15 Important Decisions Expecting Couples Forget To Make

We make decisions everyday of our life, from minute major. From deciding what to wear to deciding if we’re going to move to a new city, we all have to make decisions. Life doesn’t exist without decisions and preparing for a new life to enter the world is definitely full of major decisions.

How does a mom-to-be prepare herself properly for a newborn to enter the world? Most new parents will tell you that welcoming a newborn baby into the family can be pretty hectic.

Not only are the parents concerned with the health of the baby, and the mother, throughout the time of her pregnancy, there are loads of things that parents have to make decisions about when it comes to expecting a little one.

They decide what the child’s name will be, depending on what gender it is, they have to decide the design of the bedroom and specific clothes to buy. They make decisions regarding the purchase of furniture, food, accessories, supplies, and the list goes on.

Some parents wait until the last minute to make decisions, while others start off right at the gate. Although they try to be as prompt and proactive as possible, many new parents fail to make a decision regarding something simply because they are new at it.

No matter how it's look at it, it can definitely be overwhelming for any parent, especially if they are new parents. Here is a list of 15 decisions expectant parents forget to make.

15 Naming The Child

I know some would say they don’t forget to make this decision, but there are parents that put off finding a name for the child until the last minute and when the baby does come they completely forgot to consider the child’s name.

Now, there are others that will say it’s not important to give the child a name before he or she is born because they want to wait to see the child and find a name that fits them, but it really is an important decision to make before the baby gets here. And here’s why.

Your life will be so busy, and your sleep will be so deprived that you don’t want to go around debating and deciding what to name your child while you’re trying to take care of 50,000 other things. Make your life easier and decide early or sooner what you will name your child.

14 Deciding The Color Of The Nursrey

Most new parents, especially the mother, delights in preparing their newborn’s bedroom with certain colors and designs, it’s something mother’s look forward to. However there are some who put it off for various reasons. Not only do they have to pick out the color scheme they have to put it together, so this can be difficult if the mother is having a difficult pregnancy.

They just don’t have the time or energy and they forget to take some time when they do feel well to put their child’s room together. Don’t wait until the last minute when you really don’t have the energy or after the child is born when you really don’t have the time to design their room. If you know what you’re having, start picking out a color early.

If you decide not to know what the gender is, go with a neutral color that works for boys and girls.

13 Where The Baby Will Sleep

It is important to make the decision as to where the baby will sleep before they are born. At first, most new parents prefer to have their newborn sleep with them. It can be scary for a new parent not knowing all the dangers that can happen to a baby while they sleep. And many parents just want to bound with their new little one and the best way to do it is to have the baby sleep with them.

So it’s okay to have them sleep in your room for the first couple of weeks. But at some point your baby needs to adapt to staying in their own room. I know this can be a tough decision, and some parents worry that their babies will become spoiled quickly and it could be tough to get them to sleep by themselves or in their own bed if they’re use to sleeping with mom and dad.

Some couples feel this could throw their sleeping pattern off too.

12 Where Mom Should Give Birth

Most new parents simply don’t think about this until it’s late in the game. Most spend their time deciding names, picking out clothes and furniture for the baby. But this step is very important because you do need to know where you will give birth to your newborn unless you plan on having it at the location when you go into labor.

First decide if you want to have your baby in a hospital, birthing center or at home. If at home, make sure everything is prepared properly well in advance. You’ll need trained and skilled midwives and proper equipment. If you choose a hospital or birthing center, ask recommendations from family and friends.

Make sure your insurance covers the cost. If it doesn’t cover the entire cost, decide how you will pay the remaining amount. Part of this decision will include who would deliver your child and their qualifications.

11 Deciding Whether To Find Out The Gender Or Not

Some parents long to know what the gender of their baby is, while others prefer not to know. The point is if you don’t want to know don’t wait until the last minute to purchase clothes, accessories or designing their room. Go ahead and purchase neutral colors and designs.

If you do want to know the gender, once you find out don’t forget to buy the type of clothes and fix up the room to match their gender. Finding out the gender early also helps you choose a name. If you’ve gone to the doctor and they can’t tell the gender, there will always be people who will predicate what you’re having.

If you’re carrying low, it’s a boy. If you don’t have a complete round shape, it’s a girl. So if you want to know what the gender is don’t wait, go to the doctor as often as you can as soon as the time is right.

10 Finding Out About Maternity Leave

Don’t wait until the last minute to tell your employer you want to use your maternity leave and also don’t wait too late to find out the details of your maternity leave. It is important to find out how long your maternity leave is, what it covers and the type of pay involved.

Of course, your employer will obviously see that you are expectant but it’s probably a good idea to tell them before you start showing. If you’re a new father and you want to take time off when your child is born, it is very important to let your employer know this upfront.

As the father, your employer may not allow or offer time off for a newborn, but there may be time off you can use. It’s also important to tell your employer upfront so they can cover your duties and responsibilities in time, this is especially important if the father wants to take some time off.

9 Deciding What To Do After Maternity Leave

Many new parents prepare for maternity leave, but they may not prepare for what comes after maternity leave. In other words, you may want to decide whether you plan on staying at home with your baby and becoming a stay at home mom or whether you plan on going back to work at some point.

Many mothers make this decision after the baby is born because once the baby is born they feel the need to stay home and take care of the child, but this decision should be made before. Another thing to consider is that health issues or other factors may come up that force you to stay at home.

So these things should be considered prior to the arrival of the baby. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of staying at home. If income is an issue, there are a number of legitimate work at home jobs so you’ll be ready financial.

8 Deciding Whether To Breastfeed Or Bottle Feed

This is one of the most important decisions to make before your baby arrives. You need to be prepared one way or another depending on your choice. Breastfeeding is the healthiest way to feed your newborn, but it does come with challenges and difficulties mostly for the mother.

There are also certain supplies you need to have on hand. And you need to make sure they work properly and that you know how to work them. Formula feeding is fine too, but there are many challenges involved with this alternative. Babies prefer breastmilk and may reject the bottle milk.

It can take a minute to find the right formula your baby adjusts to. Feeding your baby will be one of the biggest challenges to any mother so make sure you think your options through. If you need helpful advice, ask your obgyn or family and friends who have done both.

7 Decide Whether To Circumcise The Baby Boy

This may not be something new parents think about especially those who choose not to know the gender of their child or who never found out. Circumcision can be a difficult decision for many parents, especially new parents, but it is an important one.

Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis. This may sound horrible to new parents, but circumcision is very beneficial. It is known to prevent some diseases. The main disadvantage would be complications that may arise during or because of surgery. Circumcision is done within a few days, and in some cases, a few hours after the baby’s birth.

Although that may be something new parents want to shy away from, the benefits outweigh any complications that can occur. Whatever you feel about this procedure it is important to consider it prior to the birth. Ask your ob gyn, nurse, read up on it and ask family and friends their opinion.

6 Deciding Who Should Be Present At Birth

Most mothers don’t think about this until they're going into labor. But it’s very important to figure out who you want in the birthing room with you. It’s also important to let your doctor know because some hospitals will only let a certain amount of people in the room.

You only need one doctor and the appropriate number of nurses allowed in a birthing room, and that should be sufficient. Most hospitals don’t care to have someone extra in the room if they are going to override or take the place of the doctor and nurses. If you prefer a midwife then you may want to consider having your child in a birthing center or at home.

Most women choose one birthing partner to be with them throughout their childbirth classes and labor. Some choose one to attend the birthing classes and another one or an additional one to attend the actual birth.

5 Deciding Whether To Get An Epidural

Some mothers want to have a natural birth, while others know nothing will make dealing with the pain an easier experience than a shot. Many parents, especially new mothers who haven’t experienced the pain of childbirth up to this point, may be undecided for most of their pregnancy and make the decision when the pain starts.

But it’s important to decide this before the pangs start coming minutes apart. Do your research on the pros and cons of having an epidural. How the shot is given may scare some but most epidurals are safe and happen without difficulty. There are other pain management options as well that you can consider that are provided at childbirth classes.

However, even if you do wait until the last minute it’s not too late. The epidural can still be given but it’s better if you make that decision before the pain hits.

4 Deciding On Childcare

Many new parents probably don’t consider this until the child is born and it’s time to find a daycare. This is a big mistake. Decide what type of daycare you’re looking for well in advance of bringing your newborn home. Choosing a daycare is not an easy task nor is it one that should be taken lightly.

Unless you plan to leave your newborn with responsible family or friends finding a reputable and reliable daycare can be a daunting task that involves a great deal of research. You don’t want to place your little one in the care of just anyone so it is vital to do your homework.

Check out a number of daycares and compare them based on reputation, qualification, how many children, how many employees, the age of the children, cleanliness, activities, rates and location. You definitely want to do background checks and interview each owner and employee.

3 Choosing A Bassinet Or A Crib

Deciding to use a bassinet or crib is a very important decision to make before your brand new baby is born. The major difference between the two is the size. Cribs are much larger than bassinets and take up more space.

Purchasing a bassinet for the first few weeks of your baby’s life and placing it in your bedroom as a new parent allows you to watch your baby sleep while you’re in the room, and allows the baby to sleep in their own bed.

This helps ease the separation for both of you after you have slept together for a number of weeks together. It also helps you sleep better then if you put them in their own room in a crib. Cribs can be placed in your room too but it takes up a great deal of space. The advantage of using a crib is once your baby grows, you can move the crib to their room.

2 Deciding To Bank Baby’s Blood

One may ask why should I make this decision prior to having the baby. One simple reason is that once the baby is here, life gets complicated and decisions like this are either overlooked or made in haste due to time constraints are a lack of understanding.

Saving a baby’s umbilical cord blood helps medical science treat diseases and health conditions like leukemia and cerebral palsy through the stem cells located in the blood.

If you decide to donate after your baby is born you may end up spending a great deal of money through private cord blood banking, whereas public cord blood banking is usually covered by most insurance carriers and allows the blood to be available to anyone in need. On the other hand, private banking is available to specific donors only and may not guarantee treatment.

Public banking has a higher guarantee of treatment being available.

1 Deciding Whether To Co-Sleep Or Not

This can be one of the most difficult decisions new parents make. So it should be made before baby is brought home to avoid confusion and conflict. One parent may want the baby to get use to its’ own bed and surroundings, whereas another parent may want to keep a close eye on the newborn baby at all times, especially while they sleep during the night.

Many dangers are lurking while a newborn is sleeping, and crib death is one of the leading causes of infant death. Another advantage is bonding time. But another danger can happen if the baby sleeps with you and that is suffocation. Most of us toss and turn while sleeping, and this can result in a dangerous situation.

The baby can also suffocate under or on pillows not designed for infants or suffocate from covers. Having your baby sleep with you comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

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