15 Insulted Parents Who Went Rogue

Being a parent, means having a lot of patience. Patience with a crying newborn, with a trying toddler, and with a snotty teenager. Parents must also have patience to deal with strangers who think they know best on how they should be living their life.

It seems like once you have a child, you have some kind of sign on you that encourages others to offer their advice. And you are expected to take it, no matter how far-fetched it seems, or even if you know better. You are expected to respond in a certain way to situations such as dealing with children’s disrespect, and you are expected to always listen to the professionals because they know what they are doing. And you apparently do not.

Well, sometimes us parents have had enough. We’ve had enough of being told how many children we should have, how we should dress them, what and where we should feed them, and how our kids should act in public – no matter how old they are. Well guess what? We don’t have the patience of a saint, and it’s really none of your business how we live our lives. We are free to get angry, and give it right back to you when you decide to force your opinions down our throats. We have our own opinions too!

Below we share fifteen times, parents have gone rogue when the insults went a little too far.

15 Never Too Old To Learn Manners

Imagine taking your baby with you to eat out in one of your favorite restaurants. Everything is going great, but all of a sudden your child begins to cry. You try to distract him, offer him toys, do everything you can think of to calm him down, but nothing works. His louds seem to get louder each time he opens his mouth. You glance around the crowded restraint, and find everyone staring at you.

This happened to one mom, and as she was trying desperately to calm her baby down, she overheard one man make an unbelievably rude comment: “I wish she’d shut that thing up!” The mom was left speechless. She turned to say something back to him, but the man’s father stepped up and responded to him quicker. He asked his son if the thought he was a perfect baby? He then told him he was a “right little sod,” and ordered him to stop being a brat, apologize to the woman, and offer to get her breakfast.

The restaurant exploded in a round of applause for the young man’s father, as most patrons know you are never too old to be taught a lesson.

14 Don't Mess With A Tired Mom

One mom made a trip to her local grocery store to get necessities. She was tired and had to bring along her five month old. She was waiting to pull into a parking stall that had a “parent with child” sign posted in front of it. She had her blinker on, and waited patiently as another mom loaded her minivan and pull out. Before she could drive into the open spot, an old lady in a sports car whipped around her and into the spot.

The mom was livid. She sat there in disbelief for a few minutes, and then pulled into another spot and waited. She wasn’t waiting for the spot to open up again, but for her daughter to fill up her diaper instead. She then placed the dirty diaper under the rude lady’s windshield wiper. She felt a little vindicated as she walked into the store to complete her shopping.

13 A Dad Gets Revenge

A family had saved their money for months to take a trip to an amusement park. The park was two hours away so they left early in the morning to arrive before the park opened. When they pulled into the park, they see an open spot in a crowded lot. As they began pulling in, a car of 20-something-year-olds cut them off, and takes the spot. As they exit the car, the driver yells, “What the F$&% you gonna do about it bitch?”

The father of the family is extremely angry, but keeps his mouth shut. He finds another spot and as the family starts to head towards the gate, the dad says he forgot something and will be right back. They go on to have a fun filled day riding roller coasters.

When the park closes, the family is one of the last groups to leave. They hop in their car and as they leave the parking lot, they see that same car – now with 4 flat tires. As we drive by the angry looking 20 year olds, the dad rolls down his window and yells “What the F$&% you gonna do about it bitch

12 Mind Yo Own Business

Some people think that if you have more than the typical 2 kids, you are required to hear criticism. One woman with a large family was tired of being stared at when she had all of her kids out with her. She would have comments thrown at her left and right. The most common one is them asking if ALL of the kids belonged to her. She began to get a bit snarky with her comebacks. She would respond “no,” with a long enough pause to let the offending stranger feel relief, and then come back telling her she has two more at home. That was usually enough to have strangers huff and walk away.

There are other questions that she admits get a little too personal. One that comes up quite often is “Do you know what causes this?” Of course she does, and her sex life is no one’s business! This question used to leave her feeling embarrassed until she decided to turn the tables on them. She began to respond with a provocative smile and slowly draws out her response: “Oh yes! And we enjoyed EVERY minute of it!!” She admits to getting a little rush when she sees the blush appear on their face instead of hers.

11 Nurse Where You Want

When breastfeeding, it’s difficult to plan an outing around your baby’s feeding schedule, especially if you are feeding on demand. One mom took her seven-month-old to a mall, and when her baby became fussy because he was hungry, she decided to nurse him. She found an empty spot in the food court within the mall, sat down, and proceeded to feed her son. A staff member of the mall approached her, and asked her to use a special feeding room instead of breastfeeding in public.

When other moms heard of this, they were rightfully upset. They felt that a mom feeding her child shouldn’t have to do it behind closed doors. They decided to stage a protest, and a huge gathering of moms crowded that same food court. They breastfed their babies to prove a point, and show solidarity to the mom who was shamed for nursing in public.

10 Supporting The Child

An emergency nurse was in the middle of a busy shift, when she received a call on a private line in the hospital. It was the school her daughter attended, telling the nurse that her daughter was involved in an incident and she was needed at school. The nurse asked if it was something that could wait until her shift was over, in just two hours, but the school representative told her that her daughter had hit someone, so she was needed now.

When the nurse arrived at the principal’s office, her daughter was inside along with a boy, his parents, the principal, and a teacher. The principal informs her that the boy had snapped her daughter’s bra, and she punched him in the face. They were obviously angrier with her daughter for punching, than the boy for snapping a bra.

The nurse asked her daughter what happened. The daughter stated that the boy kept snapping her bra, and she asked him to stop. When he wouldn’t, she told the teacher who told her to “ignore it.” The boy did it again, and this time undid her bra so she hit him. He stopped.

The mother was angry and asked why the teacher didn’t stop him. She told him to come over so she could touch the front of his trousers, and he refused. She said that was no different that snapping her daughter’s bra. Her daughter only defended herself from a sexual attack. She said the staff members would never do something like that to each other, so it is not acceptable to allow the kids to do it.

The father of the child looked embarrassed as the nurse told the boy, if he ever touched her daughter again, she would have him arrested for sexual assault. She walked out of the office leaving the staff members speechless.

9 Thou Shall Not Steal

Somewhere in corporate America, a woman kept her lunch in the office refrigerator. She also relied on coffee to keep her going throughout the day, so she kept her coffee creamer in there as well.

She noticed her coffee creamer emptying faster than she was using it. She became tired of going it to grab it, only to find it empty again. She decided to teach the creamer thief a lesson, so after watching the bottle empty over time, she placed a note on it. The note read:

Good Morning:

To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week…Surprise!!! You’ve been drinking my BREAST MILK. Hope you enjoyed.


We’re not sure if it’s really breast milk in the creamer bottle but we are sure that it’s a most creative way to prevent someone from stealing it in the future. Think twice before you decide to help yourself to someone else’s good in the office fridge.

8 A Special Delivery

In one neighborhood, residents began to miss packages that were supposed to have been delivered. They apparently had a thief coming into their community and stealing packages right of their front porches.

One local mom didn’t think she was affected until she installed a security camera. She viewed someone lurking around her car, and then had a package containing over $100 in clothing disappear from her porch. The thief came in through the back gate, left it open, and opened the box at her front door and left the packaging there. He then jumped the fence, and ran off with the clothing.

The mom was fed up with all the thefts, and decided to play a little trick on the thief. She began to leave her child’s poopy diapers in decoy boxes on her porch. The thief took the package. The mom hoped he enjoyed his dirty surprise inside.

7 Keep The Comments To Yourself

During a hockey game, a father watched his son play an intense game. He kept shouting at his son, his teammates, and the referees. The parents around him were getting annoyed at his lack of decorum.

During one battle for the puck, one of the players had fallen on the ice, and the man went into a rage. He stood up and began screaming at the referees and slapping the glass. All of a sudden, his wedding ring, which was made of titanium, hit the glass just right, and it shattered. This did not phase the father, however, as he continued to point at the referees while shouting expletives, much to his son’s embarrassment.

The manager of the ice arena told him that acting like that at a game is not tolerated there and he would need to leave. Fortunately, the father did, after agreeing to pay for a new piece of Plexiglas. Sadly, his son was forced to quit the team.

6 Flying Poop

One mother became angry as fireworks in her neighborhood were keeping her two young children awake. Neighbors of hers were lighting fireworks late one night, after she had put her children down for bed. The mother called the local police numerous times in the night to complain. She even posted to her twitter account: “I mean, if you like fireworks, go to Pops on the River and let us abstained sip our wine in peace as baby’s sleep.”

In the week hours of the morning, as fireworks were still going off, she decided to take matters into her own hands. One neighbor states that she heard her scream at the offenders that if they want to see fireworks, she has some for them. She had a diaper bin next to her and a lighter in her hand. She proceeded to light the diapers, one by one, and throw them over the fence.

Nobody was injured, but the men shooting off the fireworks, did have large amounts of baby poop on their faces. They did not press charges, and instead put the fireworks away, and apologized.

5 A Snotty Teen Learns A Lesson

A mother of a teenager was frustrated with trying to get her out of bed each morning. The disrespectful teen would ignore her mother, and rise late each morning causing her siblings and herself to be late for school. The mother tried lecturing her daughter, but when she noticed that her daughter had earbuds in, and was not listening to her she decided to take a different approach.

One day after dropping the two younger children off at school, the mother headed to the high school to drop her older daughter off. The teen, knowing she was late again, asked her mother to write a note to excuse her tardiness.

The mother was prepared for the request and handed her a note that read:

To whom it may concern,

My teen is tardy this morning as a result of a condition known as teenage-ism. Adolescents across our great nation are afflicted and there is no known cure.

Symptoms are multitudinous, but this morning, she suffered from an inability to remove herself from her bed, and also felt the need to talk back to her birth-giver.

She seems to be recovering her senses after watching her cell phone fly out the car window. Please call if there is another flare-up.

Thank you,


Her teenager refused to take the note in, and huffed out of the car, so the mom took the note in for her. The staff got a giggle out of it, and her teenager had no problem getting out of bed on time after that.

4 Clean Up The Mess

Even though children eventually go off to college, they are still expected to help around the house when they are home on break.

One boy was home from college over Christmas Break, and spent much of it going out with friends, sleeping in, and doing much of nothing. The boy left a trail of trash wherever he was, expecting it to be cleaned up after him.

The day before he left, his mom went to his room, and was met with a stinky odor. Both clean and dirty clothes, along with other pieces of garbage littered his room. He promised to clean it up before he left to back to school.

After he had left, she found he did no cleaning whatsoever. She wanted to teach him the importance of cleaning up after himself, so she packed up all his trash, and sent it to him in a care package.

Her son’s roommates got a laugh over the package, and he learned his lesson. He and his mom now have an understanding that he will be responsible for his own messes while he is at home.

3 Giving To Others

A lady went into a fast food restaurant to grab lunch for her and her two teenage boys. As she was exiting the restaurant, she watched a woman pull up next to her car with her windows down, and radio up. The lady turned the engine off, and very loudly stated that she had to roll up her windows so no one would steal from her. She stared at the two teenagers while she said it, leaving no doubt to the mother that the lady thought the boys would be thieves.

The lady walked away and into the restraint, and the mother noticed she forgot to roll up her back windows. She got into the car, and the teenagers dug into the food right away. They sat in the parking lot while they ate, and when they were done, she told the boys they were going to who the woman that they do the opposite of stealing. They “gave” the woman her trash through her open back window.

2 Milk In The Eye

A woman was upset after her child and her husband witnesses a mother breastfeeding her child in a local park. She had asked the breastfeeding mother to find someplace private to nurse – away from the eyes of her child and her easily distracted husband.

The nursing mom told the woman to f&$@ off, and sprayed her with a stream of breast milk. The lady walked off with her husband and child in tow. She then posted an anonymous letter to the local gossip page addressing the breastfeeding woman. She stated in the letter that she didn’t think nursing in public was appropriate, and it wasn’t necessary to react the ways she did – by using vulgar language and squirting her with breast milk. She hoped the nursing mother was ashamed of herself.

The truth is, the reaction of the mom feeding her child was almost like poetic justice. If you want to shame a mom breastfeeding her child, you should get milk in the eye!

1 Don't Mess With My Daughter

In a more drastic case, a couple was informed that their daughter was being pimped by a gang member. He allegedly had plans of encouraging their 17-year-old daughter to run away with him. He also advertised her sexual services in the pages of an escort magazine.

The parents were angry and tried to shoot him, but failed. They were still determined to stop him from pursuing their daughter that they worked on improving their plans. They later tracked him down, and eventually killed him.

While they can be commented for saving their daughter from a horrible life, they were wrong to take the law into their own hands as they did. The couple’s lawyer says they did not commit the murder, but they each face murder charges. As frustrated and insulted as a parent might feel in a certain situation, it’s best to leave it in the authority’s hands.

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