13 Hygiene Musts Every New Mom Forgets About After Childbirth

As a new mom, it can be easy to forget about yourself. After having a new baby, it can be hard for mom to put some of her needs first. We agree, the baby comes first, but it is crucial for mama to take care of herself too. Hygiene is important, no matter how old a person is or what their gender is. We have such little time to take care of ourselves as parents, but it is important to not neglect hygiene.

We have compiled a list of 15 hygiene musts all moms forget after birth. These things can make you smell, give you infections and make you flat out miserable. Some moms may have gotten ready head to toe before baby and after baby, they can hardly get out of their sweatpants. It is tough being a new parent, and a parent in general. Things will change- priority wise, time wise and even with the hormones. It is important to keep up with the 15 things we have listed below. Some of these things need to be done every day, while some of them can happen a few times a week.

We know being a parent is exhausting, but mama needs to be kept healthy, happy, and safe to be the very best parent she can be. It can be easy to forget some of these things, so writing a reminder on a sticky note or even an alarm on the cell phone can remind mama to keep up with her hygiene.

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13 Cotton Undies To Eliminate Odors

In order to neutralize odor, it is important to let the air “down there” circulate to prevent stink and potential infection. This is important  so that mom is fresh and clean. It can be easy to forget your health "down there", but it needs to be a priority. Cotton undies are breathable while lycra and nylon are not. Lycra and nylon trap moisture and can be a breeding ground for yeast. Even if you are cleaning the V on the regular, the undies you wear can make things difficult in the V area. When wearing undies, your body smells will be circulating around that area. It is also important to change the undies daily as well. Even if you are wearing cotton, it is important to change your underwear at the beginning and/or end of every day to ensure freshness and eliminating odor. In those postpartum months, there can be unexpected blood and discharge, and it is best to have a pad on hand so that your undies do not get gross. This is important so mom stays healthy, clean and happy.

12 Baby Powder Isn't Only For Diaper Changes

Dry shampoo is not something you MUST use, but it is a great idea. Your days will become so busy that showering or keeping up with your hair can get put on the back-burner.Keeping your hair clean and oil free is important to eliminate oils, odors, and gunk. This can make mom look and feel gross. Those postpartum days are tough, and dry shampoo can be a lifesaver the journey to feel somewhat normal again. If you find that you only have time to wash your body in the shower or it's not your normal hair washing day, dry shampoo is a great idea. Dry shampoo is simply water-less shampoo that comes in a powder or a spray form. This bad boy not only leaves your hair smelling nice, but they soak up the oils in the hair. All you have to do is spray your roots, rub it into your scalp, wait a minute or two, and then brush your hair out. This is a super easy thing you can throw into your weekly schedule. Greasy and unclean hair can become pretty gross, so this is a great substitute until hair washing day. If you don't have dry shampoo, baby powder is a great alternative.

11 Clean Your Hands Before Touching The Newborn


Germs are everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you go- to the grocery store, taking the kids to dance, or going to the post office. Unless you live in a bubble, you will bump into yucky germs at some point.  It is important for mama to keep her hands as germ-free as possible so that she does not get herself or baby sick. Touching bacteria and germ-filled surfaces can set the family up for some problems. A way to reduce the odds of getting sick is having hand sanitizer handy.  It is crucial to sanitize the hands before touching the baby to eliminate baby getting sick from your germs. You can keep a travel bottle attached to your keys, put one in the car, and even have them in several rooms of the home. Before putting your hands near your face (or your babies!) please be sure to sanitize to kill those germs. We cannot escape every germ, but making an effort to keep yourself clean is a hygiene tip that is crucial. Not only can you not afford to be sick and germy, but neither can the rest of your family.

10 Be Prepared For The Red To Come

After birth, some moms bleed for several weeks due to delivery, some moms start their period again a few months after the baby is born, while others have an increase in discharge. This is something that is out of mama’s control, but there are ways to maintain these issues so that it does not become messy, smelly, and disgusting for mama. If you choose to ignore and not maintain this problem it can lead to mom feeling gross. If mom does not wear a pad or tampon (or even a menstrual cup!) the moisture will build "down there" which will lead to infections, rashes, and an overgrowth of bacteria.With our busy schedules, it can be hard to remember to change the tampon or pad sometimes. Some moms choose to wear pads while others choose to wear tampons. It is crucial to change the pads and tampons for hygiene purposes. It can be easy to forget to change the tampon or pad, but it can turn gross pretty quickly if you do not. Keeping extra of these products in your diaper bag or purse can be a big help. No one wants to leak through their pad or tampon or get a rash or start smelling due to not changing out these items.

9 Pregnancy Hormones Mean More Sweat

Your feet, armpits and breasts may have bacteria breeding on them. There is no denying this can be disgusting.A great remedy for this issue is talcum powder. Whenever you feel like things are getting gross, sprinkle the powder over your problematic areas. This will kill off moisture and smells. Moisture can accumulate in many areas, and when it happens, it can make the body stink and feel gross. Excessive moisture can lead to rashes and infections as well, which is what no mom wants to deal with. More often than not, you can feel when your body is getting smelly and sweaty. If you cannot shower that day or you are in a rush, talcum powder can be a lifesaver. This will not be as effective as an antiperspirant, but powder can help for sure. You can also use baby powder if that’s what you have on hand. No matter what type of powder you buy, it is important to note that they will help absorb sweat and help with odors temporarily.

8 A Clean V Means Less Infection

This one seems basic, but new moms sometimes forget this very important hygiene step. Before the baby, you probably had nice long enjoyable showers daily. As a sleep deprived and busy mom, you most likely do not put yourself first anymore, and showers may become quick and less frequent. Why are showers so important for a new mama? It is important for mom to stay healthy by keeping everything from the V to the arms clean. Keeping mama clean can keep her from getting infections and rashes. You can sometimes ask a new mom when her last shower was, and she will probably not be able to tell you. It is important to shower every day to clean your body.

If you cannot seem to remember to shower, setting an alarm or asking hubby to remind you is a good idea. You may not want to leave the baby to shower, or you may just not feel up to doing so, but please take the time to get yourself clean. It is important to shower to avoid infections, rashes and to refresh the body and get rid of dirt and grime. It is important to remember that although the baby is the main priority that all body parts need to be washed for sanitary purposes.

7 Keep Up With Appointments

As a new mom or even a rookie mom, it can be a pain to get to the doctor or dentist. Seeing your dentist and doctor regularly can help catch illness and infections early which makes them much easier to treat. Visiting your primary care physician, gynecologist, or even dentist can be a great way to keep up with your hygiene head to toe. Regular checkups can catch a variety of issues before the problems become too big. It can be tough to bring the kids or find someone to watch them for times like this, but it is important to get to appointments. Bringing the mother-in-law to watch the kiddo during an appointment or going while the big kids are at school are ways to make getting to appointments easier. The doc may catch things (such as an infection in the V or a fungal infection of the feet) before you do, which can save you a lot of problems.

6 Always Pack An Extra Pair


It can become easy to stay in the same shirt and/or pants for two days in a row (or more) due to laziness to do laundry or forgetting to change your clothes. It is important to change into clean clothes every day and wash the dirty clothes with laundry soap before wearing again. This may seem like a safe thing to do, but the truth is it is not. Clothes accumulate germs, filth, and can catch a lot of sweat. It is important for mom to wash everything from the bra to the socks so that she is putting fresh clothes on the body to avoid rashes and infections.Of course, there are times where you can re-wear clothes before washing, for example, some people wear their jeans three times before washing. It is important to change your clothes and to wear clean clothes to avoid growth of germs and bacteria. We sweat, spill things, and get germs on our clothing when we wear them, and putting on fresh clothes every day is important for hygiene. Just like changing your underwear daily, changing your clothes daily is important to smell clean and stay clean. It can be a lifesaver to throw an extra pair of your clothes in the diaper bag or the car-just in case!

5 Forgetting About Your Teeth

It can be easy to forget to brush your teeth as a new mom. But, being a new mom is not an excuse to ditch or cut down on teeth brushing. Keeping your mouth clean is crucial for not only your health, but your babies as well. Dentists advise brushing the teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth help gets rid of plaque, and avoiding plaque can help you avoid cavities as well as gum disease. Why is this important some may wonder, what is the big deal if I cut down the teeth brushing? It is surprising for some to hear that poor oral hygiene can also be linked to causing cognitive issues in the brain, heart disease, diabetes, and even osteoporosis. So, skipping tooth brushing may not seem like a big deal hygiene wise, but it can lead to dire consequences. It is also crucial to brush your tongue as well. You also want to keep your breath smelling decent as well, and avoiding teeth brushing can lead to gross smelling breath.

4 No One Wants Dirty Fingernails

The cleanliness of your fingernails is probably not something you think about too much. The truth is, dirt and grime will get underneath your nails and in your cuticles and will become a perfect environment for bacteria to live. Why is this an issue? Dirty nails increase the risk of infection. It is very important to keep your nails nice and clean. This does not mean going to a salon on the regular (but if you decide to, good for you mama), it means washing hands with water and soap and incorporate using nail clippers and nail picks into your hygiene routine. This is an easy step to add to your nighttime routine. We know as a new mom this may seem tedious, but getting rid of the dirt, germs, and grime that accumulate in those nails is crucial for health and appearance purposes.

3 Prepare For The Stains

stain remover

You can probably agree that once having children, you become much messier. Between spit up, food, and boogies- they can get on your pants, shirt or even your hair. Stains can come from the playground, or even getting the kids ready for bed time. You do not have to walk around in stain covered clothing, which is good news for parents! You can purchase a stain remover sticks that can come in a gel or liquid form. Stains can make you feel gross, look gross and smell. All you have to do is rub the liquid or gel onto the spot and the stain will be gone. You can also purchase bleach pen gels in pen form that can help remove the stain and brighten the color on the clothes. No one feels clean with stains covering their clothes and being able to get rid of those stains can make you look and feel better. Of course, even though the stain is gone or covered up, it is very important to wash the clothes for the reasons listed above.

2 Skipping Out On The Nighttime Routine

As a busy new mama, makeup can seem like a luxury. Some mama’s put on a full face every day while others do it on occasion. At the end of a long day of diaper changes, crying (mama and/or baby!), and being sleep deprived-it seems easier to just go to bed and forget about the makeup on our faces. Leaving makeup on overnight can really clog those pores. Many people think that forgetting to wash off makeup is not a big deal, but it actually is in terms of hygiene. You will most likely break out if you do not cleanse your face of makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells. Cleaning the makeup off of the face can keep your skin refreshed. This could also make acne worse as well as putting yourself at a risk of infection or rash. As a new mom, we assume you hardly have enough time to put on your makeup, trust us when we say you do not want to have to deal with the problems that can come along with leaving the makeup on overnight. It is a part of basic hygiene to take your makeup off- so just do it.

1 Celebrate Your Breath

Even if you brush your teeth twice a day, bad breath can happen. Believe it or not, stress can bring down saliva production in the mouth. We all know or have heard that being a new mom can be super stressful. Saliva washes away bacteria, so when there is no spit the mouth can become germs best friend. If you have a bad taste in your mouth, using gums and mints can be super helpful for yourself and everyone around you. Not only is bad breath embarrassing, but it can make you feel gross. You can also carry around disposable mini toothbrushes for the days you feel like your tongue and teeth need some freshening up. You can even throw a travel sized mouthwash in the diaper bag for moments you are stuck in a smelly rut. A big part of basic hygiene is smelling decent and keeping bacteria at bay- so keeping your mouth smelling decent is crucial.

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