleepily tried to dig on in.

The cereal was frozen solid.

How can you, too, piss off your starving child? Simply poor their usual cereal into their usual bowl, add milk, and freeze until solid!

6 Teasing With Technology


This might be one of my very favorite ones in this entire list, now that I think of it (except for that dad mocking his teenage daughter’s selfies… because that’s just one of the best things I’ve ever seen).

You know how kids quickly become as addicted to smartphones and tablets as their short-attention-spanned parents? Well here’s a little trick some parents played on their little one. (Man, I wouldn’t risk messing with my toddler because I’m not exactly into purposely created tears and tantrums, but hey, to each his own).

If you, unlike me, thought it was a good idea to copy this prank, it would go something like this:

1) You take a screenshot of the homepage or the starting page of the app or game. 2) You leave the photo open and in full-screen mode. 3) You cackle evilly as your kid gets more and more frustrated trying to tap the screen and get it to do what it usually would.

5 Sweet (Revenge) Treat


Whether this mom was serving up just deserts to get revenge or just decided to F with her kid on this particular day, well, we aren’t honestly sure. But either way, it’s kind of genius.

And this is because of its simplicity. It’s cute, and couldn’t be called quite cruel. Because the kid will pretty quickly understand that it’s a joke, she’s been played, and then hopefully move on (or store it in her memory bank for future use on her friends or hey, maybe even her own children one day).

The mom asks the kid, “Would you like some brown E’s?” Or maybe she says, “I made some brown E’s… They’re on the counter” or “There are some brown E’s in that pan.”

Now I’m sort of a word nerd, obviously, so I find this prank to be quite pleasing and extremely entertaining.

And technically, the parent was not at all lying. If the kid heard “brownies,” well then whose fault is that?

4 Start Packin’


Moving is really hard on kids sometimes. And it brings to mind concerns about financial stability and all sorts of other things kids (or maybe all people?) can tend to still be confused and worried about.

So these parents decided to really mess with their kids psychologically. They threw up a For Sale sign in the front yard, then eventually said, “April Fools!”

How many tears and worried expressions and frantic questions they withstood before spilling the beans that it was all a joke we do not know.

Did junior skip happily home from school one day only to see this sign and feel as if his whole world was crashing down before him?

Oooh, maybe he came home from camp and got a depressingly surprising homecoming!

Just imagine the cruel possibilities…

3 In Yo FACE


Ah, the party popper. It’s what little kids delight in seeing explode gently before them when they’re too young to get their hands on any real fireworks. Think the 4th of July – or especially New Year’s Eve.

I feel like if you haven’t run around your friend’s backyard gleefully pulling these little white cords and firing these babies off, you haven’t exactly had a typical childhood. But that’s just my thought on the matter.

Well, anyhow, once you’re an adult, you have some children of your own, and you want to take inspiration from the creators of this prank, here’s how you go about it:

Affix the string of the popper to the doorframe and the popper itself to the door, perhaps of the unsuspecting child’s room.

A kid is sure to be startled when a tiny explosion is the first thing he encounters in the morning. (Did I mention that we are NOT recommending you actually do any of these?)

2 “Everybody Come And See How Good I Look!”


Okay, guys, I had to include one more that I’m pretty sure is in fact from the very same dad who carefully copied his daughter’s awful teenage selfies earlier on in this list. I did not even realize it at first look, and maybe you didn’t either. Upon closer inspection, however, I said to myself, hey… I know that dad from somewhere…

The daughter’s pursed little lips looked quite familiar as well.

And though her hair color seems to be constantly changing, her love of taking awful, carefully posed selfies in her dad’s house has not. It remains strong.

As does her dad’s love of hilariously copying them.

I kind of hope he messed with her even more by posting them @ her. Oooh! Or maybe he hijacked her account and posted his own photo there…!

1 Instant Celebrity Status


This one might have just made the kid in question feel like a superstar. Maybe it was a teen who drove this Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, and maybe he thought all those pushups were really paying off once everyone he passed on the way to school gave a huge smile, waved, and said hi to him – using his first name.

Jason, if you’re out there reading this, you’ve got some funny parents, man.

And they even picked a prank that probably made him feel happy and important for a while, if a little confused, rather than, say, terrified or depressed as with some of the other parental pranks in this little list.

Yep, as far as messing with your kids goes, this one’s pretty mellow, but that’s why it’s so genius!

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