15Mowing The Lawn

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Immaculate fingernails, perfect pedicures and hedged lady gardens - labor and delivery nurses and doctors couldn’t care less. So don’t do it for them. Now, if these personal grooming routines matter to a pregnant woman, then that’s a different story. In that case, keep it up as per usual.


a preggo’s belly expands and maneuvering to shave or polish becomes a feat worthy of a Cirque du Soleil performer, she may want to splurge and head to a salon. Letting a professional work their magic on fingers and toes, not to mention handling hot wax, is the ideal way to relax and enjoy a treat before baby comes along. Keep services simple and as natural as possible so upkeep isn’t urgently required.

One point of note - while the medical team has more pressing concerns rather than whether an expectant mother has gone au naturel in terms of bodily hair - she may want to consider shaving her legs so baby isn’t inflicted with a mean case of rug burn on their way out!

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