15 'Is This My Life' Moments During Pregnancy

A woman has been trying for a while to become a parent. It’s been fun, but let’s just say, she is happy now that baby has been conceived and she can start the countdown to one of the most exciting times of her life - becoming a mother. But then, slowly she begins to see that pregnancy, like everything else in life, has its ups and downs, its good moments and bad, as well as it’s strange and funny moments. She learns to take this all in stride over the nine months, of course, but not before realizing what a weird journey her body and mind are truly on. Yep, baby has a sense of humor from conception onward, let’s just say.

What kinds of weird things? Well, it all starts by her body being hijacked by a bunch of cells that are constantly forming and reforming into what will eventually become her beautiful child. Until then though, well, this baby-in-the-making will be giving her quite the ride. She will find herself laughing, crying, yelling, sleeping, peeing, and doing the whole thing all over again the next day. She will come to the conclusion, half-jokingly and half-seriously, “is this what my life has come to during pregnancy?” She will be both surprised and not so surprised by the answer depending on the day, and whatever else is happening. It's important that Moms keep in mind how hormones play a huge fact in how monumental pregnancy feels. Yes, it is huge, but it temporary, and when she survives the ups and downs, she will have a beautiful baby by her side. So, for better or worse, here are 15 of “is this my life moments” during pregnancy:

15 Sleeping During Any Spare Minute Of The Day

'Oh please let me sleep like another ten hours,' is probably the anthem of most Moms, especially in the first trimester and the last when a woman is at her most tired. At the beginning she is exhausted due to hormones working overtime and forming baby - literally. All that hard work on the inside will obviously affect the outside, too. She will need extra rest as her body adjusts to the physical and mental demands of baby being formed inside her system. Even when she goes to bed before dark and wakes up late, she seems to never be rested. That is probably also due to quality of sleep which is affected if she is trying to find the right position. In time, she and her body will adjust to the change inside, and sleep will get better. Until then, she may have to try and take a short nap at lunch time or late afternoon, or at the very least rest with her eyes closed for fifteen or so minutes each day.

14 Can’t Believe What She Just Ate

Another fun or not so fun thing. Many women become ravenously hungry all or most of the time when pregnant. This also includes if she has morning, day, or night sickness. But in between these bouts of sickness, she could feel like eating a seven course dinner even if she has just finished eating. Women have talked about ingesting a whole bag of chips, a whole fruit, bags of cookies, and the being able to polish off a three or four course dinner. They also will report dreaming about food and having a bottomless pit of a stomach that just seems to want more and more food all the time. If she is lucky she craves healthy food, but often times it's junk food or weird kinds of food. This could be very jarring for a woman that had a small or medium sized appetite who is now eating double or triple what she used to. This of course is normal due to pregnancy hormones, and the fact that she is eating for two.

13 Learning How To Move With A New Body

And then there's the fact that well, many times with her ever expanding belly as baby grows, her sense of balance shifts and changes. Many women have to wear flat shoes unless they want to risk falling over and having a potentially serious injury. It's no joke. Once the sense of gravity changes it's hard to get a sense of her surroundings like in the past. Many pregnant women switch to wearing flat shoes or one with a shorter heel, and they are careful how they get up and sit down as they are rediscovering movement in a new body, so to speak. This is a good attitude to have as there will be things that will happen outside of her control. Most women make sure to keep healthy by exercising with walking and either continuing or taking up yoga. This is definitively a positive consequence of her changing body.

12 Back Feels Like It's On Fire

Hormones relax the muscles and joints so there are more chances of sprained ankles, pulled muscles, Charlie horses, and anything else, where the body has to reorganize its movement in space. The good news is that this is temporary. As long as the woman is taking good care of her health pre- and post-natal, her body will go back to its old fitness level and flexibility. It's her job to take care of herself so that the physical part of her can move forward in a healthy way after baby is born. Baby pain is common too as more weight is thrust forward in the stomach, all normal to help baby grow. She can apply compresses, put her feet up often to prevent swelling and help with back pain, and just pace herself accordingly. When she is tired, it's important to rest. Several little breaks of sitting down can help a lot in preventing physical injury.

11 Nausea - All. Day. Long.

Ah yes, nausea. This is something most women go through for all or some of the pregnancy. It varies in its intensity, but is never pleasant. The old remedy of dried crackers, staying hydrated with water, and eating many smaller meals a day, like six, instead of three bigger ones, sometimes helps a lot in taking some or all of the edge off this type of morning, day, or night sickness. The important thing is that women must be able to keep food and liquid down to gain the proper amount of weight for herself and for baby’s growth. It's important that she be followed by a medical care practitioner or her obstetrician, who will be able to suggest other things if the other suggestions don’t work. This is something women hear about, but never think they will be struggling so much with - nausea and feeling sick to their stomach.

10 Bizarre Food Cravings

The strange food cravings as well as the time of day when women get these cravings, are another strange thing to contend with. Not only is she wanting to eat ice cream and pickles or have a whole big bag of Cheetos, , but she will wake up in the morning sometimes nauseous and dizzy yet craving a certain food, and it has to be that food she will eat that day. It's a strange combination of food aversion with not being able to stomach the smell or taste of coffee, to a desire to eat the spiciest or sweetest cuisine available. Some women crave beef. For others it's fish, or cold cuts or certain raw veggies. The strangeness of it is that it doesn't seem to come from her, yet of course it does. It may be her baby who is affecting the tolerance or lack of tolerance for certain foods, but that of course is due to what baby knows is healthy for them.

9 Wanting To Smack Anyone Who Touches Her Belly

Why are there always those people who think a pregnant woman’s body is public property? A woman will soon learn that these individuals get excited, see her kind of like a museum exhibit, and want to see and touch her belly. Of course, this is not the case. She is one of many millions of pregnant women who are carrying and have carried and will carry children. She has a right to hers and her baby’s personal space, and it's hard not to get angry when people invade that space by getting all touchy feel-y with her stomach. She has every right to tell them firmly to back off, but sometimes with those hormones affecting her she may be tempted to swat them. Many onlookers would probably agree with her in those moments, but applaud her patience with the feelers of this world. It's such a strange sensation for most women who already have a sense of  watching themselves from a distance. This surreal feeling of having their belly touched would make many of them say, 'what the heck?'

8 Working Out The Logistics In The Bedroom

Then there are the crossed signals for when she and her partner are ready for sex. Men may be shocked at her arousal level and her willingness to go. He could be a little on the nervous side not wanting to hurt her or baby. He could even be a little thrown off by how much she sometimes wants to do it - nausea, exhaustion, and all. This is also hormonal for the woman. Of course, there will be those times when his motor is charged, but she needs a nap. Her sexual appetite may be going strong one minute, weak the next, then back to being strong. She can’t always predict and this will feel a little jarring at first. She probably will start getting used to things towards the end of the pregnancy. Then again, by that point, she will be really ready for the little one to come out.

7 Emotions Out Of Control

The mix of emotions is notoriously famous in pregnancy. Those hormonal levels have a woman crying her head off one minute because the toast burned, or then laughing hysterically the next moment because she saw squirrel fall off a branch. Yes, these are extreme examples, but the emotions run really high. Another thing is that she may fight more with her partner or she may be driving him crazy telling him how much she loves him, and cry crazy happy tears while clinging to him. He will think, 'this is not the woman I know.' It's all temporary though. Those pesky hormones will play with her words and thoughts, and she will respond differently to things. As long as both partners keep this in mind and take some solo time as well, they can avoid a lot of fighting and miscommunication. The woman can also try and take as good care of herself as possible by eating and sleeping well. If she can, exercise will help, too.

6 Having To Pee Every Five Seconds

Bladder incontinence and intense bathroom trips are also part of the pregnancy territory she may not be expecting. It’s one thing to foresee she will be going a lot to the bathroom a lot. It’s another thing if she is actually going every hour, and her first question when she arrives anywhere is to ask someone where the bathroom is. This becomes one of the most valuable questions she can ask or else she will have embarrassing moments where she barely makes it to the washroom. After all, she is ingesting way more liquid to stay hydrated and healthy. She often feels like an older person as she remembers her grandma’s frequent bathroom trips, but again, this is all part of the territory and a normal part of pregnancy that will pass when baby is out. Many women are embarrassed, but also keep light pads on hand in case they have a not so fortunate bathroom moment.

5 Can't Sleep Because Of Someone Partying Inside

Mom-to-be is exhausted. The day is finished. She lets out a sigh of relief as her head hits the pillow, and after she has just found a great position for her whole pregnant body, junior starts to dance around inside her belly. Baby had been quiet up until now, and Mom-to-be didn’t even think of that. There was too much going on in her day. All of a sudden when she is ready to sleep, baby isn’t. Baby's having a party in there, kicking, moving and just having a grand old time. The problem is that Mom-to-be is tired and doesn't want to party, but it’s hard to fall asleep with junior playing in a rock band. What to do? This is one of those moments she needs to wait it out. Eventually baby will stop and she will sleep, but it can become a tad disruptive and annoying, though the kicking is a hoot at the same time.

4 Feeling Fat

There are certain things to never say to anyone, regardless of whether they're pregnant or not. But especially if a woman is pregnant and feeling self-conscious about her body size and weight, DO NOT make her feel fat or contribute to her feeling fat. Most women don't think they'll feel so self-conscious about their bodies when pregnant. After all, they are carrying their future babies. They have put on weight for a valuable and healthy reason. Still, they don't consider the heavy societal judgments many women live with day in and day out to look a certain way and be a certain weight. It's unrealistic, but unfortunately true that she will judge herself often based on those standards. So if she sees she is feeling down due to weight gain, it's important she calls up her friends and her health care professional who will help set her straight.

3 Unwanted Pregnancy Advice

There are also the embarrassing and annoying things people say to pregnant women, in the guise of making conversation or not knowing what to say. They will comment about her weight, whether she knows if baby is a boy or girl, and if she is happy about that, does she want other children, wow, it took her a while to conceive, etc. Had she conceived in a non-traditional way, she may be asked about surrogacy, in-vitro fertilization, or anything else that is likely not other people's business. The hard thing she will have to contend with is firmly telling these people where to go, by either verbally telling them this, walking away, or rolling her eyes. She will have to remember not to take these insensitive and rude comments to heart. People often don’t know when to be quiet, so she will have to be the person to show them and set the limits on doing this. She could also tell them to not comment in the first place unless she asks something of them, and to remember that she has feelings.

2 Glued To Google 

We have increasingly become a more technologically sophisticated group of Moms-to-be who connect online with other Moms and professionals. This is a wonderful virtual village, particularly when women are not able to live close by to extended family and friends who can answer many pregnancy and baby questions. However, the bad thing about the internet, is in that vast amount of knowledge. It's not all positive or accurate information, unfortunately. Moms-to-be have scared themselves silly about pregnancy, child birth and raising children. They need not be afraid. It’s important to recognize if she is on sites that are not deemed reputable, and to check out information she is receiving. The other thing is for her not to be on the computer or tablet the whole time. It’s important she tries to get out and meet people in her community and socialize too, so she has a mix of both in her life.

1 Revamping Birth Plan

If someone had told her she would be finalizing and re-finalizing a baby’s birth plan till the end, she would probably think the person was crazy. That in effect though, is what most women do. They want the perfect birth for the perfect baby, and will be drafting and going over that birth plan like crazy. They may have heard that many births don't go according to plan, and she knows she will have to be ok with that. Still, in an area where she has limited control, she wants to control as much as she can. Birth plans help give the woman back some control over her bodily functions, and the next thing that will change her world forever; having a baby. This is fine, as long as she knows she can only control so much, and that she not stress herself out making this plan. It needs to help her relax and enjoy the rest of her pregnancy.

There are some examples of “is this my life moments” in pregnancy. There are definitively more that women can think of and do think of. The important thing is that she enjoy her pregnancy, take the hard things one step at a time, and know in the end she will be rewarded with the best gift of all: her baby.

Sources: PN Mag, Today’s Parent

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