14Baby Born In Train Toilet Fell Onto Tracks And Survived


We don't know the details of the birth, but apparently after Manu gave birth, she fell unconscious and her baby slipped down the open hole in the train bathroom. One of the warehouse guards who was near the tracks hear the baby cry. He notified the railway officials and they were able to bring the newborn to safety.

Yes, the newborn baby actually fell onto the tracks and survived, but let's back up a bit to explain how in the world something like that could ever happen. According to BBC, "Most Indian train toilets have a hole opening on to the tracks, and similar incidents have been reported

before." Expecting mother Manu realized that she was too close to giving birth even to have time to exit the train she'd just boarded. Luckily, she was traveling with her own mother. The mother/daughter duo was headed from Suratgarh to Hanumangarh.

Upon arriving at the train's destination, the mother and baby were taken to the local hospital and then the town hospital. Both mother and baby were found to be in good condition. The baby didn't even have any injuries. The only thing they were worried about was that the baby was very tiny, weighing just over four pounds.

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