15 Incredible Stories Of Moms Who Gave Birth In Moving Planes, Trains, And Automobiles

Some babies are incredibly impatient, plain and simple. But, I'm not saying anything that people don't already know. Although we'd like babies to wait until their due date and be born exactly where we want them, this doesn't often happen. For starters, less than five percent of babies are actually born on their due date.

Also, no one truly 100% knows exactly what makes an unborn baby decide that it's time to enter the world. They just come when they come. Of course, there are theories about this, but nothing set in stone. As moms know, when a baby makes the executive decision to come into the world, the mother has little say in the matter.

Sometimes babies make their grand entrance at the most inconvenient of times. Like being born in the car three miles away from the hospital like one of our entries. Or being born on a plane earlier than anyone expected as in another story. My own cousin gave birth in a wheel chair on the elevator ride up to the maternity ward of the hospital. So, it can happen to anyone. Here are the stories of 15 women who gave birth in a plane, train, or automobile. Enjoy!

15 Baby's Initials S.K.Y. Born In The Sky


More than one person has put a baby's nationality in question because the baby was born in the sky. After all, it's not exactly as if you can say that you're from the country of Clouds and Jet Streams.

But, 36,000 feet in the air is where Shona Owen was born. As it goes, her mother Debbie Owen was heavily pregnant in 1990 and boarded a plane from Ghana to London with her 4-year old daughter Claire by her side.

Unexpectedly, she went into labor and moved into first class. Dutch doctor Wym Bakker happened to be on board. Coincidentally, Bakker had been helping women give birth in the bush and was clearly capable of assisting in this case. As they were approaching London's Gatwick airport, Shona Kirsty Yves - spelling out the initials S.K.Y. - was born.

According to CNN.com, her passport actually reads, "Holder born on an aeroplane 10 miles south of Mayfield, Sussex." Her story is truly one of a kind. Strangely enough, she now works in travel and has connected with several others who were also born in the sky. They've formed their own unique SKY community, in a way. It's such a great icebreaker that she even completed her masters studies on the percentage of babies born in air.

14 Baby Born In Train Toilet Fell Onto Tracks And Survived


Yes, the newborn baby actually fell onto the tracks and survived, but let's back up a bit to explain how in the world something like that could ever happen. According to BBC, "Most Indian train toilets have a hole opening on to the tracks, and similar incidents have been reported before." Expecting mother Manu realized that she was too close to giving birth even to have time to exit the train she'd just boarded. Luckily, she was traveling with her own mother. The mother/daughter duo was headed from Suratgarh to Hanumangarh.

We don't know the details of the birth, but apparently after Manu gave birth, she fell unconscious and her baby slipped down the open hole in the train bathroom. One of the warehouse guards who was near the tracks hear the baby cry. He notified the railway officials and they were able to bring the newborn to safety.

Upon arriving at the train's destination, the mother and baby were taken to the local hospital and then the town hospital. Both mother and baby were found to be in good condition. The baby didn't even have any injuries. The only thing they were worried about was that the baby was very tiny, weighing just over four pounds.

13 The 10-Pound Birth In Front Seat Of Minivan


Rumor has it that people from Texas like to do things in a big way. This story about Texas mom Lesia Pettijohn only proves that, in this case, the rumor is most definitely true. Giving birth to a 10-pound baby in the front seat of a minivan is no small feat. But, doing it calm and collected while the cameras are rolling is a Texas-sized feat!

Pettijohn and her husband decided that it was time to head to the Bay Area Birth Center in Houston, Texas. If you've ever driven around Houston (or in Texas) then you know how long it can take to get to your destination. The parents of two daughters, ages one and two, had already been on the road for 45 minutes when Lesia realized they weren't going to make it to the birthing center on time.

Instead of pulling over, she insisted that her husband kept driving. Finally, he ended up pulling the car over as Lesia gave birth right there in the front seat and he somehow managed to video it.

Both parents were afraid of the baby arriving in the car because neither had a cell phone and wouldn't know what to do in an emergency situation. As it goes, the baby was perfectly fine entering the world via the passenger seat.

12 The 29-Week En Caul Birth In A Car


A rare occurrence in birth is delivering a baby en caul, which is a term used when the baby is born still inside the amniotic sac. If you remember, Jessica Alba made news when she delivered one of her children en caul. It's rare, but it does happen. According to nypost.com, Pennsylvanian Raelin Scurry was one of these rare occurrences.

Scurry hadn't planned on giving birth the day she did.

Mostly, she never even considered it because she was only 29 weeks pregnant. Since she'd been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions for days before the birth, she shrugged her contractions off as false.

Except that they weren't. After about 45 minutes of consistent and increasing contractions, Scurry realized this was the real deal.

The contractions continued in intensity and she decided it was time to go to the hospital. Scurry got scared and called 911 from the car. After writing on social media that she was going to the hospital, of course. Before medical help arrive, Scurry gave birth. Like mentioned before, her baby was still in his amniotic sac. Although he remained still for the seven minutes car ride to the hospital, he turned out to be a healthy 3 pound 1 ounce baby.

11 Baby Born On Train Has Lifelong Pass


Unaware that she was about to go into labor, a woman boarded a regional train in Leipzig, Saxony. Settling in for another typical train ride, the train pulled out of the station. As it did, she begin to feel contractions. Like many other women, the expecting mother didn't think too awful much about her pains. When she did realize that these were no practice labor of false labor, passengers moved her to a different part of the train. They then asked around to see if there was a doctor or any medical staff on board. Unfortunately there wasn't.

Two passengers assisted the mother to an out-of-order restroom where she could give birth. They delivered the baby as the train sped towards another station where medics were waiting for them.

Both mother and baby ended up doing just fine. In fact, the situation was so unique and unheard of in that area of eastern Germany that the new baby girl was awarded a lifelong pass to travel.

According to the local.de, “Because of the unusual situation we at Deutsche Bahn regional have decided to present the baby with a lifelong pass to travel in Saxony, Saxony Anhalt and Thuringia,” said Klingenhöfer."

10 Preterm Baby Born On International Flight


Nearing the end of 2017, a Pakistani woman gave birth on an international flight from Madinah, Saudi Arabia to Multan. Although the woman's identity remains anonymous, the entire situation created an online buzz. Especially after the Pakistan International Airlines released a statement on their Facebook page which described details of the event.

Later on Twitter, the Pakistan International Airlines tweeted, "Miracles happen everyday and we had our little miracle today onboard our flight PK 716 from Madinah to Multan. A beautiful baby girl was born!"

"The parents were over joyed and expressed their gratitude to the cabin crew members who helped with the delivery. We congratulate the proud parents on the new arrival and a big kudos to our cabin crew for their amazing emergency response."

Many people raise the issue of why the woman was allowed on the flight in the first place being heavily pregnant. In response to their questions, the airlines spokesperson Mashood Tashwar explained that it's up to the ground crew to check the security of passengers, not the airline itself. Also, she didn't appear to be full-term, so no one really made a fuss. No one, but the new baby girl, that is. The mother and baby were transferred to a medical center upon arriving in Multan. Both were in good health.

9 The Extra Train Passenger At Yala Station


Those learning about the "extra passenger" on the train bound for Sungai Kolok via Facebook chimed in with their two cents about what the mother should name her baby. As it turns out, only the nickname was decided upon and it was "Nong Train." Which was pretty perfect given the baby was born on train No. 171. We don't actually know if the new mother embraced that unique nickname or not, but it was fitting.

According to the Bangkok Post, "The National Institute for Emergency Medicine and rescuers of the Mae Kor Niew Foundation received a call from Thawatchai Srinual, a State Railway of Thailand (SRT) official at Yala station informing them a passenger on an arriving train was about to have a baby."

The speeding train No. 171 decided to make a stop at Yala station after medical staff was alerted. Nurses from Yala General Hospital and rescuers were waiting at the station for the mother and new baby. They only took about 15 minutes to help Yasmi Samuding give birth to a healthy baby boy.

Ready to assist were the railway police and station staff, but all seemed to go well for mother and baby. The two were taken to the hospital for further care.

8 Baby Number Three Comes In The Car

As you might know, the more babies you have the faster you are at giving birth, too. At least, that's how it typically works. A popular holistic blogger, Mama Natural featured tips on how to give birth in a car. Also in the post were two real-life stories from mothers within her blogging community.

The one featured here is Amber who gave birth in her car on the side of the road just 10 minutes away from the hospital. Her and her husband left for the hospital right after her water broke. Only 20 minutes later, Amber was giving birth.

She remembers thinking that she didn't know number three babies come this fast!

This is Amber's rendition of the big moment, "In the car with every contraction I could feel the baby’s head engaging. I didn’t really want to tell my husband. He was already driving up to 100 mph on the freeway. Finally I told him, “Pull over! I am pushing!” I just remember it being super chaotic, just like how they portray it in the movies. If I could go back and do it again, I would try to relax and calm down. Luckily for my husband, my mother was right behind us and she calmly caught the baby while he called 911."

7 The Uber Positive Plane Birth


Most women dream of their birth plan going as planned, but it's not often that such a plan goes off without a hitch. Especially not when your baby decides to make his grand entrance when you're thousands of miles in the air. For Cristina Penton, that's exactly what happened.

She was 36 weeks pregnant and her flight from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Dallas, Texas had just taken off when she began to sense a few twinges. As it goes, those twinges turned out to be full blown contractions.

Despite only being 36 weeks along in an uncomplicated pregnancy, Penton quickly realized that everything was not going to be "okay" for this flight.

So, she did the only thing she could - she notified one of the flight attendants who asked the passengers if there was a medical personnel onboard. Strangely enough, there was, but the last time he'd delivered a baby was 10 years earlier in medical school. She figured he'd do. After all, having two kids already, Penton was no amateur at this baby-having business.  Less than 50 minutes after her first contraction, she welcomed her son Christoph into the world. Although it was a surprise birth, Penton recalls the flight crew and other passengers were incredibly positive, cheering and applauding the entire situation.

6 VBAC Birth In Backseat Of A Jeep

This mom actually made it to the hospital, but remained next to the hospital to deliver her baby. Things were just happening way too fast for her to make it inside the building.

And giving birth in the car wasn't even the biggest feat for this mom. Nope. This was a VBAC, a natural birth after a cesarean. It can be tough to pull this off and some mom's end up having another cesarean because of how difficult it can be. Thankfully, everything went smoothly for this family.

According to PopSugar, "Everyone was instrumental to this birth, their role clearly defined. The doula, Lindsey Ripley, was guiding and supporting mom through the birth, dad was serene in holding baby girl's head, Paula was pushing through these final contractions welcoming her baby, and the nursing staff that ran out of the hospital all knew exactly what to do. Even her midwife, who, shortly after, parked her car having just arrived, helped deliver the rest of the baby and place her on mom's chest."

Not only does this send a great message to mothers at the possibilities of their own VBACs, but it also goes to show how instrumental the right birth team can be. Even when things don't go as planned.

5 It’s A Boy On Flight #543


The airline Lufthansa is no stranger to serving as the role of in-air maternity ward as they've had 11 babies born on their airline in-flight since 1965. The thoughtful flight crew saw the expecting mother, Desislava, in pain.

They moved several passengers forward to give the laboring mother space to feel comfortable. The entire rear end of the plane was transformed into a makeshift delivery room. Lufthansa was so incredible that they even put up a privacy screen for the mom and new baby.

According to indianexpress.com, the captain of flight #543 had these words, “'I’ve never experienced anything like that in my 37 years of professional experience. The entire crew did an extraordinary job. This was great teamwork, with everyone doing their part,' said Kurt Mayer, the captain of flight LH543. 'After landing, I immediately went to the mother and the newborn child to welcome him to the world. Aside from the birth of my own son, this was the most moving moment of my life'” Mayer added.

Desislava chose to name her baby boy after one of the doctors, Nikolai. Which really was the perfect way to honor such a dynamic occasion. Like many other in-flight births, the rest of the passengers were told of the birth and applauded for the new baby.

4 Unpredictable Labor On Train To NYC


Many people ask why labor is so unpredictable, and the unanimous response to this inquiry is simply - "who knows." When expecting mother Rabita Sarkar from Harrison, New Jersey unexpectedly delivered her son on a community train to New York City, she was probably wondering the same thing.

According to Time, Sarkar simply said, “It’s just that this guy had other plans, and he came out earlier." She began to feel uncomfortable during the train ride and realized that she was actually in labor. Although she wasn't exactly ready to her baby boy just yet, he decided to come anyway. As the contractions came faster and more intense, she told her husband to check what was going on down there. So, he took and peek and discovered that his son's head was already crowning.

Luckily, another woman was on the train with them and helped Sarkar deliver her baby. The other passengers offered her encouragement as in many other unexpected births. One little girl even offered her jacket to keep the baby warm. All in all, it was a positive experience for the couple and everyone involved in the birth on the train. Mother and baby were taken to the closest hospital and were in good health.

3 Baby Born While Car Was Being Serviced


Some people go to a car dealership to buy a new car, get their oil changed, or even to have the detail department give their ride the once-over. Then you have people like Adam and Amanda Sherman who put their dealership's promise of "great service" to the test when they decide to have a baby while their car was being serviced.

You read that right.

The Shermans took their truck into their local dealer for some routine maintenance. Shortly after arriving, Amanda used the restroom - as most pregnant women do when they arrive...err, anywhere - and realized that she was going to be having a baby very, very soon.

Adam while still talking to the service writer in the dealership's service department, but was notified of his wife's predicament. The couple's 14-month toddler was hanging with his dad, so Adam handed him off to an employee and headed back to the bathroom.

As he was one his way, he received a text from his wife saying that she was having the baby, but was interrupted half way through and ended the text with "...no, I just had it."

The story is that Amanda's water broke as she was on the toilet and the baby boy rushed out with it. There was a registered nurse also getting her car serviced at the dealership who went in to assist with the rest of the birth. As crazy fast as everything happened, the little baby was only six days early, and everyone was in perfect health.

2 The Busiest Flight Of One Doctor’s Life


You know that feeling you get after a long second year as a urology resident at Cleveland Clinic's Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute when you just want to sit back, watch a movie, and have a nice drink of champagne? Yeah, neither do I. But, Dr. Sij Hemal definitely does. He was in just a way, heading from New Delhi, to France, and was heading to JFK International Airport. Then, he was back home to Cleveland. Then, Toyin Ogundipe went into labor during flight and all his big plans changed.

In addition to Hemal, actually sitting next to him, was Dr. Susan Shepherd. The two of them rushed to the laboring mom's side to keep a close eye on her vital and to monitor how labor was progressing.

As the flight attendants kept an eye on her 4-year-old daughter, Ogundipe gave birth about 30 minutes after her contractions began. The captain considered making an emergency landing, but flying directly over Greenland didn't make that option plausible.

According to People, Ogundipe states, “I was relaxed because I knew I was in safe hands. They did everything a doctor or midwife would have done if I was in the labor room in the hospital. Even better, if you ask me.”

Back to the big R & R plans Hemal had...Air France gifted him with a travel voucher and bottle of champagne to make up for the glass he didn’t get a chance to drink during flight.

1 The Off-Duty Med Staff On-Duty During Train Ride


It's not uncommon that fathers-to-be worry about being there for the birth of their child. After all, when it all comes down to it, moms pretty much have it down pat by themselves. At least, the physicality of it all. But, when your partner decides to give birth while she traveling with you, all those worries melt away. And a truck load of new worries arise, naturally.

Allan Stanley and Sonia Banks were traveling back to Allan's mother's home where they had been visiting when Sonia went into labor. Off-duty midwife, nurse, and police officer were all on the train with the soon-to-be parents and assisted in the birth. Passengers were asked to leave the train car.

Sonia was in labor for a whopping 15 minutes when she gave birth to a healthy 6 pound 13 ounce baby. They named her Phoebe and she was Sonia's second child. She was only a week early, but still surprised both parents.

It was such an exciting event that the train conductor was making announcements to keep the other passengers informed on what was happening. Allan and Sonia apologized to the other passengers even though the entire train seemed to be very enthusiastically supportive of them all.

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