15Jace and Maxwell Johnson

Many celebrities have it all: money, fame, talent and good looks. Additionally, some of them have some kids that definitely take after them in the looks department, and many are lucky enough to have multiple beautiful babies.

Singer and fashion mogul Jessica Simpson is no exception to this situation.

She not only has a great career, but she also shares two wonderful children with her sports star husband, Eric Johnson.

Simpson and Johnson married in 2014, which is the second marriage for her. The first was with singer Nick Lachey. Since getting together with her current mate, Simpson has given birth to her two gorgeous kids, a girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson and a boy named Jace Johnson.

Both children share the astonishingly good looks of their parents. In addition to this, they look very much like each other. They are definitely the dopplegangers of each other! Both seem to share Simpson's iconic beautiful blonde hair and fair skin.

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