14No Harm No Foul

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When it comes to pregnancy, gestational OCD is unfortunately not all that uncommon. It is characterized by unrealistic worries of accidentally harming the baby in utero. (If I get a massage, pedicure, color my hair, drink a coffee - I’ll harm my baby). It is believed that one out of

every 200 pregnant women will experience some level of OCD. The rule of thumb on these worrisome thoughts is as follows: if it takes up an hour or more of an expectant mother’s day, then it needs to be reined in.

It is difficult to diagnose OCD during pregnancy because it also happens to be a time characterized by raging hormones and a heightened emotional state. It can also occur up to one year following the birth of a baby.

While it is important for expectant mothers to take a common sense approach to protecting their baby, (be wary of toxic chemicals, steer clear of drinking and smoking, perhaps forego that rollercoaster ride) life still has to be lived. And preferably in an enjoyable fashion whether pregnant or not!

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