15 Hilarious Ways To Make The Hospital Stay Into A Mini Vacation

Having a baby is wonderful, but some mothers to be get concerned about their upcoming stay in the hospital. They dread that hospital vibe, that smell associated with cleansers, and just the overall feeling of being in a hospital. For most women, chances are they won't be giving birth in a hospital of horrors, instead, their hospital stay may seem like a five star hotel!

Maternity wards in hospitals big and small are usually pretty up to date, and very un-hospital like. They're typically far away from other areas of the hospital, such as the emergency room (no one needs to be next to that!) There are private hospital rooms that almost resemble a hotel room. Soft coloring on the walls, nice comforter, perhaps a little table, television, or desk, and suddenly mom-to-be thinks, "Where am I?!"

Besides just the looks of the hotel- ahem- hospital room, certain things are handled in a way that will make mom-to-be feel like a regular celebrity of VIP status. Room service, someone else watching her baby, no one bothering her as she flips through her favorite reality TV shows, and the list goes on.

There are definite ways that a hospital stay after having an adorable little one will resemble a mini vacation. Certain aspects mom can control and helps to make her stay even sweeter, possibly making her try to sign on for a few more nights! Take advantage of this mini vacation new moms- because, heck, THERE'S A BRAND NEW BABY!

15 Don't Have To Share The Bed

Not only will you get to have a bed to yourself, but that very bed will be state of the art! Take advantage of your own personal bed, without having to share it with your partner, other children, pets, and whatever else winds up in your bed during the night! A nice, soft mattress with clean bedding and fluffy pillows... could anything really be better than that?

Your bed will have an adjustable head and probably and adjustable foot as well. Play around with different positions until you get nice and comfy. Sure, you're in a hospital bed, but the maternity ward beds are just that luxurious.

It'll even have rails on each side so you can boost yourself up if you're having trouble getting out due to that delivery you just went through. As you drift off to sleep, imagine yourself on an exotic vacation as you snuggle in your soft and cozy bed!

14 Get Waited On Hand And Foot (And More)

During your hospital stay after having an adorable baby, you will have a team of nurses to meet your every need. Except you should pretend they're not nurses, and that you're not in a hospital! If you imagine yourself being pampered in a spa, you'll certainly feel as though you're on a mini vacation. Well, minus the pain from having that baby of course, but the medication you get should help with that.

The nurses (aka spa staff) will constantly be checking up on you. They'll make sure you're comfortable, ask if you need anything, tell you your baby is the cutest they have ever seen, and generally just be there if you need an ear to talk to. Most maternity nurses are wonderfully kind individuals, making your stay seem even more like a vacation since everyone is likely to be so darn nice.

13 Showering With No Interruptions

Imagine yourself on vacation. You're on a tropical island with a glorious shower. You take comfort in the warm water hitting your face as you lather up using beautifully scented soap. There's not a soul around, and you can take as long in the shower as you would like, never running out of hot water. And then it hits you, you're actually in the maternity ward at the hospital!

Sure, hospital showers may not resemble the ones that you would find on vacation, but once you step into the hot water, get some bubbles going, and relax, you'll probably forget where you are. You're welcome to take a lengthy shower with no interruption. Give your nurse a heads up that you'll be stepping in the shower for as long as possible, and she'll make sure your baby is well cared for while you relax and get clean.

12 Medication Is Always Readily Available

No matter what type of delivery you had, whether it was natural or a c-section, you're likely going to be in some pain. Well lucky for you, the spa (ahem, we mean hospital), you're staying in will regularly provide you with as much medication as you need (a safe amount, of course!) to dull the pain away.

You don't even have to do anything. Your nurse will bring you regularly scheduled pain medication to help keep you at ease as you heal from having that cute little one. With the pain becoming more of a distant memory, it might make you think you really are on a vacation and it just happened that your baby met you there.

Not to mention that readily available medicine that you're probably getting more of if you really need it helps to keep the pain away so you can continue to relax and heal.

11 No Expectations For Mom

Many moms say the best part about those few days they spent in the hospital after having their baby was that no one expected anything of her.

Sure, you have to feed and care for your baby, but during your stay you have nurses and the nursery to assist you as well. We're talking about all those awful home responsibilities. You know them well, cleaning the house, scrubbing the toilet, making dinner, running errands, making sure everyone is doing what they should be doing, and more.

Treat the hours, minutes, and seconds after you have your baby as a mini vacation. You're away from the every day mundane routines. You can just enjoy your newborn and not even think about having to do laundry. Sure, there might be a mess waiting for you at home, but who cares. Live in the moment, and enjoy this mini vacation that allows you to rest and just stare at that tiny person you created.

10 Can Order Room Service, Oh Yeah!

One of the best parts about being on a vacation is the room service. Well, you'll feel like you're on a vacation with the room service you'll receive after having your baby. You may just forget you're in the maternity ward and not in a upscale hotel!

Your meals will all be delivered to you after you have a baby. Chances are, the hospital may offer a selection for each meal. Your nurse will bring in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, slide out a tray, and voila, breakfast in bed (and lunch and dinner too!) The food may not be that bad either. Hospital food is often notorious for being bland and non-appealing, but you may find it tasty.

You're probably really hungry after all you've been through. Delivering a baby is tough work, so enjoy your version of room service that is certainly to give you glimpses of feeling on a mini vacation.

9 There's Valet Parking

When you go on a vacation, chances are you'll get, or choose to use, curb side service when it is time to park your car. Who wants to trudge through a parking lot when you're supposed to be relaxing? Many hospitals offer valet parking, especially to mothers to be who are in labor!

After you've had your baby and enjoyed your stay in the maternity ward (and chances are, you did enjoy it), it will be time to put baby in his or her car seat and head on home. No one wants to walk through a parking lot or scour a parking garage with a tiny, fragile newborn baby in their arms. Take full advantage of the hospital's valet parking system, and let someone else bring your car right to you when it is time to bring that sweet baby home.

8 There's Baby Sitting, Er, A Nursery

Making your maternity stay like a mini vacation is easy when you have built in baby sitting! Any vacation is stressful when kids are around, most moms would say. When you finally feel relaxed and are enjoying yourself on vacation, boom- one of your kids needs to be changed, fed, or just needs something.

The luxury of having a baby is the magical place called the nursery. In the nursery your little one is cared for by a team of wonderful nurses who really love babies, in fact, sometimes they hope new moms will send their baby to the nursery, even for a little while!

Take full advantage of those few days when there's someone qualified around to watch your newborn have sweet dreams while you can relax, take a shower, or just breathe.

7 There's Tons Of Fluffy Pillows And Heating Pads

As you lounge in your hospital bed holding that new baby of yours, breathing in that newborn smell as you lean back on those fluffy pillows, you may suddenly be taken away to a new place. No longer are you in a hospital. A hospital is not this luxurious, after all!

Be taken away and feel like you're on vacation when you snuggle into those pillows. You can have as many as you want, too (just ask your nurse for more). Still in pain? Back hurt? Still have those post-labor aches and pains? Heating pads are generally available for new moms.

So, send your baby to the nursery for a little bit, lie down with a warm heating pad draped over you, fall back into those fluffy pillows and dream some sweet dreams.

6 Getting Some Sleep And More Sleep

Now is the time to catch up on your sleep. Send your baby off to the nursery, take some pain meds, fall into your fluffy pillows, and doze off to sleep. Sure, you may suddenly get woken up when a nurse brings your baby back to feed, but still, get as much sleep as possible.

Send visitors out of the room when you are feeling tired. No matter what time of the day it is, if you want to catch some zzz's, do so. It will feel like you are on a vacation, this ability to take a nap at any time of the day. As you dream sweet dreams of a newborn baby, you may wake up forgetting where you are. Reality will hit soon, and sleep will be a distant memory. Take advantage of it when you can!

5 Not Having To Get Up To Pee

No matter what type of delivery you had, there will be a period of time when you will not even have to get up to pee. It may seem too good to be true, but if you already went through having the catheter put in, you may as well consider it a good thing. Maybe even good enough to rival a vacation!

Being relaxed and not having to worry about moving around after giving birth is great in and of itself. Some women are in a lot of pain and simply can't get up without any help (or any pain), even to do something as simple as pee! If you have a c-section, just the thought of having to move can give you pain. Try your best to get through it and let the catheter do its job.

4 Using The Call Button

As a new mom, you may need a lot of help or have a ton of questions post delivery. This is totally normal, and even expected by the hospital staff. The most amazing part is that you have a team of people who are willing look after your every need. Most are very kind and won't even blink an eye to any symptom or issue your body is showing or to any crazy question you may have on your mind.

Hit the button and voila, a nurse (hopefully with a smile) appears in your room. Anything you need, she will try to accommodate. You may begin to get the sense that you're no longer in a hospital. It'll start to feel like some amazing vacation where this person just waits to meet your every need!

3 All The Free swag

When it starts to be time to get your newborn baby ready to head home, keep something important in the back of your head- free baby stuff! Oh yes, all those diapers, wipes, blankets, binkies, and more are yours to keep! This includes all those pads, sprays, and new mom stuff you need to heal and recover from the birthing process. The hospital expects you to take all that stuff. They want you to have it!

Feel like a celebrity on vacation as you load up your free swag. Tell your partner to bring an extra bag so you can carry it all out! Nothing feels better than free stuff. As you head out with your newborn baby and your bag of goodies, you will feel like you are leaving from a vacation- not from a hospital.

2 Having All The Mom And Baby Time In The World

Undoubtedly, the absolute best part of having a baby and staying in the maternity ward for a few days is the amazing bonding experience you will have with your little one. These days are of immense importance. Your baby is learning to feed, getting to see what mom looks like from outside the womb, and just overall getting a feel for the real world.

When it's just you and your baby in the room, hold onto those feelings. Take it all in and make it last forever. Look into your newborn's eyes, smell that incredible new baby scent, and realize that you made that baby. Transport yourself to a different place and feel like you are on a vacation as you behold your eyes on such an incredible wonder- your own newborn baby.

1 Being Treated Like A Princess

Overall, your stay in the maternity ward will seem like a vacation fit for the finest princess. You have a personal nurse, someone catering to your every need. If you call, they will come. People come and visit you to see that adorable new baby. You get showered with gifts for the baby and some for yourself (typically now referred to as a “push” present).

You sit on your throne, we mean the hospital bed, while others scurry around you. Now that's the life.

Many hospitals value their maternity patients and want to send them off with something special, as well as a memory of a great stay. These hospitals offer a special dinner for two (or three if baby is joining you, even though she can't yet eat it!). This dinner for two often rivals any high class restaurant.

You and your partner will get such options as lobster, steak, and more fancy foods. Enjoy as you ending your “vacation”!

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