15Shia LaBeouf Left Holes In Our Hearts

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Back in the day, Shia LaBeouf played one of the main characters on the Disney Channel series, Even Stevens. He went on to play the main character in the movies Holes and the Transformers series, in which he stole pre-teen and teen hearts around the globe. His curly hair and

innocent baby face made him a bit of an unconventional heartthrob.

LaBeouf went missing from the spotlight for a little bit but returned in frightening ways. Since 2014, LaBeouf has faced legal issues, addiction trouble, and mental health issues. His racist rants against officers that were arresting and booking him recently took the world by storm. LaBeouf has experienced quite a few physical changes over the years, with varying lengths of hair and forms of facial hair. His weight has also fluctuated over the years.

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