15 Horrible Pic Fails Of Moms Wearing Bathing Suits (Part 2)

With the popularity of social media, more and more moms are baring it all for the camera while wearing a bathing suit. These women have amazing body images and confidence to pose in their swimwear. So, what makes a photo become a fail? It’s not just the fact that these women are letting it all hang out, but more, what they are doing while being photographed.

The criteria to make it on this list has little to do with breast size or exposed belly rolls. I’m not about body shaming or poking fun at people for their imperfections. This is a collection of women making really bad choices and they could stand to suffer through a little public humiliation. From inappropriate behavior to child neglect, some of these moms were caught in the act of being a really terrible parent. Many of these mothers spend way too much time posing for selfies in their bikinis. All the while, their children are begging for attention.

Other pictures are just too hilarious not to share. They are so ridiculous and absurd that they need to be discussed. From horribly constructed swimsuits to women who have no idea how to put on a bikini, many of these ladies will leave you scratching your head. It’s all in the spirit of fun that I searched the Internet to find the most comical photographs of women in their swimsuits. I hope that you enjoy the second installment of 15 Horrible Pic Fails Of Moms Wearing Bathing Suits.

15 Pole Mama


This lady is the perfect example of a mom swim suit fail. Of course, she looks amazing and obviously feels confident enough to toss on a cowgirl hat and do the twirly whirly on a pole. I won’t get into a debate about exotic dancers or even talk about the physical benefits of pole dancing. I’d like to discuss the fact that this mother is performing while hoisting her toddler on her hip. This woman is taking the MILF stereotype to the extreme. I mean, are guys that turned on by moms that she just had to take her kid up there?

Poor thing needs to take her dollar bills out of her crotch, give them to a reliable baby sitter, and leave her kid at home next time she has to work. That boy might end up growing up to be a pimp if she continues hitting the pole while holding him. I feel sad for everyone in this photograph.

14 Say Cheese!


I’m not exactly sure what this lady is doing in the picture. Obviously she is taking a photo of her lady bits. Why a woman would find this acceptable to do in public is beyond me. Is she sending a naughty picture to her husband? Is she trying to get a bird’s eye view of her Brazilian wax? Does she have an itch that she just can’t scratch?

I’m all for self exploration and body confidence but this woman is taking it to the next level. She should have excused herself to the restroom and spared the other people at the swimming pool that day from a biology lesson. They make bathroom stalls with doors for a reason. Her facial expression worries me and I hope that she gets whatever is going on down there checked out. I’m sure that there is some sort of cream that might help her.

13 She's Doing It Wrong


This woman has enough body confidence to stroll down the beach with her lady humps hanging out. Is she aware that she is wearing her swim suit backwards? She looks pretty pleased with herself so I’m going to guess that ignorance is bliss in this case. Unless she is an exhibitionist and showing her breasts to the world makes her extremely happy. I’m sure there are grandmas out there that like to get freaky.

My guess is that she has no idea that she put that swim suit on wrong. Where is her family? Who is taking care of Nana? How did she end up frolicking in the surf half naked? I’m also concerned with the fact that she appears to be completely oblivious to her predicament. It seems like the ocean breeze might graze her nips and call her attention to covering herself up. This picture is perplexing, for sure.

12 Beer Bong Fail


This picture of a mom in a swim suit while holding up a beer funnel to a child’s lips is beyond a fail - it’s downright disturbing. What is going on here? Who in their right mind would allow a child to participate in a drinking game? It’s not just one adult involved, either. There are three grown ups surrounding this child and a man appears to be snapping a photo of the action as well.

My only hope is that this is a horrible joke and the child is actually funneling lemonade or something innocent like that. Even then, underage drinking is no laughing matter. This boy will end up reliving this moment in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, talking about the day that his mom funneled him a beer when he was just a little boy. Call me old fashioned if you like but I don’t find this photograph funny at all.

11 Crotch Shot


I have questions about this photograph of a mom and her two daughters lifting their bikini bottoms into their crotch. Whose idea was it for them to stand in this pose? What are they trying to accomplish in standing this way? This has to be an inside joke of some sort, right? Situations like this don’t just happen spontaneously. I mean, were they all just standing there like that and someone snapped the pic?

Maybe little Sally said, “Mom, let’s all pull our bikini bottoms up into our crotch!” The mom has a smile on her face that suggests she thinks it’s hilarious. That middle girl thinks she is the funniest person ever and the little one is just going along with it. The whole thing just seems bizarre but at least they are spending quality time together at the beach. Why not get a little weird and slightly perverted with your kids?

10 Mom Of The Year


This picture of a drunken mom acting like a serving platter is a fail on so many levels. Even her little boy looks completely puzzled by witnessing her clutching beer cans with bills stuffed into her swimsuit. Clearly, she knocked down a few too many brews while having a little water playtime with her kiddo. Not to mention the classy way that her tongue is hanging out in the photograph. This woman is really setting the bar pretty low as a an example of how a lady should act.

One can’t help but wonder exactly what has gone down before this pic was snapped. I can just see her stumbling around the backyard, collecting wads of cash from the neighbors while tossing beer cans around. Meanwhile, her poor kid is probably begging for a simple glass of juice and wishing that he could be raised by a normal mom.

9 Bad Mom

Here we have another example of a child being permitted to drink alcohol. This photograph is troubling and this woman might be one of the worst moms on the planet. For starters, she is so busy posing in her swimsuit that she totally doesn’t care that her little boy is nursing a beer bottle behind her. I mean, stop being so concerned with looking sexy and parent your kid! Not to mention that she’s dangling her bare butt in front of him. I’m sure that Sigmund Freud would have a thing or two to say about this pic.

Who is taking the picture? Why did they just stand there and snap the image instead of putting the camera down and snatching that beer from the kid? Call me a prude but it seems like one would think twice before sharing this picture. Someone needs to call CPS on these people STAT!

8  Bikini Photobomb


It’s amazing how many moms take time out of their busy schedules to strap on a bikini and pose for a selfie in front of the bathroom mirror. It’s great they have the body positivity to prance around in a little swimsuit. This picture immediately became a mom fail when her little boy stumbled in the bathroom and photo-bombed her picture. He clearly popped in the background at the last moment.

Here’s a little bit of advice for you moms out there who snap nasty photos of yourselves while your kids watch television in the other room: lock the bathroom door. Seriously, your kid doesn’t need to see you acting all sexy. Better yet, wait until the kids are in bed and spend your time actually parenting your child instead of pretending to be a centerfold. This kid will probably never be able to burn this image out of his precious little mind.

7 Don't Forget The Sunscreen


I’m really worried about the woman in this photograph. It’s clear that she is a sun worshiper that doesn’t know the dangers of skin cancer. I’m suspecting that not only is she not smearing SPF 50 on her skin but it looks like she might actually be lathered in cooking oil. How else do you get a tan that savage? Poor thing has gone from sun-kissed to leather skinned. This is not a good look and is actually really dangerous. Ask any dermatologist and they’ll tell you to avoid getting this much exposure to harmful UV rays.

I hope for the sake of that little cherub sticking his tongue out in the photograph that she is at least taking precautions with his skin and putting sunscreen on him. Maybe that little boy is really sticking his tongue out because he is trying not to vomit from looking at her body?

6 Party Mama


Nothing can ruin a sexy picture like a rogue baby crawling into the frame. Here we have yet another mom attempting to strike a naughty pose. This woman obviously put a lot of effort into this look. From the fishnet pantyhose to her fancy furry boots, she is ready to party...right after she changes her baby’s dirty diaper.

Maybe she should spend less time wrapping the straps of her swimsuit down her belly and more time cleaning the bathroom? That place is a mess. Clearly this mom spends more time running a flat iron through her hair than she does actually being a parent. Once again moms, take my advice and save sexy time for after the baby is in bed. Your time will be better spent reading a book to your little one instead of dressing up like you’re going to a rave in the middle of the afternoon.

5 Hard Working Bikini


The woman in this photo fail is brave but not as brave as that swimsuit. Good on her for feeling confident enough to strap into that get up. Clearly, she is unaware that her bikini top is struggling to hoist up her breasts. I mean, that fabric is working hard to cover those puppies up. I’m not really sure what is going on with the bottom half of her body. Is she wearing a bikini thong backwards? Something seems off with the placement of that little bitty strap of fabric. I’m pretty sure that she totally put the suit on wrong.

If that is the original design of the bottoms then I would like to personally speak to the designer about how swimsuits are supposed to function. I love how she is unabashedly standing there with all her junk hanging out. This woman clearly has a very positive self body image.

4 Turn Around


This hot mama is completely oblivious to the fact that while she is standing there looking all sassy, there is a small child on the other side of the door, looking at her butt. It’s actually hilarious. Another theory might be that she shoved those people out the front door and locked it behind her. Being a mom is hard, y’all. Especially when you’re that good looking. Mama needs her sexy time and what better time to strike a pose than the minute after you lock your toddler out of the house with grandma?

The look on that kid’s face is priceless. This image perfectly captures the life of a child who is stuck with a mom who is more concerned with being sexy than actually being a mom. Chances are that these kids who photobomb these steamy photo sessions will grow up with a skewed image of what womanhood looks like.

3 Do These CDs Make Me Look Big?


The woman in this photograph gets points for creativity. I have to admit that I never once thought of wearing my CD collection to the beach. This swimsuit falls somewhere between ridiculous and almost genius. She is pulling it off with total confidence. The perfectly placed discs over her breasts make an amazing bikini top. The way that she used a rainbow ribbon to strap it to her chest is just so chic. The CD mini skirt is going to be the hottest look on the runway next summer. This lady is a trend setter.

Seriously though, what was she thinking? Literally, what was going through her mind when she designed this swimsuit? Was she listening to music and just decided to grab some ribbon and head out for a fun day on the beach? Also, this look can’t be comfortable. Those CDs more than likely flop around when she walks.

2 All Hands On Deck


This picture of a woman donning a bikini top made out of hands is pretty hilarious. She obviously went to a lot of trouble to construct that amazing swimsuit. I think that the ric rac ribbon strap really sets off the tone of this picture. Not to mention those insane mannequin hands grasping her breasts. This swimsuit is such a fail that it actually crosses over into a being a huge big win.

Her smile says it all. This woman is crazy and so is her boyfriend. The pot leaves on his party necklace might explain a few things about their mindset when the swim suit was designed. I can only imagine how hilarious that conversation was. I can just hear her calling him from the car on the way to buy the supplies, “I’ll swing by the party supply store to pick up the ric rac, man hands, and a glue gun. Need anything else, sweetie?”

1 White Wedding


Nothing screams “Wedding Day” like a blushing bride wearing pasties and a white bikini bottom. This woman really knows how to make her wedding day memorable. Who could forget those breasts? They look amazing. That puffy veil has the longest train, ever. It was just so adorable that she asked her son to hold her train for the photograph. He looks so proud as the beads strapped around his mama’s naked waist sparkle under the bright lights.

Seriously, y’all. I just have to ask, what in the world is going on in this picture? Is she aware that she is practically naked on her wedding day? Do they not find it creepo to be dressed that way in a chapel? Why is a child in the background? This entire situation is confusing. I wish them many years of happiness and slightly inappropriate partial nudity in the future.

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