15 Kid Drawings That Are Seriously Inappropriate But Kinda Perfect

Hanging a crudely drawn crayon family on the fridge with a brightly colored butterfly magnet is a given in the majority of households that have young children. When they first start learning how to draw, it can produce some hilarious and inappropriate results.

Most kids that grow up to be artistically gifted start showing some skill at an early age. Be it an advanced knowledge of shadows, better spatial reasoning, or being able to draw in 3-D, it’s usually pretty apparent that the kid can draw.

It’s also pretty obvious when a kid will grow up to be artistically challenged, however. Remember the sky being a single blue stripe at the top of the paper? Admit it. We all did that. I remember when I first figured out that coloring the whole background blue resulted in a more realistic sky. I was so excited and amazed with myself I had to show everybody.

Almost all kids have bad drawings. It doesn’t mean they will grow up to be any less talented that the next. No harm was done except a few laughs from the adults. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what the child was trying to depict, other times, the drawing can be misconstrued in an (extremely) inappropriate, though still funny way. Whatever the case, there’s bound to be some comical fits of laughter, and a very confused child. Here are 15 kid drawings that justify the need for art class.

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15 My Mom Is Not A Stripper


No, this kid’s mom is not an “adult entertainer”, nor does her child wish to grow up and become an exotic dancer. Though this drawing would’ve fooled me. In reality, the kid’s mom works at Home Depot. During the winter, some people were fighting over the last snow shovel, surrounding the poor sales lady. The story was passed on to the child, who went to school and drew out the scenario for her teacher.

The result was a very confused teacher and a very awkward call home. Need an art class? This drawing probably would have been taken better had the snow shovel not been bigger than the mother, resulting in it looking like she was grabbing a pole on stage. No harm was done, except for an extremely embarrassed mother, that is! At least the kid wants to grow up to be like mom, which shows what a good and loving parent she must be.

14 I Come In Peace

I cum in pies. I cum in pies. I know pies can be pretty darn good, but I mean… so obviously this kid doesn’t actually mean that, but this is seriously hilarious. Only adults can appreciate this one. Clearly, the artist meant I come in peace, but it’s interesting how a few misspelled words can completely change the entire context of a sentence. This child probably needs a spelling lesson, not an art class. Because all that aside, it is actually a pretty good drawing of Buzz Lightyear. Impressive, especially for a young child. Maybe he or she will grow up to be one of the gifted ones.

Or maybe not. Who knows. They’re not the brightest at spelling, that’s for sure. Hopefully, that will improve. If this kid turns 16 and is still writing “I cum in pies,” well… that will make for an incredibly different, and incredibly awkward situation.

13 The Best Cook Ever

I swear, it is supposed to be a brightly colored chef’s hat. But… the peach colored top really isn’t helping any mental images. Especially since the unfortunate father of this child isn’t referred to as an excellent cook, but an excellent, well, you know. The shape of the food platter really is not making it better, either. Maybe refrain from showing off this one to all the relatives.

All the hysterical laughing aside, this kid really was making a kind gesture towards their father. Most dads enjoy being complimented on their cooking, and hearing it from their own children probably makes it all the sweeter. This one, though, probably shouldn’t be hung on the fridge either. All those colorful butterfly magnets will have to wait for another day! Hey, who knows? Maybe this is an old drawing from Gordon Ramsey’s kids. I would love to see how that goes over in 10 years.

12 It Was Supposed To Be A Lighthouse

It really is a lighthouse! Isn’t it obvious? This poor teacher was hired to work a kindergarten graduation service, and the kids were instructed to draw their own programs. Which leads one to wonder… is this school next to a lighthouse or something? Whatever the case, these kids are definitely in need of an art lesson. To be fair, though, once you point out what it’s actually supposed to be, you can kind of see what this kid was going for. The top of it is a bit… misshapen, and then there are the rocks… the skin colored rocks. But it’s definitely a lighthouse!

This drawing is a little confusing. The people in the drawing sort of look like they are standing on the water and those vertical red lines make it appear as though they’re in jail. At least he or she drew in light beams to alert the oncoming ships about those rocks!

11 I Swear It’s Just A Whistle

Well.. the conductor was certainly blowing something as a thank you. However, whether or not it was a whistle is questionable. These kids made a book for their dad on father’s day, but the sister who drew these two pages was 13 years old. Maybe I’m an outlier, but when I was 13, I certainly would have known that my drawing of a “whistle” did not necessarily look like a whistle.

I guess I should give her the benefit of the doubt, though. My older brothers ruined my childhood, but maybe the story is different for this sweet teenager. You can see the intention of a whistle was at least somewhat there. She got the part where the air blows out correct, and there’s a keychain on the end where a lanyard to hang it around the conductor’s neck could go. Maybe with a few art lessons, her drawings wouldn’t be so comically misconstrued?

10 Firefighters To The Rescue

“Dear firefighter, thank you for saving me from danger. You’re so brave God bless you.” The story behind this one is actually really sweet. A firefighter rescued some kids from a building, and they decided to draw him a thank you note in class. You can clearly see what they were going for with this one, a big green fire hose pouring water onto a flaming building. Although, the top of that hose does look a little interesting.

I do hope that the firefighter who rescued them got a good laugh out of this one because those hard workers definitely deserve a laugh or two. Though the drawing itself isn’t that great, in the end, it really was a nice thing to do. Sometimes all it takes is a simple thank you and a wildly inappropriate drawing to brighten someone’s day! Pass the kindness around, folks. Maybe kid’s drawings will make a difference in the world.

9 Remember To Wash Those Hands, Kids

Noticing a common theme here? Me too. Apparently, kids excel at drawing... Ahem... male appendages. Thankfully, for now, intentions remain innocent. They will be a little redder in the face when they see their old drawings again as adults. Anyways, the concept of a sink faucet spraying water over some hands is evident, the five fingers and the shirt sleeves are all there. Alongside what closely resembles a male… head…

Okay! Moving on. It’s hard not to wonder what the kid was going for by drawing the little red dots in the center of the person’s hands. My best guess is maybe some kind of soap, however, the green speckles in the water would make more sense. The caption does say to wash with soap, though. So what are the green things?

8 Little DJ

It would not be fair to not include the drawings children have done about the female anatomy. These, however, are records or turntables. This family was sitting around listening to old school rap when their child decided to draw old fashioned turntables and pretend to be a DJ. Gotta give the kid props for this one, I would not think somebody of such a young age would remember those old turntables. Especially not in this generation. Maybe I’m wrong though. Seeing a DJ scratching up vinyl isn’t really that uncommon.

Innocent intentions. But… they really don’t look like records. Once it was pointed out, yeah sure! However, at first glance, they honestly look like a female’s chest. Or a male’s chest. I’m not judging anybody here. His family probably got a good solid laugh out of this. I cannot wait for when he remembers this as he gets older. “Hey! Remember that time you thought you drew an awesome turntable…”

7 Some Teacher You Got There

Speaking of the female anatomy, this kid drew what her teacher looked like on her first day of kindergarten. Needless to say, it looks, interesting. It’s hard not to wonder what her teacher actually looked like. Was she wearing a large necklace? Did she have old fashioned headphones? Or did she happen to wear a low cut top and this little girl’s mind is a little more creative than it should be. Perhaps she wore those enormous hoop earrings that hang down past the face of the wearer.

Whatever the case, I hope her new teacher didn’t come to school shirtless. And definitely, hope dad doesn’t rush down there to find out. (Totally kidding, ladies). It’d be ironic if any of these drawings came out of an actual art class. Though it would also make sense. Clearly, some of these kids need a lesson or two! It can wait until the laughter dies down.

6 You And Me Baby Ain't Nothin But Mammals

The drawing is a monkey riding a lion, not a monkey riding a lion, but literally a monkey sitting on a lion’s back. Or maybe he is standing beside the lion’s back legs. It is innocent, though. That is the main point. All things aside, it is actually a pretty decent drawing. They have cute faces and aren’t stick figures. Plus, the monkey is holding a banana. And it’s a pretty dang good banana. Seriously, I (sadly) couldn’t even draw a banana that freaking good!

Okay so, I -begrudgingly- admit that maybe I’m the one in need of an art lesson. Though it does look a little strange, this is a good example of those kids who will grow up to be gifted in the artistic field. The shape of the lion’s mane and face is actually quite impressive, and the monkey’s little smile and ears are super adorable. This kid will most likely grow up to draw some pretty great things.

5 The Talking Boy

Talk about creepy. This is the stuff that cliche horror movies are made out of. Happy family. Happy children. Happy imaginary friend that terrorizes people in the middle of the night. The usual, right? Hard to wonder what was going through this kid’s mind as he drew this. For my fellow skeptics out there, paranormal happenings are hard to believe, especially since little kids are so imaginative.

He or she might’ve been looking at a shadow or a dark corner of the room. This kid, however, did label it as “the talking boy,” meaning he heard a boy talking. A lot of young children confuse their dreams with reality, and I sincerely hope that is the case here, because if this poor family really was living with a supposed talking boy, well, best of luck to them. It’d be even better if this kid grew up and had absolutely no recollection of creating this drawing. Horror movie script, anyone?

4 I Don’t Like People!

Evil snake, evil mom. Nothing out of the ordinary here. This kid’s imagination certainly is something, that’s for sure. They must have one of those really strict moms who yells all the time, but is really just doing what’s best for their kids. Children will hate it growing up, but they appreciate it as an adult. Most kids have wild imaginations, but kids usually only draw what they know, ergo they only draw what they have seen and/or experienced in their life.

So did this child’s angry-looking mom kill a gigantic spotted snake? Pretty impressive, considering that snake is like six times the size of his or her mother. And you have to admit, she closely resembles Albert Einstein or a blue-haired wishing troll. This is probably one of those anger drawings that kids do right after getting yelled at and they have a lot of mean things to say.

3 Field Of Mushrooms

This is adorable. A little girl drew her friends as giant bugs hovering over a field of giant mushrooms. What makes this even more hilarious is the little caption that says “mushrooms” with an arrow pointing to them is written in different a handwriting than the two names of the bugs. I’m pretty sure a teacher or parent put that in to clarify what they were. An art class would probably be appreciated to know that mushrooms are short and fat, and they don’t look like that! (Hey I made it rhyme!).

I’m curious as to whether this was done in the child’s spare time, or if it was a class assignment. If it’s the latter, I really wonder what the instructions were. “Okay kids, draw your friends as bugs! Be sure to add detail to the scenery!”. It’s a creepy thought. Though, as I mentioned before, it is also pretty cute. Those fat green bodies and little smiling faces do make me smile.

2 Scissors

Scissors. That’s all there is to see here people. And surprisingly, a little kid spelled scissors correctly. Sadly for me, I probably didn’t know how to spell scissors correctly until I was well into the sixth grade. I’m not sure how well this kid will do in art class, but as for academics, he or she is going to excel at spelling! This drawings strikes me as a little strange. Usually, kids draw bright pictures of their families or animals. I highly doubt this was a class assignment.

I wonder, why a kid drew a picture of just plain old scissors in the first place. It’s not colorful, bright, or really imaginative, for the most part. Points for originality, though. Never seen a kid draw scissors. These “scissors” could use a little work. At looking more like scissors. And less like ... not scissors. Without the caption, it would be hard to tell.

1 How’s It Going Down There?

This one is a little disturbing. Little Joey appears to be writing a letter to his dad, who apparently resides in Hell with what I think is somebody named Ted. He even included a small picture of the devil. Though thankfully everything is colored in blue and not red, which makes the drawing seem a little calmer. I have a few scenarios in mind to explain the drawing.

Hopefully, Joey’s father is still around and instead of being in Hell, he is at work, which the kid overheard him saying it was Hell. But, if his father actually is gone, I hope Joey is young enough to not realize what Hell actually is, and thinks it is a nicer place than the Bible depicts. My last guess is that this is another one of those angry drawings that kids do after a fight. Whatever the case, I hope this family is alright!

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