15 Hilarious Ways Dads Overreact As Parents


Dads. Gotta love them, right? They’re so cute with the baby, they love their kids, and they look adorable snuggled up with them taking a nap. But those hilarious freak outs that they have about the most basic, asinine of tasks makes it all worthwhile, right? (This is not diminishing on single moms at all, so please don’t take it that way! And we know some dads are not in the picture.)

Dads can get worked up over the smallest of things, so much so that there’s t-shirts and memes about some of the things they flip out over. Some of the flip outs are funny, some are more annoying, but after it’s all said and done, they’re hilarious that they’ve taken that much effort to get worked up, when simply gritting their teeth and getting the task done would get them finished so much faster.

And that’s not exaggerating, it would literally be done 10 times faster without the overreaction and dramatics.

And yes, we moms can get worked up over the same stuff! We totally get that! But, we privately asked around, and ended up putting together a list of things that we hear about dads overreacting about the most. And we can tell you this… they’re pretty funny! If we flipped out over some of these things, we’d get ragged on so hard, it’s not even amusing.

So kick back, get the popcorn, and relax. It’s time to go over 15 ways that dads tend to overreact as parents.

15 Dating Their Daughter

Not too shocking, but ask a dad about how he’s going to handle his daughter dating, and 9 times out of 10, he’s going to tell you that either she will never date, or he will give you an age of 30 or more.

Dad’s freak out when they think of their baby girls dating, and have become the butt of jokes and memes, from the typical Dad cleaning his guns on the front porch, to Dads who have a list of rules for dating their daughters.

Dads, this is totally understandable, because the thought of our kids growing up and getting into the world of dating sounds daunting. That said, guys, lighten up. Eventually the precious kiddos are going to begin dating, and eventually you’ll have to just let go a bit.

Raise them well, and they’ll be able to handle themselves well enough without their dates having to sign a 10 page contract.

14 Men And Their Cars

Not sure what it is about boys and their toys, but they never grow up and out of it. What was once an obsession with hot wheels turns into a serious, sometimes obsessive pride over their vehicles, and that extends into adulthood too, and parenthood. One speck of kiddie dirt, one blow out dripping onto the seat, and they spaz out faster than we can say the word detailing.

Dads, we hate to break it to ya, but kids and messes are a combo package. And while, yes, some mess can be avoided, there will always be other messes. If the thought of dirt on the interior is that devastating, then consider seat covers and floor mats to help save the upholstery, and do like so many others have done… impose a food ban for the vehicles.

It may not be the perfect plan, since that food ban often gets lifted by a lot of people, and kids can still track in mud on a rainy day.

13 You’re Gonna Be A Nun!

Many of us have seen the very cute video of the dad who, while discussing the fact that her daughter wants to have a boyfriend at the tender age of 4 or 5, decided his kiddo’s future profession for her, with the words, “You’re gonna be a nun, you’re gonna work for Jesus!” What dad hasn’t thought about the many ways to shelter their babies from the evils of the outside world?

Guys, honestly, she’s likely not gonna be a nun, and she will have a boyfriend, and she will likely end up just fine out there. The same thing goes for the boys too. They will do just fine. Relax, and enjoy the time that we have with them now, instead of worrying about the far off future.

And remember, at age 4, they likely don’t even know the full ramifications or implications of having a boyfriend, so, again, relax. As funny as the freak out is, keep in mind, to them, the boyfriend or girlfriend thing at that tender age is likely just for fun.

12 Gearing Up For Poop-Battle

Moms, we know all about the hilarity in this, am I right? Who else has seen the absolutely awesome moments when a first time dad gets to change that first really bad blow out, and then from then on out, they’re gearing up for total war with every diaper change. We’re talking air freshener, face masks, and more, and they still end up gagging, and it is hilarious.

It’s really not that bad guys. It’s just a little poop, it will wash off, and it will not get in your mouth unless you have a little flinger. We can understand if pulling up the shirt to cover the nose is needed, but having a whole poop changing kit because of the fear of the poo… that’s a little much.

The kiddo will be potty trained soon enough, until then, stop the whining and give us a hand, without the theatrics please.

11 Dying Of…The Cold

So, show of hands, who here has heard of the man-cold? Probably everyone, right? There’s a reason for that. When mom is sick, she pulls up her pajama pants, and still manages to take care of the house, the kids, and even get to work unless she’s got something severe going on. Dads? A cold can put a man on his backside so badly that they won’t leave their bed for 24 - 48 hours, minimum.

We get it, guys. Colds suck, we’ve all been there. But there’s no need to whine worse than our 5 year old kid when she has the same cold. We’re pretty sure no one is going to die from this awful viral infection called the cold. Yes, we will get the cold medicine, but only if that means that we’re going to get some help around the house too. All in all, dads, we know how bad it feels, but man up.

10 Vomit Comet

So, this one can happen with anyone, but us moms… we still have to clean the mess. Dads, just a heads up, kids get sick. That sickness can include vomit. It stinks, it’s gross and slimy, and it may make you gag. Do not vomit on top of it! Please clean it up when you see it! Please do not leave it for us to handle when we get home, because it was just too revolting!

Guys, seriously, there are steps to taking care of vomit. We totally get that vomit from a kid can make us all want to retch too, but hold it back, or run to the toilet like an adult, and try not to add to the pile! Rinse the dirtied sheet or pillow or whatever off, preferably outside, from a distance, because… splatter is nasty.

ONLY after the chunks have been cleaned off, by spray or by the less appealing way of using one’s hand, should you then stick it in the washer. We refuse to clean the chunks out of the washer once the thing finishes running through it’s cycle… that’s just as nasty as the fresh puke. Also… Lysol once it’s all clean, because germs are no fun.

9 No One Puts Baby In The Corner

We get it. No one wants to see their babies crying. But, seriously, if we have to punish them, please do not become the white knight on the horse riding in to save the day… We know it’s tugging at the heartstrings, it’s tugging ours too! But leave them in time out, for goodness sake! Please! No, they cannot get up after a minute when they’re supposed to be there for five…

Ok, we know that it’s tough to watch them be upset for any reason, but kids need discipline. Please do not get upset at us or undermine us because we have placed them in time out or otherwise disciplined our kids. Be supportive, and talk to the kids instead, and explain to them why they’ve gotten in hot water.

The more they’re taught about not doing the thing that got them in trouble, the less they’ll end up in the dreaded corner.

8 You Made Her Cry!

We love to see our men get protective, we really do, I promise, but honestly, was yelling at the kid from down the road necessary? I mean, we know, bullying is 110% wrong and should not be tolerated, but wouldn’t it be a better idea to talk to the parents about it?

We understand, and we feel the same way about the mistreatment of our kids, but first off, the best option is to go to the school or the other child’s parents if we must intervene. Things can escalate, and if a child claims they were hit, then someone will end up in trouble, even if it is temporarily.

Going straight to other adults guarantees that the mature route is being taken. If it continues then, there’s always the school board or police if there is bad bullying.

Another option is to let the children work it out. We know, and we totally agree that the kids need us to help, but sometimes kids have to work it out on their own. They will come to us or show signs that the problem is escalating if it does, and then we can step in.

7 Overzealous Football Dad

Whether it’s NFL or the pee-wee football game, this dad is all up in the tailgate party and yelling at the refs. Ever heard of a soccer mom? Well, dads have the same things, the overzealous sports dads. And they’re just as embarrassing as a soccer mom on a bad day where her kid just lost an away game and is being benched next game.

Guys, seriously, take a chill pill when it comes to the sports. There’s one thing that we all need to remember, and that sports and games are supposed to be fun. They are not supposed to be supreme amounts of pressure that make the kids a nervous wreck and make the spouse shake their heads in shame while dad is jumping on the bleachers screaming at a referee.

Relax. If dad wants to be more involved, there’s always coaching or volunteering, but let the kids play without the stress. They’ll likely do better knowing dad is supporting them, versus screaming about bad calls.

6 No Noise, No Exceptions

Ok, hey we have a memo here for some people. Kids are loud. We mean, that’s a shocker right?! Kids, can be loud? Who would have thought? It’s not like they have problems with volume control, or have loud toys, or get excited, so why would anyone believe that kids could possibly be anything other than quiet all of the time. After all, dad has a show he’s trying to watch!

Yeah, no, it doesn’t work that way. Kids have loud toys and loud voices, and they lose control of that voice when they get excited. What a surprise! So yelling at them because they’re yelling, it’s not going to accomplish much, because we promise, they’re going to get loud again pretty quick. Some noise is to be expected with kids. If there’s a show dad just has to see, we recommend using closed captioning so that nothing gets missed.

5 Must. Drive. Carefully.

Has anyone ever seen that overly careful dad who drives like he just plopped out of the movie Driving Miss Daisy when he’s taking his newborn home or out? And how it takes a while for them to go the speed limit again? We’re talking about those dads here. Yes, we get it, the baby is in fact precious cargo, but going 15 under the speed limit is really not the way to go.

Driving under the speed limit can be just as dangerous as speeding, so while we do get the fear that comes with a new baby, it’s strongly recommended that drivers go the speed limit unless there are inclement conditions making everyone need to slow down.

Semi-trucks and other bigger vehicles will have a hard time slowing down if dad is going so slow that they end up riding up his back bumper in 10 seconds. Sometimes, slower isn’t always better, and dads need to keep this in mind when bringing baby home, or driving with them in general.

4 Gaming Is Life

Some of us moms are gamers too, so some of us do understand where dad is coming from here, but seriously guys, if mom is asking for some help with the kids, do not tell her to wait until there’s a save point, then get mad when she says it can’t wait. Gaming can get intense, but it’s not more important than helping with the kids.

When mom asks for help, put the controller down. The realm of Toki Toki will not end because life came in the way. Some progress may be lost, and that truly does stink, and we feel bad about that, but if we need the help, please do not complain.

Besides, the faster dad pitches in, the faster mom can get finished so he can get back to relaxing with his Playstation 4. Give us a hand, we’re usually most appreciative and we do find ways to express that later on.

3 Getting In On The Night Life

Ok, so, this one confuses us. When we were dating, dad was able to stay up all night long to go to bars, and then was able to function just fine. In fact, he used to do it all the time, whether it was to go out, or party, or play games. So, why now, when we’re begging for a break, do we get fussed at by an overreacting dad when we ask for them to stay up with the baby for just a bit? We’re just as confused over here.

Dad, we’re really not begging for all nighters all the time over here, but once in a while, we’d like to get a good night’s sleep too so we don’t look like zombie extras for the Walking Dead. We need sleep to function too, so getting mad when we ask for the sleep isn’t just overreacting, it’s rude. Help us out at night, please. We’ll be less grumpy in the morning.

2 All The Safety Equipment

Yes, us moms get like this too, but we have sure seen how safety-overly-conscious a dad can get, especially a new dad. They see all of this top of the line equipment, with safety latches and whatnot, and they automatically assume better. And sometimes, it really is. But, is it always better? And by that, we mean is it always, all of the time, better? The answer to that is a resounding no.

We want the baby to be safe too dad, but for some things, there’s a lot more gimmick going on than safety. Car seats are definitely a good thing to be up-to-date on, but when it comes to jumpers, cribs, toys, etc, sometimes that added price tag doesn’t really do anything to make the baby more safe. Sometimes, it can have a worse safety rating than the cheaper one.

So do some research, make sure that the best one is the one that’s been picked out for sure.

1 Shower Oopsies

So, we all know about how much easier it can be to let the kids shower with us. And that includes dads taking a rinse with their baby girls, and moms getting a quick bath with the baby boy. But, when does that need to stop, exactly?

Ask around on parenting forums, and there’s going to be mixed replies, from ‘It should never have started, how disgusting!” to “As long as everyone is comfortable.” But, for guys, it may stop as soon as kids get curious about that item that they have, that women do not, that dangles between their legs.

I totally see where the overreaction comes from here, guys. I’d probably flip my lid too if a toddler poked me in my vagina while I was in the shower, too. We swear, they’re genuinely curious about what exactly that is. So don’t freak out on them, please!

Gently tell them no, that’s a no touch zone, maybe consider a toddler-friendly version of the Good Touch-Bad Touch talk, and then let them get their baths on their own from now on.

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