15 Hottest Pictures Of Pregnant Celebs That Will Cause Serious Envy

Back in the day, crazily, being a celebrity and being pregnant was kind of a taboo subject. Celebs who were pregnant, did their utmost to stop the news of their pregnancy from getting out, wanting to keep it under wraps. They would do this for months and months, for as long as possible, before that baby bump started to become prominent and gave the game away. Even then they’d wear things to cover up that bump…how times have changed.

It was weird how being a celebrity and being pregnant was actually deemed to be rather shameful – ludicrous that that was the case. But nowadays celebs tend to not give a toss about who knows; even if they did, unless they locked themselves away for the duration of their pregnancy, with the amount of paparazzi about, it wouldn’t be long before the world knew they’re preggers.

Although it might be uncomfortable, be a totally new experience, celebs embrace that baby bump, and many actually love it– it gives them an opportunity to do some amazing photoshoots, take some awesome pregnancy pics. That’s what a lot of pregnant celebs – unless they’re the shy and retiring type – do nowadays; they take a ton of pregnancy pics of themselves looking all glammed up and fabulous with their baby bump. They can also be seen out and about at award ceremonies and functions, or just living their everyday lives, looking fabulous and radiant, as if pregnancy hasn’t taken its toll on them at all. These are 15 hot pictures of pregnant celebs, celebs who rocked their baby bump and looked fabulous.

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15 Alicia Keys

Singing sensation Alicia Keys began dating rapper Kasseem Dean, who goes by the name Swiss Beatz, back in 2008, and things progressed pretty fast in their relationship. A couple of years later, they were expecting their first child, got engaged, subsequently got married, and then four years later they announced that baby number two was on the way. This is a pic from when they announced the news on Twitter. It was posted by Alicia on their four-year anniversary, and she thought she’d share the baby bump with her fans too, another reason to celebrate. I’m sure everyone would agree that Alicia looks absolutely stunning in that floor-length white dress, she looks radiant, looks angelic. Her hubby Dean certainly thinks so and the love and affection between the two is evident. Looking like that when more than a few months on is just ridiculous, certainly a cause for envy.

14 Kourtney Kardashian

You just knew that the Kardashians were going to be on this list. The whole family is all about glam; they’ve lived their lives in the spot light, and so whenever the cameras are around – which is all the time when those girls make an appearance – you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to look fabulous. Even when pregnant the Kardashians still manage to look amazing, as Kourtney demonstrates in this pic. The sisters are work horses and rarely stop, but this is one of those rare moments where Kourtney’s taking some chill time. She’s heavily pregnancy and looks as if she’s about to pop, but still looks incredibly stylish in that two-piece swimming suit. She’s one hot sexy mama in this pic; she probably knew the paparazzi were going to out in full force, so the make up’s on, the shades are in place, she’s got her tan on, and she just looks absolutely amazing.

13 Kim Kardashian

You didn’t think I’d have Kourtney Kardashian and not include the most glamorous, most famous Kardashian sister of them all did you? I had to include Kim as an entry on this list, because she’s glitz and glam personified, probably the most glamorous celeb out there. She very rarely ventures out or allows herself to be seen with makeup, without looking fabulous, and being pregnant is no different. This is a pic of Kim in 2015 on a family holiday to St. Barths, soaking in the Caribbean sun. The tropical paradise was scorching hot, and Kim was sizzling too in her two-piece bikini. She was sporting a full face of makeup and - I’m sure many would agree – she looked absolutely stunning. Around this time the selfie queen also began posting a ton of pics on social media, and in every one she looked absolutely amazing. Kim’s loved by many, but pregnant women looking at the type of pregnancy she had, what she was getting up to during her pregnancy and how she looked, must be going green with envy.

12 Vanessa Lachey

TV personality, Vanessa Lachey has gained fame and fortune for all manner of things. She’s a TV host fashion model and actress, and after enjoying success in the modeling industry, she’s risen to become a prominent name in the celeb world, carving out a career for herself on TV. She’s also known – all be it to a lesser extent – for embracing her pregnancy, stepping out and looking fabulous during her pregnancy days. A lot of people would shy away from the cameras during pregnancy, certainly stay away from the bikinis, but not Vanessa. She posed and posted this pic of herself in this stunning location whilst she was pregnant with her second child, and perhaps it was the sun, but she looked radiant, looked utterly amazing. Pulling off a sexy look in a bikini isn’t easy, but Vanessa in her almost zen-like state, pulled it off effortlessly, as depicted in this amazing picture.

11 Pamela Anderson


Pamela Anderson can wear anything and still manage to look fabulous. She’s made a name for herself for being glamorous, for showing off her body, her assets, and for being a sultry actress and model, so posing while she’s got a baby bump was never going to be enough to make her shy away from the cameras.

Pamela has two kids with her former hubby, drummer Tommy Lee. This pic was taken during one of those pregnancies, and so it was quite some time ago, when Pamela was perhaps a bit more risqué with the shoots she was doing. There’s nothing outrageous with this pic – it’s just a really nice pregnancy pic of Pamela looking beautiful as ever. She appears to be in the middle of a photoshoot and was suddenly caught unawares, but she still manages to look absolutely amazing. She’s got the face and body of a glamor model even with the rigors of pregnancy.

10 Chrissy Teigen


Model Chrissy Teigen and singing sensation John Legend have both been very frank about their struggles with infertility, about how tough it was for Chrissy to get pregnant. So, after going to fertility specialists and going through rounds of IVF treatments, they finally got the news they were hoping for – Chrissy was pregnant. It’s understandable that after such great news, they’d want to share it with the world, and Chrissy did just that. It’s evident that although pregnancy’s new to her, it wasn’t going to slow how down – she is a model after all – from doing what she does best and posing for hot, glamorous photos. This pic was actually taken days after she revealed that she was pregnant. It’s a pic of her in a bathing suit, and she just looks fabulous – the rigors of pregnancy obviously hadn’t taken their toll at that point. She’s got attitude, some sass, and just looks stunning – another woman who’s just totally embraced the whole pregnancy thing and is probably the envy of a lot of women.

9 Beyoncé

It’s fair to say that Beyoncé’s been everyone’s favorite pregnant woman over recent years, she’s one celeb who gets people talking, not only because she’s a fabulous singer, one of the best, but because she’s another woman who’s embraced her pregnancy and looks absolutely stunning.

Fans of hers and Jay Z were eagerly awaiting the news that they’d be adding to their family, and when it eventually happened, the amount of love that was showered upon the two was absolutely unbelievable.

Beyoncé suffered a miscarriage in 2010, and it was understandably the hardest thing she’d ever had to deal with. But a couple of years later she was able to cradle her new-born baby in her arms, as she’d given birth to a baby girl.

Beyoncé obviously wasn’t shy about showing off her pregnancy body, and why would she if you look as stunning as she does! Falling pregnant again was a massive thing for her, and so she wanted to document the journey, wanted some great snaps to add to the family album, and boy has she got a great one here.

8 Shakira

Everyone’s favorite Latin superstar singer, Shakira, is another one on this list who always looks absolutely stunning. In this pic, she’d gotten dolled up for a bit of a photoshoot, obviously wanting some great snaps that she could keep in the family album, her album with hubby Barcelona soccer player, Gerard Piqué.

It’s a simple pic, simple colors, basic surroundings, but terrific lighting that just makes Shakira look a million bucks. Aside from the lighting, Shakira’s just drop-dead gorgeous anyway – there’s never an unglamorous moment with Shakira. Her hips don’t lie and her pregnancy pics don’t lie either; she’s radiant and looks amazing, which is quite a feat considering she looks as if she’s about to burst.

Pics like this one are always going to cause envy. She makes it all seem effortless, and although she does look great for this photoshoot, she is just naturally elegant, has that natural beauty which is the basis for such amazing photos.

7 Kate Hudson


The blonde bombshell that is Kate Hudson, has slowly climbed the ranks and is today regarded to be one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She’s also regarded to be one of the hottest; she’s got the looks and the stunningly beautiful svelte body to match – that entire package alone is one that causes serious envy amongst her peers and those watching her onscreen.

Kate did put on a lot of weight – not just baby weight – by her own admission, which a lot of pregnant women tend to do, it’s inevitable, but somehow Kate still looked unbelievable. She admits that she ate tons of ice cream, enough to last her a lifetime, during her pregnancy, but many feel that that bit of weight gain actually plumped her up a little bit and enhanced her already stunning features. If only putting on a few pounds could have that effect on everyone!

6 Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere has always looked so cute and delicate – like a delicate little flower – so it seemed inconceivable to some people that she was going to be raising her own child. She is still quite young, was only 25 when she had her one and only child, but she had her long-term partner with her, the boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko, with her throughout the journey – a strong presence for her to lean on, quite literally.

With it being her first and all, Hayden found pregnancy tough. This was taken while she was pregnant, but we now know that after her pregnancy, she had a really difficult time, suffering from postpartum depression. Knowing all of this, knowing all the thoughts that were whirring around in her head, even during pregnancy, it’s therefore pretty amazing that she still managed to look like the glamorous, beautiful actress everyone loves her for. If you’re going through a tough time during pregnancy, looking fabulous isn’t really at the forefront of your mind, but Hayden managed to pull it off.

5 Hilary Duff


A lot of us grew up watching Hilary Duff on TV on the Disney Channel. Lizzie McGuire was a favorite of a lot of ours, our favorite teen character, but over the years we’ve seen Hilary blossom from the sweet Lizzie to the pop singing sensation. She enjoyed a huge level of success in two different industry – it’s just a pity we haven’t seen more of her onscreen over recent years as she’s been concentrating on her music and on motherhood.

Hilary achieved so much fame growing up because she can act, she can sing, and is absolutely stunning. Along with her sister, she makes up a pair of the hottest sisters in Hollywood – it truly is amazing all she’s achieved because she’s still in her 20s.

Hilary announced her pregnancy in 2011, when she was with former ice hockey player, Mike Comrie, and as you can see from this picture, she embraced every aspect of her pregnancy wholeheartedly. It’s Christmas time in the Duff household and Hilary was certainly in the festive spirit, getting ready for the joyous occasion complete with a painted baby bump.

4 Jessica Alba

Some people change during pregnancy, everything just looks bigger, swells. Some people look totally unrecognizable, but not Jessica, Jessica looked as stunning as she always does, perhaps better, due to the glorious glow that accompanies pregnant women as they approach motherhood.

Jessica didn’t take it easy when she was pregnant. She had scenes to wrap up, things to do, places to see, people to meet, and when everything was wrapped up, the shooting was finished with, it was time to promote her movies and upcoming projects, time for all the media appearances. Although I’m sure Jessica would rather be putting her feet up, she loves doing all that stuff, is a great person to talk to on any show, and we love seeing her too. This is a pic of Jessica in 2011 on the Jay Leno show. She looks amazing, just as she always does, seems really happy, to be in a good place, and just in great spirits. The rigors of pregnancy obviously hadn’t gotten her down, and she looked like that right through her pregnancy too.

3 Angelina Jolie


Brad and Angelina – Bradgelina – were the star couple of Hollywood when they were hitched. They had the perfect little family – or appeared to have one – complete with a load of kids in tow. It’s amazing that with six kids – yes three were adopted – she still manages to look that good. Six kids running around the house is a lot to deal with, and although she had nannies and a multitude of helpers, it’d still take a lot out of you. But for Angelina it just seems like a walk in the park. Pregnancy’s a pretty normal thing for her, and this was just another pregnancy for her – she doesn’t seem fazed and it doesn’t seem to have affected her at all. This is one of her more glamorous pics. In fact, it’s a pretty iconic pic that was taken by the paparazzi at one of her fancy soirées. It hides the baby bump pretty well, and after it was taken, that Spaghetti V-neck Floor Length Chiffon went flying off the shelves, with women everywhere wanting to get their hands on it, but very few would be able to look as fabulous in it as Angelina.

2 Halle Berry

Halle Berry’s had two kids and on both occasions, she’s looked awesome. She had them quite late in life too – compared to most – when she was in her 40s, and because of that there must have been some added strain on her pregnancy; the body goes through a lot trying to handle the rigors of pregnancy, and when you’re in your forties and are leading the kind of busy life that Halle leads, it must take its toll. There must have been some tough moments for Halle behind closed doors, but when the cameras are rolling and the paparazzi are out in full force, looking glamorous is effortless for this queen of the screen.

The bump’s showing but Halle’s glowing and just looks amazing in that dress, all done up like that walking the red carpet. Not many people would be able to pull that look off while pregnant, but for Halle, it’s a piece of cake.

1 Kate Winslet


British actress Kate Winslet is truly a darling of the screen, a British film icon who’s achieved worldwide success. She’s only in her early 40s but it seems as if she’s been around for yonks. That iconic film in 1997, Titanic, is the movie that propelled her to superstardom, at just the tender age of 22, and she’s since gone on to achieve a ton of other accolades, quite a few of which have been because of her role in the film Labor Day. In that movie, she plays a troubled mother who gets held hostage in her own home by a criminal on the run. It must have been mightily tough playing that role, especially because she was actually pregnant at the time. By the time the movie was wrapped up and it was time for the promo appearances, Kate was visibly pregnant, but still looked absolutely amazing. In fact, she looks pretty much the same as she did in her Titanic days – remarkable considering it’s around 15 years later and she’s preggers!

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