15 Incredible Birth Stories That You Won't Believe

Sharing birth stories is almost like a woman’s rite of passage, the way that she shares her experience in undeniably one of the most life-changing...

Childbirth is an exhilarating experience for any parent. From the early signs of pregnancy until the day comes to deliver the baby, moms and dads spend countless moments preparing for the arrivals of their precious little one. They expect that it will be a memorable day, one that they will excitedly tell and retell for generations to come.

Sharing birth stories is almost like a woman’s rite of passage, the way that she shares her experience in undeniably one of the most life-changing events that could possible occur. While most birth stories are laced with excitement and intensity, there are some that raise the bar on this by being some of the most amazing birth stories that may have ever been heard.

Some of these amazing birth stories are the reflection of decisions that some parents have made to take the road less traveled and to have their babies in their own way. Some of these, many of which are home births, tell the story of how mothers were able to birth their babies completely unassisted.

These stories are worth telling and sharing because, while the births are entertaining, they could turn out to be realistic scenarios for other moms who will have babies. Having collective knowledge to draw from could help other moms to be prepared or, at the very least, aware of what they could do in the event of an unexpected situation.

15Mom Has Her Baby In The Shower

Savannah Baker was already one of the most courageous moms, having had her first child naturally without the use of any medications or interventions. But, her bravery reached new heights when she gave birth to her second son, Jackson, at home, unassisted by medical professionals, with her husband’s help and support. She decided on this unprecedented route due to the unwillingness of her midwife team to assist her based on her noncompliance with their policy to have an ultrasound and take the gestational diabetes test.

She began researching and found books like Emergency Childbirth, which was written during the Cold War era to help mothers be prepared in case their was nuclear fallout and they had to deliver a baby on their own. She gathered some minimal supplies, such as tarps and puppy pads for the mess, shoes laces to tie off the cord, and scissors to cut it. On the day it came time to deliver her baby at 43 + 6, she was more than ready, after passing blood, pieces of her mucus plug, and having some strong contractions, she was almost reluctant to believe that the powerful contractions that she’d began to experience were the real deal. Once her water broke, she knew that it was finally time. She birthed a healthy baby boy in the shower just after midnight.

14Having A Baby While Waiting

Emory Ann Kurysh shares an unexpected tale of the birth of her niece. She recalls getting a call from her sister at about 11 pm one night asking her to come watch her kids while she and her husband head to the hospital. Her sister later told her that as soon as she got off of the phone, her water broke. While she and her husband waiting for Emory to arrive, they realized that the baby didn’t want to wait any longer.
After calling 911, her brother-in-law helped to deliver their baby, who came in just four pushes. When Emory arrived, she went into a mild panic seeing an ambulance in the driveway. She was relieved, though, to learn that there was no medical emergency; just the birth of her new niece.

13Mind Over Matter Childbirth

Laura Shanley tells a remarkable story about the birth of her son, John. She and her husband decided to have their baby at home without medical interventions in 1977. They didn’t feel comfortable putting themselves in someone else’s hands and were both fully confidence in Laura’s ability to birth her baby without any medical interventions.

Laura found lots of helpful information on what to expect in Grantly Dick-Read’s book, Childbirth Without Fear and Jane Robert’s book, The Nature of Personal Reality. She learned that her personal belief in herself could be strengthened through positive affirmations and visualizations. This helped to dispel any lingering fear or doubt.

Laura went into labor one afternoon and by midnight, she knew that she was about to have her baby They called three of their friends over (all males) who wanted to be present during the birth. They stood around her in the bathroom while she labored on the toilet (where she felt most comfortable). When her water broke at about 1:30, she could feel her baby’s face coming out, she moved to the bed. She let her body do its thing without interference. She was on her hands and knees when an almost involuntary push made her baby come flying out into dad’s arms, who caught his son in mid-air.

12Baby Born In A Car

Raelin Scurry was convinced that she was having Braxton Hicks contractions at 29 weeks one day. About 45 minutes later, she started to worry that, with the intensity and speed in which were contractions were coming, she should probably go to the hospital.
Raelin and her fiancée got into the car and headed to the hospital. She called 911, but they couldn’t understand her through her screams. After passing the phone to her fiancée, she pulled off her pants, reached down, and felt her baby’s head coming out. She gave one push and her 3 lb 1 oz baby was born in the caul, or amniotic sac.

11Grandma Gives Birth To Grandson

Kristine Casey’s story is a powerful testament to a mother’s love. At 61, ten years post menopause, she agreed to become a surrogate for her daughter, Sara Connel, who was infertile. After becoming pregnant, using her daughter and son-in-law’s egg and sperm, during her second round of in-vitro, she carried her grandson full term. She delivered her grandson, Finnean, via c-section. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when the baby was born. Kristine felt honored to do this for her daughter, calling it her spiritual calling. Sara was elated that anyone would do such a loving thing, but the fact that it was her own mother made it that much more incredible.

1012-Year-Old Has A Baby On A Field Trip

One incredible birth story is that of a Dutch 12-year-old girl who gave birth on a school field trip. The girl complained during the day to a few of her classmates that she was having stomach pains. When she began to complain of violent stomach pains, a teacher realized that she was in labor and called for emergency services. Upon arriving, they found that she was very close to giving birth and rushed her to a nearby building where she had her baby. Nobody, not even the girl herself, even knew that she was pregnant.

9Mom Has A Baby After A Marathon

Amber Miller joins the ranks of rock star moms who maintain an active lifestyle while pregnant. At 39 weeks, just days before her due date, Amber participated in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Her plan was to run the first half and then quit. She had signed up for the race before learning that she was pregnant, being an avid runner. Instead of quitting, she and her husband walked the second half of the race. It was then that she started to feel contractions. It took 6.5 hours to complete the race. They went to get food to eat and went to the hospital, where she delivered her 7 lb 13 oz daughter June. She didn’t understand people’s wonder at her having completed the race since she had been running both before and during her pregnancy.

8Mom Is In Labor For 75 Days

Joanna Krzysztonek’s story demonstrates exactly how patient mothers have to be. She experienced 75 days of labor possibly the longest reported labor in the world. She was pregnant with triplets. She gave birth to one she was five months pregnant and the baby died soon after. Doctors recommended that Joanna keep her feet elevated for the remainder of her pregnancy, believing that the gravity could reduce pressure on her cervix. Determined to deliver healthy babies, Joanna heeded the doctor’s advice and delivered two healthy babies, a boy and a girl, at 32 weeks. After a brief incubation period, the babies were able to go home.

7A Quiet Home Birth

Laura Shanley’s story with her daughter, Michelle, is one that almost flies under the radar, in more ways than one. She began feeling contractions at about 7 am. But she didn’t mention anything to her husband, David. Instead, she lay in bed and began telling herself belief suggestions. She found it easier to relax and let her mind work with her body rather than working against it. About an hour later, she went to take a bath. While the water was running, she sat down on the toilet and noticed that her water bag was coming out. It popped and shortly thereafter, she noticed a head beginning to emerge. She gave a little push and her daughter, Michelle, was born into her arms and started to cry. The umbilical cord was wrapped loosely around her neck, so she unwrapped it. She called her husband, David, into the bathroom. He heard the baby cries, but thought that there was a cat in the bathroom. He was shocked to find her holding a brand, new baby. He found some scissors and cut the umbilical cord. Later that day, their friends were surprised to find her with a new baby since she hadn’t expected to have her for weeks.

6Mom Has A Baby On A Plane

One mother’s birthing experience gives a whole new meaning to the term “mile high club”. One day, on what was supposed to be a routine flight from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas, Cristina Penton, who was 36 weeks pregnant, went into labor. Soon after the flight took off, she told an attendant that she wasn’t feeling well and they brought her some water. Then, the contractions started. She was grateful that there was a pediatrician and a nurse on board who helped to assist in delivering the baby. They advised her not to push, but the baby had plans of his own. Her water broke and after 3 pushes, her son, Cristoph, was born. On his birth certificate, it lists the location of his birth as “airplane’. Since he was born on Spirit Airlines, the airline offered him a special gift every year on his birthday: a free flight for him and a guest wherever Spirit travels.

5Mom Has A Big Baby Naturally

The experience of Kendall Stewardson in having big babies naturally is one that has left medical professionals in amazement. Most babies who are born weighing over 11 pounds, which is only one tenth of 1 percent of newborns, are born via c-section. But Kendall opted to avoid this route, deciding that surgery would not have been good for her or the baby. She was in labor for 6 hours and delivered her baby without the aid of pain medication or any other interventions. Her son, Asher, weighed 13 pounds and 13 ounces and was actually her second big baby born naturally, her first weighing 12 pounds.

4Mom Has Baby On The Kitchen Floor

Joanna Neal certainly seemed to have something cooking when she had her baby right on her kitchen floor. She was two weeks shy of her due date and had gone to see her OBGYN, who reassured her that she’d have plenty of time. But, at 4:35 am the following morning, her water broke. She told her husband that they needed to leave right away for the hospital, but when the contractions started coming fast and she felt the urge to push, she changed her mind and called 911. When the baby’s head started coming out, she knew that the baby was not going to wait. Fortunately, she had read up on how to deliver a baby. She told her husband to guide the baby’s shoulders out one at a time, but he froze. So, she guided them out herself. Her husband tied the umbilical cord with a clean shoelace to separate the baby from the placenta. They were happy to have such a wonderful experience.

3Christmas Miracle Baby

Jenny Komenda’s experience is what could rightfully be called a Christmas miracle. She woke up on December 24th convinced that that would be the day that she would have the baby. She started having powerful contractions that were five minutes apart, so she showered and prepared to leave for the doctor. She didn’t make it out the door before her water broke and she felt the urge to push. Her father, a family doctor who had delivered his share of babies, laid Jenny down on an ottoman in the living room. Her mom, sisters, and husband helped to support her legs and back as she pushed. Within minutes, she had her baby girl, Evelyn Jane. Jenny aid that, even though she hadn’t planned on having a home birth, she was glad for the experience, especially the connection and bond from everyone in the family being involved in the birth of the baby.

2Baby Born In A Driveway

Alicia Weintraub learned the importance of being prepared for any possible situation when going into labor when she didn’t quite make it to the hospital before having her baby. Instead, she and her husband, Adam, were on their way in the car when they realized that the baby was coming sooner than they thought. Locating a nearby fire station, they pulled over and Adam ran for help. Firemen and paramedics rushed out with a stretcher to help her, but the baby was already on its way out. Her baby, Lauren, born 4 weeks early at 4 pounds and 4 14 ounces, was born right there in the driveway of the fire station. Both baby and mom were given a clean bill of health.

1Baby Born In A Tunnel

Maya Polton’s baby will have an interesting story to tell about why his place of birth is listed on his birth certificate as the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel. When Maya woke up with contractions one morning, she didn’t think much of it, remembering what she’d heard in a birthing class about laboring at home for as long as possible and not going to the hospital too soon and risk being sent home. A few hours later, her contractions got stronger. Her water bag broke as her husband, Eric, was calling the OBGYN.

Thinking that a shower would help slow labor, Maya got into the tub, only to reach down and feel the baby’s head crowning. The couple jumped into a cab and headed to the hospital. While Maya tried not to push and Eric tried to get information on how to slow down labor, they lost cell service. She gave birth right in the cab in the tunnel, with Eric helping to deliver the baby. Spotting an FDNY truck to ask for directions to the hospital, they were able to get help. EMTs gave Maya oxygen and cut the baby’s umbilical cord. The only issue was trying to figure out if the baby had been born in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

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