15 Holiday Toys Parents End Up Throwing Away In The New Year

The holidays are upon us, and with that means lots of new toys on your kids’ wish lists! As any parent knows, some toys are just not worth the money. They are fads that quickly fade once the wrapping is off and the New Year rings in.

Kids beg for certain toys. How do they even know these toys exist?! Chances are, most kids choose what to add to their holiday wish lists by watching the commercials they see on television. And you guessed it, those toys are typically heavily marketed, but really not so great.

No parent wants to add to their collection of toys. Especially when all those toys do are collect dust. Parents need to warn each other on what to not get this holiday season. What toys should we be avoiding, despite our kids whining on how much they want them?

That is why we are here! Below you will find a list of toys that, as parents, you simply should not waste your money purchasing. These toys are popular but not as amazing as our kids believe them to be. They will get boring fast. And some are just downright dangerous. Read on and tell us, which other toys should we avoid this year?

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15 Fingerlings Monkey

These little monkeys can sit on your finger (hence, fingerlings) while they blink, turn their head, blow kisses, babble, and more. They seem totally cute. And it's working, as this is one of the top toys of the 2017 holiday season.

These cute little monkeys seem like a good toy, and the price seems okay (around $14.99 for one), if you can find them that is. They are difficult to locate in many areas, and are being resold at crazy high prices. Do not fall for it! Your kid is bound to get bored with these real fast, once the novelty has worn off. They will just be another little action figure kind of toy sitting in a bin somewhere that you stressed about buying, thinking it was the perfect toy.

14 Paw Patrol Sea Patroller

If you have young kids, you definitely know what Paw Patrol is. And you also likely have been aware that they seem to come out with a brand new toy every view months, making your kid whine and cry for the latest, typically not so cheap, Paw Patrol toy.

This holiday season, the popular Nickelodeon show has come out with the Sea Patroller. If you have big Paw Patrol fans in your house, you might already have other large vehicles, like last year’s Paw Patroller truck. Here is another big toy your kid wants, that often is sold for over $50. Do not waste your money. While your kid’s eyes might light up when they unwrap it, it will likely get pushed in a corner after a few weeks, once Paw Patrol announces the next new vehicle that every kid is going to want!

13 Spiderman Spider Drone

You know the famous line from the movie, A Christmas Story… “you’ll shoot your eye out!”. Well, in 2017, we can kind of say the same thing about a toy marketed to kids that has the potential to be quite dangerous. This is the Spiderman Spider-Drone Official Movie Edition.

Most kids love Spiderman, and what could be more fun than their very own drone! Only problem is, while it is marketed to kids, it is very dangerous, and has made the W.A.T.C.H. (World Against Toys Causing Harm) list. This toy has several spinning rotors with warnings to keep away from fingers, hair, and other body parts, as it can cause serious injury or damage. Yeah, you might want to cross this expensively dangerous “toy” off your to-buy list.

12 LOL Surprise Doll

Kids these days love to be surprised when it comes to certain toys. We have the blind bags, where kids get a figure, not knowing exactly which one it will be. Perhaps these blind bags were an inspiration for the LOL Surprise Dolls. These are the same concept, only you get a doll, and you get to slowly see which doll it will be and what that doll will be capable of doing (changing color, crying, peeing, etc).

The beauty of this toy is the unknown. It is the excitement of unwrapping the ball to determine which doll you received. That is about it. Once the doll is revealed, it might be played with for a few days, but then it is just a doll, right? LOL Surprise Dolls are a pricey fad, save your money!

11 Imaginext DC Batbot Xtreme

If you are looking to practically add another kid to your household, then you should definitely get the Imaginext DC Batbot Xtreme. A must have for many batman fans, this toy is over two feet tall, with wings, punching fists, shooting abilities, and more. It would also make a big dent in your wallet, as this batbot is quite pricey.

Basically, it is a big hunk of plastic. Sure, it can do exciting things, but for how long can that excitement hold up for? After awhile, you will regret this pricey purchase, and you will be left with a monstrosity of a toy that basically just collects dust. Sure, it is fun for kids to receive a big toy, but forget this one, buy them one that they will want to play with again and again!

10 Hatchimals Surprise

The hatchimals brand of toys continue to dominate the holiday toy market! These toys were also quite popular last season. Now, there are new versions, or new ways to basically take the money from parents everywhere.

We can see the excitement of these toys, you get an egg (they have big ones and small ones), then you wait for the egg to hatch. The excitement comes from not knowing what is inside. What is inside is a stuffed animal. A really expensive stuffed animal. Hatchimals lose their appeal the second the stuffed toy exits the egg. There is no more fun after that. You will see that stuffed animal lying around the house, and one day, you will just throw it away because your kid hasn’t played with it since the day he got it!

9 FurReal Roarin Tyler

Furreal, you just might totally hate this toy and regret your purchase if you decide to gift your child with this expensive fake tiger this holiday season. The FurReal Roaring Tiger tops the wish lists of many children this year, and it is one of the top marketed holiday toys.

While the tiger toy seems great, you have to ask yourself if it is worth the price. It retails for over $100. Will your kid play with it after the holidays are over? It has received some criticisms for being wildly overpriced, and that it can get boring pretty fast. While the tiger can do a lot of things, eventually it will all get old. We wonder if the FurReal tiger will just jump into the garbage himself?

8 Barbie Dream Horse

This playful horse is on every Barbie fan’s wish list. The Barbie Dream Horse is another top holiday toy, and it is heavily marketed, making it one that every little girl is going to want this year. And it does not come without a cost, the Barbie Dream Horse is upwards of one hundred bucks!

You might be wondering what the Barbie Dream Horse does for that much money. No, it is not big enough for you or your child to take it for a ride. It can walk and do other things with Barbie, which seems cool, until it gets tossed to the side. And when it gets tossed, those skinny horse legs could easily break. Then it really is no fun and ready to head for the trash!

7 Wonder Woman Battle Action Sword

We all love Wonder Woman, and value her as a role model for young girls. The toy market is flooded with Wonder Woman merchandise, after the huge success of the movie starring Gal Gadot as the leading superhero herself.

One of the top Wonder Woman toys out there is the Wonder Woman Battle Action Sword. Seems awesome, sure. But, it is probably not a toy you will want around the house, and once you see your kid trying to fight with it, you will want to throw it in the trash. This toy has also made its way to the W.A.T.C.H. worst toys list, as the toy instead encourages children to “fight alongside men in a war of all wars.” The way the sword is made makes it extremely dangerous if one does use it for fighting.

6 Soggy Doggy Board Game

This top holiday family game is marketed in a way that makes it look like it will be amazingly fun for the entire family. If you believe the hype, you will be seriously disappointed and left scratching your head wondering why you fell for it and purchased this game.

Sure, this game can be fun. At least the first few times you play it. And if it actually works. The object of the game is for players to take turns washing the doggy, when suddenly, without warning, the doggy will shake off all that water! Many parents who already own this game claim the commercials exaggerate the amount of water that comes off the dog, and that this game can lose its appeal quite fast. You might want to consider a different game this holiday season.

5 Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage

If your kid is a matchbox cars fan, then the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage is likely on his wish list this year. The only problem is that unless you have the space for something that will ultimately hold cars and collect dust, you might not want to purchase this huge toy.

While the Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage seems awesome for any car lover, make sure you put that emphasis on super. You might be super angry for buying such as monstrosity that gets old faster than you would have ever thought. Garage is in the name of the toy. What garage has ever been fun?! Not to mention that some of the features of this toy have not gotten stellar reviews.

4 Soft’n Slow Squishies

These food shaped squishies are all the rage, and it really makes no sense! All they do is squish, and kids can watch them return to their normal shape. Perhaps they are like a collectable too, where kids want to get every food shape that is out there.

The only problem is that these squishies will get old pretty fast. How many times can a kid squish a tiny pizza slice? While they seem fun for awhile, as kids show each other the different ones they got for the holidays, it won’t last long. Pretty soon these soft’n slow squishes will just end up under the bed or tucked away in a drawer. You will find them, wonder why you bought them in the first place, and then toss them.

3 Frozen Sleigh

Let it go. Just let the idea of buying this insane Frozen themed sleigh go out of your mind. You will probably regret it. After all, how long can this Frozen popularity last?! Your kid wants more and more Frozen toys, it is only a matter of time before the trend is over, forever. We can only hope, at least.

This Frozen sleigh is outlandish. It is made by Power Wheels and is an actual working sleigh that kids can drive around. Any kid would be in awe to receive this sleigh, that is for sure. But is it a good idea to buy it? First, it is expensive. Second, it might get a lot of attention at first, only to find a permanent spot in the garage with a dead battery.

2 Hand Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are still around, folks, and your kid might be wanting the latest style or color. This fad has not been fading, but we can only hope it will soon. While these spinners are good to keep some kids focused, for other kids, it can be a distraction, completely useless, or downright dangerous.

If your child wants a hand fidget spinner, he might get excited to open it, only for it to just lie around barely played with. What is worse, is that kids of all ages are attracted to these spinners, including the little ones. These spinners made it to the W.A.T.C.H. worst toys list because the pieces can come out, posing a serious choking hazard. These fidget spinners will spin out of our lives soon enough, we just know it.

1 Tickle Me Elmo

He’s baaaccckk! And he is laughing his way around, ready to annoy parents everywhere! That is right, Tickle Me Elmo has returned, though he has not reached the craze level he did back when he was first released (remember that? People LOST it!). You might not want to give Tickle Me Elmo a second chance, however.

Basically, this toy is annoying. It might seem cute for your little one, but when you start hearing that high pitched laughing late at night, you will want to snap the head off and toss Elmo directly into the trash. Critics say that this Elmo is not as good as the original, either. And parents are quickly warning one another that he only has one laugh, and it gets old, fast!

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