Christians believe a heavenly host of angels appeared to shepherds just chillin' with their sheep one epic night. They announced the birth of a Savior, come to save mankind from their fallen state. This story is told in the Bible, and is reread by many who celebrate Christmas every year

to commemorate the reason they rejoice during the holiday season.

Whatever one's religious beliefs, there is no denying this angelic name is a lovely one. It invokes visions of light, virtue and peace on Earth. This name is of Greek origin and means messenger. In the Bible, and other works of literature, angels often arrive with good news to share with those they appear to.

The name Angel is currently popular for both girls and boys. It's the 248th most popular choice for little girls in the United States in 2016, up 20 spots since 2015, and the 157th most popular choice for boys in the United States, up 7 places since 2015. It's an apt choice for a baby of either gender making an entrance into the world during the holidays.

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