15 Honest Whisper Confessions All Parents Can Relate To

With the Whisper App, parents no longer have to feel ashamed for their views of parenthood. Whisper makes confessing what is deep in one's soul easy, and anonymous. No one has to ever find out it was you who wrote it.

We all know that being a mom or dad is not a simple task. Children can make our lives hell, no matter if you have one or one hundred. They know how to push our buttons. They know how to drive us up the wall. Sure, we love our kids, but sometimes, a parent just has to complain! We have this need to reveal our true feelings, even if they are absolutely horrifying. With the Whisper App, nothing is off limits, and oversharing reaches new limits, perhaps even being limitless, simply because of the anonymity it provides.

From complaining about kids to wanting to punch other parents, and even sad love (or lack of) stories, there is a Whisper App that is sure to shock us all. Read on for some truly shocking, horrendous, funny, and downright crazy confessions that parents have shared on Whisper. You may just be able to relate to a few, if not all of them!

15 Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

This mom’s confession truly tells us that you should never, ever judge someone up front. You never know who a person really is. Take a good look at this Whisper confessor- she is a career mom of three, who also runs groups outside of school and is part of the Parent Teacher Association. Yet, she has a secret that likely no one in her professional or school life knows about.

This mom is a pothead! She does so much, puts on a face for her professional and extracurricular school life, but she admits on Whisper that she smokes pot every single day. Can you even believe that?! Go ahead and picture some put together moms you know. Who knows, the one with the sweater all buttoned to the top might be the one who wrote this Whisper confession.

14 You Never Know Until You Know

It is so easy to judge other parents before you have kids, even when you are expecting a child! We all think and say we will do things differently. Yet, all of us who are moms, including this Whisper confessor, know that until you actually have kids, you have no clue at all what it is really going to be like!

This Whisper confessor admits that she thought she knew it all until she had her kids, and now she sees her pregnant friends being the same way. She likely does not want to call them out on it (after all, they will find out for themselves before long!), so she resorted to the wonderful Whisper app to tell them how smug and unknowing they are, without revealing her true identity.

13 Trust Us

Parents love to give advice to one another, even if it is often unsolicited advice. While one parent may view the other as strict, the next parent is criticizing another for being too lenient. It seems no parent is perfect in another parent’s eyes!

This Whisper confessor decided to tell it how it REALLY is. No one is perfect, and if you try to force your child to do things or act a certain way, it will likely only backfire. Instead, we need to just allow our kids to be who they are. Why some of us may hope our kids are a certain way, we really do have to agree with this Whisper confession. Time to stop criticizing each other, trying to get our kids to be like everyone else, and just pay attention to the person our child is becoming.

12 It's The Small Things In Life

Chances are, you definitely laughed out loud to this Whisper confession, saying yes I agree! Before children, there are such luxuries as being able to use the bathroom alone. Before having children, it likely never dawns on us that our future children will never, ever leave us alone!

Being able to have some alone time to take care of some business in the bathroom is rare if you have kids. For some reason, when a mom (or dad) decided to use the facilities, suddenly your kids need you. They may have been paying no attention to you at all until they hear that bathroom door close! This Whisper confession is not just funny, it is so darn true! Think about it, when was the last time you had privacy in the bathroom?

11 The Best Sound In The World

We wait and wait and wait to hear our little infants let out a laugh, and when they finally do, it is like pure heaven. Listening to a baby laugh, especially hysterically, easily cracks anyone up! This Whisper confession is one that makes us smile just thinking about it, and one that we can all relate to in this crazy world of parenting.

This Whisper confessor says it like it is. Parenting can be tough, but a baby’s laughter can easily melt any stress away. A baby laughing is one of the best sounds in the entire universe. This Whisper confessor is totally right, there is absolutely nothing, nothing at all, like the sound of a sweet baby laughing it up. Being parents, getting to hear that sweet sound every day is just pure joy, and one that will stay with us for eternity.

10 Total Honesty

We all may think certain things when it comes to being a parent. Some of us may even regret our lives, and the lives we made. We may wish we could go back in time and start over. Being a parent is not easy, but admitting to regretting parenthood is something you do not hear anyone really speak of, at all.

The Whisper app has allowed parents to voice their confessions in a manner so that no one knows who they really are. This Whisper confessor revealed a dark truth- that she feels as though her children hold her back. She even spends time wondering what life would be like without them. While her words may be harsh, there are many stressed out and resentful parents who can relate to this.

9 Nope, Not Sorry

Imagine loving your children to death, only to think about going back in time and never having children at all? This Whisper confessor shares just that thought. And it is a thought that perhaps many parents have. It is not that they do not love their children, it is that they may not repeat the having kids part if they were to start all over.

This Whisper confession uses the term sorry not sorry. She may feel a bit bad, at least through of all of this, but in the end, she is not sorry at all. How she thinks and her feelings are hers. While it may seem like an awful confession to some - to wish your kids away - others can totally relate to how she feels, and may even think the same way.

8 The Things We Get Upset About

As moms and dads, we have quite a job lined up for us once we have a baby. One very important job of having kids is the often dreaded potty training. Getting little ones to go on the potty is typically no easy task.

For this Whisper confessor, potty training is a true nightmare. Her child does not wish to go on the potty, and is at an age where he really should. She feels like she is a failure as a parent. Many of us totally feel for her, because we can relate! Children will potty train when they are good and ready, and some of them may seem a little too old by the time they decide to do so, but that does not mean we are failures as parents.

7 There Is No Wrong Way

This Whisper confessor wants to set the record straight- she will parent in her style and you can parent in yours, but the bashing needs to end. This is all part of the so called mommy wars, where we all think the way we parent is correct, and the way others parent is totally wrong. Instead, wouldn’t it be nice if we all say we parent the right way, no matter what way that is?

This Whisper confession reveals what many do not agree with, and that is spanking your children. While this used to be more of a norm way back when, now it is often frowned upon. But like this Whisper confessor is saying, do not bash her way, because maybe that is the way that works for her, and who are we to judge.

6 It's A Sad World, After All

This Whisper confessor reveals to us that she loves her kids, but wishes she could go back in time and not have them after all. It is not due to her lack of love for her offspring, but instead stems from how she views our world. She thinks the world we currently live in is not one for her children. And she is not sorry to admit that, well, at least anonymously! The Whisper app makes it easy to say things that you may otherwise never say.

Many parents can relate to this somewhat shocking confession, at least about the part of how the world is one that is hated. We may not live in the best of times, but maybe our children can grow up to make some real changes. Wouldn’t that be nice?

5 Making A Mess Or Making Memories?

Are your kids making a mess, or are they making memories? We have all heard or seen this change of phrase. Kids make a mess. If you have kids, your house is likely to be a mess. In fact, if you have kids, it is highly likely it looks like a bomb has exploded. No minor messes in a home with children, that is for sure!

While we all know this, many of us can relate to this Whisper confessor who feels like a bad parent because her house always messy. As a parent, we feel like everyone has to be spic and span for our little ones, but that is not the case. The bottom line is that kids make messes, and doing so often makes them happy. No reason to feel bad just because toys are literally everywhere!

4 Nothing But The Truth

No matter how well we try to prepare ourselves for parenthood, we can often get shocked at what it is really like once we have our children. Parenthood is not easy. While there are wonderfully beautiful moments, parenthood can take turns that make us feel like we are doomed.

This Whisper confessor is really all of us. We all enjoy being moms and dads, and would never change a thing. Yet, parenting is hard. It is really hard sometimes. There are times we may feel like giving up, but we cannot do that. We have to keep going on through the rough patches until we get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Then the light turns off and we go through tough times again. But in the end, it is all worth it!

3 Truth Be Told

Sometimes, as parents, we can get a little overprotective. We try to give our children room to move about and grow, but for some of us, that can be difficult. We want to protect our children and be with them so they never feel bad or get hurt. They often refer to this type of parenting as helicopter parenting, always hovering around.

Overprotective parents mean well, but as this Whisper confession tells us, it can only turn our children into liars. Our children will grow up realizing how overprotective we have been, and may resort to lying to not shock us or make us upset, or heaven forbid, make us feel like we need to join in on whatever they want to do.

2 Stick A Fork In It

As parents, we are so proud of our children. We may brag and show off their accomplishments both big and small. Unfortunately, as this Whisper confession has shown us, many parents who brag are unaware (or forget) who they may be bragging to. This Whisper confessor has admitted that she feels bad when she hears parents bragging.

The reason this Whisper confessor feels horrible is simple. She has a child with autism, who struggles to do the things that these parents are going on and on bragging about. She gets jealous and hurts because she wants her child to do those things, or at least something she can brag about. But we bet if she really thinks about it, there is something she can brag about as well. But we feel for her, and many parents of special needs children can absolutely relate.

1 I'm Going To Do This Right

We all want to be different from our own parents. We all want to prove we can be better mothers and fathers than they were. That is something almost all of us can relate to, which is why this Whisper confession is number one.

Even if we love our old folks dearly, there is always something that can be changed. There has to be something that they did during our childhood that we will change while raising our children. Many of us wholeheartedly disagree with how our parents raised us, and as this Whisper confessor puts it, we want to prove that we can be different parents than the ones we had. We may laugh at this, but in our hearts, try to avoid actually anything like good old grandma and gramps!

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