15 Holiday Baby Names To Inspire The Festive Spirit

The holly, jolly holidays have arrived once again. It's a time of happiness, comfort and joy; no one can deny that the most wonderful time of the year is one of celebration and glad tidings. Of course, the many engagements and expectations that accompany the holidays can be stressful and daunting at times.

What better way to de-stress after a long day of braving the crowds while holiday shopping, or enduring painful small talk at the office holiday party, than by perusing some of the best and brightest of all baby names? Babies arriving at the close of November, anytime during December or sliding their way into the world right before the clock strikes midnight at the end of another year are the icing on the cake to a happy holiday season.

Parents have a lot to think about if welcoming a baby while the world is all decked out in tinsel and poinsettias. They may wish to commemorate the birth of their child with a name that fits the season in which their little darling made his or her appearance. Hence, we've decided to give the gift of irresistible names fitting for any treasured infant born to the sound of carols and sleigh bells.

The names on the list below are inspired by the beauty of winter weather, the rich historical background of how the holidays came to be and well-loved holiday literature and movies. Grab some hot chocolate and snuggle up next to a blazing fire. It's time to run down a list of 25 names that will have parents with a baby due to arrive during the holidays rocking around the Christmas tree. Let the festivities commence!

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15 Angel

Christians believe a heavenly host of angels appeared to shepherds just chillin' with their sheep one epic night. They announced the birth of a Savior, come to save mankind from their fallen state. This story is told in the Bible, and is reread by many who celebrate Christmas every year to commemorate the reason they rejoice during the holiday season.

Whatever one's religious beliefs, there is no denying this angelic name is a lovely one. It invokes visions of light, virtue and peace on Earth. This name is of Greek origin and means messenger. In the Bible, and other works of literature, angels often arrive with good news to share with those they appear to.

The name Angel is currently popular for both girls and boys. It's the 248th most popular choice for little girls in the United States in 2016, up 20 spots since 2015, and the 157th most popular choice for boys in the United States, up 7 places since 2015. It's an apt choice for a baby of either gender making an entrance into the world during the holidays.

14 Aster

Aster is another gender-neutral name lovely for a bouncing baby boy or a delightful little lady. It's a name of English origin that means star. The star is another Christian symbol associated with Christmas: one of the most celebrated holidays during the winter season.

In the Bible, when Jesus was born, a new star appeared in the heavens right above the place where he lay on a bed of straw in a manger. The star shone brighter than all the others, and showed the shepherds and wise men who came to pay tribute to the child the way they should travel to find him.

This unique name pays homage to this heartwarming story, and also reminds a child forevermore of the joy felt by loved ones when he or she entered the world. Every baby is a shining star to all that love him or her. This name is currently the 6,270th most popular choice for girls born in the United States, and the 6,624th most popular choice for boys. It's a fresh, unique name perfect for parents searching for a name with a holiday undertone that isn't too obvious.

13 Belle

Bells are an age-old holiday tradition. They are still used all over the world to celebrate Christmas. Churches that have bells often ring them at the beginning of a service. Many churches hold a midnight mass on Christmas Eve. Why? It was once believed Jesus was born at midnight, although there is no proof that this is a fact. Carolers also traditionally carried small handbells around the town with them to accompany their melodies, another tradition that is still a part of Christmas today.

Sleigh bells, or jingle bells, are associated with Santa Clause. Many children strain to hear the magical sound of tinkling bells on the night before Christmas, hoping to gain proof that Santa does exist. Jingle Bells is a favorite holiday carol often heard at this glorious time of the year.

This Latin name that means beauty is sophisticated while also being short and sweet. It's a darling choice that jives well with virtually any middle or last name. It is currently the 763rd most popular choice for girls in the United States, well within the top 1,000, but still special and original.

12 Beau

Special gifts are often adorned with colorful paper and tied with a festive bow. A little boy born during the holiday season is a present more valuable than any other. What better way to tie his name into the wonderful time of year he entered the world than with a name that signifies giving and receiving in the spirit of love and generosity?

This debonair name is French for handsome, and reached it's height of popularity in 1980 when it was the 203rd most popular name for dapper chaps. Beau has recently risen in popularity once again. It topped itself this year, ranking as the 189th most popular choice for little boys. Celebrities with sons named Beau include Art Garfunkel and Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Those who love to wrap every carefully chosen gift with care and precision may choose to assign their little boy arriving during the holiday season with this name that is charming, sweet and celebratory.

11 Bianca

Bianca is a name of Italian origin that means white. From softly falling snow, to squishy marshmallows floating in a steaming cup of cocoa, to Santa's stately beard, white is a color synonymous with holiday celebrations. This crips, clean color is fresh and sophisticated, as is the name Bianca.

This lovely moniker appears in not one, but two, of Shakespeare's acclaimed works: The Taming of the Shrew and Othello. It is also the name of a lovable mouse in Disney's cartoon classic, The Rescuers, released in 1977.

Mick Jagger's first wife was named Bianca. She may be the reason this name reached it's height of popularity in 1990 when it was the 84th most popular choice for little ladies. Bianca is currently the 362nd most popular choice for girls in the United States. Possible shortenings of the name include Anna, Bee and Annie. Parents can't go wrong with this exquisite and pristine name.

10 Cedar

The wood of a cedar tree is fragrant, solid and has a slightly red undertone. Cedar trees are evergreens, meaning, like pines, they never lose their rich emerald color and bring beauty to nature all year-round. These aromatic trees are a great choice for those opting for a real Christmas tree due to their sturdiness, resistance to disease and the pleasant smell that wafts in the air all around them.

The name Cedar is another title that works great for a boy or a girl. It is currently the 2,762nd most popular name for boys in the United States and the 6,287th most popular choice for girls. While definitely more common for the guys, we love it for either one. This name is another that gives a nod to the holiday season without being overly obvious.

The Bible contains a psalm that references cedar trees:"The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon." -Psalms 92:12

9 Clara

Fans of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, a ballet he composed that has become a holiday favorite around the world, are sure to recognize the name Clara. She is the focus of this timeless tale, told through dance to lilting and lovely classical music. In the ballet, a young girl named Clara, also called Marie in some versions, receives a nutcracker from her favorite uncle on Christmas Eve.

Clara falls to sleep that night with her beloved nutcracker in her arms. Versions of the story vary, but in most, she awakens to find herself in a magical realm where the toy soldiers, mice, Christmas tree and her nutcracker have grown significantly. A battle ensues between the mice and the soldiers, with the nutcracker at the head of the soldier army. Clara ends up saving her nutcracker's life in battle. He transforms into a handsome prince, and, in return for her bravery kindness, takes her through the Land of the Snowflakes to the Land of the Sugar Plum Fairy where the people of the court dance for her.

This whimsical ballet is a beloved holiday tradition that any little girl born as the snow is  softly falling would be lucky to be named for. Clara is a name of Latin origin that means bright or clear. This stunning choice is currently the 85th most popular choice for little girls in the United States.

8 Clark

Those who love to snuggle up on the couch with some egg nog, candy canes and a classic holiday flick are most likely fans of the 1989 film, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Viewing this hilarious movie about a family surviving the holidays is a beloved tradition for many. It is aired every year on many different television stations throughout the holiday season, and is surprisingly as deep as it is goofy, making it a great one to watch with the whole family.

Clark Griswald is the name of main character, played by the ever-entertaining Chevy Chase. This name is another that gives a subtle nod to the season. This French designation means scholar. Guys of note with this name include old-Hollywood heartthrob Clark Gable and the fictional Clark Kent, also known as Superman.

This name is simplistically charming. It is currently the 361st most popular choice for boys in the United States. Cole and Jack are other festive choices that may also appeal to fans of the name Clark.

7 Ever

Evergreen trees have long been a symbol of the holiday season. Juniper, balsam, pine, cedar and spruce trees are commonly used for wreaths and garlands during the holidays; they are also the prime choices for Christmas trees. The symbolism of the evergreen trees used to decorate at this time of year dates back to Pagan culture. They felt these trees represented rebirth, life and the stamina needed to survive during the often harsh winter months.

In ancient Rome, evergreen branches were often used as decorations to celebrate the new year, and northern Europeans would cut evergreens down and plant them in boxes inside their houses during the winter season.

Ever is a unique word name that works for a boy or a girl. It is a creative way to pay tribute to the traditional evergreen tree. This name is currently the 1,545th most popular choice for girls in the United States, up 97 places since last year, and is the 3,103rd most popular choice for boys. This timeless and interesting name is as lovely as it is original, just like a tiny tot arriving to the tinkling of tinsel.

6 Ives

This sublimely handsome name, perfect for a Sagittarius baby boy, is the English form of the name Yves and means yew wood. James Merrit Ives was a plump, jovial man who ran a famous print shop with his partner, Nathaniel Currier from 1857 until Ives's death 1895. They produced lithographs (printing done with stone or metal plates) that depicted pictures of American life in various forms. They are mentioned in the popular holiday carol, Sleigh Ride, composed by Leroy Anderson in 1948 with lyrics added in 1950 by Mitchell Parish.

Burl Ives was an American folk singer who released the album Have a Holly Jolly Christmas in 1965. Songs "A Holly Jolly Christmas", "White Christmasand "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" are on the album, among others, and have since become Christmas classics that are played on radio stations and iPods around the globe every year during the holiday season.

Ives is a name that is virtually unused, ranking as the 10,647th most popular choice for boys born in the United States this year. This name has a rich historical link to the holidays and couldn't be any cooler.

5 Ivory

Ivory is a name of Latin origin that means pale, white. It is also a hard material made from the tusks of elephants and teeth of other animals. The negative associations with this name due to the poaching of elephants in order to use their tusks in the making of ivory may cause some to shy away from this delicate name. However, we feel it's melodic sound and association with a world blanketed in white makes it a perfect choice for a little lady born during the holidays.

Ivory is currently the 913th most popular name for little girls in the United States, and has 31 places risen in popularity since 2015.

Those who love this color-inspired name may also want to consider the names Jade, Scarlett, Emerald or Crimson for a baby girl arriving in time to celebrate the new year. These lovely names are all beautiful titles for the varying hues of red and green that deck the halls during the holidays. Each would make an exquisite name for a beautiful little girl.

4 Jasper

This posh and expensive sounding name of Persian origin means bringer of treasure; it is believed by historians to be the name of one of the wise men bearing gifts who visited the baby Jesus after his birth. Casper and Caspar are other versions of the name parents may also want to consider if they are loving this hip title.

Currently the 207th most popular name for boys in the United States, it has been rising steadily through the ranks for the last few years, after long being a favorite across the pond, especially in England.

Jasper is a type of quartz, and one of the few gem-stone names that is distinctly used for boys. It is also the name of a character in the Twilight series of books and subsequent films, possibly another reason for the recent increase in its use. Jaz is a hip and interesting nickname for this ultra-suave name choice.

3 Jovie

Will Ferrell fans may recognize this gorgeous name from the classic holiday flick, Elf, released in 2003. Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf, a childlike character who is on a quest to find his father after being raised at the North Pole. This holiday movie has been a favorite of many ever since it hit theaters. A blonde Zooey Deschanel plays a monotone mall-worker who is also the object of Buddy's affection. Her name? Jovie. This one is almost too adorable to handle. It sounds like a variation of the word jovial, and is close to the word joy as well.

It is an invented name that doesn't have a meaning we could find. It's a festive twist on currently popular names Josie and Jolie. It may also work as a shortening of the names Jovana or Jovita, feminized versions of the name Jove, the most powerful of Roman gods.

Currently the 1,074th most popular name choice for little lassies, this name is a fresh choice that will have a baby girl cooing with delight every time she hears it.

2 Vale

Ah, Vale. A name that invokes visions of snowy slopes and mugs of steaming refreshment sipped next to a crackling fire. Although the town of Vail, Colorado is spelled slightly differently, this name is heavenly any way you slice it. Vale is also a fancy word for a valley, making it a name derived from nature.

Vale was recently chosen by Today Show co-anchor, Savannah Guthrie for her daughter, putting the name on the map and making other parents stand up and take notice. This name is lovely for a little girl, but we feel it's a great choice for a tiny male as well. It is currently the 4,176th most popular choice for boys in the United States, but is up 533 places since 2015. For girls in the United States, this name is ranked 2,623rd.

Other snowy locations that may appeal to parents who fancy the name Vale, and are searching for a chilly name for their December babe, may also want to consider the names Aspen, Park or Jackson for a little guy born for adventure.

1 Winnie

Winnie is an English diminutive of the name Winifred, but we like to think it's the perfect shortening of the name Winter. This name means holy peacemaking, gentle friend, embodying everything the holiday season is about. Plus, this darling name is delightful, endearing and oozes vintage charm. It is also a Native American designation that means first-born daughter.

Jimmy Fallon just chose this name for his daughter. Currently the 913th most popular choice for girls in the United States, this name is hip and original and sure to put a smile on the face of all who hear it.

The world spins on its axis much too quickly. Before we know it, the holidays will be coming to a close once again. Much like the changing of the seasons, babies transform before our eyes from infants to toddlers to children to teens. When babies born during the holidays are given a name that represents the glorious time of year they entered the world, parents will be able to look back on the memory of their tiny baby with fondness every time his or her name is spoken.

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