14 Horrible Times Parents Rejected Their Babies

It is generally assumed that all parents fall in love with their children at first sight and even if they are not experiencing strong positive feelings that somewhere deep inside they love their littles.

It is an unspoken taboo for a parent not to love their child and any parent in this position is often reluctant to admit to it. We do not understand what it is like to be faced with looking down on your newborn and either not feeling anything or, even worse, feeling horror or revulsion.

If you have never lived through the moment when you discover your child has a life-changing disability, and that your child may die early, you cannot really understand what goes through a parent's mind at that moment.

Having said that, once the shock has worn off many parents realize the love for their child was there all along, it was just overwhelmed by the fear and uncertainty that hit you.
Rejecting your baby goes against everything we are taught and it is very hard to understand how a parent can do such a thing. Here are a few instances when a parent or parents do the unthinkable.

14Rejected By Her Adoptive Mother

Christina Fisher was “basically homeless” when she became pregnant. Wanting the baby to have more than she felt she could provide, Christina found a family from Georgia to adopt the child. The adoptive mom came to visit the hospital as soon as the baby arrived.

“I let her take the other wristband into the NICU,” Fisher said “She came out crying and left the hospital. We never heard from them again.”

The adoptive mother fled after seeing the baby, Abigail, had facial deformities due to a rare genetic condition called Treacher Collins syndrome which affects the formation of the face. It does not affect the brain or any other development and although Abigail might need cochlear implants, apart from that she will be just like any other child.

Christina is glad the adoptive mom rejected little Abigail because having made the decision to keep her, “Now, she is my heart.”

13Saved By His Dad

Lovely Leo Forrest was born in Armenia “a society where defects are not accepted, often bringing shame on the family involved," according to Leo's father.

You see, Leo's mother has refused to look at, or touch her baby because he has Downs Syndrome and she does not want to “get attached” to him. In fact, the entire family has rejected him, except his New Zealander father, Samuel Forrest.

Samuel, who is currently working as a contractor to a software company in Armenia, says he will do everything he can to take his son to New Zealand with him. Forrest plans to take a year off of work to concentrate all of his attention on Leo and adjust to his new life as a single parent to a child with a disability.

12Another Rejected Surrogate Twin

A British surrogate mother who gave birth to twins for a childless couple is raising one of the twins herself after the couple rejected one of the babies saying 'She'd be a f****** dribbling cabbage! Who would want to adopt her."

The baby girl, named Amy, was diagnosed with Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy a genetic disorder that causes a range of issues from respiratory difficulties to skeletal deformities. A major symptom is the lack of muscle tone which can leave sufferers with a face that appears to be slack, difficulty in eating and sometimes requires them to use a wheelchair.

The surrogate, Jenny, has left work and her husband has retrained for a new career so they can care for Amy alongside their other children and a family court hearing agreed that Jenny and her husband could adopt the little one.

11Boys Aren't Wanted Here

A newspaper article in Austrailia spoke with a woman who was devastated when she saw, on her ultrasound, her baby was a boy. The reason for her rejection was not anything most people would guess. The woman did not want the baby boy because she “didn’t know how to raise a man who would respect her world the way a daughter would.”

This staunchly feminist mom rejected her son solely on account of his gender and her perception that boys, and consequently men, are aggressive towards and disrespectful to women. Consequently, the mother decided to keep her son and raise him “in a strictly feminist household where he would be taught the value of women.”

This was hailed by the mother as a positive thing as opposed to it being exactly the same as a father who is disappointed he got a daughter instead of a son.

10Thrown Out With The Rubbish

Rachel Van Eerden, her husband Jim, and their kids toured an orphanage in Ecuador while on a family trip to the South American country. “While we’re on the tour, my eyes met this little baby,” she says. “It was love at first sight.”

The tiny tot who stole Rachel's heart was named Eddie and he had not only been rejected by his birth mother because of congenital defects, he had been thrown away, literally. A local carpenter had noticed a trash bag moving in the garbage can outside his workshop. When he investigated he found a newborn baby boy inside.

The carpenter took the child to the orphanage where Rachel made eye contact with the little boy and fell in love. It took five years but eventually, Rachel and Jim were able to adopt little Eddie and take him home to join the family.

9His Mom Called Him Ugly

Whisked off to intensive care straight after his birth, Robert Hoge's mom did not get a chance to see her baby. She was told he had “A huge lump on his face” When Roberts mother finally looked at him after week, she branded him ugly and refused to take him home, she even wished him dead.

The tumor in the center of Roberts face engulfed his nose and pushed his eyes outwards. Also, his legs were “mangled,” and he had to have one amputated.

However, after some time Roberts parents spoke with his siblings, and they had a family vote on whether to bring him home. The siblings voted a unanimous yes so Robert joined the family and, now a father himself, says he appreciates how his parents were honest with him about how they felt and how he understood their apprehensions.

8Saved By Her Grandpa

A grandfather in India is struggling to take care of his premature granddaughter after she was rejected by both of her parents.

The elderly man fed the baby, who was born weighing just over 1 ½ pounds, with goat's milk from a spoon in a desperate attempt to keep her alive. He traveled 86 miles to a hospital where his granddaughter is getting the medical support she needs, free of charge thanks to the big-hearted medical staff.

Doctors are still not sure what has caused her unusual features and congenital abnormalities, but they think it may be a combination of Intra-Uterine Growth Retardation and a genetic anomaly.

Everyone in their village ran from the baby, scared they might catch a disease, and her parents still refuse to acknowledge her. However, her granddad has said that if they continue to reject her, he will raise the little girl himself.

7Mom Calls Her Baby An Alien

When Khalida Begum gave birth to her son the mother of four from Kathihar in Northern India, she was so shocked that she rejected him as her child and asked the midwife to take him out of her sight.

The, as yet unnamed baby, has been diagnosed with an incredibly rare genetic condition called Harlequin Ichthyosis. However, other doctors have said he appears to have another rare congenital disability, anencephaly.

Begum said “I couldn't believe that I had a delivered an alien-like boy. I was so shocked and saddened by this that I asked the midwife to take the baby out of my sight.”

Luckily for mother and baby, the midwife persisted, and eventually, Khalida began nursing her son. Far from being the bad omen his mom thought, villagers believe him to be an incarnation of the Hindu God Hanuman and flock to visit to receive his blessing.

6Rejected Twin

A surrogate pregnancy seemed like the answer to Pattaramon Chanbuas financial problems. With family debts and two children to look after she accepted around $16,000 to be a surrogate mother for an Australian couple who were unable to have their own baby.

When tests showed one of the twins she was carrying had Downs Syndrome, the couple asked her to abort the baby boy but due to her religious beliefs, she could not.

The parents of the twins came to collect them when they were born. Gammy, the little boy, was born with Downs Syndrome and multiple life-threatening heart problems and the parents left him behind, flying back to Austrailia with just their daughter.

Fortunately for Gammy, Pattaramon has chosen to keep hm and raise him as her own, and an international fund has raised over $200,000 for his medical care in Thailand.

5His Mom Isn't Good Enough

Sonal Waghela fainted the first time she set eyes on her baby boy. Born with Hydrocephalus, a condition where cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the brain, Sonal's son is at risk of dying without brain surgery. Doctors cannot operate without permission, and the family will not give the go-ahead for the surgery.

The little fellas head alone weighs 4 ½ pounds and his mother refuses to name him, speak to him, or even to look at him. He is being kept alive by being spoon fed another woman's breast milk because his mother will not do anything to help him.

Waghela has only allowed her husband to see her son, keeping relatives away because she thinks her son is not good enough for her but the Doctor in charge of his care says “the truth is that she isn’t good enough for him!”

4Burried Alive

Workers at a timber factory in South Africa were surprised when they thought they could hear a baby crying in the waste land next to their facility. A group went out to investigate and were shocked to find an abandoned baby boy.

Not only had the baby been abandoned but he had been placed in a hastily dug, shallow grave and covered with dirt, sand, and timber. Police spokesman, Captain Gerald Mfeka said that on hearing the commotion outside, a worker at the factory came outside and admitted the baby was hers. She had given birth at the factory two days early and hastily disposed of the child so nobody would know about it.

The mother was charged with child abandonment while the baby was admitted to the local hospital ICU where doctors have stabilized him.

3Saved By Love

Adam Paulraj was born without hands, a nose or eyelid. In addition, he had a cleft palate and his legs were fused together but his heart, lungs and brain were healthy. His birth parents took one look at him and rejected him immediately. They even went as far as to say, if they were forced to take him home, they would kill him with poison rather than live with their perceived shame of his deformities.

The little boys' doctor and nurse, a married couple Raja and Jessica Paulraj, adopted Adam and he was later diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Bartsocas-Papas Syndrome. “Adam has taught us so much. He is such a gift to our lives,” said his adoptive parents.

Sadly, after 17 surgeries, at the age of four, Adam succumbed to a bout of pneumonia and passed away.

2It Takes A Village

A newborn baby girl was rescued from a compost dump after being rejected by her parents for her gender. The little girl had been buried alive and was rescued only because a group of villagers saw her feet moving above the ground.

The tiny baby was nicknamed “Sita” by local officials because that is the name of a mythological character who was rescued from the soil. In the absence of any social support systems to look after her, those same local officials have agreed to take responsibility for the little girl.

Her name giving ceremony gave her the forename “Dharitri,” meaning the Earth in Sanskrit to commemorate the fact she was found wrapped in a cloth and burried upside down in the ground.

Despite being in a critical condition when she was found, little Dharitri is now fit and healthy and growing up with a family who love her.

1Even The Landlord Rejected Him

Mudashiru Sheriff had been married to his wife, Taido for two years when she gave birth to their first child. The little boy was born without arms and with shortened limbs, but is otherwise completely healthy.

When Mr Sheriff heard about his son he refused to come to the hospital to see either his wife or their son. In fact Mrs. Sherriff said she was told “very strongly” by her husband and their landlord that she was not, under any circumstances to come home with the baby.

Unlike the little boy's father, members of the public clamoured to get a look at the boy and filed through the hospital to see him. The hospital told Mrs. Sherriff she and the baby had to leave and she said she will not take the baby “I don’t need this baby, I want government to come and adopt him,” she told reporters.


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