15 Irritating Things Breastfeeding Moms Are Sick Of Hearing

Breastfeeding is usually a magical experience for many women. However, what should be a moment of physical nurturing, and family bonding between mother and child, often finds itself ruined. Breastfeeding mothers around the world, have been subjected to many a rude and unasked comment, by family and strangers passing by!

The battle over public decency, women's rights over her body, and breastfeeding versus formula-only have created a tense environment. This is all brought on, simply because of where and when women may choose to breastfeed. Despite the fact that breastfeeding is perfectly natural, and that it is a topic typically covered in sexual education in schools and prenatal classes, some people still don't get it.

Many a breastfeeding mom has been simply fed up, upon hearing some of the most ridiculous comments regarding their breasts and feeding their children. After checking out some of the top things women are sick and tired of hearing while breastfeeding, society should consider giving out medals and a wide respectful birth to the moms who keep going despite.

Breastfeeding, a practice which has sustained many babies for generations, has drawn in ridiculous thoughts, urges, and stares from many. Hopefully, after reading how far some people will go, just to grab the attention of a nursing mom, some societal changes may take place.

Until then, enjoy being shocked and amazed at how far people will go, just because a woman is feeding her child. Really!

15"Cover Up, We're In Public"

Although the world is currently in the 21st century, some people find breastfeeding in public disgusting, weird, or shameful. Many a breastfeeding mom has not only received disapproving looks, but snarling passerby yelling at them to “Cover up!”

Whether the sexualization of breasts and women as objects of desire is what incites the rage of others, has yet to be fully explored. Poor peaceful moms, just trying to feed their young, are sick and tired of hearing particularly irate strangers telling them how to live their life. Public breastfeeding is not unlawful in many places, although some people may try to make it seem like it is.

The strangest thing yet, is more often than not, breastfeeding moms are fairly covered up while publicly feeding. Many moms use modesty nursing blankets, or the placement of the baby and her clothing already covers up pretty much everything.

14"He Looks Too Old For Breastfeeding"

Yes, there have been bizarre cases, brought to the general public's attention, regarding breastfeeding older kids. Some mom's have breastfeed their kid up until the age of 12! This is still not typical.

Telling a mom that her kid looks too old for breastfeeding, because they are over 6 months, or approaching a year is backseat parenting.

Some children appear older than others. Some toddlers still continue to breastfeed, because of personal parenting choices, or because mom hasn't decided to wean yet.

Whatever the case, if the kid is 2 or under, you should really leave it alone. Breastfeeding provides not only nutrition, but comfort. Doctors used to instruct women to breastfeed their children up to two, but because of the workforce and family dynamic, many women barely breastfeed up to 6 months.

13"Why Not Use Formula?"

Contrary to initiatives for women to engage in breastfeeding, because of the natural healthful benefits for baby and mom, many women opt to use formula.

There is nothing wrong with formula, but breastfeeding is inexpensive, naturally produced, and provides immune support to babies that formula just can replicate.

Perhaps some people who scream this at moms who breastfeed, think that formula is just easier, less messy, and more convenient than breastfeeding?

Thanks to many women having to go back to work, or receiving little to no maternity leave depending on their location, formula is sometimes the only option. Maybe because people have an image of a baby suckling a bottle, over suckling on their mother's breast, has taken over as the more socially accepted norm.

Not every mom wants to use formula, and it doesn't mean that just because a mom breastfeeds, that she is a crunchy granola old-fashioned lady.

12"Can I Get A Taste?"

Some women have chosen to taste their breast milk, allow their partner to try it, or solely leave their breast milk for their babies.

Not only does outright asking about tasting a woman's breast milk off color, but it may cause embarrassment, annoyance, or anxiety. Some partners and strangers have been brazen enough to reach out for a breastfeeding mom, in hopes they will get a chance to sate their desires.

Thankfully, some people know well-enough not to cross that line, but this comment still happens way too much.

Breast milk is naturally produced to support a newborn infant with all of the nutrition and vitamins that they need, in order to grow healthy and strong.

Robbing a baby of its milk is inexcusable, moms are not cows.

11"Does It Turn On Like A Faucet?"

Most schools teach sexual education at some point, yet some people insist on faulty judgement and thinking. Questioning a breastfeeding mom, while she's nursing, or having a leaking incident, that her breasts work like a faucet is a big no-no.

Breasts make milk, and when a baby cries, they go on auto-pilot and began shooting out milk. Sometimes a woman is thrown off her regular feeding schedule with her baby, and milk begins to produce. Other times, a woman may have a low breast milk supply, for whatever reason.

Either way, reaching out with grabby hands, kissy faces, or other unwanted gestures, while joking about breastfeeding and faucets deserves an icy glare. If an offending remark is made, you can't blame a mom for shooting a stream of milk in their eye.

10"Can I Join?"

Something about breastfeeding makes some people just loose their mind and seek to regress. Many a breastfeeding mom has had slick remarks made, about having the baby move over, and make room for them to have a turn.

The breast milk is all for the baby, unless mom has her own personal decisions. Especially while a woman is nursing, it is downright rude to insuiate that she give up some milk. It is extra heinous when this comment is paired with baby talk, milking gestures, or other wonderfully smart behaviors. Yes, even romantic partners should know better not to cross this line, joking or not.

Breastfeeding is a senstive and personal thing for many women. Often, it is a special time for mom and baby to bond. Butt out!

9"What Size Are Those Watermelons?"

Comments about the noticeably increased size of a breastfeeding mom's bust happens a lot.

Since a woman's breasts is a huge sexual thing for many societies, people notice when a woman breastfeeds. Breastfeeding mom's often find the need for nursing bras, larger bras, and a new wardrobe to adjust.

Constantly making a point about a woman's breast size can lead to anxiety, stress, or discomfort. Women can be sensitive about their body, and especially while going through emotional and physiological changes thanks to breastfeeding.

Romantic partners are not exempt from getting the ire of a mom, if too many comments about her breast size is made, even if jokingly. Comments, much like nursing mom's breasts are sensitive.

8"What About The Pump?"

Asking a woman if she chooses to use a breast pump to assist with her breastfeeding, as if she is cheating, with an eyebrow raised sinisterly waiting to catch a mom, is not very nice. This happens though.

Some women can't breastfeed all the time, and breast pumps actually help save milk that isn't being used, because the baby isn't currently feeding.

Breast pumps help relieve breasts that are sore and swollen with milk, and make it convenient to collect breast milk for on the go, or general future use.

Using a breast pump is not cheating, and has become an extension of direct breastfeeding. Shaming a lady for choosing to use a pump doesn't do anyone any favors. There is no perfect way to breastfeed or be a mom.

7"I'm So Turned On"

Breastfeeding for some is a sexual turn-on, and many a mom has had leering eyes followed up with rude comments. When a woman is breastfeeding her breasts become larger and fuller, because they are often filled with breast milk.

What looks hot and tempting to others, usually brings on tenderness and rigidity to breasts, before and after feeding. It all depends on milk production.

No matter how much a woman covers up, breasts that are ready for a hungry baby to relieve the tension and weight do get unwanted attention. Women who are breastfeeding get tired of people oogling their pendulous breasts, making gestures mimicking a baby suckling, or numbers slipped into their pockets.

Maybe some of this can be blamed on MILF films? However, it is no excuse!

6"Goo-Goo Ga-Ga"

Believe it or not, some breastfeeding moms have what are supposed to be full grown adults, reverting back to infancy. Yes, grown men, strangers and spouses alike have been guilty of breaking out into baby talk, upon seeing a woman breastfeeding.

There are places where adults who fetishize being an infant can find what they are looking for, but a breastfeeding mom is not the one. Making baby talk in an effort to assume that a mom will tell her baby to move over, to let you have a turn is not happening.

It is enough work to teach a young baby their A-B-Cs. Stop the baby talk, and maybe a breastfeeding mom will stop eye-rolling so hard, because you went there.

5"That's Old-Fashioned Parenting"

Who knew breastfeeding could make people break out into name calling, but hey, it happens.

Breastfeeding has been a natural way of providing newborn infants with sustenance for centuries. Formula is a fairly recent invention compared to breastfeeding.

Trying to make a mom feel bad, chewing her out for publicly breastfeeding, or calling her old-fashioned because she finds joy or obligation to breastfeed shouldn't be an option. Everyone has their reasons for how they want to raise their family, and the health benefits emotionally, psychologically, and physically for babies and moms sides with breastfeeding.

The old-fashioned ways do occasionally have their relevance in these modern times. Doctors and nutritionists say so.

4"Don't Forget To Eat Healthy"

Breastfeeding has been said by experts, to provide the right amount of proper nutrition for a newborn infant. It is recommended that a woman breastfeed her child for at least 6 months, up to a year; this is to provide optimal immune support, vitamins, cognitive development, and nurture bonding.

However, many a breastfeeding mom has been quized by family, friends, and passerby over their health and diet, in relation to the quality of nutrition their breastmilk provides.

Sometimes there is a follow-up suggestion of using formula over breastmilk, or picking apart a mom's diet. Just don't do it. Unless a mom is abusing illicit substances and eating only junk food, typically most breastfeeding mom's choose to eat the healthiest diet possible.

A nutritionally balanced diet helps improve breastmilk production and quality, which in turn should foster healthier, happier, and brighter babies.

3"Those Clothes Are A Bit Too Tight"

Unlike breastfeeding moms in public being shamed to cover up, sometimes the comments come while not even actively breastfeeding. Thanks to breast size increase, leaking nipples that go through breastpads, and other people's discomfort with breastfeeding, mom's bare the brunt of bad comments.

There is no way a breastfeeding mom could be showing too much skin while feeding her young, unless she was fully topless, which is legal in some places.

Being a mom and breastfeeding, also doesn't mean that a mom wants to look matronly and like a nun. Moms should have the right to be free, enjoy wearing clothing that is tasteful, alluring, or comfortable for their image and lifestyle.

Most clothing worn by breastfeeding moms, is created for ease of access to breasts for nursing infants.

2"Look At Those Dark Circles"

No mom alive says they wish someone would say they look tired and old. No mom wants to hear this, especially when breastfeeding her little, or just finishing up feeding. Breastfeeding takes some dedication and effort for moms, not to mention learning their baby's feeding schedule, and getting used to latching on.

Breastfeeding consumes a lot of calories, so if mom is not keeping up with getting proper nutrition and enough rest, she may have moments where she is tired and feels simply worn out.

Typically things shouldn't go to this extreme, especially if a breastfeeding mom has help, but breastfeeding and raising a little one is truly a full time job.

Taking some postnatal vitamins, napping when baby naps, and taking care of personal health is the best way to combat dark under-eye circles and comments.

1"Trying To Be A Natural Mom?"

Something about breastfeeding just looks so wholesome and natural, right?

This doesn't mean that a breastfeeding mom is an all-natural hippie type, who eschews anything modern, not organic, and not earth-friendly. Breastfeeding is simply something that Mother Nature induces in women, after giving birth to a child.

Breastfeeding in public is not necessarily an act of protest, solidarity, or political act. Breastfeeding nurtures little babies, protects them from germs, and fosters endorphins in nursing moms.

Choosing to breastfeed for many women, is a matter of privilege depending on work obligations, time, money, and physiology. Some women actually loose their breast milk production, or may not produce enough to support breastfeeding and have to use formula.

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