15 Hollywood Crushes From Our Childhood All Grown Up

Magazine clippings, album covers, and movie/television promotions plastered the rooms, binders, and lockers of many when we were children. Most of these clippings were of our celebrity crushes. For most, the internet was not a prevalent source of celebrity pictures and information, so kids and teens would rush out to stores to buy the latest magazines with these stars in them. Whether they starred in their own show or had an album that was blazing up the charts, any opportunity to see or hear these crushes was acted upon.

You may wonder what you were thinking spending all of your precious babysitting money on all of these magazines to get the most pictures of your coveted childhood crush. As the times change, so does our taste.

Looking back is always twenty-twenty vision. The celebrities that were once so attractive did not necessarily grow up to be as cute as they were.

Some of these crushes ended up going down a bad path of life, while adolescence hit others hard. Past crushes are nothing to regret, just something to laugh and shake your head at. One day, when you tell today’s and tomorrow’s youth about your childhood celebrity crush, they may be horrified, as you were with the generations that came before you. For now, see if your celebrity crush made the list.

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15 Shia LaBeouf Left Holes In Our Hearts

Back in the day, Shia LaBeouf played one of the main characters on the Disney Channel series, Even Stevens. He went on to play the main character in the movies Holes and the Transformers series, in which he stole pre-teen and teen hearts around the globe. His curly hair and innocent baby face made him a bit of an unconventional heartthrob.

LaBeouf went missing from the spotlight for a little bit but returned in frightening ways. Since 2014, LaBeouf has faced legal issues, addiction trouble, and mental health issues. His racist rants against officers that were arresting and booking him recently took the world by storm. LaBeouf has experienced quite a few physical changes over the years, with varying lengths of hair and forms of facial hair. His weight has also fluctuated over the years.

14 Screech! Dustin Diamond Lost His Looks

Lovable goofball Screech from the series Saved By the Bell was played by Dustin Diamond. Diamond was the curly-haired, adorable character on the show that provided comedic relief. Post-Saved By the Bell, Diamond got himself into some interesting situations.

He filmed his own pornography film based on his Saved by the Bell character, got arrested for having a switchblade in a bar fight, and released an expose on his Saved by the Bell days, including scandalous information about his fellow cast members. He detailed years of drug use and sex, even stating he had intercourse with a very powerful executive among 2000 other women.

Screech did not age well, with gray cropped hair and swollen facial features. The years of drug use seemed to have caught up to Diamond.

13 Macaulay Culkin Makes Being Home Alone Appealing

Macaulay Culkin played Kevin in Home Alone. He was an adorable little blond boy that stole hearts quickly, as most blonds did at the time. Culkin took a break from acting for a few years and came back into the spotlight after being arrested for having drugs on him.

He did not show his face again until during the Michael Jackson sexual abuse/assault trial as a part of the defense. Culkin claimed that Jackson never did anything bad to him, despite sleeping in the same room.

Culkin has lost his adorably cute features. He has had grown out his hair past his shoulders and has grown a sparse goatee. Neither fit his extremely skinny, petite frame. He no longer fits the Hollywood norm for attractive men and tends to look ill in most pictures.

12 Benjamin Salisbury Needs The Nanny’s Help

Benjamin Salisbury played the middle Sheffield child on the television series The Nanny. He was cute, blond, and sly as a fox on the show. On the show, he was girl crazy, but girls were crazy about him in real life. Audiences loved watching him grow up on the show, becoming more and more of a lady’s man.

Almost two decades after the show ended, Salisbury does not resemble his handsome character. Salisbury is balding, showing his age despite his everlasting babyface. His overall appearance today is relatively confusing, as are his pastimes.

Not only does Salisbury enjoy hockey and commentating it, but he also enjoys dancing and entertaining. He left the Hollywood scene shortly after his time on The Nanny, only appearing as minor roles or commercial characters since.

11 Frankie Muniz Is More Luke-Warm Than Middle

Frankie Muniz was a huge child actor in the 2000s. He starred in televisions shows and movies, such as Malcolm in the Middle, Big Fat Liar, and My Dog Skip. He also had a career as a racecar driver through that decade and continuing into the 2010s. Muniz was a quirky but cute kid, with a full head of brown hair, beautiful eyes, and a sweet smile.

Unfortunately, Muniz has not had the healthiest life and experienced strokes through his twenties, which led to severe memory loss. That being considered, he does not look that bad. His head seems a bit too large for his small frame and his hair is thinning dramatically, which emphasizes the size of his head. Muniz recently made a comeback to Hollywood through the television show Dancing With the Stars.

10 Haley Joel Osment Makes Us Question Our Sense of Sight

Haley Joel Osment starred as the adorable little kid that was haunted by ghosts in The Sixth Sense. Haley Joel was a very cute child with dirty blond hair and a big-toothed smile. His eyes were one of his biggest selling points full of expression and truly unique. In 2006, Haley Joel was in a car accident that was the result of him driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. He sustained several injuries in this accident.

When his mug shot went viral, it became apparent that Haley Joel had not aged gracefully. He gained a significant amount of weight as he aged, looking almost unrecognizable. His eyes no longer fit his face and seemed entirely too small. He also grew out his hair, both on his head and face, which contribute to his overall unkempt look.

9 Orlando Brown Is Beyond Disney’s Help

Orlando Brown had occurring roles on several television shows that were well-loved through the years, including Family Matters and That’s So Raven. With his Disney Channel stardom came more movie roles and songs released, helping him gain popularity with pre-teens and teens. Brown was a good-looking kid with a contagious smile and seemingly sweet personality.

fter being out of the spotlight for a bit, Brown came back into the spotlight because of a domestic battery charge that also came with drug possession charges among other things. Brown then gave X-rated, confusing interviews about his time on That’s So Raven. Brown has lost an alarming amount of weight and has tattoos on his neck and face. His face also shows dramatic signs of aging, which could be attributed to drug use.

8 Corey Feldman Fits With The Gremlins

Corey Feldman is known for his roles in classic movies such as The Gremlins and Goonies. Feldman had a lovable babyface that had the slightest bit of an edge to it. He fit right into the ‘80s with his poofy hair and jean jackets. Along with friend Corey Haim, they become “The Two Coreys” of Hollywood.

Corey faced a difficult life, and it has run him down. After becoming emancipated at 15 and befriending Michael Jackson, Feldman’s looks started to go. Feldman appears to have had a significant amount of plastic surgery or botox, which has kept his face from aging in a normal way. Feldman has become more feminine in recent years. For a while, Feldman also grew his hair out to shoulder length, making him appear unkept.

7 Zachery Ty Bryan Could Use Some Improvement

Zachery Ty Bryan stole the hearts of ‘90s kids everywhere when he played the oldest brother on Home Improvement. His character was the ultimate jock that did not have to work hard to impress his father. He was the ultimate lady’s man in the series. Although his hairstyles had been odd in his younger years on the show, he quickly developed a Californian look. He became built up and was a major heartthrob.

Now, almost twenty years post-Home Improvement, Zachery Ty Bryan has a dad bod. With three kids, two of whom are twins, the dad bod makes sense. However, Zachery is still trying to rock the same hairstyle that he had in the ‘90s, but with a receding hairline. Gone is the glamor of Hollywood to help Zachery out. He has become an everyday dad.

6 Danny Tamberelli Is Not All That

Danny Tamberelli was a Nickelodeon star, known for his roles in The Adventures of Pete and Pete and All That. He was a cherub-faced redhead that appealed to all of the ladies that bought into this innocence. As he got older on Nickelodeon, he took on a typical ‘90s look with long hair, shell necklaces, and a surfer/skater vibe. As Tamberelli stepped away from Nickelodeon, he put on extra pounds.

With the extra weight came longer hair, although the hairline is evolving as Danny gets older. Tamberelli has also been growing some messy facial hair. Instead of a baby-faced sweetheart, Tamberelli has taken on a gamer’s look, right down to his apparel. There is little that is neat about him. Tamberelli is clearly still a child at heart and his appearance reflects that.

5 Andy Lawrence Is The Most Unfortunate of The Brothers

The Lawrence Brothers were a great team of actors that all happened to be related. The starred in many television shows and movies, together and separate from one another. Andy Lawrence was the youngest Lawrence brother. He was a sweet looking ‘90s kid with a mushroom-shaped bowl cut and smile that took over most of his face.

As the youngest brother, he appealed to the masses of preteen and teenage girls that watched his films. Since the ‘90s, the youngest Lawrence brother continued acting, but on a smaller scale than his older brothers.

Pictures show that Lawrence lost his babyface and has a unique jawline. His cropped hair is not a match for his features and makes his head appear too small for his body. While he still has the same smile, it does not look the same on such chiseled features as it did before.

4 Jeremy James Miller Experienced Major Growing Pains

Jeremy James Miller is best known for his role as the youngest son on the television show Growing Pains. He was an adorable blond that always had a goofy smile on his face. He grew up on the show and aged into a blond heartthrob, sans glasses. The looks did not last for Jeremy James Miller and he is almost unrecognizable now.

The one thing that remained the same on him is his smile. Miller has not aged well, keeping pinchable cheeks on a grown man. He struggled with alcohol abuse through his life, which could explain his change in appearance. His hair is no longer the beach blond that the fans fell in love with, but a mousy shade of brown that has been cut into a variation of a ‘90s cut today.

3 Moises Arias Did Not Get The Best of Both Worlds

Moises Arias got his start at fame on Hannah Montana as the lovable jerk, Rico. He was a baby-faced business tycoon on the show, with his comedic business practices capturing hearts as much as his sweet face. After the show ended, Moises continued to be good friends with many celebrities, including Jaden and Willow Smith.

While he has not grown much in height, his features have slimmed out. Moises grew his hair out past his shoulders and eventually got dreadlocks. He frequently wears a bandana tied around his head. His scrawny frame has become overpowered by his hair and his mustache. His style now combines a mix of hipster and streetwear. While it is an edgier, more mature look, it does not fit the Moises Arias that most people loved.

2 Rupert Grint Does Not Have Anyone Under His Spell

Rupert Grint was the lovable, goofy best friend named Ron through the Harry Potter series. This red-head grew up on the big screen, going from little boy to young adult in a matter of eight films. Grint always had a boyish charm to his look, with a rounder face than his co-stars.

Since the last movie premiered, Grint continued to mature. He cut off most of his bowl cut Ron Weasley hair to debut an older haircut. For a while, the haircut made him appear to be balding, with too thin areas throughout his head. He has also been spotted with facial hair starting to grow, making him appear dirty since it was not fully grown out.

He has pale skin, so many imperfections, such as eyebags and breakouts, are more blatant. While he played such a beloved character, Grint has moved on to develop a look that sets him apart from his wizarding world character.

1 Zac Hanson… MmmNo

Zac Hanson is the youngest brother in the band Hanson. After twenty-five years together, Hanson continues to tour and make songs, after a brief hiatus to start families of their own. Zac Hanson was arguably the cutest brother in the band through the ‘90s, as he was only about six years old when the band started up. With a long haircut, cute face, and surfer look, Zac stole hearts all over the world.

Since the band rose to fame, Zac has had multiple children. He maintains a babyface despite being over thirty years old. His dirty blond hair has turned a dark shade of brown, although he has kept his hair long. Zac rarely styles his hair, often leaving it to hang by his shoulders, looking unkempt at best. When he does pull his hair back, it is generally in a man bun and is accompanied by a hipster scarf.

Source: TMZ

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