15 Incredible Ways Animals Have Reacted To Children

While the body is growing and changing during pregnancy, people start looking, gawking, wondering, gossiping…is that a baby bump? Or did that girl eat one too many Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs after the Easter Bunny hopped along.

While we are navigating our way through the world of enlarged chests and hips, growing belly, shrinking clothes, and the ultimate switch from regular jeans to elastic waist jeans, others are noticing. They may not feel comfortable asking just yet because there is nothing more uncomfortable than asking an overweight woman if she is expecting.

Not only are other people noticing, but so are our beloved animal friends. Just as our friends, family, and coworkers will start treating us differently so will our darling animals. We may experience extra attention from other people’s animals or wild animals we encounter at the zoo.

After baby comes this phenomenon continues. Everyone wants to be around us and our newborns. Everyone was to hold the little one. Hear our birth story. Welcome the new baby into our families and into our worlds. Our babies become part of our family and part of the greater communities that we are involved in.

So after everyone has had the opportunity to lay their hands on our pregnant bellies, asked us how much weight we have gained, and told us that we are glowing there are other things to look forward to. We see the world around us in a different way and the world and animals around us see us and our children in a different way.

The only way to prepare for this is to expect the unexpected because we never know when a Lioness may try to have a playdate with our little one through the safety glass at the zoo. We also never know when our trusted animal companions may save our baby’s life.

15 Kissing Baby Bumps

Oh the temptation, a beautiful pregnant woman, glowing in her third trimester, and the bump that houses the little being who we can see moving and kicking. For many just seeing this miracle is not enough. All too many women have complained about the strangers and not so strangers, reaching out and touching them without permission.

Reaching out and rubbing our pregnant bellies as if we were Buddha statues and if they could just rub our magical bump then they may achieve enlightenment, or at least pregnancy. There is a sweet Orangutan, Rajang, who lives at the Colchester Zoo in Essex, who takes it a step further.

Instead of reaching out to touch these women he reaches out to kiss their baby bumps. He can’t physically kiss them because they are separated by glass but he goes as far as to kiss the glass where the pregnant ladies are standing. He’s done it to multiple mama’s now who are amazed by the connection they feel with this majestic animal.

14 Treating Babies Like Prey

Not all animals are as compassionate as Rajang. Even animals who have been people’s pets have turned on them in certain situations. The important thing to remember is that wild animals, whether they are free or in captivity, are unpredictable and just because an animal is housed in a family friendly environment, like the zoo, doesn’t mean the animal itself is friendly.

A family who visited the Oregon Zoo can attest to this. They had their child dressed in a zebra striped sweatshirt and set him in front of the Lion enclosure so that he could check things out. The Lionesses who lived there thought that he looked like a tasty snack and tried to munch on him through the glass. The family was seemingly very entertained by this as you can see videos on Youtube of the family laughing. They just left their son there for a while to be pretend eaten by the Lioness. Thank goodness for that glass.

13 Trying to Play

Although some Lionesses see our littles ones as an afternoon delight, others may see them as little playmates. Or that’s what we like to think anyway. Although the way the Lion would play with the baby would most likely inflict a lot of pain it’s the intention that counts, right?

Zari, a 7-year-old lioness at the El Paso Zoo tried to have a playdate with a little visitor who was set in front of her safety glass. She batted her paws at the joyful toddler and the little boy gladly played along as his parents sat by his side and videotaped the interaction.

This animal’s reaction to the toddler was shocking and some parents are left wondering, is it neglectful to leave a toddler behind a sheet of glass with a pawing wild animal on the other side? Is it all in good fun or is it responsible parenting?

12 Raising A Human Baby As Their Own

When thinking of suitable caretakers for a baby a goat is definitely not the first childcare provider that comes into my mind. I know that we all have different ways of childrearing and one parent in Russia decided that she would let her baby be raised by goats, yes goats. The child’s mother just locked him in a room with a bunch of goats and left her to be raised by these farm animals.

The boy played with his goat brothers and sisters. He slept with them too. His biggest issue was malnourishment as the goat mother could not provide a sufficient amount of milk for the little tike along with her own little ones. When the boy was found by social workers in June 2012 he weighed a third less than a typical child of his age.

Thank goodness the boy was rescued when he was because apparently the boy’s mom had disappeared. The child had a hard time acclimating to human life after his time with the goats. Apparently he insisted on sleeping on the floor and was very scared of adults. I do wonder if he was allowed to keep in contact with his goat family.

11 Saving Abandoned Babies

When I think of a baby left in the wild I immediately think that if this baby is not found sooner rather than later then he would most likely meet an untimely death. I have read children’s books of children being raised in the wild by animals but it wasn’t until recently that I discovered some real life situations where children were taken in and protected by animals in the wilderness.

One such story involves a baby boy was abandoned in Argentina. Surprisingly a group of wild cats found him and saved his life. The baby was kept alive during a freezing winter by these cats. They laid on top of him to provide him warmth as if they were his blanket. They cleaned him by trying to lick the dirt from him as they would one of their own.

They fed him scraps of food that they foraged for. The boy was discovered by Argentinean police when he was 1-year-old.

10 Polar Bear Reacts

A Polar Bear at the St. Louis Zoo had quite a violent reaction to a baby sitting in front of his glass tank. It was just an average day at the zoo and the sightseers were checking out the 1200-pound polar bear. A small boy squealed with delight as he reached out to the glass as if he was trying to touch the polar bear as it swam buy.

The parents and bystanders thought it was an adorable sight until the polar bear surfaced for air, slid down the glass back to the boy, then opened his mouth wide with his sharp teeth on display as he approached the boy. The boy was understandably freaked out and his mother was quick to snatch him up and let him know that he was safe and secure in her arms.

Other visitors thought it was funny when this large animal tried to chomp on the small child. Luckily, there was a glass tank separating the two.

9 Boa Constrictor Pregnancy Test

So some people believe dogs can sense pregnancy, others believe cats can, but a woman named Beckie and her baby Daddy believe that their pet snake was the first one to know that Beckie was pregnant. Their Boa Constrictor, Poseidon, started paying extra special attention to Beckie’s belly.

He even became protective when Tom or anyone else would try to move him from his shielding perch on top of the baby bump. When Poseidon became persistent about making Beckie’s belly his new hang out the couple started having a hunch that something was going on. They had tried to get pregnant but their attempts were met with no luck.

They questioned whether Poseidon was sensing something that they were unaware of. After some consideration they took a pregnancy test and what do you know? Beckie was pregnant and little Poseidon was in tune with his owner’s body. Can snakes sense pregnancy? This couple certainly believes they can.

8 Man’s Best Friend Sniffing Out Pregnancy

Who spends more time with our families besides our good old pet dog? Dogs do a lot of sniffing. My friend Laura brings her dog over and man he goes straight for my crotch every time. He does this to everyone. It’s just his thing. I’ve told Laura that if I ever get lost in the woods she should give her pup a pair of my panties to sniff and send him on his way.

I’m sure he’d find me. We all know that this dog isn’t alone in his interest in intriguing smells. Dogs have been able to detect cancer through a specific scent that is linked to cancer. If a dog can smell cancer, he can certainly smell the changes that are bodies are going through with the influx of hormones going on while we transform into mommy’s to be.

Although our dogs can sniff out the changes going on it doesn’t mean that they understand why these changes are occurring.

7 That’s My Baby

There is no way to tell how your dog will act when you bring your baby home but there are many dogs out there who love those new babies as their own. Check out all of those pictures of newborns snuggling with their big furry friend. The truth is we have no idea how our dog will act when we bring our baby home but Pit Bulls were once referred to as the “nanny breed,” for a reason.

Dogs are pack animals and when they see us loving and caring for our sweet little ones they instinctively do it too. We know they want to please us in most cases. Hopefully our pups will love our new pack member as much as we do but they may have some other reactions based upon their personality, what they observe, changes that occur, and how they are treated.

Other possible reactions include being protective, fearful, or indifferent as they sense the changing pack order.

6 Dolphins Love Pregnancy Too

Many people believe that dolphins have magical and healing abilities and others believe that dolphins have a special gift to sense pregnancy. To identify shapes and locations of things dolphins make sounds and listen to the echoes that return. Doctors use a similar technique when they are taking our first baby pics in utero, ultrasounds.

These ultrasound pulses are so high pitched that humans can’t hear them but our dolphin friends can. They may also be able to hear the heartbeat of a baby inside of the mama if they get close enough to the baby bump. Dolphins are notoriously attracted to pregnant women and give them special attention when they are allowed.

They buzz right up against the women’s bellies when they sense pregnancy. This buzzing is nature’s pregnancy test, otherwise known to us as echolocation. The verdict is not out as to whether or not dolphins can definitely sense pregnancy.

5 Chimp Grieves With Caretaker Over Miscarriage

This is a touching event that brings tears to the eyes of many who hear about it. There was a Chimp named Washoe who was taught American Sign Language (ASL). Washoe had a large vocabulary and was able to communicate emotion through ASL. Washoe had a pregnant caretaker named Kat and Kat and Washoe would talk about the baby inside of Kat.

One day Kat abruptly stopped visiting Washoe because she had a miscarriage. Washoe’s feelings were hurt and no one told her that Kat stopped visiting because of the miscarriage. When Kat returned she signed to Washoe that her baby had died. Washoe signed back “cry” and “please person hug.” Washoe had also lost a child and expressed sympathy for Kat’s loss.

Washoe was later given another baby to adopt and she taught the baby ASL.

4 Parrot’s Reaction Saved The Baby

For Megan Howard, her daughter Hannah, and their pet Parrot, Willie It was just another day in paradise. Suddenly, the day took a turn for the worse and an unexpected hero stepped up to the plate. Hannah and Willie were in a room alone when Hannah began to choke. Megan was nearby and heard Willie the Parrot.

Willie stepped up and knew just what to do to catch the attention of his owner. He grabbed Megan’s responsiveness in the only way he knew how. He yelled, “Mama, Baby!” He also flapped his wings and created a ruckus until he alerted Megan that her baby was choking. Megan performed the Heimlich Maneuver and dislodged the food stuck in baby Hannah’s throat.

In the end, Hannah lived and Willie the Parrot was honored by the Red Cross for his quick reaction to the emergency.

3 Stray Dog Treats Abandoned Newborn As One of Her Pups

It was a cold day in La Plato, Argentina. The temperature outside was 37 degrees. A 14-year-old woman gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces. A stray dog huddled with her newborn puppies nursing them and trying to keep them warm. The young woman made the choice to leave her newborn son laying in a field to fend for himself.

She left the infant to die but a stray dog decided it was not that baby’s time to go. This Mama dog reportedly found the boy and carried it 50 meters to where her puppies were huddled. She cuddled him in with the other dogs and kept him by her side until a local man heard the babies cries and found him.

The baby boy had only superficial wounds and was bleeding from the mouth but considering the circumstances he was in good shape. The baby was only hours old when he was found and doctors believe the instincts of the dog saved him.

2 Cats Know What's Up

For all of the pregnant cat lovers out there you may have already noticed the changes in the way your cat is acting. Is he curling up and enjoying the comfort of your growing baby bump? He’s acting like that because he’s noticing the changes within you. Our cats are very observant and pick up on everything. They have strong senses of sight, hearing, and smell.

This is why they pick up on the pheromones that you are producing during pregnancy. Your home is their domain and they keep an eye and ear on everything that is going on with you and within you home. It’s important to remember that each cat will act differently. Some will become more affectionate, chill out a little bit, become more protective, or take a motherly role.

On the other end of the spectrum some may become jealous. So stick to the same routine, keep giving your cat all the loving he needs, don’t forget about him after the baby is born, and somewhere down the line the jealousy should pass. Like humans, cats all have different personalities but it’s a rare cat that becomes aggressive towards a newborn.

1 The Ultimate Protector

Finding a babysitter for a young baby is especially challenging because our baby is not yet capable of speaking up and telling us if they like someone or not. They can’t tell us if they are having the time of their lives while we are gone or if they are experiencing a traumatic nightmare.

While these babies can’t speak up for themselves one dog, Killian, took it upon himself to let his owners, Benjamin and Hope, know that the babysitter they chose, Alexis Khan, was verbally and physically abusing their baby, Finn, for 5 months while they were at work.

Killian, a Labrador-Retriever-German Shepherd Mix, growled and stood between Khan and Finn every time Khan entered the home. This was unusual behavior for him. When Killian started becoming aggressive towards Khan, Benjamin and Hope left an iphone recording the day after they went to work.

Upon listening to the recording, they heard unimaginable abuse that lead to Khan’s incarceration. Without Killian’s protective actions the abuse would have continued.

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