15 Incredible Baby Celebrity Dopplegangers

There is nothing more adorable than cute pictures of sweet little baby girls and boys. We are constantly seeing photographs of young boys and girls, and most of the time it is when our close friends and family members are showing them to us, or posting them on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

However, the photographs of children that we seem to see the most are that of celebrity kids, and children who are famous in their own right. They all seem very photogenic and adorable, always wearing the cutest clothes and sporting awesome fashionable accessories.

Additionally, some of these babies tend to look very much alike. As a result, sometimes it can become hard to tell who is who when it comes to these famous little faces. Here are just a few very well known young faces that just so happen to look very much like each other.

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15 Jace and Maxwell Johnson

Many celebrities have it all: money, fame, talent and good looks. Additionally, some of them have some kids that definitely take after them in the looks department, and many are lucky enough to have multiple beautiful babies.

Singer and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson is no exception to this situation. She not only has a great career, but she also shares two wonderful children with her sports star husband, Eric Johnson.

Simpson and Johnson married in 2014, which is the second marriage for her. The first was with singer Nick Lachey. Since getting together with her current mate, Simpson has given birth to her two gorgeous kids, a girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson and a boy named Jace Johnson.

Both children share the astonishingly good looks of their parents. In addition to this, they look very much like each other. They are definitely the dopplegangers of each other! Both seem to share Simpson's iconic beautiful blonde hair and fair skin.

14 Henry and Johan Samuel

The fact of the matter is, lots of famous people produce beautiful children. But when your mother is a model and your father is a performer, that makes your chances of being physically stunning even higher.

Along with Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson, Heidi Klum and Seal also have beautiful children who look alike. Klum, who is well known for her modeling career and famous blonde hair, gave birth to these celeb siblings just 14 months apart! Since the birth of the children, singer and father of the children, Seal, and Klum split up long ago.

However, it appears they still keep things cool for the children's sake. It seems the boys take more after their father, physically speaking. The only major differences are their heights and hair styles. Other than that, it's not hard to tell that these famous children are also the dopplegangers of each other!

13 Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox Jolie-Pitt

Actress Angelina Jolie and actor Brad Pitt were Hollywood's dream couple when they got together. Since the two mega movie stars became a couple, they have shared the big family that many dream of having.

Included in the family are their three adopted children Maddox Chivan, Zahara Marley, and Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt. They also have three biological children.

The biological children look so much alike that it is sometimes hard to tell who is who. In fact, sometimes the only way to figure out who is who when we see photographs of them is to pay attention to their clothing styles.

Each of the three children, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, have their own extremely distinct personalities, especially when it comes to clothing. Knox and Shiloh are often spotted wearing male oriented clothing, as they both seem to share the fashion sense of their father, Brad Pitt.However, Vivienne seems to be very fashionable, and wears much feminine clothing. It looks as though she takes more after her mother in that sense.

12 Vida and Levi Alves-Mcconaughey

Just as the other children mentioned above are siblings, so are the ones we are about to discuss. Not only do they look exactly like each other, but there is not denying who their parents are!

Actress Camila Alves and her well known actor husband Matthew Mcconaughey have had three children since getting together. These include their oldest son, Livingston, as well as their daughter, Vida, and the youngest boy, Levi.

All three of them definitely look alike and it is not hard to tell that they are related. However, Vida and Levi are definitely sibling dopplegangers! They share their father's good looks, as well as their mother's caramel toned skin, and her very signature dark hair. Also, it appears that they are around the same height, whereas Livingston appears to be much taller due to the fact that he is older.

11 Liam and Stella Mcdermott

There are still many other famous child siblings who could really be twins but aren't quite THAT much alike. The next children we are going to talk about are no exception to this.

Well known actress and reality television star Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott seem to have what we all dream of having. That includes a big family with beautiful children. Since they became a couple, Spelling has given birth to four children. They are Stella Doreen, Liam Aaron, Hattie Maragret, and Finn Davey.

While all four of the siblings do share many of their personalty traits, as well as physical traits, there are only two who look a lot alike. Liam and Stella McDermott both share their mother's famously blonde locks, as well as her light skin tone. Also, they seem to share the same facial features as their father.

In fact, there does not appear to be much of a physical difference between the two of them. That is, despite their height of course. Liam is 15 months older than his younger sister Stella.

10 Jaden and Sean Federline

To talk more about celebrity siblings who look exactly like each other, let's discuss musical stars. More specifically, let's talk about the queen of pop music and how much her children resemble each other.

While the public has seen major changes when it comes to Britney Spears over the couple of decades, perhaps the biggest transformation she went through had nothing to do with her music. In the late 2000's, Spears gave birth to her first born son, Jaden Federline.

At the time, Spears was married to ex-husband Kevin Federline, who fathers both of her children. Not very long later, she was on the pregnancy train again and gave birth to their second son, Sean Federline. In fact, the children were born almost exactly one year a part from each other!

Though Spears and Federline no longer share a marriage together, they do have their very handsome young boys.

As with the children of other celebrities mentioned above, it is hard to deny that these kids are related. They seem to share many of the same physical traits, especially in their faces. The only difference appears to be their hair colors.

9 Mason and Penelope Disick

Despite all of the drama that seems to follow the infamous Kardashian family, there are two things we know for sure. Their reality show is fun to watch sometimes, and they make gorgeous children.

Reality star and fashionista Kourtney Kardashian, who is best known for appearing on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” is another famous face that seems to have something many people want. That is a beautiful family.

Kardashian, who is also a model, shares three children with her ex-husband Scott Disick. Disick is also a reality television star, as he has become famous for appearing on the Kardashian's television shows.

While all of the children greatly resemble each other, as well as their parents, there are two who really seem to be each other's dopplegangers.

Mason and Penelope Disick share many physical features. These include their father's dark, dirty blonde hair color, as well as the same shade of fair skin.

8 Ava and Deacon Philippe

Many fans of actress Reese Witherspoon and actor Ryan Philippe know that once upon a time, the two were a married couple. Though they are no longer united in marriage, they still have something else in common.

While the two of filmmaking stars were together, they had to beautiful kids. While Witherspoon now has a third child, Tennessee James Toth, with her second husband Jim Toth, her two oldest children with her former husband are often talked about due to the fact that they share the same physical looks as both their mother and father.

Deacon Reese Phillippe and Ava Elizabeth Phillippe seem to have a lot in common with each other as well. Though Ava is older and a bit more tall, with a lighter shade of hair, she and Deacon definitely look a lot alike.

7 Ryder Hudson and Bingham Hawn Bellamy

The next set of children we will discuss are a slightly different case than the others mentioned beforehand. They are still gorgeous, and still have famous parents. The only difference is that they only share half of the same gene pool.

Many fans of actress and mother Kate Hudson know that she was once married to musician Chris Robinson. During their seven year relationship, Hudson gave birth to her oldest son, Ryder Hudson.

Much later, after the two lovebirds decided they wanted to pursue other paths in life separately, Hudson met her current partner, Matt Bellamy, in the late 2000's. Since their relationship began, she gave birth to her second son, Bingham Hawn Bellamy.

Though they are not full siblings, Ryder and Bingham are undeniably Hudson's children. However, it is also hard to tell there is any difference in who the father is because they look so much like each other! Though the oldest boy, Ryder, no longer has the long locks he used to share with his mother, the youngest child is now sporting them. Bingham is most definitely the doppleganger of the younger version of Ryder Hudson.

6 Harper Beckham and Harlow Madden

While many children of celebrities look exactly like their parents, they are often dopplegangers of their siblings as well. However, there are also some famous faces who have children that look a lot alike though they are not related at all.

Two children that fit into this scenario are Harper Beckham and Harlow Madden. Though they have completely different families, these little tots definitely have some obvious similarities, physically speaking.

Harper Severi Beckham is the child of soccer star David Beckham and fashion designer and former performer Victoria Beckham. She also has three siblings: Romeo, Brooklyn, and Cruz David.

Harlow Madden is the child of television personality and author Nicole Richie, as well as performer Joel Madden. The couple also have another child named Sparrow.Harper and Harlow not only share the fact that they have siblings, but they also look like each other. Harlow and Harper both have the same shade of long hair, as well as a light skin tone.

5 Willow and Jaden Smith

This takes us back to the subject of siblings who look just like each other. Not only do Brad, Angelina, and countless others share kids who are identical to their siblings, but there is at least one other talented Hollywood couple who also have children that are the dopplegangers of each other.

Actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett Smith have two great careers. They also share two very successful children.Willow and Jaden Smith are young, but they have already accomplished some pretty great professional goals. However, parents and success are not the only things these two talented artists share.

Both Willow and Jaden appear to be very tall, almost matching their father's height. They both seem to be towering over their mother, who only reaches five feet of height. Additionally, they both share the exact same facial features as Jada and Will.

4 Tristan and Sasha Hemsworth

Many of the children on this list are siblings and so far, two of them are not. They just happen to look very much like each other. However, one of the sets of babies on here are actually twins (we are looking at you, Vivienne and Knox Jolie-Pitt). Now, there is another set of twins on the list.

Actor Chris Hemsworth is, at this point, probably used to women drooling over him from all around the world. But that doesn't seem to be phasing him one bit, as he is married to his equally beautiful wife of six years, actress Elsa Pataky.

Though two not only share a marriage and similar careers. They also have three children together. There names are Tristan, Sasha, and India Rose.

While they all three share the handsome and beautiful looks of their mother and father, two in particular are the spitting image of each other. Tristan and Sasha, who are both boys, were born identical twins.

They both seem to have taken the handsome, rugged looks of their father as well as the grace of their mother, and they are very adorable children. The couple welcome their two youngest children into the world two years ago.

3 Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon

To add to the already lengthy list of celebrities who have children that share many physical traits with each other, let's again look at stars in the music industry. Perhaps one of the most well known singers of our time is performer Mariah Carey.

Carey, who was briefly married to Nick Cannon, is most famous for her unique voice. Carey and Cannon are no longer married. However, there is something other than both of their musical careers and former marriage that the two former love birds have in common.

During the course of their marriage, Carey became pregnant with and gave birth to twins. Their names are Moroccan Scott Cannon and Monroe Cannon.

Over the years, Carey has made her admiration for legendary Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe well known. Because of this, some might guess that is why she and her former husband, Nick, named their daughter Monroe. Cool, famous parents are not the only things Moroccan Scott and Monroe share. Not only do they share their identical looks, too, but they also both seem to have the same passion for great fashion as their super famous mother and father have.

2 Henry Moder and Phinnaeus Moder

Major Hollywood stars seem to have many kids that share extremely similar looks. There appears to be yet another pair of children from a celebrity that look so much alike we might think they were the same person if they did not appear next to each other in some of their photos.

Actress Julia Roberts, who is most famous for her roles in the very popular films “Erin Brockovich,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Notting Hill,” is currently married to her second husband. His name is Daniel Moder, and he has worked behind the camera on many well known movies. Specifically, Moder has worked on the films “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” Spiderman 3,” and “Enemy of the State,” just to name a few.

However they have much more in common than just a couple of stellar careers in the world of entertainment. The two happily married people also have three children, and their names are Phinnaeus, Hazel, and Henry Daniel Moder. While the three children all share the beauty and good looks of both mom and dad, Phinnaeus and Henry are the ones who look the most like each other.

Phinneaus, who is the older of the two young men, has striking red hair much like his mother. Henry, along with Hazel, sports a blonde head of hair. Otherwise, it is not hard at all to see that the two boys are related.


1 Blue Ivy Carter and North West

The last set of adorable celebrity babies I am about to discuss on this list are two more children that are not related at all, yet look very similar to each other. Also, one of these two children is another member of the Kardashian family.

Blue Ivy Carter is the daughter of singer Beyonce and her husband of eight years, rapper and producer Jay-Z. He is also known as Shaun Corey Carter.

North West is the oldest of two children born to designer and reality television personality Kim Kardashian-West and rapper Kanye West. The couple also have a son together, and his name is Saint West.

Aside from having super famous parents, and the fact that they themselves are often featured in magazines and social media articles, Blue Ivy and North also share strikingly similar looks. On top of the similarities they both have, they also both seem to rock the most popular fashion trends, just like their parents do.

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