15 Horror Stories That Will Make Women Never Want To Get Pregnant

Anyone who says pregnancy is easy has definitely never been pregnant. From unexpected vomiting, debilitating migraines, and uncomfortable hospital staff, there’s a lot that can go wrong in a pregnancy. Not to mention, labor is one of the most challenging and painful physical experiences a person can go through, so that doesn’t help sell the pregnancy experience to people deciding whether or not to have kids.

While you definitely wish there weren’t, there are countess awkward and even downright terrifying situations that pregnancy can put you in, or that are made worse because you are pregnant. Unfortunately people aren’t always kind when they notice your baby bump or you try to break the happy news to them. Even worse, sometimes it’s the hospital staff or other professionals who are supposed to be there to help you that can ruin your experience. From switch-ups between babies, doctors invading personal space, and spouses who are less than supportive, its clear that having the right people around you can make or break a pregnancy.

These fifteen women share their horrific and awkward experiences from their own pregnancies, which will probably convince you that you should never have children (or at least should adopt or hire a surrogate, because pregnancy just seems that bad). If anything, these stories will show you how difficult it is to be pregnant and the types of situations you might encounter if you end up with a bun in the oven. At least this should make you feel grateful to all the women you know who are or have ever been pregnant.

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15 Clammy Chaos

Annie*, now a busy stay-at-home mother of three, didn’t know pregnancy could be so gross. Unfortunately, it took a night on the town to teach her it’s okay to avoid foods that don’t agree with you while pregnant (or anytime, for that matter).

“My husband and I were out to dinner for our anniversary when I was six months pregnant with our first child. Even though I wasn’t in the mood, I had dolled myself up pretty nicely because we anticipated the evening would be nice. However, it turned out to be anything but.

We ended up ordering clam chowder as an appetizer and I didn’t realize that was one food I should avoid. Even though I could tell it wasn’t agreeing with me, I tried to eat it anyways since it was so expensive and I didn’t want to seem picky. The next thing I know I’m in the bathroom trying to poop, yet I couldn’t. Then I feel the need to puke, so I turn around to do it in the toilet when (out of nowhere) I pooped. It flew under the bathroom stall door out into the open, so all the people in the bathroom heard and saw what a mess I made. I waited in the car while my husband quickly paid the bill and left.”

14 Former Flame

This story shows you should always expect the worse, or else you might get yourself into an awkward situation like this. Juliana* had a horrible run-in with a former crush, and it just so happened to be in the delivery room.

“I had already had two successful and drama-free pregnancies before the arrival of my daughter. My partner and I decided to use the same doctor who delivered our other children, and I couldn’t have felt less nervous or calm about the whole thing. However, things never really go as expected.

I ended up going into labor five weeks early and my doctor was still on holiday out of the country. I was nervous to use a doctor I had never met before, but I was nowhere near as nervous until I found out who that doctor was. Turns out he just happened to be the son of an old family friend who I’d had a crush on for several years back in high school. I couldn’t wait for that delivery to be over, and not just because the contractions were a b*tch.”

13 The Boozy Stranger

It can be invasive when strangers want to touch your burgeoning baby bump, especially if they do it without permission. Audrey* had one extremely bad experience when a stranger started yelling at her in public after she asked her to stop rubbing her stomach.

“I was very pregnant at the time of my best friend’s bachelorette party. Even though I obviously wouldn’t be drinking any alcohol, I still thought I could have a fun time and designated myself the sober buddy for the evening. Pretty much, I chauffeured a bunch of drunken middle aged women around town while they got their freak on.

Anyways, the horror part came when we went to an especially crowed and sort of run-down bar. I was sitting on a bar stool having a glass of water when an older woman came up to me and started rubbing my belly without explanation. When I grabbed her hand and asked what she was doing, she replied with “You’re growing a special human in there.” But, to make matters worse, she then proceeded to yell at me, telling me I was a bad mother for being at a bar and I wasn’t worthy of the child inside me. She was escorted out by security and the bartender gave me a side of fries on the house.”

12 Not So Sexy

Sex can be difficult and sometimes awkward when you’re pregnant, but Margaret’s* story might just take the cake for the worst sexy time while pregnant ever.

“I don’t know why I’ve been so unfortunate, but every time I’m pregnant I can’t have sex. I mean, I can totally have and enjoy sex, but it’s not very enjoyable for my boyfriend. That’s because I have a tendency to pee anytime I’m having sex while pregnant.

I remember when it first happened. I was on top of my hubby and was enjoying the moment, when he told me he felt something wet. I got off and then we noticed there was urine on both the bed and him Needless to say I was mortified, since I locked myself in the bathroom crying for the rest of the night. Oh yeah, pregnancy hormones were also equally as bad for me.

11 Pregnancy Brain

Some pregnant women experience what’s called ‘pregnancy brain’ during their pregnancy, which can lead them to confuse or forget certain things. Ashleigh* made a horrible and embarrassing mistake at her baby shower.

“No one tells you, but pregnancy brain is the worst. During my baby shower, I was frantically trying to keep track of whose gifts were whose so I could personalize the thank-you cards. However, I must have not done a very good job, because I totally confused 90% of the gifts. So, I was thanking people for gifts they didn’t actually give me. For the next week after I sent out the cards I was receiving calls from guests correcting me on what their gift was. Though my in-laws had bought me a very, very expensive milk-pumping machine, I absent-mindedly thanked them for a set of burping rags. My mother-in-law was not too pleased that I couldn’t even recognize the lovely gift they’d given me. “

10 (Almost) Switched at Birth

You always hear about switched at birth stories in movies and the tabloids, but you would never think it could actually happen to your child. Britney* must’ve thought she was part of a movie when this horror story occurred.

“I kid you not, this really happened. When my daughter was born, she had a minor heart problem that required some testing immediately after I gave birth to her. It was routine and all, so the nurses assured me and my boyfriend we had nothing to worry about. We were resting in our hospital room when, about 30 minutes later, a young nurse came in holding a baby boy that was definitely not ours.

She said something about the baby being ready to go home, and then I told her that was not our baby. 'No, of course it is.' The nurse said and then proceeded to argue with us, trying to convince us it was our child. I was so upset and wanted to know where my baby was that I started yelling out “Help!” Another nurse came in and quickly informed us that it was the younger nurse’s first day and she confused the room number. They brought our little girl to us shortly and apologized profusely, but I was so upset I couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

9 Shopaholic and Baby

Finding clothing that fits right is never easy, but its even more difficult when you’re nine months pregnant! Chrissy* may have been a Fashionista before pregnancy, but that didn’t prepare her for this disaster.

“I’ve always been really good at guessing my size in clothing stores and knowing what pieces will look good on me and which ones won’t. So, when I was first pregnant and showing, I didn’t think I’d have any trouble picking out maternity wear. Oh boy was I wrong.

As a recovering anorexic, I had already been having self-confidence issues when it came to how quickly I was gaining weight (though, looking back on it now, I see the error in my thinking). I went to a fancy department store and spent a ridiculous amount on cute maternity clothes, without trying them on. When I went home and put them on in front of the mirror, it was clear most of the things I got didn’t fit me the way I thought they were going to. I immediately took all the clothes back to the store to return them, but the sales lady said she couldn’t refund me since most of them had been sale items. I literally broke down crying then and there because I was so upset and embarrassed that all the nice clothing didn’t fit me. The salesladies all rushed to comfort me, and even offered me a discount the next time I shopped there. At least they said they could relate to my pregnancy struggles.”

8 Career Demands

People don’t always react the way we want them to when sharing exciting news, such as revealing you’re finally pregnant. Meghan* was a successful corporate lawyer with a steady paycheck and loving partner, but that didn’t stop people from criticizing her choice to have a baby while balancing a hectic career.

“It’s not so much my pregnancy that was the problem, it was the people I had been working with. My wife and I had been trying to get pregnant for some time through IVF, and we finally did it! Then we found out we were having twins, so it made the news even more exciting. We were so caught up in the happy celebrations, I didn’t even think about how others in my life may react. I work in a busy and successful law firm. When I told my coworkers (I told them in an unplanned way), my female coworkers were very congratulating, but several of the men asked me how I would handle raising a baby and staying in my career. For the duration of my pregnancy, they kept making offensive remarks, such as asking why I decided to carry the baby rather than my wife (since pregnancy is such an inconvenience, they argue) or suggesting I’d be a bad mother for having a career while raising a child. I quit that job soon after I came back from maternity leave, but I’m still a lawyer with a successful career and thriving family!”

7 Weak Bladder

Rose may be a mother of five, but she knows that doesn’t make pregnancy less difficult, especially if you’re prone to having a weak bladder.

“I’ve gone through five pregnancies and each time I’ve had a horrible bladder. But I’ve never had an experience so embarrassing as when I was carrying my second child. It was Black Friday and I went to Best Buy to pick up video game for my brother’s birthday that was on sale for a great price. However, as you could expect, the lines were ridiculously long. Even though I’d gone to the bathroom before going shopping, I could feel my bladder weakening.

Since the game was such a good deal, I decided to wait in line. But the urge to pee only kept getting worse- I even did a little dance while trying to hold it in. I was only a couple of people away from the cash register when I felt relieved. But it wasn’t before long that I noticed I had actually peed myself. To make things worse, I was wearing a dress, so the pee dribbled onto the floor for everyone to see. I continued to wait in line to pay for he game and then told the clerk very sheepishly what I had done. I still have not gone back to that Best Buy since.”

6 The Wrong Hole

When you’re pregnant, you have to get close and comfortable with your doctor since they’re going to be seeing a lot of you. But, like in Maggie’s* case, they may get a little bit too comfortable with you.

“I heard of this happening to other women, but I never thought it would happen to me. When I was induced in labor, the doctor wanted to check how dilated I was. Instead of sticking his fingers up my vagina, he accidently put them in my butthole. He wasn’t even embarrassed about it. He actually said, “Ugh this always happens,” like it was no big deal. Then, my husband just had to say “Don’t worry, she’s used to it.” I started screaming because I was so mortified, not because I was having a lot of pain. I guess there’s a reason he’s my ex-husband now and why I only have the one child.”

5 Massive Migraine

While some pregnancy side effects can be annoying’s, others are just downright debilitating. Bailey* suffered from intense migraines that ended up getting her into a rather embarrassing situation.

“It was really weird, but, when I was pregnant for a second time, I started getting ocular migraines. I would randomly see spots and flashes of light and it could blind me for over an hour. There was one situation where I was driving home from my sister’s (she lives about two hours away) and I got one of the migraines. I had to pull over on the side of the road to wait it out. There was really bad cell service, so I couldn’t even call my partner to come pick me up. A few nice people stopped to see if I needed help, but I just had to tell them to keep on moving. Most of them just gave me weird looks but one lady said she had a place I could stay so I wouldn’t have to sleep in my car. While that was a nice gestures, I was offended she thought I was living in my car. The migraines stopped after I had my son.”

4 Swine Flu

Lauren’s* sister’s morning sickness was mistakenly diagnosed for swine flu, which caused everyone a lot more trouble than her ER visit should have.

“This didn’t actually happen to me, but it happened to my sister and I was right there with her when it was going down. Her husband travels a lot for work, so he was out of town during one of the early months of her pregnancy. But, she had been having really bad morning sickness. She called me while I was at work one day saying she hadn’t eaten anything in over 24-hours because she couldn’t keep food down and she was feeling like she was getting sicker.

I immediately went to her house and drove her to the hospital. This was when swine flue was a thing, so the doctors totally thought that’s what she was sick with. They put her in quarantine and ran a bunch of tiring tests on her because they said it was too early in her pregnancy to be feeling this sick. They eventually found out she was only dehydrated because her morning sickness was so bad. They literally made her feel worse with all the things they put her through.”

3 When You Gotta Go

Sometimes it’s difficult to remain glamorous while pregnant, especially if you’re like Jordana*, who learned the hard way how bad it can be going to the bathroom while pregnant.

“I was five months pregnant, but my husband was having a fancy banquet to do with his work that he wanted me to attend with him. I was wearing a beautiful new dress that I just bought. While we were there, since he was talking to coworkers about boring business stuff, I made my way over to the appetizers. I was having horrible pregnancy cravings, so I stuffed my face with everything that looked good.

I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me because, the next thing I knew, I was pooping my pants while standing up. I had gone back to my husband and thought I only needed to pass gas, but ended up taking a huge dump right there. It was loud and smelly, so literally everyone around us knew what happened. I refused to go to a work function with my husband for a very long time after that. Oh, and I totally had ruined my new dress”

2 The House Party

If you’re pregnant, you always have to be aware of the nearest bathroom in case your bladder decides to explode. Unfortunately for Tracey*, there’s not much you can do if all of the bathrooms are occupied.

“I was 8 months pregnant when my husband and I decided to throw a massive party in celebration of our soon-to-arrive twin girls. We had nearly 60 people in our house and had even hired a decorator and caterer. By the end of the night, everyone was getting drunk so the bathrooms were all occupied.

Having the bladder of a two year old, I really had to relieve myself but couldn’t find any empty washroom. In desperation, I ran out to our side yard where I thought no one would be. I pulled down my pants and started relieving myself, only to see my mother’s friend and her husband making out furiously against the fence. They had totally noticed what I was doing before I could run away. I quickly buttoned my pants and ran inside, proceeding to lock myself in the guest bedroom for the rest of the night. My husband lied and told everyone I wasn’t feeling good. To this day, the family friend nor her husband have ever acknowledged what they saw (thankfully).”

1 The Terrible Twos

Pregnancy gets even harder if you already have kids to take care of, much like what happened to Gwen* when she unexpectedly went into labor but didn’t have anyone to watch her daughter.

“I went into a surprise early labor when I was expecting my second child, so my husband and I didn’t have anyone to watch our two-year old until my mom could meet us at the hospital. I was already having pretty bad contractions, so the doctors made me get into position with my legs spread on the hospital bed. I told my husband to wait with our daughter outside because she didn’t need to see me like this. But he just couldn’t take her out fast enough.

The next thing we know she’s taken off her clothing and is laying on the ground with her legs spread, similar to how I was positioned in the bed. She then said, ‘I’m going to have a baby like mommy.’ It would’ve been cute if she weren’t in a room naked with a bunch of strangers. My husband quickly took her out and handed her off to my mom who came shortly after that. We were sure to have someone on hand to watch the little ones by the time I was pregnant for a third time.”

If anything is true from these horror stories about pregnancy, it’s that being pregnant is no walk in the park. If you’re carrying another human being inside of you for nine months, then you might be prone to random bladder explosions, debilitating nausea or headaches, and sometimes even rude or inappropriate strangers. It’s clear that being pregnant is anything but easy, and these mothers definitely deserve a round of applause for not losing their cool in these situations. Even more, it’s clear the pregnant women in your life deserve a huge pat on the back and thank you for everything they put up with. But, at the end of the day, we bet any of these mothers would tell you their pregnancy was well worth it because of the little bundle of joy they ended up with after the nine months. Pregnancy (as well as post-pregnancy) may be difficult, but the challenge is worth it since you literally get to create human life through it.

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