15 Hygiene Mishaps To Remember


One of the most uncomfortable appointments a woman will have to make is the one with her OBGYN or gyno to check if she is pregnant.

You know that you need to be checked down there, and if you are pregnant, you need to be examined. But it is an appointment that no one absolutely looks forward to having. It is easy to worry about whether or not you shaved your legs, or how bad or strange you may smell down there. You may also worry if your privates even look funny and how the OBGYN will react to it. The fact of the matter is, your OBGYN will not care whether or not you have shaved your legs. Your OBGYN is used to all kinds of odors so yours will not be so bad, not to mention that he or she really does not care.

However, your OBGYN does care about things that you would least expect him or her to care about - such as basic hygiene. In fact, there are plenty of hygiene mishaps that drives these doctors insane! Let's go over 15 of these right now.

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15 Buying Scented Products

scented pads

Just like it is a no-no to use scented toilet paper to clean yourself up after doing your business, you also need to avoid wearing scented pads. You may feel better wearing them because it will mask any odor that you fear could emit from your private areas. However, that actually is quite untrue.

If you keep yourself clean, whether you are in the middle of your time of the month, or if you are pregnant and you are leaking plenty of discharge, you will not smell.

You are going to want to stay far away from scented pads and never use them again after realizing how bad they are for you. These pads have toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer and other harmful illnesses, so if your OBGYN catches you wearing one then you will be told to stop and get rid of the rest!

14 Taking Too Many Bubble Baths

take a bath

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a luke-warm bath, whether you are pregnant or not, every now and then. However, it is important to realize that by taking baths the odds of developing an infection down there does increase somewhat. That is because the warm water is in contact with your lady parts which will increase the chance of bacteria entering and that would not be a good thing. That is why it is better to take showers instead of baths.

However, if you take plain baths and wipe your lady parts with unscented feminine products after coming out of the tub, you should be fine. But if you take bubble baths, that can be quite problematic. Even if you don't end up with an infection, you will end up with irritations in the area that could be avoided. It drives OBGYNs nuts whenever their patients have infections or irritations down there due to the fact that they are taking bubble baths night after night. Those are clearly not good for you and are quite unhygienic!

13 You Think A Brazilian Wax Is Necessary

Brazilian wax

One of many things that drive OBGYNs absolutely bananas is when women come in after having a Brazilian wax, or if they have shaved the entire area away. Some of these women fear that having this hair may scare off their OBGYNs which is absolutely ludicrous.

In fact, there is a reason that you have that hair - protection. It is there to help protect your private areas from foreign bodies that could infect it. That being said, if you don't have a bush because it was waxed away or shaved off, that is one of the most unhygienic things you can possibly do. As long as you are taking a shower and cleaning yourself daily, then those hairs will be clean as well, so there is nothing to worry about when it comes to leaving the bush as it is. You will have more to worry about by removing it! So don't do that.

12 Not Doing #1 Right After

This one is actually quite gross because many women after having a fun time with their partner do not go #1 after. This really does need to be done. It is critical because it will rid the urethra and the bladder of bacteria. You will also want to be washing around the area as well, to make sure that no bacteria is left around to enter your privates.

It is bad enough that many vaginal infections are a result of not urinating after doing the deed but you also could easily end up with a urinary tract or bladder infection which is far from pleasant. This is something to remember the next time you and your partner have an intimate moment. Definitely remember to pee and to wash well around those lady parts after the fact, and as long as you do, those nasty infections will be kept at bay.

11 Wearing Tight Synthetic Fabrics

It is bad enough if underwear is not changed enough, but it is even worse if you are wearing tight synthetic underwear instead of cotton, even if you change it daily. The reason for that is that tight synthetic underwear does not allow the area around your lady parts to get enough ventilation, meaning it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and other gross stuff.

At least cotton underwear is breathable and will not create any kind of environment that will allow any kind of nasties to thrive. Therefore, if you have some kind of infection and your OBGYN asks you what kind of underwear you are wearing, and you aren't really sure but do know it is not made out of cotton...well, you will be receiving a lecture about how unsanitary it is to wear underwear that will not allow your lady parts to breathe.

10 Using Perfume To 'Freshen Up'


Before seeing the OBGYN, it is easy to be concerned about what smells could be emitting from your lady parts and you may be really worried that you aren't clean, so you want to make sure that you not only are clean but that you clean with a product that has some sort of a perfume in it. All OBGYNs will tell you to not worry about the smells emitting from down there because it is all normal.

More importantly, if you want to clean your lady parts, only use water and a little bit of mild soap. Always use products that are hypoallergenic and pH-balanced gentle cleansers. If you use products with perfume, it will actually make the area more irritated and smell even worse than if you had not cleaned the area at all. Therefore, if you clean with a perfume-based cleansing product, it is really going to drive your OBGYN insane! Therefore, don't do it.

9 Wiping Back To Front


It is common knowledge to women that they must wipe front to back in order to prevent bacteria from the behind spreading to the lady parts. However, many women may know this but don't always remember- and end up wiping themselves from back to front which will bring the yucky stuff from the back end to the front. That is a common cause of yeast infections because once that bacteria from the back is inside the privates, it creates a yeast infection or another kind of infections.

You can also end up with urinary tract infections by wiping yourself the wrong way, and those are always so unpleasant. Therefore, if you ended up with some kind of infection because you realized that you were wiping the wrong way, your OBGYN will most definitely give you a lecture and will remind you to always wipe from the front to the back!

8 Not Changing Your Undergarments Often Enough


Most people realize how important it is to change your underwear daily, especially women! However, many women will wear the same underwear for several days until they feel that it is time to throw it into the dirty laundry. The thing is if you don't change your underwear often enough, which is daily, or at the very least every 48 hours, you are at risk of developing an infection in your private area.

The fact of the matter is that the inside of your private parts can be a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. That will not happen if you wear clean underwear each day. However, if you keep the same underwear on for days, the bacteria will begin to breed and you are at risk for ending up with a nasty infection down there which will drive you insane. The fact that you didn't change your underwear often enough will drive your OBGYN insane as well just by knowing that it was the cause of your infection to begin with.

7 Eating Too Much Sugar


If you are eating plenty of processed food, white bread, white rice, white pasta, cookies, cakes, pastries and candy and you are frequently ending up with yeast infections, that is why. All of those simple carbs turn right into sugar, and too much sugar in your system will make you prone to yeast infections, as well as other types of infections in your lady parts.

If your OBGYN gives you a lecture about your carb-heavy diet, then there is a reason for that. Too much sugar is the reason why you keep having to make appointments due to recurring infections. All you have to do is make some dietary changes such as eating less candy, more fruits, and veggies, and ditching the white bread and going for whole-grain instead. The same goes for rice and crackers as brown rice and whole-grain crackers are a better option. Once you make healthier changes, you will not end up recurring infections.

6 Failing To Wear Dry Clothes After Swimming


Many OBGYNs have stated that the one thing that really drives them bananas is when women have irritations or infections down there because they did not change out of their bathing suits right after going for a swim. The problem with that is that if you wear a wet bathing suit for a long period of time after getting out of the swimming pool, you are allowing the damp area to stay in contact with your lady parts which will create a nasty breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

These women may have believed that eventually, they would dry off if they stayed out of the pool and didn't see the need to change. That is true, however, it is not hygienic to keep your lady parts exposed to that kind of dampness for a prolonged period of time. Gross things will happen if you don't change and dry off right away!

5 Not Washing Your Hands Before Using Public Facilities

washing hands

Most people know enough to wash their hands after using the bathroom, whether you are using a bathroom at home, your office or in the public. However, if you don't wash your hands before going to the bathroom, you are increasing your chances of developing an infection down there. Especially if you are out in public and need to use the public facilities.

If you are out in public you are exposed to many different forms of bacteria and fungi and other kinds of crud. Therefore, your hands are filled with gross stuff and if you go use a public washroom without washing your hands first, you are increasing your chances of developing something nasty down there. This can happen at home too, but the risk is higher when you are out in public.

Next time you are out and about, wash your hands with soap and water before using the bathroom, as well as after!

4 Buying Perfumed Toilet Paper

Image result for its scented gif

Whenever you go and buy toilet paper, please make sure it is unscented and plain. The scented kinds may smell really nice and will most definitely give you the impression that you will be even fresher after wiping whenever you have done your business. However, scented toilet paper has chemicals that will irritate your privates.

Therefore, you will end up with irritations down there that will drive you absolutely insane because the itching will get to you. If your OBGYN sees that you have irritations because you are using scented toilet paper, he or she will immediately tell you to throw the rest of the toilet paper roll out and get rid of any unused ones, and be sure to only buy the plain and unscented rolls of toilet paper. This alone will help you stay cleaner and you will not end up with those annoying irritations by using regular TP.

3 Not Drinking Enough Water


Failing to stay hydrated will put your body at risk for ending up with infections because your circulation is poor, and your immune system is not functioning all that well. If you are dealing with an awful rash in your lady parts or have frequent infections and you just realized that you only drink two cups of water a day (but you still drink plenty of juice and soda), well you are not properly hydrated.

Juice is full of sugar and so is soda, and even diet soda is not good for you and will not properly keep you hydrated (and if you are drinking soda while you are pregnant that is also not recommended, but that is another issue altogether). Only water will keep you hydrated and your body functioning properly!

2 Wearing Pads For Too Long

maxi pads

This one should be a no-brainer, however, many women end up with irritations and infections because they are not changing their pads as often as they should! Even while you are pregnant, you may be finding yourself having to wear panty-liners often because you can leak quite a bit. Those need to be changed every few hours too.

Failing to change your pads whether you are pregnant and need to wear protection for your underwear because you are leaking, or because you have your period, will create ugly breeding grounds for bacteria to thrive. Therefore you will be likely to end up with an infection or at the very least irritations down there because your pads were not changed often enough.

The same goes for whenever you are in the middle of your time of the month and you are using tampons. Always make sure that they are changed every 4 to 5 hours at most, otherwise, you could end up with a serious infection called toxic shock syndrome which is far worse than any ordinary yeast infection!

1 Not Changing Out Of Those Work Out Clothes

If you have done your high-intensity workout but did not change out of your sweaty clothes, you are increasing the risk of ending up with some kind of awful infection down there. That is because the sweat comes in contact with your privates, and as a result, a breeding ground for bacteria is created.

The same applies if you are just walking a lot and you are sweating but don't bother changing your clothes. And if you are pregnant, you will sweat more which means that you are at risk of developing an infection in that area if you don't change into clean clothes. It is highly recommended that you take a quick shower to make sure that you are completely cleaned off of all of that sweat.

Therefore, changing out of your sweaty clothes and washing yourself off after doing any kind of exercise is recommended in order to keep yourself clean everywhere!

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