15 Honest Whisper Confessions From Mother-In-Laws

From the monster in law to the cougar who has the hots for her daughter's husband, mothers-in-law come in all shapes and forms. To some of us it might come as a surprise that there are mothers-in-law out there who are actually respectful and nice to their daughters-in-law. These confessions come from mothers-in-law of all walks of life who share a variety of relationships with their children, in-law, and grandchildren. Some of them might make us cringe, be grateful for our own in-laws, or totally envious. No one embarks on a marriage wishing for a monster-in-law. Sometimes we don't even realize her true colors until after we say "I do."

Some of us probably wish we could get inside the heads of our mothers-in-law and know what makes them tick. Our husbands probably think the same thing about our parents. Meshing two families together through marriage is a process and challenging, but so many families are able to have great relationships with the in-laws without the competition and jealousy. Then we have the families that basically in breed where the mother-in-law has the hots for her son-in-law. YIKES! How can she do that to her daughter and intentionally mess with her marriage? That's definitely not cool, but it isn't much different than the mothers who dislike their daughters-in-law and try to sabotage that marriage either.

13 The Secret Crush

First off all, who calls a man gorgeous? That just seems like a strange adjective for a guy. While it is great to be happy her daughter has such a good looking husband, this might be something she probably doesn't want to admit publicly as least not personally. Although maybe there was a time where mothers sat and had tea with their friends comparing kids and their spouses, and this would be a usual statement. The fact though that she confessed it anonymously to internet strangers has us thinking this comment is probably not exactly harmless or just a well meaning compliment.

Ideally this is total harmless and she is just complimenting her daughter's choice in men. After all, isn't it great that a mother likes the person her child married? Isn't that how it's supposed to be? In a perfect world this would be a great compliment to the daughter and the son-in-law, but we do not live in a perfect world. Some of us might initially find this to be creepy or predatory while some of us might see it as the harmless compliment we hoped this woman meant it as.

12 The Salty Grandma

One of the biggest fights in-laws seem to have is about who is the "better" grandparent. Better is a relative term because the qualifications these people base their competition off of is quality and quantity time, gifts, holiday time, and so much more. It makes for a stressful family situation for the whole family because instead of just enjoying our new kids or a holiday we have to worry about everyone else's feelings.

It's easy to be sympathetic to this woman missing her new grand child, but it's also easy to sympathetic to the new parents who probably feel guilty about her feelings when it isn't their fault. We can only be in so many places at once which our parents should know well. It's unfair for them to expect us to be able to balance time completely equally with both sides of the family. While it may be possible in a perfect world, it's just not realistic for both sides of the family to get time completely equally. In the end, we may have to accept that we cannot please everyone.

11 What Would You Do?

This confession is more of a question, but either way it is awkward and inappropriate just the same. We can hope it was just a nervous guy not meaning to flirt or hit on his wife's mother, or his mother-in-law just really misread the signs. At least she isn't reciprocating his flirting because well that would be pretty inappropriate and obviously wrong.

Since she doesn't come out right and say he hit on her, but just that she feels that he did hopefully he was just nervous and awkward and it came out that way. Either way, it's not cool that he made his future mother-in-law feel so uncomfortable that she had to seek advice from an online community of strangers.

We can hope that if he actually was flirting, she does not appease his advances. This puts not only this new mother-in-law but also her daughter in a real awkward spot. This just sounds like a conversation that needs to be had, but let's be honest no one wants to have it.

10 Too Much Family Time

Kids are exhausting! We as parents obviously know that, but once we become grandparents and our own children are grown, we have easily forgotten just how tired we used to be. Lengthy visits with the grandchildren often remind us how exhausting young kiddos are, and maybe make us a little bit thankful that at some point we do get to send them home and SLEEP! That definitely has got to be a perk of being a grandparent. They get to do all of the fun stuff, but they do not have to deal with the constant lack of sleep, temper tantrums, or all of the other stuff. Plus kids rarely get mad at their grandparents and tell them that they hate them and they're ruining their lives.

Although this mother-in-law and grandma admits she is ready for them to go home, we know better than to question her love for her family. We're tired as parents all of the time, but it doesn't impact how much we love our children. The same goes for grandparents. They haven't kept up with the endless energy monsters in years so it's expected that they get worn out. We all do at some point anyways.

9 She Left Her Mark

This is devious and kind of ingenious. She is clearly letting her mother-in-law know that she is not afraid to play dirty. Though since she refers to her as her daughter-in-law, they are probably married or basically married so it really shouldn't be a surprise they are doing the dirty. But then again no mom really wants to know that.

Maybe this pair has had a relationship of endless battles and this is the wife letting her mother-in-law know just who will be wearing the pants in their relationship from now on. It's kind of brilliant because she's obviously giving her husband something her mother-in-law can't or at least shouldn't. Not that any woman would use the bedroom to influence her husband, but it is certainly a trick that a wife has up her sleeve that her mother-in-law doesn't.

8 The Monster-in-Law

It is more than obvious that this mother-in-law really doesn't like her daughter-in-law. As parents we want our children to be happy so it is difficult to understand how so many mothers-in-law can really hate their child's spouses. If the spouse is honestly that awful it is understandable, but we all know that our kids like to learn things the hard way so mother's hatred really won't do much anyways.

For some it may be hard to believe that this is actually how some families are, and for others they know this reality all too well. As much as some people want a great relationship with their in laws, some people just won't have it. This woman clearly will never be a great mother-in-law and it's hard to think she was ever even a great mom. There is a lot of hatred in this woman which her family more than likely can sense and feel. Those holidays do not sound like fun!

7 Keeping It Real

One mother-in-law confessed that her son-in-law is hot. While there's no harm in acknowledging that, it is pretty weird. After all ideally we accept these additions to our family as new family members. There aren't a whole to of moms out there who go around referring to their sons as hot. She would probably get some serious side eye and honestly so should this mother-in-law.

Now there's no saying if she actually acted on her feelings, but we can really hope not because she could potentially wreck her daughter's marriage. It would be even worse if there were kids involved. What if the mother-in-law got pregnant? Yikes, all of these what ifs are a headache waiting to happen!

This woman isn't alone though as there were several similar confessions of women crushing on their daughters' husbands. We can wonder what the father-in-law would think or if he's around. Hopefully it's just a harmless crush.

6 Loud And Proud

This mother-in-law brags about how wonderful her son and daughter-in-law are, and we can all probably agree that they really are amazing people. Adopting three children from a bad situation is a wonderful, selfless thing to do. It's no wonder that this mama is bragging about her wonderful family!

This confession shows how selfless people can be, and it is great that this woman appreciates and recognizes the wonderful thing that her son and daughter-in-law have done. Ideally she has accepted these three children as her grandchildren as well, and the three are surrounded by a wonderful family who loves them. Not only do they now have two wonderful parents, but they also have a grandma who loves them and recognizes the great opportunity these parents are providing them. This mother-in-law is right when she says her son and daughter-in-law gave these kids a chance a life because they really have. They will have opportunities and a loving, stable home which their biological mother probably could not provide.

5 The Sixth Sense

This confession is actually pretty cool. Some mothers of the family seem to always know everything, and they know it first. Call it mother's intuition or call it a gift, but clearly this woman knows everything that's going on in her family. She confesses that she sees things in her dreams, but they aren't always great meaning she knows the bad things too. That probably wouldn't be nearly as cool as being the first to know about the newest additions. It also takes away from the family members who are so excited to surprise us. Although it may still come as a surprise when we find out that our dreams/intuition/suspicions were right.

Although her gift may have some downsides, it definitely sounds like she considers it more a good thing than a curse. It would be really exciting to know about future grand babies and other big family announcements early. Our family members might even find it comforting and come to us to find out what or if we have seen anything lately. Family members may look to her for guidance.

4 Under The Same Roof

This might come as a shock or maybe a sting to some of us that in-laws can live together can get along. There are many of us who cannot be in the same room as our in-laws for too long without the claws coming out. To have a bond where she compares her daughter-in-law to a sister is honestly amazing. There are many envious women out there who wish they were accepted by their in-laws like this woman is.

It is hard enough to peacefully co-exist while living with family, but many women would agree that living with an in-law can be incredibly difficult. Clearly these two have done more than just peacefully co-exist as they obviously have a pretty great bond. It wouldn't be so bad to live with someone we consider a sister after all because it would be like living with a best friend. As a mother, it would be wonderful to actually enjoy the person our kids marry and to get along with them so well.

3 The Joys Of Motherhood

We can all appreciate this mom and mother-in-law going to help with her new grandchild because she is so right. New moms are exhausted. It actually lasts for like years. It takes a village, and we can appreciate this grandma contributing to her grandchild's village because these days it doesn't always happen. Moms get worn out because we just cannot give if we are running on empty.

She is another one though who admits it is easy to forget how exhausted and frustrated we were when our kids were little. Once they are grown, we don't often realize we were basically sleep deprived zombies for years. It's so awesome that these "old moms" as this confession refers to herself are taking the time and sacrificing some of their own sleep to help their daughters and daughters-in-law catch up on some rest and helping out with the kiddos. It does take a village, and it's not a bad thing to have some back ups in line to help so mom doesn't get worn out right off the bat.

2 How To Win Mom Over

One of the most bonding and yet most debated topics between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is often cooking. Some are extremely critical and never pleased by their daughter-in-law's cooking because she'll never do it quite right or just like her. Others love to teach their daughters-in-law family recipes, husband's favorites, and just spend time together in the kitchen. It would probably be nice to have a couple of extra hands in the kitchen for the holidays.

Some of us might have this wonderful relationship with our spouse's family, but some of us might not even be able to imagine cooking a meal for our mother-in-law without slipping something in it. it is honestly great when families can get along like this because it makes everything easy for the kiddos and less stress for us as well! Maybe this family can inspire some of us less agreeable folks to have a better relationship with our in-laws because this really is a great thing!

1 Goodbyes Are Never Easy

This mama, mother-in-law, and grandma's confession shows the other side to what it means to have a long distance relationship with our family. No one likes saying good-bye and many families have even substituted it with the phrase "see you later" because this visit won't be the last. It's no doubt this mama was crying when she put her family on a plane because a month is a long time. Some of us see our family members every day. Some kids are lucky enough to have grandparents less than a half an hour away! Sadly that is not the situation for every family.

We obviously can all feel for this mama because it's so understandable that she will miss her family. It is great though that they are able to visit rather often as a month doesn't sound like too long in reality if visiting requires a flight, especially a flight with a baby. It's understandable that she's emotional and her family probably is as well, but there are so many ways to stay in touch with long distance family members we have a feeling this family is all going to be just fine!

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