15 Items Most Moms Trash After The First Month (And 5 They Might Regret Not Buying)

There are so many things out there to buy when a woman finds out that she is having a baby, and sometimes walking into a baby store can be a little overwhelming. while it might be tempting to buy one of everything as one can never be too prepared, and who knows when these things might be needed, but a lot of baby stuff on display in-stores are actually pointless and a waste of money that moms are much better off without.

For first-time parents, it can be really hard to know what to buy and what not to buy.  If you are living on a budget then it might be even harder to have to pass up an item that you really want for your baby, in order to get something like swaddles and extra diapers.

So how do you know what you should be buying, what you should not be buying, and what baby might never even use to begin with? Well moms, you can finally relax a little, because we have compiled a list of some of the items that most mom’s end up getting rid of, and the items that they most regret not having on hand for their babies.

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20 Swaddling Blankets

When you first give birth to your baby in the hospital, you will notice that they hand you your precious little bundle of joy tightly wrapped up in a small blanket. These small blankets are also known as, swaddles. Swaddling the baby is said to help calm them, make them feel more secure, and even keep their newborn nails away from their precious faces. Usually, we swaddle our babies without even questioning whether it is serving a good purpose, and these days most moms even make sure to have a few of the blankets on hand at home for the baby.

Sure, swaddling probably sounds like a great idea at first, but in a couple of days following your baby’s arrival home, you will notice that they are already starting to wiggle their little hands and feet out of these tight holds.

It can be a real pain to constantly have to adjust the swaddle, and we certainly don’t want to wrap them up too tight. It becomes apparent after the baby’s first week home that these swaddles are just more of a pain in the behind than they are useful, leading most moms to ditch those useless things.

19 The Baby Swing

When shopping for your newborn baby, you will probably find a large selection of baby swings. These swings usually consist of a seat that the baby gets strapped into, some lullabies that play, and they always swing back and forth. They are supposed to give a rocking motion to help calm and soothe your baby. If you are an experienced mom though, then you know that these things tend to take up a lot of room, and you are actually to use more than a couple of times at most.

Not to mention the fact that the babies usually end up not being big fans of things anyway, apparently they prefer car rides and being held in moms arms for some skin to skin contact. Most moms end up donating these or just getting rid of them altogether because it does not take long to realize that it was just a waste of money.

18 Newborn Clothing

When preparing for the addition to your family there is a lot of shopping that needs to be done, of course this means you will need to start purchasing baby clothing. So what size do you get when you start this shopping? Most people think that the answer to that question is obvious. Newborn clothing is the answer because the baby will be a newborn when he or she comes home. It isn’t always that easy though.

Sure, newborn clothing is great for the first couple of weeks or so, but babies start putting on weight relatively fast, and they outgrow clothing faster than anyone could have imagined.

So when it comes to buying newborn clothing you should not stock up, instead buy a bunch of onesies and a couple of good outfits.

The rest of the clothing that you should be buying should be at least 0-3 months, which gives the baby a little room to grow.

17 Bottle Warmer

Among the many things that there are to buy when preparing for babies, there is a bottle warmer. This is a relatively small device that allows you to warm your babies bottle up to just the right temperature, sounds pretty handy. Just imagine, it is the middle of the night and your baby is up crying to be fed, you are exhausted, and just want to be done with this feeding so that you can get back to sleep, but first you need to wait for this warmer to be done warming up the bottle.

Doesn't sound so ideal anymore does it? These things are actually a pretty big waste of money, not only do they take forever, but there is no point in warming up the babies bottle when you can just use warm sink water, which is usually a better temperature anyways.

16 Newborn Diapers

Everybody loves to stock up on diapers before their baby arrives, and you usually receive a lot from family and friends at your baby shower. Most people will tell you that you can not buy enough diapers no matter how hard you try, but what they do not tell you, is that you need to be careful of how many of each size you are buying. Moms love to stock up on newborn diapers, and I have yet to find a single mom who was not left with extras when their babies moved on up to the next size.

When it comes to newborn diapers, of course you should be prepared and have enough to make it through the first few weeks, but you want to make sure that you have more size 1s and 2s than you do newborns, because in the end, you end up tossing a lot of perfectly good unused newborn diapers.

15 Designer Baby Clothing

Baby clothes are super fun to buy. There is no denying that. Baby clothes are so cute and it is hard not to buy a lot of them. We are not saying that you should not buy a ton of adorable baby outfits, but we are saying not to spend a fortune on them.

This is mainly due to the fact that babies grow so very quickly, and they are constantly going up in sizes.

One of the biggest wastes of money out there is designer baby clothing, it might seem cool to have your baby dressed up in all the coolest brands, but these outfits typically cost more than an entire adult outfit. Most of the time these clothes either go into the trash or get donated, and as good as donating clothing to families in need is, the money spent on these clothes could be better spent somewhere else.

14 Bottle Sanitizer

We already talked about how the bottle warmer can be a huge waste of money, so let’s discuss the bottle sanitizer. A lot of moms tend to buy bottle sanitizers because they think that it will help keep bottles clean. This is usually an appliance that steam cleans your baby’s bottles, so that they get nice and clean without any harsh chemicals. It sounds like a great idea, but why spend extra money on something to wash bottles when you could just wash them by hand? There really is no point in buying something extra to do it for you, when you could just do it yourself. Most moms find themselves throwing these out because they end up just being a waste of space and pain in the butt to keep up with.

13 Diaper Genie

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The diaper genie seemed like one of the best inventions ever when it first came to stores, having a special place to store dirty diapers seemed like a great way to keep your home free of stink. When moms started having to clean them out, however, they were not so pleased, in fact, most of them were pretty grossed out. When using a diaper genie, there are waste bags inside that the diapers go into, they are then compressed into one long piece of trash. It actually ends up being less effective than just throwing them into the trash can, and so a lot of moms end up not using them after the first time they change it anyways. So when it comes to the diaper genie, you are better off saving your money for something else.

12 Car Seat Canopy

A car seat canopy is a piece of cloth, that kind of acts somewhat like a fitted sheet, it fits snuggly over your babies car seat and is supposed to keep them protected from things like the sun or the cold.

It sounds like a great idea, but if you are a mom on a budget, like the majority of us are, then it is probably better to just throw a light blanket over top.

Most moms end up finding these to be a giant waste of time, the zipping and unzipping can be a bit of a pain in the behind and so they usually just get tossed to the side, or thrown out all together. Not to mention the fact that these can sometimes lead the baby to get overheated, and sometimes the baby freak out because they don’t like not being able to see anything.

11 Bathtub Thermometer

Bathtub thermometers for babies usually come in the form of a rubber ducky that has a little circle on the bottom that turns red when the water is too hot and blue when it is too cold, but these could not be a bigger waste of money than they already are. In fact, sticking your hand in the water to test yourself is a much better idea than trying to rely on a rubber ducky to tell you what you can easily find out yourself. Unless the baby plays with theirs or finds some type of joy in it, then they usually just end up in the trash after their first couple of uses when the mom figures out how useless it really is. So, it’s safe to say that you should probably just save your money and test the water yourself.

10 Crib Bumpers

When putting your babies crib together, most moms tend to put crib bumpers on the sides, mostly just because of how cute they look. Most moms buy these without even giving it a second thought.

Pediatricians actually advise against crib bumpers because can pose serious risks to the baby.

Crib bumpers are more dangerous than most of us realize, and a lot of times moms will decide not to put them back in their baby's crib after the first time that they get dirty. So, in the end, although bumpers might look really pretty, it is best to avoid this baby item for the safety of your child. It is actually surprising that they are still sold when most doctors will advise moms not to use them.

9 Crib Pillows

Another item that you can buy for your babies nursery, although not a necessary item, is a crib pillow or wedge. These usually fit underneath your babies crib sheets, and they are supposed to help support the baby's head, keep them in place, and keep their head elevated. It is said to be safe and there are claims out there that they help diminish the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

According to Parents.com, these claims have actually been proven to be false. Crib pillows are not good for the baby's necks, and they can sometimes even increase the risk of SIDS. Most of the times moms will end up tossing these after they get dirty the first time, mainly because they are tired of re wedging it under the sheets.

8 Reusable Diapers

Reusable diapers are typically a cloth material that you can reuse on the baby. A lot of moms find these to be genius because they reduce the amount of waste that they create and thus being better for the environment. Typically, however, these moms do not put very much thought into what it is going to be like to clean these things out once their baby has a bowel movement.

Sounds pretty messy right? Well, it definitely is, which is why a lot of moms find themselves tossing these reusable diapers and heading out to the store to buy some disposable ones, like normal people do. They might be good in reducing the amount of household waste, but you really have to ask yourself whether or not you are prepared to clean out what ends up inside of these things, most of the time the answer is no.

7 White Noise Machine

Another item that you can buy for your babies room is a white noise machine. These are usually cute little machines that you plug into the wall that make several different noises. Most commonly they make a static sound, which is what white noise is considered to be, but these sometimes also play lullabies for the baby as well. Sometimes, they can even have projections of stars and stuff that go onto your babies ceiling.

These are said to be a good idea for our babies because it can sometimes mimic the whooshing sounds that they hear in utero, but sometimes it actually keeps them up, or even wakes them up in the middle of the night.

A lot of moms who use these tend to shut them off for good when they realize that they themselves can not stand the sounds anymore, and would like to get some sleep of their own.

6 Movement Sensor

There are these movement sensors that you can purchase to place under your babies crib sheets, that will alert you when they move, and sometimes they can even tell you your babies heart rate, or if baby is in distress. This is a fantastic idea for babies born with medical conditions and born prematurely, but when it comes to average baby this is not something that you want to hold onto.

If you are using this for a healthy baby, then it is more likely to just because you unnecessary panic and anxiety whenever your baby moves, you might find yourself checking on them often and unable to sleep. A lot of times moms who buy these end up doing away with them because they end up being more trouble than they're worth.

5 Pacifier

If you are a parent, then you know just how vital having a pacifier can be.

These things work wonders for calming your baby, and if you don’t already have some for your baby, you will be wishing that you did. This is also a great idea because babies are usually calmed when they have a bottle in their mouth, but you do not want to put them to bed with one because it can lead to early tooth decay, making the pacifier a safe and healthy option for the night time.

If we were to make note of a downside to these, it would be that it can be a little difficult to wean your child off of them, but that is to be expected. Some moms also like to say that these can affect the growth of their baby teeth, but this has yet to be proven true.

4 Jogger Stroller

When you have a baby, getting them around can be a little tiresome. You usually have three kinds of moms when it comes to this - the moms who carry their babies in a sling, the ones who carry the car seat everywhere, and the ones who use strollers. When it comes to a stroller for your baby, you really want to go for something that will be comfortable for not only the baby but you as well, which is exactly why you can't just get away with buying a simple umbrella stroller.

The best type of stroller to get for your baby is a jogger stroller.

This is because your newborn’s car seat will clip right into the stroller, they are comfortable for mom, come with storage options and cup holders, and they work great on so many different surfaces. If you do not already have one of these strollers for your baby, then you definitely need to go pick one up.

3 Pack N Play

A pack n play is a great option for all babies to have, they act as not only a play pen but a bassinet as well. These things are amazing to have if you plan on taking your baby to a relatives house, a babysitter’s house, to the park, or really anywhere that you might end up spending a good amount of time.

They are foldable, making them easy to lug around, and they pop up into pens where your baby can lay inside and play, or even sleep when they feel like that. All while keeping baby in a safe and secure area, leaving less stress on his or her’s mom and dad. These are a must-have for all parents, and we highly recommend getting one, it is a purchase that you will never regret. In fact, you will get so much use out of it, that it will basically pay for itself.

2 Mits

If you have ever seen a newborn baby with scratches all over their face, it might look concerning, but it is actually totally normal. Babies have some surprisingly sharp little fingernails and without even meaning to, they tend to scratch up their soft delicate faces all of the time. It can be tough for a parent to look at because it looks kind of painful, and we don’t want our cute little babies to have scars all over their faces.

This is why every parent should be sure to be equipped with newborn mittens from day one.

These mittens will go over your babies hands and prevent them from scratching their precious little faces - a purchase that is certainly worth it in our book. Not a lot of moms put thought into getting these, but it beats putting a pair of socks over your babies hands.

1 Baby Lotion

This next one might seem like a no-brainer, but believe me when I say that it certainly is not, because not a lot of moms think to buy this before their babies are born. There is a saying that goes, “as soft as a baby’s skin”, and it is something that a lot of people try to obtain. Sure, baby skin is super soft, but it doesn't just stay that way, in fact your babies skin needs to be cared for in order to maintain that soft skin that you love to hold.

It is recommended that you lotion your baby up immediately after each bath time in order to lock in moisture, otherwise your baby could wind up with dry, itchy, and irritated skin, which no parent wants to see their baby go through. This is exactly why baby lotion is so important to have on hand.

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