15Dating Their Daughter

Not too shocking, but ask a dad about how he’s going to handle his daughter dating, and 9 times out of 10, he’s going to tell you that either she will never date, or he will give you an age of 30 or more.

Dad’s freak out when they think of

their baby girls dating, and have become the butt of jokes and memes, from the typical Dad cleaning his guns on the front porch, to Dads who have a list of rules for dating their daughters.

Dads, this is totally understandable, because the thought of our kids growing up and getting into the world of dating sounds daunting. That said, guys, lighten up. Eventually the precious kiddos are going to begin dating, and eventually you’ll have to just let go a bit.

Raise them well, and they’ll be able to handle themselves well enough without their dates having to sign a 10 page contract.

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