• 15 Ideas For Push Presents All Moms Will Adore

    Women! We are a work of art and are perfect because we can carry another life in our womb. And due to the great effort that women make to give birth to their children, it has become popular for husbands and/or couples to give their wives a gift after they have given birth as a way of thanking them for their effort to bring into this world that new life that both created.

    And although a baby is a great gift, celebrities turned the act of giving something to the mother, after having nailed childbirth (naturally or by C-section ), in a beautiful tradition that has become quite popular among people and is known as the "Push Present".

    The most common gift after childbirth is jewelry; but today I've come up with 15 ideas that could work as a "Push Present" and that are adapted for every budget, but above all that, on this list, moms will find diverse, useful and designed-for-different-tastes products ideal for pampering new moms.

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    Chloé Carlina Gradient Les Sunglasses

    For the most fashionable women a perfect gift is always good pair of sunglasses. The ideal complement to any outfit, because the fact of becoming a mother does not mean you should stop wearing fashionable clothes or looking good for you. Additionally, these lenses are easy to match with any garment for all those posh moms.

    These glasses are made in round shape with golden metal details that surround the frames to offer that touch of elegance. These gradient lenses offer a smooth finish despite their oversized shape. Moreover, are made in Italy in acetate and metal material, the color of the lens is brown while the frame is a combination of silver and color brown, it also has UV protection and include their case so it can be stored when you are not using them.

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    Date Night

    With the arrival of the baby, everything changes. Not only our bodies but also our routines and sometimes when we are trying to deal with all this new stuff, we tend to focus only on the baby and we forget to dedicate time to our partners. So, I think that scheduling a date after giving birth is a beautiful way to show gratitude and have time for both of you as a couple.

    And yes, the first time out after having the baby can be scary, but you can ask the grandparents or a relative to take care of the baby for a couple of hours while you enjoy a romantic date with your partner. Commemorate those years of courtship and take the time to talk calmly about your emotions and all your future plans together. And do not forget the flowers and chocolates, no matter how cliche these things sounds, it's always a gesture that women love.

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    Nutale GPS

    What I'm going to show now is the best invention of all time, especially if you tend to forget where do you leave your things. Nutale GPS is a small device that helps you find your things when you lose them and is considered one of the most accurate trackers in the world. So how it works? Nutale gives you the possibility to track anything that moves: your children, your pets, bikes, luggage or objects of personal value, the device works with an application that is compatible with Android and iOS that works in conjunction with your phone to follow up on real-time updates.

    Why do I think Nutale is a great option as a "push present"? Because it gives you absolute control with a single touch, giving you the option of creating geographic alerts, real-time tracking, SOS button and access to up to 4 weeks of historical footprints. This device makes your life easy when it comes to finding stuff and thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, accompanied by its powerful performance, you can always keep track of the things that matter most to you.

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    Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

    Sometimes, after becoming mothers, women would like to have the superpower of cloning themselves or being able to do thousands of activities while they are with their babies, and although that option is still not available, except of course, in Hollywood movies, Alexa is one of those gifts that make your life a little bit easier.

    The second generation of Alexa comes more intelligent and with an improved audio to boot, due to its seven microphones, beamforming technology, and noise cancellation, helping her to hear you from any direction. Even while you are playing your music, Echo will be able to listen to your requests. So! You're probably wondering, what else does the new version of Echo offer us? This time it comes in a slightly smaller size and its price is much cheaper, so if you're looking for an amazing assistant that will satisfy all your whims and make your life a little bit easier while you take care of the baby, Alexa can become the ideal "push present."

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    A Personalized Necklace

    The advantage of personalized gifts is that you have the certainty that no one will have the same thing you are going to give to them, that's why a personalized necklace is always a good option; besides that it is something that she will be able to use often and she will be able to combine with different outfits.

    Currently, the most popular necklaces on the market are Chic Mama Designs, which offer a bar necklace with the date of birth of the baby in Roman numerals. These necklaces come in 14k solid or pink gold.

    A beautiful and discreet option, which without a doubt offers that modern and fashionable look that all women love. In addition to being a reminder of that important date, as it is the birth of a child; nevertheless, it's also something that your children can inherit when they grow up, as a sign of love.

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    A Car Or A Motorcycle

    This gift is for those husbands or couples who want to show off to the fullest, and express to their wives how much they love them. Forget the classic family car, this is a "push present" so you should give something unique and that they'll love.

    Among Hollywood celebrities, the most common gifts as "push presents" are diamonds and cars. Kylie Jenner received an extravagant Ferrari from her boyfriend Travis Scott, to celebrate the birth of her daughter Stormi, while Blac Chya wanted to give herself a car valued at $ 400,000 after having her daughter Dream. But without a doubt, the most original gift was from Carey Hart, who built a motorcycle for his wife Pink after the birth of his second son Jameson Moon in December 2016.

    What this teaches us is that there is no standard regarding what should be an excellent "push present" the important thing here is to know your partner and give to her something that she'll enjoy.

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    KODAK Mini-Shot Instant-Print Camera

    After the incredible process of giving birth and being able to hold your baby in your arms, the next emotion is wanting to capture every detail and every gesture that your baby will make, and although we live in a digital era with albums on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, there is nothing like old fashion photos printed on paper. For that reason, today I want to show you the new KODAK Mini-Shot instant-print camera, ideal for those mothers who enjoy photography.

    Among the most outstanding features of this camera are: 10MP high quality in pictures, just shoot and print photos in 2.1 "x 3.4", it includes Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to send your pictures to your phone (iOS / Android and other devices). Moreover, with the KODAK App you can also crop the photos and edit them with filters and more.

    Thanks to its small design it is perfect for carrying everywhere you want and capture great moments. Additionally, it includes 1.7" LCD viewfinder, auto-focus, white balance, gamma correction and more.

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    Diamond Ring

    Diamonds, the best friend of every woman. The truth is that diamonds are the favorite gift of mothers after childbirth in Hollywood. And the spouses or couples of these celebrities do not hesitate to show off and find the largest, most original and unique diamond they can find for their wives.

    Among the celebrities who have received diamonds after giving birth to their children are Nicole Kidman, who received two "push presents" from her husband Keith Urban. The first one a Cartier diamond trinity ring and the second one was a diamond and emerald cross. Another celebrity who was fortunate to receive a ring was Jennifer Garner who received from her now ex-husband Ben Affleck a beautiful diamond after the birth of their eldest daughter, Violet. While Jay-Z gave Beyonce a stunning blue tanzanite cocktail ring.

    And although diamonds are not useful, they will always be the ideal gift for any woman at any time.

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    Swarovski Crystalline Pure Rose Gold Tone Watch

    Okay! Let's face it, after having a baby, our time is no longer at our disposal because it will depend on our baby's routine, but that does not mean you can not wear this beautiful Swarovski watch.

    With the new Swarovski Crystalline Pure Rose Gold Tone Watch, any outfit you wear will look lovely. In addition, this watch offers a modern design with beautiful sparkles thanks to the crystals and even has a sun ray dial offset by the rose gold-tone stainless, that is accompanied by a stainless steel case, full of 850 crystals.

    It also has a gold-pink stainless steel bracelet while at 12 o'clock you can see the dialSwan logo. And finally, this watch is water resistant, making it an elegant and useful accessory.

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    Spa Day

    With the arrival of the baby, it is normal to feel stressed because your whole world just changed, the sleep routines are shorter and interrupted, and it seems that there is always something to do and there is never enough time.

    That is why having someone schedule an appointment for you at the spa and receiving a well-deserved massage, as well as being pampered, is one of the best gifts that your husband or partner can give you after giving birth. Having a moment for you, where you can relax and in some way detoxify, will help you return to the routine with strength, motivation and a better attitude.

    In addition, this gives to dad the opportunity to spend time with the baby and create that special bond while doing the day's activities. And in the case that daddy is not available because of work, I'm sure that the grandparents or some family member would be happy to take care of the baby for a couple of hours.

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    David Yurman Châtelaine Double-Drop Earrings

    For 9 months you were carrying a child in your womb and then you went through the birth process, we are not talking about an easy task, that's why these David Yurman Châtelaine Double-Drop Earrings will be that exclusive detail that will make you feel like a queen during a special date with your partner. And this is because every woman knows the power of a good pair of earrings, your look can go from simple to spectacular because the magic is in the accessories.

    These earrings are made of sterling silver, with white pavé diamonds and with tooth adjustment for comfort. In addition, these earrings have 1.0 total carat weight of the diamond. And finally, you can find them in different colors: black onyx, lemon citrine or blue.

    Additionally, these earrings are the best option as a "push present" not only because they are beautiful, but also, because these earrings will always be the reminder of the day you held your baby for the first time.

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    Rebecca Minkoff Darren Tote

    Probably one of the many things that are more difficult to get used to with the arrival of the baby is learning to optimize the space and learn to select what are the most important baby items we need with us if we are going out with the baby. Usually, the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about it, are those horrible baby diaper tote bags, but that is not a problem nowadays, and carrying your baby's things is not synonymous with losing style. For this reason, I recommend to you the new Rebecca Minkoff Darren Tote in Bianco.

    This shoulder bag is made of leather and is spacious enough to store your baby's things and yours, so you can look beautiful and at the same time have something practical to move your baby's things. On the other hand, if you are one of those who avoid bags in color white because it gets dirty very quickly, this shoulder bag is also available in navy blue and black.

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    Motorola Smart Nursery 7 Portable-Video Baby Monitor

    One of the main concerns of parents is to be aware of what their children do while they are doing another activity, such as cooking, finishing a job on the computer, or even answering a call; and this is something that Motorola understood, that's why today they offer to parents the Motorola Smart Nursery 7 Portable-Video Baby Monitor, that gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your children.

    What's the cool part about this device? It's compatible with your phone, allowing you to do any other type of activity at home or in the office and still be watching what happens with the children. Additionally, it has an ergonomic design, remote HD 1080p video streaming, Wi-Fi access, bidirectional communication, built-in rechargeable battery that supports up to 3 hours of video streaming, portable camera with remote pan, tilt, and zoom. The device also offers sound, motion, notifications, expression detection, infrared night vision, lullabies and a timer to feed, change and sleep.

    So! Without a doubt, this device could be the best "push present" for a tech-lover.

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    Journelle Garbo PJ Set

    There is nothing more glorious than being at home and feeling comfortable. After giving birth, mothers usually look for clothes that allow them to feel comfortable and be able to do all the activities that you should do when you have a newborn baby, for this reason, the Journelle Garbo PJ Set, is the best option as a "push present" for every woman.

    The pyjama is made of beautiful silk material that will make you feel like a queen, and believe me you'll never want to take it off. It also comes in different colors according to the taste of each person.

    These pyjamas are ideal to receive visits when you are at home with the new baby. You can look elegant without the need to sacrifice your comfort or even if you do not have visits at all, you can breastfeed without problems and still feel comfy wearing this PJs.

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    Sarah Chloe Ciela Duo Name Cuff Bracelet With Diamond

    We continue with the jewelry, but that is the weakness of every woman, so it is still an excellent option to give as "push present".

    The Sarah Chloe Ciela Duo Name Cuff Bracelet With Diamond is a fantastic option because they offer you the possibility to customize the bracelet, so you can have something unique that no one else has. Some couples usually put the name of their children or the date of birth, while others prefer some quotes that mean something to them.

    Also available is up to 15 characters on both sides to write what you want. These bracelets come in silver or 14-karat yellow gold plating and the split back adjusts to different wrist sizes. It also comes with a single handset diamond detail, 0.01 total carat weight.

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