15 Stories About Kids Who Were Left Home Alone

What age is it considered okay to leave a child home alone? Most kids are left alone at least once in their life, but that also means there are all sorts of ways to get into trouble. A young person's mind can get really creative when there are no adults around to keep an eye on them, There are some kids who abide by all of their parent’s rules when they are not home, but there are also just as many that will go ahead and take advantage of the lack of adult supervision and do all of the things that they are not allowed to do at any other time.

Some kids will get slightly out of control when their parents aren’t home, and then others will go completely wild. Some of them feel sad and alone, while others are so much happier when they are alone.

Some parents put far too much trust in their kids, I know my dad trusted me too much, and I say too much because I always took advantage of the situation when he was gone, as I know many kids do. Here are 21 examples of what some kids do when their parents aren’t home.

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15 Cry Babies

Wow, this kid is mean, they say they like to make their siblings cry and then tell them to stop or their parents will get mad, and they also admit that as long as mom and dad aren’t home they can make their siblings cry all they want. I sure hope the mother or father catches them doing this and then puts the shoe on the other foot and makes this kid cry.

Siblings can sometimes be so ugly to each other, I think that a large part of the time it has to do with jealousy. A jealous brother or sister will turn out to be very spiteful. The younger ones of the siblings usually get it the worst. Hopefully, the ones that are being bullied will grow up bigger than their bullies and get even.

14 Binge Eating

This Whisperer claimed that their parents were away and that normally when they are home alone they binge eat, and the fact that they said it is a very real temptation for them kind of leads me to believe that it is not something they really want to do. Maybe they are already overweight, or just don’t want to be, but it sounds like they are fighting themselves not to overeat.

I wonder that if they were honest and told their parents about it, would the parents lock up the fridge, or limit what they keep in it, or at least only stock it with healthy snacks? It really sounds to me like this kid needs some moral support from someone. Binge eating is something that I think many kids do when they are left home alone.

13 Trying It On

Ok, this boy may be a little confused about his own identity. He claims in a Whisper that when he is home alone, he likes to try on his mother’s clothing. This Whisper may be an attempt to come out of the closet and could even be the beginning of a whole new Whisper. Who knows, he may even secretly be hoping that his mother will eventually catch him.

There is another side of the coin though - if his parents ever do catch him in the act, it could damage him beyond repair, it could cause such deep humiliation that he could be driven over the edge. Let us just hope that that is not the case. I think he needs to figure out who he is, and who he wants to be.

12 Broadway Bound

This girl admits in a Whisper that when her parents are not home, she turns her house into a Broadway stage, and she is in a one-person musical. Sounds like she has one heck of an imagination. It sounds kind of like a fun time. I used to watch Rugrats, so I know that with a good imagination you can turn your space into anything you want it to be.

I used to make my little space into the Hundred Acre Wood, so I know how much fun it can be. But you really don’t need to wait until the parents aren’t home, what harm is it doing? Kids are expected to have imaginary adventures unless maybe you are in your teens and are supposed to be getting too old for what some may call silly nonsense.

11 Blame It On The Dog

Ok, this kid admitted that one time when they were home alone they ate an entire carton of ice cream, and then when they realized what they had done, in a panic, they threw the empty container on the floor and blamed it on the dog, and they say that their parents still to this day think it was the dog.

Not only did this dog eat the homework, but also the ice cream. It seems like dogs get blamed for stuff as much as other siblings do. The only difference though is that the poor dog cannot speak up in its own defense. Which I suppose is why it is better to blame the dog. And then we wonder why American children are becoming obese. I wonder how big of a container it was.

10 Singing Out Loud

This is a very funny Whisper. This kid says that when they were alone they used to sing out loud, until one day someone knocked at the door and asked if anyone was hurt because they had heard a lot of noise. I guess this kid was so embarrassed that they just stopped singing out loud all together.

I think that the majority of the population sings out loud when there is nobody around, it is definitely not something to be embarrassed about. I don’t think it will be long before this person starts singing again, because sometimes when listening to music, you just can’t help but sing along. If I could talk to this kid, I would tell them, do not stop singing, it brings us joy when we sing along to music that we like.

9 Turn Up The Volume

Here is a Whisperer who apparently likes it better when their parents are not home because they admitted that when they are home alone they like to turn the music up really loud without having to be nagged at about it. That's okay, this way you can ruin your ears in private. I mean, after all, you know that your parents have absolutely no good reason for complaining about the music being too loud, right?

Maybe when you get older, you will have no choice but to turn it up, just so you can hear it. It’s really no wonder kids never seem to hear you when you talk to them, and here I thought it was just selective hearing, but maybe they really can’t hear you if you talk at a normal level.

8 Letting It Out

Here is a kid who is apparently suffering in silence, at least when her parents are home, because she says that she listens to sad music and then when she is alone, she screams at the top of her lungs because she is in so much pain.

This kid really needs to be honest with her parents or a counselor at school about how she is feeling inside before she becomes completely overwhelmed with depression. And she should change the type of music she listens to because if you have a problem with depression, listening to sad music is going to increase those feelings. Just listening to happier songs can really help your mood out a lot. Music touches our emotions, so the type we listen to is very important when considering our well being.

7 He Doesn't Break The Rules

This kid Whispered that when he is home alone, he comes out of his chamber and plays video games in the living room. So this makes it sound like when his parents are home, he is maybe not allowed in the living room or isn't allowed to spend his time playing video games, or maybe even both.

It also sounds as though he spends most of his time in his chamber, which I am assuming is his bedroom. Now I could be wrong, but I am guessing that this is a 'he' only because it is usually the guys who are hooked on the video games. But it could very well be a girl also, I know there some girls who like to play. But I do believe that boys are worse.

6 Up On The Roof

This kid does not like the feeling of an empty house because they admitted that when they are alone, they will eat their dinner out on the roof, just to avoid sitting at an empty table, in an empty house. So apparently this isn’t one of those kids who is happier when their parents are away.

It must be peaceful out on the rooftop; I can imagine sitting out there eating while listening to the birds singing, but on rainy days I guess you have to go back into that empty house unless you sit out on the roof with an umbrella. As long as there is no lightning, you should be okay.

So this kid must be more of a family person if it bothers them to be alone in an empty house.

5 The Unborn Star

Here is a Whisper that is actually very common among our youth, and sometimes even adults. I know I have done it. This kid says that when they are home alone, they like to play loud music and lip-sync to it while pretending to be in a music video. Nothing at all wrong with this.

I believe that so many of us ordinary people have at some time or another imagined ourselves being on stage singing. The most common place to be a singing sensation is in the shower.

The only thing that doesn’t make sense is if you are alone, why lip-sync? Why not sing out loud to your imaginary audience? Unless you sing so badly that you don’t even want to hear yourself. Well, all I can say is go ahead and have fun.

4 Playing Dress-Up

Here is a girl who says that when she is sad and alone she likes to play dress-up with her sister’s clothes and jewelry, and then pretend to go to a ball. She goes on to say that one time when she was doing this, her sister came home and caught her. That was probably very embarrassing.

I can understand a girl wanting to try on her sister’s clothes, but I do not understand what being sad has to do with it, Unless the thought of going to a ball makes her happy. This doesn’t seem so bad, I mean, what young girl doesn’t like to play dress-up? Well, she apparently thought it was a big enough secret to make it a Whisper. If that is her biggest secret when she is alone, then she has nothing to worry about.

3 Pop Some Corn

Wow, this child seems so innocent compared to some children who are left unattended. This kid says that they cannot understand how other kids can throw parties when their parents aren’t home because he or she finds that some popcorn and a good television series is a good time for them. Sounds to me like a very sheltered child.

I don’t know why this kid seems to think they need to Whisper about this; many parents, including myself, would be proud to know that when they leave their child home alone they would do nothing worse than binge-watch a show on the TV and eat some popcorn. I say if that is the worst you can do kid, keep it up. Your parents should be proud that you can be trusted on your own.

2 The Storyteller

Here is a Whisper that is very innocent. This kid says that when she is home alone she likes to tell herself stories about things she has done, just as if she were telling a friend. It could be that she is afraid of being alone and that is her way of giving herself some comfort. The one thing I do not understand is why she can only do this when her parents aren’t home? I mean she could do this in her own bedroom unless they have very limited living space.

As for myself, I can identify a little, because when I was a kid, I was scared of being home alone and so I would always talk to myself to feel better, that is until my teens - then being home alone meant getting into trouble.

1 Staying Up Late

Well, this kid's parents obviously stay out late, because this kid is alone past bedtime. Their Whisper is a little sarcastic, like yes, I put myself to bed at a decent time, NOT! The question here is whether this is during the week or the weekend, or maybe both. I can see that it might be a problem during the week if you have to get up for school, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem on the weekends.

Sure, we all need plenty of sleep but it should be okay to lose a little here and there. Besides, once you get out into the world as an adult, you will start getting less and less sleep as the world starts keeping you awake with its constant demands.

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