15 Major Hygiene Musts Every Mom Is Forgetting About

Face it! When you are a mom to young kids, you will be kept on your feet almost 24/7. You are going to be having to clean up their messes often. In fact, they will make messes on you whether they spill something or puke on you- they will make you very dirty. Once they are up and running, guess who will be running after them! That’s right, the mom will constantly be chasing their kids.

Not only will you be all dirty from caring for your little ones alone. However, because they will constantly keep you busy and on your feet- you will have a lot less time to clean yourself up! In fact, any alone time you have you will be cherished and you pretty much to since that just doesn’t happen often when taking care of your kids!

Because you have so little time to take care of yourself, you will find yourself having constantly dirty and messy hair and pimples breaking out on your face because you will forget to wash it! You may even run into someone who is offering their minty gum to you because, well you may have dog breath due to forgetting to brush your teeth. Your clothes will be stained up, and you are going to have body odor.

If you find yourself to be incredibly dirty, don’t be hard on yourself and say Oh my gosh I am such a slob! The fact of the matter is when you are taking care of your little ones virtually 24/7, you will neglect yourself and your own needs. That, unfortunately, includes letting your personal hygiene go! Here is a secret- it happens to every mom to young kids! But here is some good news! There are quick ways to freshen up and clean yourself up that will take virtually no time. Or if they are a little time consuming, you can add ways to keep yourself clean a part of your thing to do when you have that treasured me time. Listed below are 15 hygiene hacks that every mom should be practicing!

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15 Soak In Black Tea For Those Stinky Feet 

When you are on your feet almost all day tending to your little one’s needs, you are likely going to forget to change your socks which will create the best environment for bacteria to thrive- and then your feet will end up getting so smelly that you will wonder if something had died near you! Hopefully, you will be first to notice your smelly feet before anyone else does. Otherwise, that would be embarrassing. However, there is great news! You can square away time to clean your feet! After your little ones go to bed, you will have that me time that you desperately need! Soaking your feet is a perfect thing to do! Not only will you be able to unwind after your busy day with your kids, but get your feet clean. That is killing two birds with one stone. A great idea is to get some black tea and put it in the basin of warm water you will be using to soak your feet. Black tea contains tannic acid which kills of that nasty bacteria that grow on the bottom of your feet. Be sure to do this daily, so your feet will not be so stinky!

14 Wear Cotton Underwears To Neutralize Odors

When you are wearing underwear, your body smells will be circulating around that area the most for obvious reasons. Well, that is because it does smell down there even when you are healthy and don’t have any kind of infections such as yeast infections. So the smell is natural but not pleasant anyway. In order to neutralize the odor by letting air circulate and prevent any kind of infection from happening is to wear cotton underwear. Cotton is breathable, and even if you are wearing pants such as jeans that are less breathable, at least that area down there is not so restricted. When looking for underwear to buy always look for cotton! You will also want to avoid materials such as lycra and nylon. They trap moisture, and can easily trap moisture which is the perfect breeding ground for yeast. And by the way, when that happens it will be incredibly smelly. Cotton is best.

13 Don't Go To Bed Full Faced

You already know that you are not going to be looking your best when you are heading out with the kids. Therefore, you are motivated to put some makeup on so you at least look somewhat presentable even though your hair may be a major mess. However, because you probably are just ready to crash after catching up on your own stuff after the kids have gone to bed at night- you will likely forget to remove any makeup that you are wearing. Even if you are not wearing makeup, you may end up neglecting to clean up your face. Either way, an unclean face creates a thriving environment for bacteria to flourish. Therefore you will end up broken out in acne in no time. The more broken out you are, the more makeup you will put on, and when you keep forgetting to clean your face before bed, the problem will get worse.

You will remember to put makeup on bright and early in the morning since the day just started before the hard stuff is even in the picture. But caring for your face at night before bed, that just will slip because you are too tired. A great hack to fix this is to put a reminder in your phone calendar at a certain time closer to bed to take care of your face, so you will go to bed with a clean face and not have to worry about breaking out in the morning!

12 Remove Dirt And Scum From Fingernails

Just like it may be easy to forget to wash your face before bed, another important way to maintain your hygiene is by keeping your fingernails clean. The cleanliness of your fingernails will be the last thing on your mind since you will be understandably too busy with your kids during the day to even give it a second thought. However, dirt will get in your cuticles, underneath your nails and that will become a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive and grow. This also increases the risk for an infection to happen in your fingers, and that becomes very painful when that happens.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to clean your fingernails each night before bed. Washing your hands with soap and water will clean your hands, but won’t help remove dirt that is under your nails and in your cuticles. In a well-lit room, you will want to create a solution of soap and warm water. Immerse your hands into the solution and use a nail pick on nail clippers to clean underneath your nails and inside of your cuticles. Trim them when necessary too. Make this part of your bedtime routine. A great way to do that is to do this after you wash your face! Once you remember to do this enough times, it will become a great habit to have!

11 Use Baby Wipes When Showering Isn't A Option

When you are out with your baby, you know to never forget things like bottles, diapers, a change of clothes for him or her and baby wipes. But here is a secret. Those baby wipes that you intend to use for your baby when he or she gets dirty can be used for you too! Think about how clean your baby’s bum is after using those wipes to clean off poo! Imagine how you would feel if that sweat that has been dripping from your back due to being so busy and active was wiped off from that baby wipe! That’s right! You can use those wipes to keep you and your baby clean at the same time! They are a great thing to keep on hand for those days when you are unsure whether or not a shower for yourself will be in the cards. This way, you can still go out and stay clean!

10 Put Down The Soda

A lot of people underestimate the importance of staying hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. The better hydrated you are, the healthier you will be overall. Your blood will circulate better, release toxins easier and therefore that will help strengthen your immune system. Your face and skin will be smoother and healthier too. You will be able to fight off crud better, and you will feel fresher overall if you are properly hydrated. There are plenty of people that really don’t like to drink water because there is no taste. The simple trick to solving that problem is to buy low calorie flavored sachets that are meant to be mixed in with water. This way, the water that you will be drinking will be flavored and taste more like a fruit drink. Another hack that falls into this category is to not hold in your pee because that simply is not good for you. Drink that water throughout the day, and when you have to pee be sure to get to a bathroom in order to keep your body healthy and clean!

9 Dry Shampoo To Fight That Grease 

Unfortunately, your days will get so busy that forgetting to shower will simply happen. And when you forget to shower enough times, not only will that increase the risk of your BO being bad, but your hair will become limp and messy too. If you find yourself in such a bind that you have such little time for yourself that showering has had to be put on the back burner, you can still have nice and clean hair! All you have to do is remember to get yourself some waterless shampoo and put it in your hair when you are out. Waterless shampoos are known as dry shampoos, and they come in either powder or spray form. They not only clean your hair and soak up oils, but they leave your hair smelling nice! This way, if you haven’t had a chance to shower, it will be not so obvious if your hair is appearing healthy and clean!

8 Choose The Right Deodorant Fragrance

No matter how busy moms can get, putting on deodorant should always be part of the morning routine before starting your day. However, since we are human we can forget and when that happens, don’t be hard on yourself! Not only will you want to make deodorant as a crucial thing to put on your shopping list, but you are going to want to make sure you end up buying a type of deodorant that has the fragrance that suits you the best. All of our bodies are different, and we all have unique smells. Believe it or not, the kind of deodorant we buy will end up making us smell wonderful or incredibly bad. So if a certain fragrance smells nice on someone, that doesn’t mean it will be so pleasant to you. You will want to find which fragrance mixes with you well. When you go buy a deodorant, you can always test the samples by rubbing it on the back of your hand and then take a whiff. Whatever smells good on you, stick to it and use it. If you forget to put the deodorant on in the morning, be sure to take it with you so you can put it on when you are out!

7 Body Spray For Those Sweaty Areas

Another easy thing you can do if you are unable to take a shower is to carry around body spray! When choosing a body spray, make sure the fragrance is pleasant and light. An example of great smelling body spray is the types with a light vanilla scent. Oh, those are so amazing, however, if you don’t like vanilla, don’t fret. There are other nice scents! But the last thing you want is to smell like a rose garden which may be pleasant, but strong. If you smell too strong even if the smell is pleasant, no one will want to be around you! Body spray is a must-have when you are on the go when you are busy chasing your kids around in the park and on the playground. And even if you have forgotten to put on deodorant one morning, and forget to take it with, if you have that body spray, that it in itself will protect you from smelling gross!

6 Use Talcum Powder To Absorb The Moisture 

The areas of your body where bacteria love to breed is under your armpits, your breasts, and your feet! When bacteria are having a party and thriving like mad, you actually can feel it happening and it feels gross. You may be getting panicky because you are so busy that you are unsure whether you will be able to take a shower or not that day! So what are you going to do to somehow stay fresh and not feel so yucky in those areas? A great remedy for this problem is talcum powder! That is right! Carry talcum powder wherever you go! Whenever you feel the need to do something about the gross feeling, excuse yourself and go to the washroom and start sprinkling it over those problematic places. Moisture and smells will immediately be killed off. And Talcum powder comes in different fragrances as well such as lavender, jasmine scents, and vanilla.

5 Keep Mints Or Chewing Gum Handy

Brushing your teeth right after waking up is an automatic thing to do for anyone regardless of how crazy their schedule happens to be. However, while you are busy throughout the day, you will become stressed for one reason or another. When you are taking care of your little ones by chasing them around or calming them down after a meltdown, you will become stressed! And stress always wreaks havoc on the body. One example being that it can slow down saliva production in your mouth. And saliva is important because it washes away bacteria. When there is no spit, the mouth becomes a hospitable environment for germs! Therefore, when that happens, your breath is going to stink! One way to do something about it, is for one to be aware of this possibility. If you have a bad taste in your mouth, then chances are your breath is bad! This is why it is absolutely crucial to have mints or chewing gum handy and be sure to carry it in your purse at all times. This way, if that bad taste in your mouth develops, then it is time to pop a mint in or start chewing some gum to keep saliva production going and to freshen your breath at the same time.

4 Baby Powder Is Your Best Friend

When you are in the middle of another busy day where you don’t know if a shower will happen or not, then here is some other good news. If you are out with your baby and have some baby powder in the diaper bag, why not take advantage of it if you feel that your hair is dirty and oily. Waterless shampoos are the best option to keep your hair clean on the go. However, if you don’t have any or don’t have time to buy any waterless shampoo, then baby powder can do the trick. Baby powder can absorb the oil and dirt from your hair, and you can rub some on your body as well so it absorbs the oils and dirt on there too. You can also rub some on the palms of your hands to keep them dry and help them become more of a hostile environment for bacteria. If you feel the need to put some of that magic on your baby, be sure to take advantage of baby powder for yourself too!

3 Carry Clothes Stain Remover Sticks

stain remover

When you are out with your kids, your clothes will inevitably get dirty. Whether you are chasing them around in the park, and end up falling onto the grass- and as a result, grass stains are found on your clothing- or if you are on the playground and sand somehow lands on you, dirt will happen! Even if you take your kids out to a fast food restaurant, and while helping them squirt ketchup out of the packets, it could also land on your sleeve! It is almost a given that when you are out with your kids, you will end up with stained clothes for one reason or another. Fortunately, you don’t have to walk around in stained clothing all day just to wait to get home to throw your dirty clothing in the laundry! You can get stain remover sticks and they come in liquid or gel form. All you have to do is rub the liquid or gel onto the stained area, and voila, it will take care of the mess and leave you clean again! These are a must-have when you are traveling with kids!

2 Get Creative By Making Emergency Hygiene Packs

hygiene kit

Because you already know that when you are tending to your little ones, you will have a lot less time to yourself! That is a reality of motherhood to young kids, and therefore it will be easy to ignore your personal hygiene! When that happens, you even feel worse! Planning ahead and creativity can certainly go along the way for anything in life. This also applies to keeping your personal hygiene up to par while you are out and about with your kids! You will want to take a Ziploc bag, and throw in a pack of mints, a small container of body spray, waterless shampoo, a small size deodorant, small bottle of talcum powder or baby powder, and a stain removal stick! Oh, and a small bottle of water is another recommendation if you are not going to be in an area where water is accessible. Isn’t that absolutely brilliant? This way, you can go out prepared for the fact that a shower won’t happen on a given day, and not worry about being dirty at the same time!

1 Bonus: Never EVER Forget This Little Magic Bottle

Wherever you go, there are germs. When you open the doors at grocery stores and handle groceries that have already been touched, you are picking up tonnes and tonnes of germs. When you go and pay for your groceries, especially if you are paying by credit or debit- you are touching bacteria and germ-filled machines to pay. Your kids will also be touching dirty stuff whenever you are out. This is how you and your kids get sick! By not cleaning up after touching bacteria filled things outside of the home. A way to reduce the odds of catching viruses is by carrying alcohol-based hand sanitizer. There are small bottles of that stuff you can carry around in your purse. Before putting your hands near your face and coming back home, be sure to use the hand sanitizer and put it on your kids’ hands too so they can rub it around and kill the germs!

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