15 Hilarious Ways Mother's Describe The Feeling Of A Baby Kicking

Honestly one of the greatest feelings in the entire world is when a growing baby wiggles around inside of their mother. Those little kicks make all of the puking, bloating, and exhaustion worth it! It's crazy how they can make anything better at the drop of a pin. It's the feeling of life, scratch that the love of a lifetime, moving and stretching inside of their mother.

Those little kicks can also be the reason we hit the ladies' room a hundred times a day. As the baby gets bigger and bigger they start to run out of room to move around. This means that moms feel their baby's movements a lot more, but it can also change how the movement feels. What would have been little kicks before turn into elbow jabs. Ow!

It's common to start to feel the baby move in the second trimester. Some women can feel movement as early as 14 weeks and others don't feel it until around 22 weeks. There are many factors including weight and placenta placement that determine how much and how soon we feel the baby move.

Mothers who have had previous pregnancies are more likely to recognize the difference between baby moving around and gas. In addition, their uterus has already stretched out once giving the baby more room to move around at an earlier time.

Itty bitty baby kicks can be quite the reassurance for mom as an active baby is a healthy baby. Once pregnancy progresses, some mothers try to chart how active baby is and how many kicks he/she does per hour. We can also try to guess when baby is asleep and awake in the womb.

15 Goldfish Swimming

In a way our little one is swimming around in fluid so it makes sense that baby's movements feel similar to a fish swimming. This is usually the case in the earlier stages of pregnancy while the baby has more room to move around. The kicks feel a lot less defined.

The baby's movements are more fluid at this time which is what leads a great deal of moms to describe the fetal movements as a fish swimming or a goldfish in a bowl.

At first it is comparable to a goldfish swimming because we can only feel the little swirls of the baby moving around. It's easy to mistake a baby moving this early on for gas. In fact sometimes it is gas. It might even feel like the baby is blowing bubbles similar to how  a fish does in water.

14 Tiny Air Bubbles

In early pregnancy, especially for first time moms, we likely don't recognize our baby moving around. This is a feeling that we often mistake for gas. This happens because our baby's movement honestly just feels like tiny air bubbles.

The little air bubbles feelings we experience when we feel our baby move feel nearly identical to the little gas bubbles we feel during the early days of pregnancy. Gas bubbles however will happen usually one time while baby movements happen a few times. They are both rather random, but baby movements are more repetitive.

Feeling our baby move for the first time is such a reassuring feeling. Our baby's movements give us peace of mind because it is a sign that our little one is growing well. Baby activity shows that all is well. Plus, it is such an amazing feeling knowing that life is inside of us.

13 Popcorn Popping

We've all seen the way a popcorn machine works or at least hopefully microwaved a bag of popcorn. POP POP POP. During the early part of the second trimester, this description is incredibly applicable as to how a baby move arounds in our belly. It's sporadic and random for sure. There's really no rhythm to baby's movements, which is how we can differ kicks from hiccups a lot of times.

Many moms in early pregnancy, some as early as 14 weeks, say that they feel "popcorn popping" in their bellies or uterus. This popcorn making feeling doesn't describe exact kicks or precise movements. It's just early stages of the baby stretching out and getting used to his or her new home.

Many of us second guess ourselves the first time the popcorn machine inside of us starts up because it feels similar to gas or because we think it's too early. Sometimes as an added bonus all of this talk about popcorn inspires us to make a bowl for ourselves while we feel our little one wiggle around inside of us.

12 Electric Zap

Some moms have said that they feel "electric zaps" when they feel the baby move around. This is usually a description of fetal movement a little later on in the pregnancy when the baby can really hit some stuff. It is said that the movement feels like mini electric shocks in our uterus.

Some think this is because the baby is hitting or laying on a nerve. One of the most common pains is from the baby hitting the sciatic nerve which is in our lower back. It can also be caused by the baby kicking our cervix. Sometimes baby kicks our ribs which can feel similar to getting a good electric zap to the side.

Some moms have compared the electric zap idea to being tasered from the inside. Painful but true. It might even feel like how our elbows do when we hit our funny bone, yes that numb, tingly feeling coupled with blinding pain.

11 Donkey Kicking

Yes, this description does sound like a corny "dad joke" and in fact, it is. A father felt his child moving inside his wife and described it as a "donkey kick." Those jokes must kick in at conception. Pun intended.

Once the baby gets a little bit bigger, their movements start to feel a little more calculated.  Around week 28 is when some doctors suggest that moms start counting the baby's kicks. During month seven of pregnancy is when donkey kicks are the most prevalent. This is because the baby still has a decent amount of room to move around. This means that baby's kicks and punches are more jolting.

Around month eight, we can possibly see the results of these donkey kicks. We may see a foot, hand, elbow, or knee peeking out through our stomach. At first it may look a little weird honestly, but as we get used to seeing a foot poking through our stomach we realize how beautiful it is.

10 Cat Playing In A Bag

We feel baby tumbling around more than we feel distinct movements in the mid to late third trimester. He or she just does not have the space to move around as much. He or she cannot kick us like before. Instead we feel baby stretch out and shift positions. This feels like baby is rolling around or even doing somersaults inside of us because he or she basically is.

The way baby wiggles around when he or she is running out of womb space is similar to how a cat wiggles when they are in a bag. They cannot see the way out in the dark just as baby just cannot find a way to get comfortable and stretch out. We can feel baby pushing up against our belly trying to stretch out or make some more room for herself.

At some point we may even feel her wiggling around trying to find her way down to prepare for her arrival.

9 Eye Twitch In The Tummy

This description is most applicable when we feel movements like quickening or fluttering in the early to mid second trimester. We usually feel a movement like this around week 14 to about week 20. It is difficult to even notice at first. We often second guess if we even really felt anything at all.

This eye twitch feeling was one mom's description that really hit the nail on the head to the gas bubble or hunger pain we feel. The baby's movements almost feel like a flicker in our belly. The movements are random which is why they feel similar to an eye twitch. There's really no rhythm to it or control about it.

We will probably start to feel these movements when we are laying down and relaxing. It will feel almost feel like a rumbling in our belly.

8 Poprocks Popping

During the second trimester between about weeks 14 and 21, fetal movement in the belly feels similar to Poprocks popping in our mouth. It's kind of a sizzling, fizzling feeling in our bellies. The kicks are soft, and often times we feel more wiggling around than actual kicks. This isn't the fizzling and sizzling that happens when we put Mentos in a Coke bottle.

It's much more subtle, but oh so sweet!

It's honestly crazy to believe that the popping and rocking going on in our bellies has arms and legs and will shortly be a baby. This feeling is similar to some extreme bean gas that we might experience, and it can be difficult to tell the difference. After a few pops though, the repetition should be a sign that it's baby moving around even if there isn't any rhythm to the movement.

7 Cervix Trampoline

Let me out! Let me out! Our babies bounce around inside of us quite a bit. They find our ribs, bladders, internal organs, and our cervix. They kick around and elbow a whole lot. Often times we might get a foot on the cervix as if the baby is trying to escape our uterus.

On a rather rare occasion this can be a sign that they are ready to come out or that labor is starting, but more often than not it's just baby wiggling around and stretching out. Unless the baby is breech this "kicking" is usually a hand, head, or elbow rather than a foot due to baby's positioning.

Many women complain about a pain in their lady area during pregnancy as a result of baby applying pressure with his or her head or hands. It's definitely not a pleasant feeling.

6 Gymnastics Class

Our babies move around A LOT some days. They twist, turn, wiggle, and stretch. Often times, it feels as if we are hosting a tumbling session in our uterus. Babies practice their somersaults so much, it's surprising that they aren't born with Olympic medals in gymnastics.

They flip around and can often change positions which is also part of why baby can turn from being breech and vice versa.

It happens all day, everyday. We're in line at the grocery store, and baby is practicing her acrobatics. We're trying to get some much needed rest, and baby is doing somersaults. We can start to track movements and realize that our babies move more often when we're laying down and sleep while we're moving.

We also notice that things with sugar such as juice often encourage baby to move around. We may find they move around more after we eat or drink some water.

5 Soccer Practice

Sometimes it feels as if we have a little mini Lionel Messi growing inside of us. It's hard to not think we are growing a future soccer star inside of us when our ribs, bladder, and organs are paying the price. They are the brunt of a whole lot of practice kicks. We feel them kicking away as we go throughout our day.

Often times, we get a nice kick to the bladder making us have to hit the ladies' room.

One definite perk of pregnancy is that we get to feel baby's kicks and movements all of the time. It might take a little bit for dad and other family members to be able to feel baby's kicks from the outside. Sometimes they have trouble feeling the kicks because they aren't as accustomed to it as we become.

Experience definitely helps know the difference or spot the kicks. That applies to not only mom but anyone who feels baby's movements from outside our belly.

4 Ninja Kitten

We have all seen a kitten chasing a laser pointer, climbing the fridge, or punching towards a stuffed mouse. Or at the very least, we have seen the Youtube videos of it that our relatives send us on Facebook or via e-mail. Some expecting mothers have made the realization that it is an accurate comparison to how our baby moves around in our womb.

Maybe he is really chasing a shiny red dot inside of the womb. Or maybe the cat's stuffed mouse is moms bladder to her baby. That would explain the ridiculous amount of times it feels that baby has pounced on the bladder. When the baby has a little bit more room to move around, it really feels as if they are moving, chasing, and kicking mom all at the same time. They move and bend like we wouldn't think is possible because baby is floating inside of the womb.

3 Boxing Class

Part of pregnancy is hosting a kickboxing match in our uterus. It's quite fun. We take about a hundred trips to the bathroom a day because our little one keeps finding our bladder, as if we weren't spending enough time in there already. It might also be part of the reason we're up half the night and can't seem to fall asleep.

Babies are constantly on the move. It is a good thing; although, it can be difficult maybe to see it that way when mom is exhausted and spending more than half her day in the ladies' room.

Mom feels a good kick to the ribs in case she needed a reminder that baby's still in there. Mom may not exactly enjoy the kicks and punches, even the elbows, but they are an essential reminder and assurance that baby is doing okay inside of her.

2 Karate Kid

Believe it or not, that's not Mr. Miyagi is most likely not in a uterus. With those karate chops to the rib cage though, it can be a difficult task to convince mom otherwise. There is a prime time between when mom only feels slight flutters or quickening and when her baby runs out of room in the womb.

During this peak period, it's likely we feel a whole lot of jabs, kicks, and punches going on inside of mom as if her baby is warming up for a karate match upon his or her arrival.

When the baby gets a little bigger and begins running out room, mom feels more shifting than distinct punches and kicks. There will be different movements throughout the day. Even when it feels that baby has run out of room, mom might still feel a good kick from a leg stretching out or a push on her bladder from baby stretching out after a nice womb nap.

1 Bladder Buster

Pregnancy is usually associated with spending a great deal of time in the ladies' room. In the beginning of the first trimester women usually spend this time in there because of "morning" sickness. Mom may add a couple of trips though for bladder reasons as well though.

From about 20 weeks on, mom can feel baby move, but it's not until a little bit later (hopefully) that baby discovers the joy of kicking, punching, and pushing on mom's bladder. This is when it feels the most like mom is heading back to the ladies' room right after she was just in there. It happens, and we've all been there.

Other moms will understand why she's making seven different trips to the ladies' room in two hours. Pregnant moms can sometimes shift their own position, from standing to laying for example, to encourage baby to move to a different spot. Moms can also try kind of tickling or gently pressing on the belly to encourage their baby to wiggle around as well.

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