15 Honest Whisper Confessions From Surrogates

Surrogacy can be a quite fascinating subject simply because it’s something quite different from what’s come to be considered the norm.

Surrogacy can be a quite fascinating subject simply because it’s something quite different from what’s come to be considered the norm.

When a couple hires or otherwise enlists another woman to carry a baby to term for them, it may inspire curiosity about what exactly is going on.

For some, it’s hard to understand why a woman would ever want to become a surrogate. Well these confessions will give plenty of insight into that.

Others may be curious about just how much a gal would have to be paid to go through pregnancy and childbirth (only to immediately give the baby away to someone else). Well many young women have taken to the Whisper app to get real about the dollar signs involved in their career of choice.

From helping out a lifelong friend to doing something really, really nice for a family member, there are surely motivations that don’t involve pocketbooks, as well. As with all people, there’s plenty of variety in the surrogate community.

And in any case, family and parenthood can certainly be great gifts, and very important goals for some people to achieve. Here are 15 Whisper confessions from women who helped others start or grow their families by becoming surrogates.

15All In The Family

More often than you might think, there are situations in which the confessor on Whisper is either the surrogate for her sister or contemplating becoming the surrogate mother for her sister at some point in the future.

And much of the time, they seem absolutely set on doing it, no matter what anybody else thinks.

In this case, the woman confesses that she feels that others don’t very much support her decision. In fact, she says, people think that she is quite crazy for taking this on.

Many sisters have a strong bond – and in some cases, it’s apparently strong enough that one sister would devote more than 9 months of her life and undergo extreme changes to her body (and also go through labor and childbirth) to help the other sister out.

14Herd Mentality

Some women feel that they are offering someone they know and care about a great gift. A friend or relative in their life isn’t able to have children naturally for whatever reason, so the helpful and healthy young woman agrees to carry a baby for them.

But in some cases of surrogacy, it would appear that perhaps the woman is entering into the situation not due to her own strong beliefs or desires to help but more due to wanting to receive money for the job at hand.

This surrogate is certainly not wholeheartedly enjoying her role. In fact, she confesses to feeling more like livestock than a human being.

She just recently carried twins, and now she’s newly pregnant again as a surrogate, and how does it make her feel? According to her, like a cow.

13When Things Get Messy

The Hollywood version of surrogacy sometimes ends with the surrogate mother or the couple feeling or behaving differently than they originally set out to – or even agreed to.

From the surrogate mother absconding with the baby she has grown to consider her own to deals falling apart in various other ways, things aren’t always as clean-cut and easy as everything looked on paper. And because art imitates life, we have to think perhaps there is a bit of truth to these movie and TV portrayals.

And in this confession, we do get a glimpse of things not quite going as planned.

The couple that hired the surrogate mother at first said that she could be a part of the baby’s life. Now, they seem to have changed their minds. She doesn’t even know if she can move forward now, knowing that she’ll have to say goodbye to the child forever.

12Motherly Money Maker

What may be quite interesting about this Whisper confession to readers is the amount of detail that the young woman divulges in these short sentences.

She tells us she is only 18 – barely even legally considered to be an adult – and yet here she is taking on the quite serious and life-altering work of carrying a baby to term.

A quick search on the ole World Wide Web brings up figures both high and low for how much a surrogate mother may hope to be paid – or how much a couple may be asked to pay a surrogate mother, depending on how you look at it. In this case, the young woman is quite frank and tells us that she is being paid a total of half a million dollars to play the role of surrogate for a couple who wants to have a child.

She’s even been paid half of the sum already at the midway mark of her pregnancy.

11Getting Frank About The Father

So she tells us that she is the surrogate for a man – and the thing is, he happens to be quite advanced in age. It hasn’t stopped him from wanting to hire this young confessor, for a sum that she confesses that she is quite satisfied with.

She says, though, that she just wonders how long this guy will be able to stick around on this earth and play the role of father once the baby is actually born.

This seems like an important consideration, to be sure.

Perhaps a man of his means will also be able to hire rather significant help when it comes to raising the child, as well.

But it still might make someone wonder what his plan is for the whole situation, and how he sees the life of his child unfolding.

10Harvest Season

Well, how about that? Here’s a seasonal surrogacy confession for ya. And it’s a happy and positive one!

This woman seems to have a very sunny outlook, indeed, on becoming a surrogate mother.

She’s delighted that she’s recently had a baby of her own – we know he is less than a year old still because she says that she is so looking forward to celebrating her little one’s first-ever Halloween.

She wants to share the gift that is parenthood with someone else who wants to experience it but can’t do it on their own.

This happy gal even ends her confession with emoticons for smiling and love. It’s as if she is so stoked on everything, she just had to let it out somewhere, and so she took to Whisper.

9Something That Needs Sharing

This young woman seems to be sort of seeking advice. I haven’t known about the Whisper app for all that long, but in researching for articles about pregnancy, birth, family, and parenthood, I’ve scanned through quite a few confessions, and quite often, in fact, the users seem to be reaching out to the universe (or, um, the Internet) in search of guidance and answers that they feel they simply do not have.

In this case, she finds herself in a relationship – and she also is currently a surrogate and pregnant with someone else’s child. The problem? This young lady does not know how to tell her boyfriend just what is going on.

She seems to be trying to be clear that it’s not simply that she’s struggling to tell her boyfriend she’s pregnant. No – that might be rather simple compared to this.

8Exclaiming Her Excitement

There is an entire tale within the three sort sentences of this surrogacy Whisper confession – and I guess that’s what can be so interesting about the app to those who use and peruse it. Like a tiny tweet, there’s only so much space, so whatever is going to be shared has to be shared succinctly and rather precisely. There can therefore end up being a lot of juicy information within that tiny picture-background box.

And in this case, it’s the happy journey of a surrogate mother. First, we hear that she agreed to become the surrogate for a couple. (And that could develop into all sorts of different scenarios.)

The next sentence, though, tells us that clearly all is going as planned. She’s pregnant! And the many exclamation points after her sentence stating that the couple will be parents hints that she is pretty happy about the whole thing.

7And Sometimes, Sadness

It’s not entirely clear what might be going on in this confessor’s sad tale. We know that she’s super bummed and just wants to stay in bed all day.

We know that she thinks this feeling has something to do with hormones.

The fact that she says that she is “on” a ton of hormones makes us think she is undergoing some sort of treatment. Is she undergoing fertility treatment or something in order to be able to become pregnant so that she can be a surrogate? If so, maybe it would be easier for someone else to do the job at hand?

Maybe I’m being ignorant about the scenario. Who knows what’s really going on?

But what’s clear is that this woman is experiencing many emotions and is probably quite overwhelmed.

6Quite The Mathematician

Let’s see – do I have this right? Six figures would mean at least $100,000, correct? I count six digits there.

Well the math in this relationship started much earlier on in this confessor’s life – because the father-to-be was actually her junior high math teacher.

She has to laugh when she thinks of how everything has played out.

It’s funny the twists and turns that life takes sometimes, isn’t it? And this leads to many more questions, the answers to which will not be found within the brief text of this Whisper confession.

Has this woman continued to live in the same small town or something, and when the former teacher and his wife went in search of surrogate, they found her? Or is it something a bit more random and bizarre, such as that they both somehow ended up connecting elsewhere or over the Internet when the couple needed a surrogate’s services?

5Believing In Dreams

This woman felt very strongly that she wanted to have the chance to do something in her life – something that’s certainly not for everyone but that she considered to be a personal dream of hers.

She wanted very badly to be able to offer her surrogacy services to a gay couple – and now she will have that chance!

She seems beyond excited to be able to help the couple to have a family of their own.

Her rainbow flag, arm flexing, and grinning smiley face included at the end of the confession let us know that her attitude is all about strength, happiness, and maybe even supporting gay rights or the LGBTQ community.

She’s doing what she can to help a couple fulfill their dreams, and in doing so, she says she’s fulfilling an important dream of her own.

4All About The Attention

Well, the thing is, maybe she has it all wrong.

Yes, it might feel a bit strange to be constantly congratulated on the impending arrival of a baby that wasn’t really yours to keep. That much is certainly understandable.

But the thing is, she’s not saying it makes her sad that the happiness isn’t actually hers to look forward to.

Instead, she’s processing her feelings as thinking that she is somehow receiving the congratulations and happy words that the mother of the child isn’t able to collect herself because she can’t be pregnant and carry the baby to term herself.

I bet many readers would say that she is in fact giving that future mom great happiness in carrying the child for her, and that mom has probably decided that it’s not getting to be pregnant that’s most important to her – it’s becoming a mother!

3It’s Gonna Happen

Though not currently carrying a baby for someone else, this young woman is clearly a surrogate mother at heart. She is so completely determined to become a surrogate one day that she will put it above other people and situations in her own life. And wow, that’s pretty intense stuff!

She has a friend who can’t naturally conceive on her own. So she’s decided that she will absolutely, without a doubt, become the surrogate for this friend when the time comes.

Turns out that her former boyfriend didn’t quite like the idea of this whole future scenario.

She said that if he wasn’t okay with that, then, essentially, they couldn’t be together. Well, it turns out he wasn’t I guess, because the couple broke up two weeks before this Whisper confession was made.

2Of Parenthood

This (presumably?) young woman has decided to become a surrogate. A couple that can’t have children needs someone else to help them carry the child.

Well this confessor isn’t so much focused on making a decision regarding becoming a surrogate, and it’s not that she’s having mixed feelings about it or something like that.

Nope, her quandary is that she hasn’t yet told her own parents that this is what she has decided to do.

The fact that she’s kept it a secret might make you guess that she doesn’t exactly think that they will approve.

When we know something won’t be received or interpreted as good news, it can be hard to jump into it and get it over with.

Why exactly she’s entered into this situation she knows they won’t approve of (if that’s in fact the case) it’s not clear. She clearly still cares what they think enough to be worried that she hasn’t told them.

1Chasing Dreams

She wants the experience of carrying a child, and she seems to have given up already on the chance that she’ll ever get to have a baby of her own.

Is it just me, or might this sort of be a recipe for disaster?

It’s just that it almost seems like things might be a bit cleaner or go a bit more smoothly when the surrogate mother is in it for somewhat different reasons.

For example, some of the surrogates who confessed about their motivations shared that they cared strongly about a cause or about specific individuals and really wanted to help out in whatever way that they could.

Then there’s the other set who seem to simple be in it for the money.

To become a surrogate for such emotional and personal reasons, on the other hand, seems like it might leave a gal feeling unfulfilled, or like the whole thing might not end well. But it’s her prerogative.

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