15 Kid Traits That Predict Their Career

"He's gonna be a soccer player. Yes, he is." Or maybe a dentist, a movie star, a ventriloquist or a taxidermist. Whatever a baby grows up to be, it's sure his Mom and Dad have had their fair share of fantasies about what little Junior will become when he leaves the nest and sets out on his journey in this great, wide world.

Most - if not all - parents long for their children to achieve greatness, to be better in every way than Mom and Dad ever were. It's natural for progenitors to want nothing but the best life has to offer for their treasured tots. The fanciful notions of parents may be realized, or their youngsters may have a very different idea of what they want to be when they reach adulthood than what Mom and Dad had envisioned for them.

It's important to allow a child to explore her own talents and interests while still in her youth. What is just a hobby in childhood could be the springboard for a child's future career. If Dad is a tuba player and Mom does a mean baton twirl, it doesn't necessarily mean the kids are going to be crazy about perfecting either of these impressive skills. Parents should cultivate, motivate and accommodate the unique interests of their wee ones; even if the pastimes the kids choose to pursue aren't Mom and Dad's favorite choice.

Early in life, children will demonstrate certain character traits that are hints about what their futures may hold. Parents who can't wait to find out what their baby will become when fully grown may have a hint by observing his personality. According to a recent study conducted by Christopher Nave, a doctoral candidate at the University of California, Riverside, a child's personality is pretty much set by the time he reaches the first grade. While life events do play a factory in who we become, the character traits a child presents as a giggly elementary school kid will stay with him until his hair is gray and his skin is wrinkled. The following 15 personality traits may give parents a peek into their child's future endeavors on the job front.

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15 Conscientious

Have a child who is great at follow-through, always does her best and always wants to do what's right? Is her bed made perfectly every morning without being asked, her homework always done early and her grades all straight A's? Your child is conscientious: a trait that lends itself well to those pursuing a career as a doctor.

Maybe your sweet little one faints at the sight of even one drop of blood. Remember there are many different kinds of doctors out there. A conscientious child is likely to be the type that will never settle for less than the very best. She has the fire to reach her full potential burning brightly in her heart. There's a strong chance she won't be content with a bachelor's degree or a master's degree, and quite possibly won't be satisfied until she has her doctorate in whatever it is she's passionate about.

Get ready to call your child Dr. Insert-Her-Name-Here. She's a go-getter with a desire to achieve that just won't quit. Whether she gets her doctoral degree in education, business, health care or bull riding, she's already on the path of greatness. Go ahead, sit back and watch your baby do fabulous things in life.

14 Realistic

Is your child one of those little whippersnappers who never believed Santa was real for a second, hates playing make believe and is always bluntly honest? He's a realist and he isn't fond of beating around the bush. It's likely your child may excel in a career that is cut-and-dry like architecture. In this field, there's a right answer a and wrong answer: no fluff. Buildings made of marshmallows ain't gonna fly.

Architecture does require a bit of creative flair and whimsy to design structures that are pleasing to look at as well as safe. The thing is, children who are realists often have a knack for being creative as well. They thrive when creating things that offer functionality to society.

It's essential that an architect is good at crunching numbers. If he doesn't calculate things correctly, structures he designs could come crashing down into piles of rubble. Luckily, realists will check and double check their work to ensure it's accurate and reliable. They love a world that makes logical sense and are willing to work hard to ensure things are done right. Your child is likely to build a great future for himself with his realistic take on the world.

13 Artistic 

Got a tot that's always creating? She may paint portraits of Mom and Dad in her spaghetti sauce, make volcanoes with her mashed potatoes and gravy or design exquisite  wedding dresses out of toilet paper. She's also the one coming up with plays and puppet shows to perform for anyone willing to watch and constantly choreographing elaborate dances to her favorite songs. She thrives when she is making the world brighter with her fabulous fabrications.

A child with a passion for creating beauty all around her may seek a career in the field of design. Whether her path in life takes her in the direction of fashion design, interior design, web design or a career as a painter or choreographer, there's a good chance your little charmer is going to find a job where she can create, create, create.

Some parents may view this as a less-than-ideal career choice. We've all heard the saying "starving artist". Good news for concerned parents? Social media has really changed the game. A talented artist is often able to garner thousands of followers by simply sharing her creative work with the world. Many have made a great living using newly available tools that Vincent Van Gogh would have given a part of his left ear for. Imagine how many likes and heart-eye emojis Starry Night would have gotten if only it could have been shared with the entire planet the second it was completed. Especially if Van Gogh took a selfie with his masterpiece.

12 Investigative

Is your child the one who wonders about everything and anything? "Why is the sky blue?  What is peanut butter made of? Why does Dad have a beard? Why doesn't Mom have a beard? Why? Why? Why!? You have an investigative little munchkin. Children with this trait will most likely excell in a career as a scientist or a detective.

A child who has a thirst for knowledge and absorbs information like a sponge thrives when she is learning new things and experiencing the world through discovery. She may spend hours in nature observing bugs and identifying plants. She may devour every book she can get her hands on. Often, investigative children aren't satisfied with an answer to one of their questions until they fully understand everything about the "how" and the "why".

This trait is a valuable one. Not everyone has the patience it takes to acquire in-depth knowledge. An investigative child will most likely do wonderfully in the field of research: possibly learning and discovering how different diseases work, and how to eradicate them, or finding the answers to other equally important questions. She could also do well in the field of criminal investigation. Her thorough personality is essential for taking the time needed to go over every inch of a crime scene where she may discover clues others missed. One thing is for sure: an investigative child will always notice the little things many others don't. This is a special talent that guarantees her a life of success, whatever line of work she decides to pursue.

11 Social 

Have a tiny one who talks to everyone and anyone, makes instant friends everywhere she goes, and isn't intimidated by large crowds or loud parties? Your babe is a social butterfly. The sky is the limit for an extroverted children, as they make friends easily. It's long been known that when it comes to being successful in life, it often isn't what you know, but who you know.

A child who loves social interaction thrives when spending time with other people. She may hate to be alone and constantly want to be playing and talking with others. A career as a nurse is a great choice for a chatty Kathy. The most successful nurses have what is called a good "bedside manner." They have a knack for helping patients feel at-ease and safe in often scary and traumatizing situations.

If your child can talk to anyone and cheer up even the glummest of the glum with her witty banter and hilarious jokes, she will go far in whatever career she chooses. It is highly likely she will seek out a job like nursing where she can talk to people, all day, every day.

10 Focused

Does your child have laser-focus? Is he able to tune out the world and zero in on the task at hand? Is he impossible to reach when deep in the throes of an awesome video game or a thrilling movie? He is focused: a trait that may lend itself well to a career as a coder.

Coding is a relatively new line of work. Though it's been around for decades, only recently is it being taught to children in many schools around the world. Why would schools take the time to teach kids how to code? Those who are good at it can make big bucks. It's a challenging activity that requires the ability to pay attention, close attention, often for long periods of time. Not everyone is able to focus on one specific task for very long.

A child with an inability to stop giving his full attention to whatever it is he's focused on may be exasperating to parents. Instead of getting frustrated next time, celebrate his ability to focus and get that kid into a coding class, pronto!

9 Organized 

Is your child constantly arranging her toys into lovely configurations? Are the clothes in her closet hung by color with the hangers exactly one inch apart? Is she constantly making sure the pillows on the couch are straight and that Mom's purse is decluttered? Your little love is organized.

This trait ensures she will excel in many different lines of work, but, surprisingly, your child may find success in a career as a teacher. Yes, teachers need to be patient and innovative and engaging, but an often overlooked skill that helps teachers do well is that of organization. An educator has to keep track of all of her students at all times. She must grade, record and return mountains of work in a timely manner. She must keep track of the progress and struggles of each student in her class, and also be able to discuss the triumphs and failures of each individual students at parent/teacher conferences. She must use time in class efficiently and effectively. And, if she ever wants to eat or pee, she must ensure that any miniscual breaks she does receive are used wisely.

Teachers don't make the big bucks, but they have been known to have a lasting impact in the lives of many of the students they have the pleasure of teaching. If your child won't stop organizing your sock drawer, it may be time to steer her in the direction of a career as a teacher.

8 Enterprising

Have a child who sees everything as a opportunity to make money? He may be selling the contents of his lunch and using his profits to buy cheap candy, which he turns around and sells for double the price, making even more dough. Kids who have a talent for enterprising tend to do well in the field of sales. Why? They often see opportunities to make money where others just see a juice box and a peanut butter and jelly Uncrustable.

If your child is always looking to turn a profit, whether it's through lemonade stands, bake sales or charging folks to take a look at his pet Guinea pig, he's got a gift for being innovative and resourceful. Sometimes careers in sales get a bad rap. Just because someone is enthusiastic and passionate about making a buck doesn't automatically make them oily and sleezy.

There are a wide variety of different options when it comes to sales jobs. Yes, selling cars is one option, but your child could also seek out a career buying and selling stocks, properties, health products or whatever it is he's passionate about. Marketing and sales go hand in hand, and those who have a talent for sales often excel in the field of marketing as well. Sold? You should be.

7 Disciplined

Does your child follow the rules to a T without being asked? Is he always up and ready for school while the rest of the family is drooling into their pillows? He's a disciplined chap ready to take on the world. A career that may suit him is quite possibly one as a lawyer.

In order to be successful, lawyers must know the ins and outs of every law. They must also be aware of every loophole. A little one who has a natural inclination to follow the rules will most likely be outstanding at learning every little subheading of every single law. In fact, he may even like it. The idea of studying rules makes most people cringe, but those with a love of keeping the rules are the best ones to help ensure justice is served.

Lawyers are sometimes considered less-than likable. That's not fair. They are hard-working individuals that make it possible for everyone to have a shot at being considered innocent until proven otherwise. If your kiddo is the king of discipline, he just may be a lawyer someday. Court dismissed.

6 Confident

Confidence is a trait that is hard to come by, and almost impossible to fake. While many people cringe at the thought of getting up in front of other people, or being the center of attention, there are a select few that actually adore being in the spotlight.

Is your child always putting on a show regardless of who is watching? Does she light up when she's letting her little light shine by singing, dancing, acting or just telling a great story? She may be Broadway bound.

Kids who possess the trait of confidence are rare. Many youngsters struggle with shyness or self-doubt, especially as they approach their teenage years. A child who doesn't bat an eye when asked to get up in front of people has a real gift. Being able to be vulnerable when others are watching may put her on the path to being a motivational speaker, actor, dancer, singer, newscaster, circus clown, or any other profession that requires pure and unadulterated confidence.

5 Reliable

Do you have a young one who is as reliable as the sun coming up each morning? He may be the one you put in charge of feeding the cat because you know he'll do it, rain or shine. He may also be the one you never worry about. He's Old Faithful. Always doing what he should. Always being wonderful.

Children who demonstrate the trait of reliability at a young age are rare and lovely. A child who is dependable may thrive when doing something he relates to and feels safe with. If he's reliable, chances are he expects the same in return. Life is usually quite the opposite, but some things can always be counted on. One of those things is numbers.  Math will always be the same. No matter who is running the country; no matter who wins the World Series.

Just because a child is reliable doesn't automatically mean he'll love math, but he most definitely will love consistency and dependability. These are both things the profession of accounting offers. Accountants usually enjoy jobs that are 9 to 5, 5 days a week with set vacation days and great benefits: a reliable child's dream job.

4 Impulsive

Have a child who changes her mind on a whim, is always on the go, loves seeing new places and meeting interesting people and has a strong sense of wanderlust? She's impulsive, and she may be on the road to becoming a successful travel blogger.

The world we live in today is one full of opportunities those of past generations never even dreamed of. Social media has changed the way we communicate, the way we do business and the way we share our lives with each other. A new trend online is to travel the world and document adventures through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, a blog or all of the above.

Some currently successful travel bloggers who are making bank just for jet-setting, taking pictures, writing about their experiences and sharing them include: The Bucket List Family, The Blonde Abroad and Wandering Earl. Many of these folks are paid major money and given the best in accommodations and cuisine. Why? Because people trust their opinions. Let's say a successful travel blogger travels to Siberia, loves it and shares her wonderful experience with her many followers. Soon, Siberia may become a hot spot for honeymooners and adventurers the world over. Your baby got the itch to see the world? She may be able to make a pretty penny living her dream.

3 Rule-breaker

Got a child who hates rules? He may try to bend or break them whenever possible, find ways around them and question rules that don't make sense to him. A child who won't take "no" for an answer has a bright future ahead of him. This may give his parents some comfort when dealing with his inability to adhere to a set bedtime or pick up his stinky socks.

A child who isn't deterred when turned down is possibly headed for a career as an entrepeneuer. When building a business, hearing the word "no" is par for the course. Entrepreneurs may be turned down 20 times or more before finding one person that believes in them. The most successful self-starters in the world of business are confident in themselves, and believe the rules don't apply to them. They are fearless and hard-working and stay with their dream until they taste success.

So, the next time a little one is caught trying to eat cookies for breakfast for the 3oth time, before getting frustrated, take a moment to appreciate his will to get what he wants, and feels he rightfully deserves. This rule-breaking trait just might serve him well when it comes time for him to start his own company. Just think, your child may be the next Steve Jobs, all hopped up on sugar way too early in the morning. Maybe that thought will give you comfort.

2 Innovative

Have a child who thinks outside of the box? Did he win the science fair the last five years in a row? Does he have a passion for building, creating, discovering and tinkering? He's innovative, and he may be destined for a career as an inventor.

The world needs people who aren't afraid to try doing something in a new way. After all, where would we be without inventors? Shivering in caves eating raw meat, that's where. In fact, fire and animal skinning were both things some innovative caveman invented. Thanks, dude.

A child who thrives when coming up with a new way of doing something is on the way to changing the world for the better. Inventing things is difficult. Thomas Edison had to try over 1,000 times at the light bulb before finally getting it right. Aren't we thankful he had the trait of innovation and didn't give up on the 856th try? We would like to take a moment now to thank your innovative kid for all the ways he's bound to make our lives better, easier or more fun in the future.

1 Driven

Is your child one who seems to embody all of the traits mentioned above? There are exceptional children out there who are driven. This trait pushes them to achieve greatness in every aspect of their lives, whether it's riding a bike for the first time, learning to tie their shoes or aspiring to make the world a better place for all of us.

A driven child is often conscientious, organized, focused, social, realistic, artistic, confident, investigative, impulsive, reliable, innovative, disciplined, and enterprising. She may also be unafraid to break the rules when a certain situation calls for it. Driven children are the ones who lead the rest of us. They may be tiny, but a driven child is a force to be reckoned with. It's likely she'll run a major company or country or charity or household one day.

Watch out, world. All children arrive on planet Earth with talents and gifts that make them unique and wonderful. We're sure the rising generation will be the best yet. We can't wait to see what the future will bring.

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