15 Juicy Facts About New Mom Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag-Pratt is one of the most infamous reality stars of the early 2000's.  She and her husband Spencer, were the Kardashians BEFORE the Kardashians.  Together, they managed to keep their names in the news landing themselves on the cover of nearly all the tabloids and gossip magazines that you know of today.

Although Heidi has managed to make a living off being a drama queen and keeping her name in the news, little is known about her background, and how she achieved her on screen success.  Through humble beginnings, Heidi made her way from a small town in Colorado to Sunset Blvd.  Seeking what she thought would be a career in the fashion industry, she managed to make multiple television appearances, become an author, and eventually have her own clothing line before she decided to settle down into the role of wife and now new Mommy to Gunner Stone.

How did Heidi reach the top?  The list below details juicy facts about the new mom.

15 She's A College Drop Out

Montag tried the college life, and it just didn't work out for her.  Upon graduating high school, she relocated to San Francisco, CA to attend The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. where she attended 1 semester. Although she didn't finish her degree at the academy, a life changing event occurred there.  She met met her future bff, Lauren Conrad.  This relationship would prove to be the breakthrough Heidi needed to get to her next level in life. Conrad, who was filming the MTV reality series, Laguna Beach at the time, convinced Montag to transfer to Los Angeles with her to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising school.  Although she was pursuing her dream of fashion design, she stated the school just wasn't challenging enough and quickly left this school as well, picking up a 9-5 at Bolthouse Productions as an assistant.

14 She Never Wanted To Be An Actress

Being on screen was not Heidi's original plan.  However, befriending Lauren Conrad changed the game for her and gave her an opportunity to expand her horizons.  She made her 4 appearances on Laguna Beach as Lauren's BFF and that's when she was bitten with the acting bug. After Laguna Beach, she received another opportunity to appear on screen, this time with a leading role on a spin off to Laguna Beach called, "The Hills."  This would be the role that Heidi would become known for.  The Hills followed the life of Lauren Conrad as she pursued her dreams of working in the fashion industry.  It seems as though Heidi just came along for the ride and embraced her unwanted road to fame.  We would say she really embraced her new found fame.

13 She Met Her Future Husband On Set Of The Hills

First came the breakthrough role, and then came love.  Heidi and her now husband Spencer were married in 2008. Many people may not know that Heidi met the love of her life on the set of the Hills.  While most people who watched the show though Spencer was an obnoxious, arrogant, over-the-top personality, there was something about Spencer that Heidi just couldn't fight.  She and Spencer begin dating in season 2.  Many thought the love connection was just a phase, or perhaps a story line, but they definitely proved everyone wrong.  By season 6 things had changed on and off screen in Heidi's life in a major way.  She was engaged to Spencer, planning to wed (during the season finale), and she and Lauren Conrad were no longer BFF's. Conrad, who paved the way for Heidi to become such a notorious public figure, could no longer deal with Heidi and Spencer's A.K.A. "Speidi's" antics on the show, so she and Lauren stopped speaking. Which brings us to our next fact..

12 Heidi Chose Love Over Friendship

We think it would be safe to say that the world would not have been introduced to Heidi Montag if it weren't for Lauren Conrad.  So when Heidi decided to "stand by her man" on Season 3 of The Hills, it came as a shock to everyone.  It was no secret that Conrad did not approve of Heidi's relationship with Pratt, but things escalated on and off camera when Pratt allegedly spread a rumor that Conrad was involved in a sex tape.  Conrad denied the rumor, and could not believe that Heidi would side with Pratt in the situation.  Their relationship would never be the same after the incident.  In a later interview, Heidi denied that the friendship ended over Conrad's allegations, but she states that Lauren could not handle the fact that she was in a serious relationship with Spencer.  She claims that Lauren wanted her to continue to participate in "single people" activities, even though she knew she was in a relationship with Pratt.  Until this day, the two have never made up.

11 Heidi Made A Living Teaching Others How To Get Famous

Heidi and her husband made quite a name for themselves as the most infamous couple in reality tv.  So when the show was canceled in 2009, their popularity kept them racking in the cash.  It's reported that the pair was charging up to $100,00 to host club parties and make special guest appearances.  The fame gig worked out so great that they wanted to share their knowledge with others.  They literally wrote the book on how to be famous.  The book focuses on how to build buzz with the paparazzi, building their brand, how to use the press to keep news circulating around them and more.  Supposedly, they were so good at marketing themselves, that Kris Jenner initially approached them about managing Kim!  Maybe mama Kris just chose to read the book instead.

10 Her Fame Disrupted Her Family

Heidi's success helped some and hurt others in her family and it caused somewhat of a rift.  Heidi's fame allowed her to open the door for her sister Holly.  Heidi and Spencer were cast on the 2nd season of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.  Their antics were so bad, they were kicked off the show.  However, Heidi was able to get her sister Holly on the show to take their place.  Holly had become a familiar face on television as she had made several appearances on The Hills, visiting Heidi.  However things weren't going so well for her family back home.  Heidi's mom had remarried, and she and her husband were running a restaurant in Colorado.  The restaurant ran for 21 years before it was forced to close down due to the economy.  Prior to this, Heidi had supposedly given her mom thousands of dollars to help keep things afloat, which seemed ironic since Heidi's mom did not approve of Heidi's occupation or marriage to Spencer, which was how Heidi was able to bring in the cash.

9 She Squandered Through All Her Money

For some reason, the Pratt's thought their fame would last forever.  Like most celebs, they believed in indulging in the finer things that life could bring, but they failed to realize that they couldn't spend more than what they earned and continue to stay rich.  Once their show ended in 2009, they left America with intentions of moving to Costa Rica. This was after charging up to $100,000 for guest appearances, writing a book together, and Heidi's Playboy magazine cover.  Little did they know that the real estate was just as expensive there as it was in America.  Did it stop them from living it up? Not at all.  The couple admitted to spending most of their earnings on living in a Costa Rican Ritz Carlton for 6 mos and eating nothing but room service for themselves and their pets the entire time.  By 2012, they were broke.

8 She Is A Failed Music Star

Along with dumping thousands of dollars into the Ritz Carlton in Costa Rica, Heidi also spent a few million on the attempted launch of her music career.  She was under the impression that her stardom would help her music sales. Much to her dismay, she would never see the same success as she did on screen.  After dropping $2 million dollars on studio sessions, photo shoots and marketing for the release of Heidi's debut album, the actress turned singer only received 1000 downloads. This was very disappointing to Montag who had high hopes of being considered a double threat and hoping to distance herself from her association with the hills.  Although she didn't make a lot of music sales, she did get a chance to perform at the Miss Universe Pagent in 2009. Unfortunately, she received negative feedback from that performance also.

7 She Staged Her Divorce

Heidi and her husband have proven through their antics on reality tv that they will do anything to stay relevant.  Including staging a divorce!  In 2010, Montag filed for divorce from Pratt stating irreconcilable differences.  They made sure that their story line filled the gossip columns through out the entire spectacle as they took shots at each other.  After about a year of going back and forth, Heidi decided to call off the divorce and give Spencer another shot.  She stated that he had been working hard to change and earn her trust back so she would give him another chance to make things right.  Spencer later admitted that the divorce filing was nothing more than a publicity attempt to help relaunch Heidi's career. Huh? At the end of the day, these guys are made for each other, who else could put up with their side show shenanigans?

6 She's OBSESSED With Plastic Surgery

Heidi is not shy about discussing her experience under the knife.  Many believe that it is an obsession due to her having insecurity issues about her face and body.  Over the years, we have watched Heidi go from girl next door to Playboy pin up. Literally. She even confessed to having ten procedures done in one day! The procedures included brow-lifts, ear-pinnings, a chin reduction, as well as a second rhinoplasty and second breast augmentation. She admitted that she almost died during the procedures due to almost overdosing on Demerol.  Her heart beat slowed down to 5 beats per minute, and she almost could not be revived.  Her family suggest that the surgeries were all influenced by Spencer in an attempt to create more press for the couple. Heidi denies this rumor stating that he begged her not to have the surgeries.

5 She Lives With Her Parents

Well, her parents-in-law.  She and her hubby Spencer have apparently learned their lesson on finances.  Heidi stated in an interview with Entertainment tonight that she realized that they could not keep living a flashy life and survive.  Spencer added that they had to realize that they were no longer  "Kardashian Type" reality stars, so they had to learn to cut back.  One of the ways they did that was to move into Spencer's father's Santa Barbara, CA beach home.  This poor couple (pun intended) lives rent free on the beach of Santa Barbara and manages their dad's property in return for housing.  She admitted that they are no longer living the high life and by doing this, they can survive off their professional reality star appearances.  Yes, this is a real title. They make a living by appearing on reality shows such as Celebrity Big Brother and most recently Marriage Bootcamp. Living below their means helps them stay afloat.

4 It Took 10 Years For Her To Get Pregnant

Heidi has wanted to be a mom since she could remember.  Her only issue was her husband Spencer.  She admitted to begging Spencer for them to have a child.  Initially, Spencer did not think he would be a good father, and with him wanting to focus on his and Heidi's career, he wasn't ready to ditch his reality tv world to become a daddy.  According to sources, this played a part in Heidi thinking that she and Spencer might not have had a future together.  During their appearance on Marriage Bootcamp, Heidi expressed her heartbreak over Spencer not wanting to budge on having a baby, and it appeared that it would never happen.  Heidi said that during this time, she prayed that he would change his mind.  Well, as things would turn out, Heidi announced her pregnancy in April of 2017, and documented the entire experience on social media of course.  Gunner Stone was born on October 1, 2017.

3 She And Ex-BFF Were Pregnant At The Same Time

No matter how hard Heidi tries, she just can't escape the shadows of her ex bff.  Shortly after Heidi announced her pregnancy, Lauren soon announced that she was also expecting a little one.  In an interview with ENews, Heidi recalled a time before she announced her pregnancy that she had discussed her belief that another member of The Hills cast would end up pregnant at the same time.  Her assumptions were right.  When asked if she has spoken with Lauren concerning the simultaneous pregnancies, she stated she had not.  She added that she doesn't expect their babies to have any play dates or anything like that in the near future.  She added that she hated that the friendship ended the way it did, but they will both experience motherhood in their own separate ways...Separately. Ouch. No reconciliation between these two in the near future.

2 Heidi Is Already A Stage Mom

Watch out Kris Jenner! Heidi Montag is taking over the top Momager award.  In a recent Snapchat, Heidi and Spencer posted a photo and video of them exiting an audition for their son Gunner.  At one month old, he is already hitting the streets working in the family business. In the video, Heidi jokingly labels the video "crazy stage mom" and Spencer was boasting proudly that his son was going to steal the spotlight of the Super Bowl's half time show if he booked the Superbowl commercial.  It seems as if they already have their sites set on making Gunner the next big thing in Hollywood.  Hopefully, Heidi helps her son to avoid life's pitfalls that were turned into notorious story lines.

1 She Grew Up In Crested Butte, Colorado

To say that Heidi Montag grew up in a small town is an understatement. Heidi grew up in the small town Crested Butte, Colorado, which has a population of around 1600 people. She was the youngest child of Bill and Darlene Montag (now divorced), and sibling to Holly and Sky. She never let her location stop her from dreaming big. Heidi was always ambitious and she was active in sports, but she had high hopes of being a fashion designer one day. Although she didn't now what her future held, she knew that it wasn't in Colorado. As soon as she was done with high school, Heidi ditched the small town and set her sights on dreams and never looked back. She does occasionally make it back home to visit her parents and siblings from time to time.

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