15 Instagram Posts That Got Moms In Serious Trouble

As glorious mothers all around the world know, posting pictures and videos on social media is the perfect way to express the joy and pride a mom feels

As glorious mothers all around the world know, posting pictures and videos on social media is the perfect way to express the joy and pride a mom feels when witnessing the growth of her child. No one can resist making an “Aww” face when seeing a baby’s adorable eyes and tiny feet, nor when toddlers do something silly and cute during playtime in the park. That is why there exist thousands and thousands of Instagram profiles of moms posting almost everything their kids do on a daily basis.

Sadly, there are many people who are unsatisfied with such posts because, very often, moms would upload intimate photos that are considered to be inappropriate by some and should stay between the family. Of course, everyone has something to say upon setting foot on any kind of social media website. That’s what they’re here for, right?

Still, moms get to choose whether a certain picture should stay private or should be posted for all eyes to see. That means they also have to face any consequences and criticism that follow said picture. We’re not saying that they are all justified, but everyone is entitled to an opinion and stopping them from expressing it is not an option. In the end, it is all about how mothers handle the situation and what life lesson they learn from it.

15Destroyed Innocence

When people take their kids to the beach or the pool, it usually turns out to be a fun time for everyone. Adults enjoy the bright sun while kids play with the waves and learn to swim. Such moments like these turn out to be just adorable and a picture has to be taken at some point and then maybe even uploaded online. Is this really a big enough reason to get judged by random strangers on social media?

A post that made many people angry is a photo uploaded by actress and mother Kyle Richards back in April. On the photo, we see her happy daughter in a colorful bathing suit near a lake. In Kyle’s eyes, there was nothing wrong with sharing such an innocent and beautiful side of her daughter. Yet, many chose to disagree, saying that the little girl is oversexualized and that Kyle is risking her daughter’s safety, making her exposed to all kinds of perverts. She then responded by saying that, as her mother, she has the right to post whatever she likes.

14Flagged Inappropriate?

Mothers are very proud of their children, no matter how they turn out to be. For most, their kids are what helps them go through life’s troubles and they express that with compassion and warmth. They love them when they’re rich; they love them when they’re poor. They love them in sickness and in health. They love them when they are born with Goldenhar syndrome and they are not ashamed to show it.

That’s the case with 38-year old mom Charlie Beswick, whose son suffers from such a disability, being born without an eye, an ear, and a nostril on one side of his face. After uploading a picture of her son without his prosthetic eye, Charlie went into an outrage because the Instagram community took down the photo. That had been done after someone complained in the comments about the photo and, apparently, it had been flagged as inappropriate. It was re-uploaded a few days later with Instagram confessing that they had made a mistake.

13Sexy Mom = Bad Mom?

It’s great to see moms who are not afraid to show off their curves even after years of taking care of their children. Women are happy to know that anyone can recover after labor and look stunning as hell. After all, parenting is hard work, right? Mothers deserve every flattering comment after sacrificing time and effort to both raise well-functioning human beings and take care of themselves. What they don’t deserve is criticism from others after posting a sexy picture of their lovely curves.

That is exactly what happened with Jenna Dewan Tatum who, upon uploading a picture of herself with a naked behind on a balcony, got an enormous number of negative comments. The reason behind them is many feel that Jenna is being a bad role-model for her daughter, according to many Instagram users who were pissed off by such a photo. They had a problem with her showing young girls that it’s OK to attract attention with such sexual images of themselves. Luckily, Jenna was massively supported by her fans that were happy that she was not afraid to show off her body.

12Dranks Are Involved

Everyone knows that moms aren’t supposed to touch alcohol while they’re pregnant or even during the first year after the baby is born because of breastfeeding. However, some moms today decide that bottle feeding is the best way to go once breastfeeding becomes too difficult. There are a large number of disputes between mothers on which method is better, and such debates go on forever. There is no reason to judge one or the other for how they choose to take care of their child.

Unfortunately, many famous stars are being attacked with such accusations as well. For example, Beyoncé was destroyed by people who criticized her when she posted an Instagram photo where she is out drinking with her husband two months after the birth of her twins. She ended up being a target for mom-shaming even though people were unaware whether she was breastfeeding or not. It’s a good thing her BeyHive is always on her side, ready to give their support at any time.

11Out In The Open

Babies are extremely adorable, especially when they’re still small and soft and look like little dolls you can play with. The best part is – they don’t mind being dressed up for a picture! Usually, moms find these adorable little outfits with something cute written on them and it turns out to be an adorable picture for the whole family, and maybe the internet as well! However, there are moms who choose different ways to make the perfect picture and, of course, they get bugged for it.

Recently, an active mother on Instagram named Renée Oteri posted a photo of her little baby boy with only socks on and his tush out in the open. This raised a lot of concern and negativity as the picture’s entire comment section was flooded with words like “child pornography” and “pedophile materials.” Renée responded by saying how incredibly upset and disappointed she is by everyone who wrote those things, also adding that she would never post anything inappropriate of her son. In the end, she had to take down the photo but succeeded in making her point clear.

10Bottle Feeding – Wrong!

Once again, we would like to talk about the whole breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding battle that’s going on today. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to both sides, as there is for every parenting decision during the child’s entire life. Still, that does not make one better than the other or vice versa. It is important to have tolerance towards mothers who make their own decisions, no matter how big the disagreement.

A woman who was deeply criticized about her choice is a mom on Instagram named Siobhan Rennie. She was accused of not being a good enough mother after she revealed that her daughter was bottle-fed. Siobhan’s response was that she was already feeling guilty enough about the whole thing because of being told by everyone that it’s wrong, but that she made the right choice. In the end, what’s important is having the baby well-fed, happy, healthy, and taken care of no matter how it’s done.

9Shamed For Breastfeeding

Now we continue with something similar; still food related, but a bit different. It’s about breastfeeding in public which, surprisingly, is still a topic people just cannot stop talking about. There are countless and countless debates whether a woman exposing herself for the sake of her child is proper behavior in public or not and people still have not made a unanimous decision and probably never will. It is something no one is willing to let go of easy, so the fiery comments keep on coming from everywhere.

A woman named Kelly Stanley had complained that her own parents criticized her for breastfeeding her daughter in public, saying that she should be considerate of those around her who might get uncomfortable. It is the reason why she posted a photo of her and her daughter, being strongly opposed to her parents’ words. Kelly said that people who sexualized breastfeeding should “grow up and act like mature human beings who are capable of controlling themselves.” This post earned her a lot of respect and a huge wave of support.

8Hairdo Experiments

All moms have different parenting techniques and all of them choose different activities for bonding with their child. At the same time, they see how their kids react and what they like to do most. Every new thing just helps a mother discover more about her child in order to take that and turn it into something bigger with which the child can develop. Of course, no parenting method goes without criticism from others with different opinions.

Crystal Harden is a mother of a two-year-old little girl who got shamed for straightening her daughter’s hair. People were angered because her daughter is too young to get her hair damaged this early and that the mom should just “let that baby be a damn baby.” In her defense, Crystal explains that her daughter loved the time they spent playing hairstylist and she had no intention of sexualizing her daughter, but that she only wanted to see how she’d look with straight hair. We can’t really blame her for enjoying playtime with her daughter, right?

7Weight Problems?

We’re sure people have noticed that, in general, young kids are either really skinny or kind of chunky. There’s nothing bad about that; it’s just how kids are. There is no need for parents to get concerned or turn it into a big deal because it’s perfectly normal. However, some people find it a personal mission to let mothers on Instagram know that their children look concerningly under or overweight.

As an example, we would like to mention Kristin Cavallari, actress and mother of three, who got negative feedback after posting a picture of her family on the beach last year. Apparently, her kids were looking way too skinny and Kristin was flooded by negativity in the comments. Her parenting ways were criticized and she was called a bad mother who does not feed her kids enough. To that, her many fans stepped in defending her and saying that her kids’ bodies are exactly what they’re supposed to look like.

6No Need To Body-Shame

Body-shaming is never a nice thing to do, especially after someone has given birth to a child. It is good to appreciate the progress moms are making when trying to get back in shape or trying to improve their physique, but any bad remark in such a situation can really hurt feelings. People sometimes just don’t think about that before writing a mean comment expressing their judgmental thoughts. Sadly, there are too many women who fall victim to such people.

We are talking specifically about Erin McNaught, a model who, after the birth of her child, quickly lost the weight from her pregnancy and, four weeks later, posted a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram. Instead of being praised for it, she received a lot of comments in which she was accused of being unrealistic and focusing too much on her body image and not enough on being a mother. These are the type of critics that can really bring down a person’s self-esteem and ruin a woman who just became a mother. We are glad her fans helped her cope with it.

5A Fine Role Model

Everyone has heard about that one saying that goes “You are who you’re with.” It means that a person’s surroundings can have an affect on his or her behavior. This is extremely visible with children as they do not know how they are supposed to act, so they copy everyone around. According to this, it is very important for young children to have good role models to guide them while they grow. Again, what counts as a good role model is not the same for everyone.

Kim Kardashian has been criticized many (many!) times about almost every choice she has made in life. The way she is raising her daughter is not excluded from harsh words. A while back, Kim had posted a photo on Instagram completely nude, which shocked an incredible number of people. A fair number of them had something to say about how this would look in her daughter’s eyes once she grows up. Kim had a good response, saying that she wants her little girl to feel comfortable in her own skin and that she should never be ashamed of who she is and how she looks.

4Making The Right Choices


After a baby is born, the new mommy could use some time to recover, but soon she needs to get back on her feet because babies, as we all know, require a lot of care and attention. Most moms usually struggle a bit in the beginning until they get used to the new pace in their life. Still, there are some who don’t let such a change in their life stop them from being themselves and from doing what they had been doing before. Sadly, they can’t get away from judgmental eyes.

A mother like Chrissy Teigen appears to have it all – a good job, a lovely husband, a rich and fulfilled life. Yet, somehow, people all around find flaws in her techniques as a parent, critiquing the way she holds her baby, how often she goes to parties and events now that she’s a mom, and the fact that she chose to have a baby girl instead of a boy. Luckily, Chrissy is receiving tons of support from fans, her husband, and her closest. She stands up for herself, saying she cannot understand those people who make others feel horrible for their own entertainment.

3A Kiss From Mom

Mothers feel an enormous mixture of emotions when it comes to their kids. Love, of course, shows itself as the strongest. It can be expressed differently in various situations and mothers do not hesitate to show it. Kisses, hugs, walks in the park, eating chocolate, bedtime stories etc; these are just some of the ways of showing that a mom loves her kid more than anything in the world. But, sometimes, even expressing a mother’s love can bother people in the worst way possible.

When a mother kisses her child on the lips, could there be anything more adorable? Well, according to some people, it’s disgusting and inappropriate. Did you hear that, Victoria Beckham? Yes, this star was harshly criticized for such an innocent act, but she also got all the support in the world. Some people even admitted to being 20-years old and still kissed their mothers on the lips. Aren’t there other things the world can focus on?

2Pacifier Problem

It’s nearly impossible to give the title “good parent” or “bad parent” to someone that isn’t yourself, and even then you may be too hard on yourself. There are an infinite number of ways a child could grow up as a decent human being and it is not fair to pick out just one as the “correct” one. The line between what’s OK and what’s not OK in parenting is very, very thin. Oftentimes there is a valid reason for why some things are done the way they are done and judging too early can hurt feelings.

That’s what happened when Mariah Carey posted a photo of herself and her twins in bed for movie night. The reason so many people expressed their discontent is because Mariah’s son had a pacifier in his mouth. This, apparently, meant that she was a lazy mother for not spending enough time with him to get him to stop using a pacifier. That is not how parenting works, people. It is not fair to rush into judgment before knowing the whole story.

1Shaming Sweetness

Moms sometimes have a strict plan on how to raise their kids. They have chosen their food ahead of time, they have planned activities for them during the day, they have created a carefully thought out schedule and they tend to stick to it. However, these moms often take a turn from that strict schedule, sometimes for fun, sometimes because it’s easier. Are they criticized for it? Why, of course.

An example here would be our dear Kelly Clarkson, who got mom-shamed when she fed her daughter Nutella for the first time and posted the video online. The little girl loved the treat. The public’s thoughts? It was unhealthy, dangerous, and an act of ‘child abuse,’ and would give the child cancer. What?! A sweet mother-daughter moment – ruined. Still, she was saved by her millions of fans who supported her in her intent to make her little girl smile and she did not give into all the negativity.

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