15 Things Pregnant Women Do That Will Make Him Leave Her

There is no denying that pregnancy is hard on a woman. The hormone swings, the weight gain, all of the changes that happen to her body, the fear and anxiety of actually being responsible for another human being, and the fact that she is actually carrying another human being within her womb are enough to drive a pregnant woman to the brink of insanity. (Believe me, I know. I’ve been pregnant twice and felt like I was going absolutely insane several times during both pregnancies.)

However, though a woman certainly has a lot on her plate when she is pregnant, so does her husband. He, too, has to deal with the worries that come along with caring and providing for another human being. He also wonders how his life is going to change, and he also has to make sure that he is supportive for his wife. That being said, there are some things that pregnant women do that really drive their husbands batty, and understandably so.

Here's a look at 15 things that women do when they are pregnant that drive their husbands nuts (myself and my husband included.)

15 No Longer A Lady

A lot of women lose their lady-like appeal when they are pregnant. Women who once dressed to the nines, were always well kept, and never, ever dreamed of passing gas in front of their husbands change when they have a bun in the oven.

I get why it can be off-putting to hear your wife fart or burp, or to see that she has “let herself go”; but, to be annoyed by it is utterly ridiculous. Guys, you fart and burp all the time, and I’m pretty sure your wives find it annoying. And an old, ratty T-shirt and sweats is way more comfortable to wear than a form-fitting skirt and a pair of heels. If your wife’s loss of lady-ness annoys you, well, too bad! She is making a human life and that's why she is sweaty, gassy and not getting all dolled up every night - what is your excuse, dad?

14 Won't Put Out... Ever

This “thing” that annoyed my husband while I was pregnant also annoyed me. I get that men have needs, and I understand that being denied is frustrating; however, what about how I felt? I was as big as a house, I had pelvic displacement (the ligaments in my pelvis were super stretched, thanks to pregnancy hormones) I hadn’t had a good night of sleep in who knows how long because of my utterly absurd restless legs, and I had a big bowling ball in my stomach. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind. The fact that it annoyed my husband that I wouldn’t have sex with him when I was pregnant really, to be frank, pissed me off. Get over it, sweet cheeks!

13 Takes A Longer Mat Leave

My girlfriend did this, and it infuriated her husband. She was set to take 9 weeks of maternity leave. Her husband balanced their budget to financially accommodate for that length of leave. (In the US, we don’t exactly have the best maternity leave; it pretty much doesn’t exist.)

About 2 weeks before her maternity leave was going to be over, my girlfriend decided that she was going to take another month after her 9 weeks was up. She didn’t consult her husband. She just made the arrangements and then let him know. Her husband said that while he totally understood why she wanted to take a longer leave, her decision to do so really hit hard in their pockets. So yeah, I can see why he was aggravated.

12 The Day Consists Only Of Chewing

Another thing that my hubby said drove him batty when I was pregnant was that I ate everything in the house. He said that I ate pretty much everything that wasn’t nailed down, and I can’t deny it. I really did eat everything – including his favorite snacks.

My hubby said that every time he went to get a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, there would be nothing but a tiny scoop left in the carton. Why? Because I ate it. Of course, he didn’t really mind that I ate the ice cream. What baffled him was that I couldn’t stand chocolate chip cookie dough until I was pregnant. The same was true for plain potato chips, another one of his favorite junk foods, that I normally don’t care for. Pregnancy messed with my tastebuds and my husband's snack routine.

11 Saying “My Baby” Instead Of “Our Baby”

It really grinded my husband’s gears when I would refer to the baby as “mine” instead of “ours.” I did it a lot, too.

I would say things like, “my baby is due,” or “when my baby comes" all the time. My hubs said that it made him feel as if he was left out of the equation; like he was nothing more than a donor, didn’t have any other part in making the baby, wasn’t an integral part of the pregnancy, and wouldn’t be a huge part of the baby’s life when he arrived.

I can totally understand how he felt. If the shoe were on the other foot and I were him, I’d probably be pretty annoyed too. Sorry, hubby!

10 Forced To Attend Every Doctor Appointment

While I get that there are somethings that I did during pregnancy that annoyed my husband, and I can totally understand the reason why some of them were annoying, it really annoyed ME that this one irked my husband – forcing him to go to all of my doctor appointments.

First of all, he is my husband. So yes, I would expect him to be at every doctor appointment to be supportive of me. I mean, being pregnant is kind of a big deal, and there are a number of things that mom can find out when she’s having an exam that could be devastating. Second, he was the father. Wouldn’t he want to be at every appointment to know how his baby was developing? SMH!

9 Plays The Blame Game

Whenever my feet ached, I had indigestion, I had to run to the bathroom every 5 seconds, my legs were restless, or I had insomnia – in other words, every time I was uncomfortable – I blamed my husband.

I remember playing the blame game very clearly with my husband. When I felt like I had spiders crawling up and down my legs and had to constantly move them, I would say something like, “You know, it’s all your fault! The reason why I am so uncomfortable is because you got me pregnant!” Yeah, like it didn’t take two to tango!

At the time, I felt like I was totally right for blaming all of my discomforts on my husband, but looking back, I guess it was pretty ridiculous.

8 Sharing TMI On Social Media

Pregnancy is a crazy time filled with tons of emotions. Moms want to share their experience, but there’s such a thing as too much sharing, and with people that don’t really need to know every little detail.

Announcing the pregnancy, or sharing the sex of the baby on social media is one thing, but sharing the details about complications, updating statuses to share how far along contractions are, or how dilated a woman is? Yeah, that’s a little too much information to be sharing, especially on social media.

While social media is great for updating people about news and events that are occurring in our lives, there are some things that elementary school friends you haven’t seen since the 2nd grade don’t really need to know.

7 Talking Trash About Other Pregnant Women

OK, I am really not proud of this, but I will be honest: When I was pregnant, I did a lot of trash talking, especially about other pregnant women.

I don’t know if it was the hormones talking, or if it was because I was just so tired and anxious, but I would really lay into other pregnant women. I didn’t trash talk them to their faces, but I definitely talked about them behind their backs – and usually to my husband!

I specifically remember going to a prenatal appointment and picking apart pregnant women in the waiting room. One particular woman was wearing a very revealing outfit, and my husband had to listen to me carry on about it. He said it shocked him, because it was something I usually wouldn’t do.

6 Asks If She Looks Fat

My husband said that it drove him beyond crazy whenever I asked him if I looked fat.

He said that I started asking him pretty much right after I found out that I was pregnant, well before I was showing. And when I started showing, I would ask him on a regular basis. I remember doing it, too. I was so self-conscious, which was silly. But hey, that’s how I felt!

Why did it drive him crazy? Because obviously, I was carrying a baby, so yes, I did look “fatter” than I normally did. But beyond that, he said that it really irked him that I was so obsessed with how I looked. And even if he did think I looked fat (which he didn’t), was he really going to tell me and deal with my pregnant mama wrath?

5 Grandma First

Yep, I am guilty of this one too. My mom was my go-to when I was pregnant, naturally. I mean, not only is she my mom and I highly value her opinion, but she also had four kids, so she was a pretty valuable source of information when it came to questions regarding my own pregnancy.

However, there were times when I would put her opinion above my husband’s, and it really aggravated him. For example, I took my mom’s opinion into consideration way more than my husband’s when we were registering (I actually didn’t consider his opinion at all…) He said that while he could understand why I valued her opinion so much, he felt like I thought her opinion was more important than his, and that irked him.

4 Replaced With Pillows

Some couples like to snuggle when they’re going to bed. It’s intimate, it’s relaxing, and it’s a great way to bond. However, guys who like to snuggle are often put off when their pregnant wives choose to snuggle with pillows instead of them.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a pretty ridiculous thing to be annoyed about. I mean, pregnancy is hard, especially when it comes to sleeping. Mom has a HUMAN BEING living inside of her, so not wanting to have another person hanging onto her when she is trying to sleep is pretty reasonable. Plus, the pillows offer support for her stomach and her back – and they don’t snore or sweat! I still snuggle with my pregnancy body pillow; sorry, husband!

3 Has To Attend Birthing Class

I know that sitting in a room full of very pregnant women, watching labor and delivery videos, looking at visual aids of the lady bits in their crowning glory, and discussing lactation and episiotomies isn’t how any guy wants to spend his Sunday afternoon. I totally get it. But, birthing class is pretty important, and it’s kind of a big deal for husbands to be there. I mean, aren’t they going to be in the delivery room? Don’t they want to know what to expect? Shouldn’t they want to find out what they can do to support their wives when they are giving birth to THEIR children?

Birthing class isn’t exactly enjoyable, but guys, imagine if it were YOU who had to go through the ordeal of labor and delivery? Class doesn't look so bad now does it?

2 Has No Say In Anything

I can totally understand why this would be annoying to husbands. I am definitely guilty of doing it, to some degree. My husband said that I didn’t involve him on some of the decisions that needed to be made regarding the baby, and it annoyed him to no end. For example, I didn’t let him voice his opinion when it came to choosing the color of the baby’s room. I actually went out and bought the paint, put it in the nursery and just told him to put it on the wall. I also didn’t let him choose anything that we registered for. I can see why that was annoying. I’d be angry too if he didn’t let me have any say in decisions that affect both of us and are about our child.

1 Pregnancy Brain Blunders

Pregnancy affects every part of a woman, including her mental state. It can make her forgetful, or do and say things that make people scratch their heads, especially her husband.

I had pretty bad pregnancy brain with my first child. I was super forgetful and would do the weirdest things, like the time when I put a half-eaten sandwich in the dishwasher instead of the refrigerator and my husband discovered it the next day when he smelled a putrid odor coming from the machine. I also constantly left the lights on, left doors unlocked, locked myself out of the house and my car… It was pretty bad.

My hubby said that my pregnancy brain drove him up the wall, and I can definitely understand why.

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