15 Items Worth Paying For During Pregnancy (And 5 That Are Overhyped)

Pregnancy comes with excitement and joy all wrapped in one. Most pregnant women do not even know what they need or what they do not, especially for first-time moms. Unfortunately, this indecision does not end with the birth of a child. Second-time moms also find themselves wondering how they did it the first time and what they needed or did not. Purchases made in pregnancy tend to be useless and not worth the money and even though most women feel that they truly need them, most of these things are just hype.

There are those purchases that are truly necessary and that a pregnant woman should invest in, but there are those that are a waste of money. Amidst this confusion comes the sellers who hype everything and their marketers who come in the form of celebrities who make you think that one item is the real reason they were able to bounce back after pregnancy. For those of us who have had babies, that slinky dress we thought we needed to help us rock our baby bump proved to be wasted money and instead, we started dressing in maternity pants with elastic bands around the waist.

Here are 15 Items worth paying for during pregnancy (and 5 that are a little overhyped).

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20 Worth It - Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy comes with a lot of discomforts, but the worst discomfort is that which comes at night. Most women report that they cannot sleep due to the discomfort as they keep trying to find the right sleeping position. This is made worse by the fact that most women tend to get insomnia as the pregnancy progresses.

Most women have reported though that they find they sleep better when using a pregnancy pillow, especially in the last trimester. The good thing about a pregnancy pillow is that it can be used later as a breastfeeding pillow. According to My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear, one should also upgrade her regular pillows alongside this purchase to ensure she is truly comfortable. On this purchase, we can vouch and recommend.

19 Worth It - Bella Band

Sometimes the prospect of having a baby makes one realize just how expensive life can be and one suddenly starts to calculate how much it will cost to raise that kid. With these things going through a woman’s mind, sometimes she opts not to buy new clothes preferring to wear her old.

The worthy purchase here is a few pieces of Bella Band or Belly Belt. The idea here is to be comfortable. There are women who have reported that a loose waistband makes coping with morning sickness a lot easier. The bands will help you make a few adjustments to your pants.

18 Worth It - Moisturizer

Pregnancy brings body changes that begin from the inside out. Pregnancy moisturizers are not all hype. When a woman is pregnant, her skin starts to feel and look drier, mostly around the belly as it stretches and grows to accommodate the growing child.

A good moisturizer is very useful and should be slathered on from the beginning of the pregnancy to the end. Most celebrities swear on the results a moisturizer brings with most of them saying that it helped reduce the appearance of stretch marks. While pregnancy moisturizers come with a high price tag, a normal moisturizer can still be used and it will still do the same job.

17 Worth It - Pregnancy Books

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Many women think that they don’t need to read about pregnancy after it has already happened, but the truth is pregnancy books are an important part of every pregnancy and a worthy investment, when one gets pregnant. Starting a pregnancy and parenting library is a good idea as this will always be your go-to guide for when you need help or when one is confused, which will be quite often.

Starting with the classics like The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy by Vicki Iovine, and The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, Everything You Need to Know From America's Baby Experts, by Martha and William Sears is a good start.

16 Worth It - Comfy Pants

Believe it or not, even if a woman is not sporting a baby bump yet, her pants still do not fit as well as they used to. The belly gets visible even as early as a few weeks into the pregnancy. Getting new pants with a strip of lycra stretch will enlarge your wardrobe.

Those slinky dresses and a tight pair of jeans will not do when a woman is pregnant. As the pregnancy progresses, tights and sweatpants are what a woman needs and it is a good idea to get a few as even after the baby comes, for the first few months a woman still feels pregnant and she still needs those comfy pants.

15 Worth It - Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

For women who are the sentimental type, then they know and have used a pregnancy journal. The pregnancy journal is a woman’s best keepsake and it turns out to be her best companion as pregnancy progresses. A pregnancy journal will also serve as reference material for any subsequent pregnancies, helping alleviate some of those pregnancy fears.

The beauty of it is that it can even be gifted to her children when the time comes. By jotting down what happens day to day, a woman will even be able to recollect any abnormal feelings she has felt within the week when she goes in to see the OBGYN.

14 Worth It - Good Underclothes

When a woman is expectant, she gets the best perk in the form of an extra bra size. To begin with, the boobs feel sore and quite uncomfortable. Do not be in a hurry to get the bra, wait until you feel as if they have reached the point where they are no longer growing, it is at that time that one should get a bra.

According to Semi-delicate Balance, getting a good bra will reduce backache and the good thing is if one gets a nursing bra that is comfortable and fits well, she can use if post pregnancy if she has intentions of breastfeeding.

13 Worth It - Morning Sickness Remedies

Morning sickness can make one lose their mind, especially if it comes with vomiting and the kind of sickness that incapacitates a person, not just in the morning but transitions into the night. For some women, pregnancy can be a truly wonderful experience but for others, it is horrible.

While some holistic super moms will insist that nausea can be handled as it is something nature intended, getting the right medication or even some natural products to help alleviate nausea can be a lifesaver for a woman. While nausea and vomiting can be a sign of a healthy pregnancy, excessive nausea and vomiting can be an indication of a problem with the pregnancy.

12 Worth It - Good Maternity Jeans

A good pair of jeans is an essential part of a pregnant woman's wardrobe. Getting a good sturdy pair of jeans will serve you well as they can be worn to the office, for your doctor's visits, as well as a casual day out. By getting a stretchable pair of jeans that are breathable, a woman can remain stylish and comfortable at the same time.

A good pair of jeans will last a long time and can even be worn in subsequent pregnancies. The good news is that even if one cannot afford a good pair of maternity jeans, she can alter her normal pair of jeans using an elastic to make the waistline a little looser.

11 Worth It - Ballet Flats

Do not be fooled by the celebrities who rock heels until their ninth month in pregnancy. A pregnant woman is always tired and it is like her feet have a mind of their own. They swell and even the shoe size changes. A woman who was a size small will find that her shoe size goes a size higher.

There will also be a time when she cannot pick up her purse if it drops, let alone tie her shoes. Comfortable, easy fit ballet flats will come in handy at this time. Everyday Family says the good thing about ballet flats is that they will not hurt the back.

10 Worth It - Vitamins And Folic Acid

According to Momtastic, the pregnant woman should ensure that she is getting all the nutrients she and her child need to grow. Taking these prenatal vitamins will ensure that the pregnant woman gets those nutrients she is not getting in her diet. Sometimes a pregnant woman eats well, but is plagued by nausea and everything she eats comes right out.

For this woman, taking these multivitamins will ensure that her child grows healthy and she does not lack anything. Folic acid, on the other hand, has been found to help alleviate baby birth defects like spina bifida and so the pregnant woman should ensure that she adheres to her doctors' instructions and takes folic acid on a daily basis and especially in the first trimester.

9 Worth It - Bobble Bottle And Filters

via: thenewhousefamily.co.uk

Every pregnant woman is advised to stay hydrated as her body tends to dehydrate faster than normal when she gets pregnant. She will, therefore, need water nonstop, especially in the early months of pregnancy.

Investing in a bobble bottle and filter is a worthy investment because even if she does not get clean water to drink, which is quite essential, she can get water straight from the tap and filter it with her Bobble bottle ready to drink without worrying about microbe menace. The good thing about this purchase is that it can be used any time, pregnant or not and it will come in handy when the baby is born.

8 Worth It - Pregnancy DVDs And Balance Ball

Most women think that being pregnant is a ticket to rest as they wait for their baby to come. The truth is, staying active is very important throughout pregnancy. Exercise not only lifts a woman's spirit, it also helps to ensure that her weight gain stays within a healthy range and it prevents dreaded constipation that is a staple in a pregnant woman's life.

The exercise DVDs provide a woman with exercises that are moderate and safe for a pregnant woman and the good thing is that they are specialized for every trimester, ensuring that she does not overwork or strain.

7 Worth It - A Comfortable Pair Of Leggings

Nothing makes a pregnant woman appear stylish and put together like a pair of leggings under a pregnancy shirt. Leggings stretch around the belly and fit well without giving that choking sensation most pregnant women get from pants.

This purchase will be worth every penny as they can be worn during and after pregnancy and the good thing is that they are easy to slip on, even when the woman feels like she weighs a ton. Leggings are lightweight and quite forgiving to your morphing shape so one feels attractive and put together even on those very bad mornings.

6 Worth It - A Support Tank Top

A pregnant woman sometimes feels like she is carrying the weight of the world around her midsection. This weight is mainly because as the baby grows he tends to push the midsection out and that makes a woman feel heavy.

Getting a belly bra, which is actually a support tank top. It helps to support the baby bump by taking pressure off the lower back and will become a lifesaver in the end as they ensure one does not get a debilitating backache that comes with pregnancy. The belly bra tends to lift the midsection by somewhat holding it in a place, akin to wearing trouser suspenders.

5 Not Worth It - A Home Doppler

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Home dopplers have been popularized these days as most people insist they help alleviate the anxiety new moms have over whether or not the baby is still kicking. The doppler should be left to the professionals as there is a likelihood of the already anxious woman making a mistake and falling into a panic.

The device catches every sound from the intestines to the flow of blood. They can be confusing to an untrained person who may mistake all these sounds for the baby's heartbeat and may, therefore, miss the cues for when the baby is truly in distress and requires medical intervention. Something her instincts alone could have told her.

4 Not Worth It - Anti Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch marks affect over half the population of pregnant women. Stretch marks appear around the breasts as well as the stomach as the body grows and forgets to tell the skin to keep up. This leads to the breaking of collagen that leads to stretch marks. A woman's genetics also tend to play a role in the development of stretch marks, with some women not getting any even after four or five pregnancies.

The number of anti-stretch mark creams on the market is overwhelming and they all promise to restore the skin to its pre-pregnancy glory. What these creams do and not all of them, is to mask the appearance of stretch marks but they do not heal them. Use a good moisturizer and save the money as these creams are just hype.

3 Not Worth It - Crib Packages

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Pregnant women cannot go into a store without a shop attendant trying to sell them some baby item or other. The lovely crib packages that have every item one thinks they need for the baby are not worth the money. The bumper pads and baby pillows in an array of colors, though beautiful are a waste of money, as one will not use any of them.

According to Web MD, a baby's crib should have nothing in it but the baby and straight sheet in order to reduce the incidences of SIDs. Crib packages are lovely in the nursery to look at, but buying them could be the reason you wind up losing your bundle of joy.

2 Not Worth It - Pregnancy Wardrobe

via: noppies.com

Believe it or not, buying pregnancy clothes is not worth it. Pregnancy lasts only nine months and the only time a woman really needs maternity clothing is that period of about three months in the last trimester.

As the baby grows, one needs to adjust the wardrobe, but overhauling it is not worth it as this is a total waste of money for something one will only need to wear once or twice before the baby comes. A woman's regular clothes can serve as maternity clothes with a few minor adjustments and this can be done in the comfort of her home.

1 Not Worth It - Nursing Chairs

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Most of us got a rocking chair and a footstool for breastfeeding our first born babies. This is because most of the books we read say that a woman requires a comfortable chair for breastfeeding, as this will save her back. Watching movies on TV there is always that woman seated outside watching the sunset with her child on her lap as she rocks gently.

The rocking chair proved to be unworthy of the hype as the serene picture in our minds was never realized, the chair is cramped and as the baby grows, breastfeeding on the chair becomes a hassle. The chair is also stationery as moving it is tedious and the one spot nursing experience can be rather boring.

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