15 Hot Fictional Dads Mom's Attracted To Based On Her Zodiac

Really attracted to specific types of guys based on your zodiac sign? Some say yes. You see him. And, you’re instantly attracted. There’s no getting to know him, finding out all of his stats or anything that’s too deep and personal. But, there’s still that magnetic pull.

Oh, and did we mention that you don’t know him in real life? Um, not only don’t you know him in real life, but he’s not even a real person. That’s right, he’s a totally fictional guy. Scratch that, he’s a totally fictional dad guy.

Okay, so you’re not, “Hey, I’m going to marry that guy!” attracted to him. It’s more like those mid-afternoon daydream fantasies and rewatching the same TV show or movie over and over and over again just to get a glimpse of him type of attraction.

Maybe he’s not your “type” and maybe he’s nothing like your real life S.O. pick. So, why are you amazingly attracted to a fictional dad from your fave show? Well, to start with, he’s probably impossibly hot. And, then there’s the fact that he’s totally into his daddy-ing duties. Obviously, that just adds to the attraction. But, then there’s the whole zodiac thing. It’s not just his Hollywood good looks that are getting to you, it’s also his attitude.

Combine your zodiac sign with his and poof – you get sparks! Sometimes it’s the traits you’re lacking that you see in him, and sometimes it’s the similar ones that really get to you. Whatever the reason is, check out these fictional hotties and they’re best horoscope mates.

15 Gemini - Phil Dunphy

Phil’s the somewhat bumbling, but sweetly sexy, dad on Modern Family. He’s a realtor. He’s an inventor. He’s awesomely wacky and he’d do just about anything for his family.

Phil’s all about the big gesture and he’s always doing whatever he can to make his wife Claire super-happy. He’ll make you chuckle, give you giddy giggles and possibly even bring on that romantic blush. Given that Phil’s major traits are a sense of sweetness, resiliency, humor and never-ending devotion, it’s no wonder you think he’s first on your list of fictional hotties. But, is it your horoscope sign that’s giving you those belly-filling butterflies?

Well, if you’re a Gemini your instant attraction may come from that astrological pull. Geminis tend to find themselves attracted to partners who are charismatic, but not overly complicated. They’re not so much into those fussy, aloof, love-the-chase types of guys, and prefer S.O.s who are sociable, likable and “nice.”

14 Sagittarius - Rick Grimes

Yeah, he’s got that it’s that “It’s the apocalypse and I’m going to take care of everyone” thing going on. The Walking Dead dad’s rugged good looks aren’t so much by choice, but by necessity (hey, no one has time for hygiene when zombies, Saviors and all kinds of other baddies are after you). He’ previous-life career choice and present role of leader show that he’s confident and likes to take control. Oh, but there’s no control-freakiness here.

Rick’s a papa bear and is totally protective when it comes to his kids (even if one of them isn’t really his – and there’s no question about that now). He’s selfless in many ways, and would put his safety in jeopardy if it meant that one his loved ones would live. Ah, life in zombified times!

So, what zodiac sign digs Rick’s traits? Sagittarius women may find themselves most attracted to this fictional dad. Why? They tend to look for life partners who are steady and ready for a commitment. High morals and lofty ideals are part of the Sagittarius woman’s checklist, as are honesty and integrity. Hmm. Kind of sounds like Rick, right?

13 Libra - Sandy Cohen

The O.C. dad is an idealist at heart. Sandy Cohen is much more than a random corporate hottie. Yes, he’s a high-powered attorney. But, he started from a place of heart. Despite all of the money, all of the things and all of the power, Sandy is in it for his principles.

He’s a caring husband, and has supported his wife through alcoholism and much, much more. And, of course, there’s he was all about helping and taking in bad boy Ryan. Not only is he a dedicated dad to his own son Seth, but he does whatever is necessary to make sure that Ryan gets on the straight and narrow. Seriously. He’s a stand-up guy.

What type of girls are in the Sandy Cohen type? Libras are a good bet. They like charming and polite guys (um, Sandy) who are well spoken too (and again, Sandy). Of course, the Sagittarius women might also be into this doting dad, finding his idealistic side intensely attractive.

12 Capricorn - Eric Taylor

There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Friday Night Light’s Coach Taylor is a first-class hottie. He’s got those clean-pressed good looks and is all about athletics. He’s strong, loyal, loving and all about his family. He’s a hard-worker and will do what it takes to succeed – both on and off of the field. Hey, who wouldn’t fall for this dreamy football coach? He’s the whole package.

Capricorn women may be way into Coach Taylor, feeling his hardworking ways. These women tend to be attracted to goal-driven guys who are driven to succeed. If you’re looking for those traits, a top-notch high school football coach fits the bill. Capricorns are also often looking for serious partners, and aren’t about to waste their time with one-night stands or casual relationships. Coach Taylor is clearly a family man who isn’t going to use a woman and toss her out the next day (absolutely, positively no way!).

11 Scorpio - Don Draper

The Mad Men ad exec is also a husband (kind of), dad, drunk, man-whore and super-sexy seductive guy. Yes, he’s super-sleazy. He’ll go to bed with just about anything that offers and he’s far from loyal. He can’t seem to get the faithful thing down, but that hasn’t stopped him from caring for his three kids. Sure, we know he’s bad news. But, we still want him.

Which women want Don Draper the most? Your zodiac sign may make you even more attracted to this kind of lousy lothario of a guy, but super-hot, dad. Scorpios tend to find themselves attracted to secretive, intense men who are passionate, powerful and a little bit dangerous. Whoa! That sounds like Don. Right? Scorpios are also all about the sexual connection. They get emotionally excited when it comes to a bit of a power struggle and crave that magnetic sense of attraction.

10  Sagittarius And Capricorn - Dre Johnson

The sitcom star of black-ish is a family man at heart. He’s a devoted (maybe too devoted at times) son, an involved dad and a loving husband. Even though Dre seems like he has it all, he isn’t always comfortable with his current life. Struggling to keep his own cultural identity, he’s constantly caught in the middle of the world he’s from and the world he lives in.

When it comes to the traits that make this fictional dad oh-so attractive, Dre’s got a total sense of loyalty. He’s sweet, dedicated to his family and hardworking. He’s social, but isn’t anything like some of the more ‘social climber-esque’ TV dads out there.

It’s likely that Capricorn women would be attracted to Dre’s ways. At least if you take into consideration the traits of his fictional in-screen wife Bo. Whether she’s a true Capricorn or not, she certainly possesses plenty of the sign’s attributes. Capricorns tend to be strong, independent women who are hard-working themselves. As a working mom (Bo’s a doctor), she’s exactly that.

Sagittarius women may also find themselves dreaming about Dre. These mamas are looking for a life partner and want a man who will also be their best friend. While Dre might not ooze that Don Draper sexuality, he’s much more loyal – and totally BFF material!

9 Aquarius And Sagittarius - Jim Halpert

The Office’s Jim Halpert is a comedian at heart. He’s that goofy guy who every girl wants as a best friend. The prankster is super-smart, sarcastic and has a quick wit that makes him even more appealing. Even though he’s not “hot” in the traditional hunky sense of the word, his boyish good looks definitely make him daydream-worthy.

Sagittarius women may find themselves attracted to this fictional dad. Mamas who fall under this sign want life mates, and not quick hook-ups. They’re attracted to men that naturally form long-lasting bonds, want a commitment and form relationships that start with strong friendships.

Along with Sagittarius ladies, Aquarius women may also find Halpert inexplicably attractive. This sign is attracted to men who are intellectual and open-minded. He might be an idealist, a bit of a rebel and oddly original. While Jim isn’t exactly a “Rebel Without a Cause,” he’s entirely unconventional – in the sexiest of ways!

8 Virgo And Leo - Nathan Scott

The One Tree Hill daddy was still in high school when he got his S.O. pregnant. Hey, that would make plenty of men (um, boys) run for it. Not Scott. He stuck around, at least kind of.

Scott wasn’t just your regular ol’ popular basketball player hottie. Sure, he had Ken doll good looks and was athletic too. But, he also eventually proved himself to be a loyal friend and a family man. He may have started out as a snotty kid, but these teen dad showed that he was more confident than cocky and more valiant than villain.

Virgos may find themselves attracted to Scott, based on his ability to quickly grow up and take on the responsibilities of fatherhood and marriage well beyond his years. Leo girls might also find themselves attracted to this cutie. Leos tend to like men who encourage them to pursue their dreams. Scott may not have absolutely thrilled when his love Haley left to pursue her musical career, but he also didn’t stop her

7 Scorpio - Kevin Garvey, Jr.

Okay, we know it – the Leftovers is weird AF. What happened to all of those people who departed? And, why the heck did odd little cults pop up where the members dressed in all white and smoked all the time? Oh yeah, and then there was the whole episode when hot dad Kevin Jr. apparently died and spent his death dream in a kooky hotel. Hmm.

Regardless of the show’s oddities, Kevin is certainly one fictional dad who we enjoy watching. Aside from his good looks (hey, if he’s alright for Jen Aniston in real life, he’s just fine for us on TV), Garvey is complicated in a completely sexy way. This isn’t a simple guy, and his complexities make him awesomely attractive. He’s kind of broken, but kind of in charge. He’s filled with contractions, and a bit (or more than a bit) of craziness.

Scorpio women may find Kevin attractive, feeding off of his somewhat secretive and seductive attitude. Even though his seductiveness isn’t at all intentional, he does have a sort of bad boy thing going on that would excite a Scorpio.

6 Aries - Bobby Axelrod

Damian Lewis as Bobby "Axe" Axelrod in Billions (Season 1, Episode 2). - Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: Billions_102_2296.R

The billionaire TV dad of Showtime’s Billions isn’t just hot in the looks department. He’s got confidence spewing from his eyeballs and is a successful survivor. Instead of typical blue blood born into it wealthy guy, Axelrod is completely self-made. His blue collar background keeps Axe (for short) grounded – even in a blood blue world.

Even though Axe can lead towards greed, it’s in business only. He’s got an incredible sense of intelligence, can read people like nobody’s business and is sparingly loyal. Axe’s character type would typical be one to lie, cheat and regularly ditch his beloved wife for trysts with other women. Okay, so his on-screen wife is impossibly gorgeous. But, that’s not what keeps him into her – it’s his intense love for her and truly deep loyalty.

Aries women may find Axe’s out-there, adventurous sense appealing. Along with that, they’re probably also attracted to his unwavering self-confidence and go-getter attitude. But, on the BFF front, Sagittarius girls may like Axe’s commitment to his wife and ability to stay put with a true life partner.

5 Scorpio - James Delaney

Um, is there really a man on TV who oozes as much animal sex appeal as Tom Hardy’s James Delaney. He’s gorgeous as can be, and has that villain-esque magnetism to him. Yeah, you know he’s bad for you (like, 50 shades more than 50 shades bad for you), but you still want him anyway.

Okay, so Delaney isn’t exactly the picture perfect daddy. No way. He’s got a kid – or so we think. Of course, he has no intention of raising the boy or having much to do with him at all. While the young boy is put out there as Delaney’s so-called brother, it seems more like he’s the product of the incestuous relationship that he’s been having with his half-sister Zilpha. Yikes!

So, what kind of woman is attracted to Delaney? All of us? But, more specifically, Scorpios. They’re into the seductive, secretive types. And, James has those covered.

4 Cancer - Glenn Rhee

Ah, the token nice guy from the Walking Dead met his untimely demise, at the end of Negan’s barbed baseball bat Lucille, long before he even got the chance to see his baby. Before Glenn’s gruesome ending he was sweet, calming and beyond loyal.

Along with his loyalty, some of Glenn’s finer traits were his resourcefulness, enthusiasm and ability to love. His relationship with Maggie was true blue, and the guy with a boyish sense of charm would have made the perfect papa. If he had been given the chance, Glenn probably would have been a doting dad with a sensitive (yet protecting) side.

Cancer sign women are most likely to suddenly find themselves attracted to this would-be TV dad. Cancers are drawn to the sensitive, understanding type of guy who provides emotional safety. Okay, so safety and security aren’t exactly anything that anyone in the post-apocalyptic world of TWD can truly provide. But, Glenn does his best – at least, for Maggie.

3 Virgo - Charles Ingalls

You grew up addictively watching The Little House On the Prairie. You pretended that you were the pig-tailed Laura Ingalls as a little girl. But, as you grew up you saw the rugged, old school hotness of TV dad Charles Ingalls. He was a strong frontiersman who did things on his own.

Okay, so this TV dad was actually a man from real life. The notable author included her “Pa” in her stories – which eventually made their way to television (many years later). This family man was loyal and loving, but tough when he needed to be. Sure, much of his steady character came from necessity. He lived in a time when you had to grow up fast and work hard. If not, the farm and everything around him would have failed.

Virgos may find themselves attracted to Ingalls’ maturity and practical nature. These women crave “grown-up” men who know what they want, and aren’t into childish or frivolous pursuits.

2 Scorpio - Tony Soprano

Mob boss? Yep. Even though he was more wise guy than nice guy, Soprano was portrayed as a loving father. Yeah, he was overprotective. But, what daddy isn’t?

Tony always has the weight of the world on his shoulders, and his therapy sessions show it. He’s a mix of confidence and anxiety, stamina and stress. He suffers from panic attacks, yet is powerful enough to run a major crime family. He’s kind of a walking, talking contradiction.

Who’s into the Tony type of dad? The fiery Aries may like Tony’s stronger side. They enjoy a challenge, and that’s what Soprano would offer. He may be difficult at times, but he’s definitely not boring. These strong-willed women often look for someone with a similar ram’s confidence (and stubbornness).

The Scorpio woman may also find Soprano supremely attractive. These mamas are all about power and danger. Hmm. A mob boss pretty much fits the bill. Right?

1 Aries - Carlos Solis

As Eva Longoria’s fictional husband on Desperate Housewives, Carlos Solis was characterized as a wealthy, fiery, confident man. The Mexican-born husband and dad went to college on a scholarship and worked his way into an amazingly successful career. Women who want wealth (like his on-screen wife) would find this type of guy exciting and attractive. Along with his success, Solis is also very much of the “in charge” type of husband and father.

The Aries woman is probably the most likely to feel an unwavering attraction to Carlos. Aries are stubborn, resilient, confident and strong. Not only do they possess these traits themselves, but they seek them out in potential mates. They’re attracted to men who put themselves out there, are adventurous and expect success. Women who fall under the Aries sign are way into the macho type and like a guy who shows super-strength. Solis is more macho than mouse and is definitely a strong example of masculinity.

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