15 Interesting Mother-In-Laws

It is known and quite clear that when we decide to get married to the loves of our life, that we are not only marrying our partners but sometimes we are navigating the newly intricate world of in-law relationships, too. It can feel like a dysfunctional marriage with all of these extra idiosyncrasies and behaviors that we are forced to deal with from our mothers-in-law. For those of us lucky enough to have amazing in-laws we go down in history with being likely the minority. Some of us are plagued by in-laws from hell. We have the uber controlling, epically pushy and nosy mother-in-law.

These fifteen confessions from the shadiest mothers-in-law truly take the cake. Some are sordid, some a bit concerning, and others are downright horrifying, rude or insane. As we read these, we are secretly grateful that we did not indirectly marry this mother-in-law. Now we understand how the nickname monster-in-law came to be. Here are examples from downright mean and nasty mothers-in-law who demonstrate absolutely no tact or love to shady ones who are so selfish they do not care who is hurt in the midst of their MIL tornado or its aftermath.

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15 Crushing On The Groom

Via: Whisper

Her daughter and son-in-law are finally hitched. After the wedding, this mother-in-law comes to a realization. Well, this isn’t awkward at all, said no one ever! Crushing on your daughter’s brand spanking new husband, and the true love of her life is definitely not something a mother-in-law should outwardly admit. It becomes easy to get close to our children’s families, but this one is feeling a little too close for comfort.

It could be just an innocent crush or something a little more such as in-depth and intense feelings. Maybe she is just simply commenting on the fact that her new son-in-law is indeed gorgeous and she’s a proud mother-in-law. Whatever the reason, hopefully, it is just staying put right where it is: a simple, subtle and privately expressed confession.

14 Perfect Parenting Apparently

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This potentially cocky mother-in-law is quite confident in her parenting skills and all she has done to raise her little brood of perfection. She feels that she has obviously contributed her part to society and has done a stellarly perfect job in raising her son.

We are actually hoping that it’s more than one son she is referring to since this confession leads the reader to believe that there may be more than one daughter-in-law in her future.

This mother-in-law is surely not shy and a bit certain her son (or sons) are the cat’s meow and clearly something to write home about. If we were to guess, we would tend to think that this mother-in-law certainly gave birth to a mama’s boy or two at the very least.

13 She Sees... Everyone

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Not only is this mother-in-law’s confession slightly shady, it weighs even heavier on the creepy side. At least she is humbled and not bragging about the fact that she knows things and sees things from the supernatural world. She even admits that these premonitions do not thrill her and we can see they would be a little uncomfortable.

Plus, way to ruin the surprise if she does end up disclosing all she knows and sees in her dreams. Nothing like spoiling a really good gender reveal party with Intel that literally no one even knows yet. A gift or a curse? This is the debate of the hour. A follow-up confession would be great if she could let us know how many of these babies she has predicted!

12 Merry (Or Marry) This

Even on the very special Christmas holiday, this mother-in-law cannot keep her flirtatious urges and potentially harmful feelings to herself. It appears that her son-in-law is in on the same flirtatious game and we wonder if this confessor's daughter is catching on or has noticed this. This mother-in-law is far too excited and happy for this upcoming visit as can be seen in this confession. Isn’t anything still sacred? Some are.

It's a religious holiday and they still can’t keep their proverbial (or actual?!) hands off of each other. The real gift will be given when the daughter realizes that she can do much better than having to put up with the disrespect of her own flesh and blood flirting with her husband in a way that her mother calls tempting.

11 Pass The Asparagus

Via: Whisper

This confession leads the eager reader to ask a few questions. Although we can slightly sense the sarcasm in this confession, we are unsure of exactly what is happening. In only a few words, this mother-in-law has created a good amount of speculation and questions regarding her relationship with not only her son-in-law but also with her daughter.

We tend to think that the mother-in-law here is none too thrilled about having these two married dinner guests. Perhaps there is tension and relationship trouble and the married couple fights the entire time. The possibility also exists that there are strained family dynamics in general. The saddest part is that it does not even appear that she wants these two lovebirds over for dinner in the first place.

10 Control Freak

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This mother-in-law appears to say it like it is. She does not seem to be at a loss for words even with this small amount of words expressing so much. She seems a bit concerned that she is unable to control her son’s wife to the degree that she would like. The most concerning part of all is that she is actually pondering new ways to be able to control her daughter-in-law.

This makes us wonder if she is delusional, headstrong, or just experiencing a myriad of emotions that her son is not hers anymore. We wonder why people would want to control someone in the first place. Most people with control issues are not even fully aware they are controlling at all. At least this MIL is true to herself.

9 The Temptation

Via: Whisper

This confessor does not appear alarmed that her daughter-in-law was trying to flirt and came onto her. The interesting part and more of an accurate question would revolve around what is really going on in the marriage between the son and daughter-in-law. We are assuming this mother-in-law is speaking about her son being married to, well, possibly a bisexual woman.

This does not mean that things cannot work out in a marriage if one of the partners is bisexual. The bigger question lies whether the son knows his partner is also attracted to women and even more important that she has been hitting on his own mom. This poses a plethora of questions and problems that will likely come out at some point in this potentially dysfunctional marriage. We just hope it’s sooner than later for his sake.

8 Hallmark Can Help

Via: Whisper

This confession is worth a thousand words. It is possible that this mother-in-law feels sad, unappreciated and left out of the lives of her son and daughter-in-law. She also blames her son just as much as her daughter-in-law for not making the effort to even send her a card on Mother’s Day. We think this poor mother-in-law just needs a group hug and to know that she is not being pushed to the side no matter what.

The other point that comes to mind with this confession is that it does not appear to be just on the card. Perhaps there is some other underlying issue here that begs for attention between the MIL and the married couple. Starting with a simple Hallmark moment is likely the best bet for this family.

7 Cat Calling Conundrum

Via: Whisper

This dynamic duo mother and soon-to-be daughter-in-law may or may not be a little too tight in their friendship. Maybe the elements of this friendship ought to be re-evaluated and real fast because there are some clear boundaries being crossed her. It makes us super uncomfortable to think that this unknowing and unsuspecting guy does not know that his future wife and his own mother are driving around hollering and catcalling pretty women. We wonder if this is a common occurrence.

Even if it’s not, it is valid to question the blurry lines being traveled here...and we don’t mean the lines on the road. Regardless of the relationship stuff, isn’t a bit rude to be whistling out the window at a stranger based on her looks anyway? There are multiple layers of concern with this mother-in-law and future marriage.

6 Social Media Madness

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Here are some mothers-in-law who are either clearly misguided or flat out, well, not smart. It is never, ever okay to post people’s personal, dirty (or even clean without their permission) laundry on social media. Tweeting about another person’s marital issues is low and for that, we hope this confessor decided to rethink her decision to tweet about her child and son or daughter-in-law’s problems.

We wonder who in their right mind would even think this would be socially acceptable, even in today’s social media and technology-based age. Regardless, we hope that this mother-in-law found a solid friend to confide in privately about what may or may not be really a problem that is of her own making ultimately. We wonder about her ultimate intent.

5 Better Than All The Rest

This mother-in-law not only confessed about cheating with a married man (her very own son-in-law) but to shout out in a fashion that this is the best lay she has ever had bring about a whole new ball of wax.

This infidelity is so terribly demeaning to her daughter and yet it is apparently award winning in her eyes. We wonder how one stops herself from doing it over and over. The other questions that come to mind also involve what the son-in-law is saying.

If a woman cannot keep her hands and body off of her own daughter’s husband, it may be time to put the house up for sale and literally remove herself from the truly pathetic situation that is going to continue to fester.

4 Tomboy In A Tiara

Via: Whisper

This mother-in-law has an interesting observation or possible concern about her daughter-in-law. She confessed that her daughter-in-law is like the son she never had. She leaves us to wonder if she is implying that her son has some feminine characteristics and that her daughter-in-law is perhaps hanging onto some masculine traits.

Did her daughter-in-law wear the tux? Maybe she is more of a physical, fix-it sort of person than her own son, whose testosterone may be a little lacking. We wonder if she just expressing that her daughter-in-law is the one wearing the pants in this interesting dynamic of a relationship. Either way, we are led to believe that this daughter-in-law can fix her flat tire for her mother-in-law and that’s not so bad!

3 Green With Envy

Via: Whisper

This ticked off mother-in-law sure has some tough emotions to work through while she takes on the role of new nana. She confesses, sadly, that she misses her new grandbaby and goes on to admit to being a bit green with jealousy over the fact that her adult child and son or daughter-in-law live so far away.

The thing that makes her even more furious, sad and extremely envious is that the other set grandparents get to see the new grandbaby much more often because they live many miles closer. Although this is sad, these envious in-laws have a choice. This mother-in-law can choose to move closer, instead of seeing her newborn grandbaby grow up via social media or on an Instagram feed. We think any grandparent would likely feel this way.

2 Exhausted MIL

Via: Whisper

This darling grandmother and mother-in-law has gotten her fill from a nice, active visit with her nine-month-old grandbaby, her son, and her daughter-in-law. She is sincerely pooped as she expresses her exhaustion. All grandparents love special visits, but it makes us wonder if we tend to overstay our welcome sometimes when we come bombing into our older parents’ homes for a visit.

We suppose it depends on how long we stay for. Although this confession does not exactly elaborate on a time-frame in which this new little family stayed, grandma surely did her diligent duty of entertaining. The best part about being a grandparent is that they can love and spoil and squeeze our babies, but then they can regain their sanity by giving them back to us, their trusty parents!

1 Subtle Fruity Insult

Via: Whisper

Sometimes it is not what we say, but how we say it. Our specific word choices matter when conveying any message, especially a cutting message to one’s daughter-in-law. This mother-in-law definitely takes the cake (no pun intended) in this sarcastic, passive aggressive dig at her daughter-in-law’s cooking. Many boys are in love with their mommy’s cooking, kitchen affection and pulled on mom’s apron strings for many years.

Then came in the new daughter-in-law or girlfriend and suddenly mom is not the center of attention anymore. Suddenly her cooking is less than par and their little boy’s wife is all the rage. Our stab in the dark guess about what the problem is? It is possible that it is not really about the apple pie (or any food-related issue) after all, actually.

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