15 Kids Who Are Masters At Hide And Seek [Photos]

Hide-and-seek is a beloved children's game that has been played by little ones for centuries. The rules of the game are as follows: one person who is "it" hides his or her eyes for a determined period of time while the rest of the players run and hide in a designated area. The lucky it-girl, or boy, then proceeds to attempt to find those concealing themselves.

The game is one of the oldest on record. In fact, some historians believed this tried-and-true activity was originally a Greek game called apodidraskinda. Greek writer, Julius Pollux explained the game in his writings, which were completed in the 2nd century. A painting discovered at Herculaneum portrays the game in the same way Pollux describes it, and has been dated to approximately the same time he wrote about this delightful activity. Amazingly, the way hide-and-seek was played in ancient Greece seems to be nearly identical to the way children play the game today.

One fact that has withstood the test of time? Some are more skilled at the game than others. Tiny ones are often not quite as talented at hiding as older folks. Young children don't usually take other individual's perspectives into consideration, and won't until they reach the age of about 7 years old. This means their hide-and-seek skills may be less than stellar. In a young child's mind, if he can't see you, you must not be able to see him either. This fact can make for some pretty hilarious hiding place selections.

Enjoy the following 15 photos of kids who are masters at hide-and-seek (which actually means their hiding spot selections are adorable and heart-warming epic failures).

15 See Ya Later, Alligator

14 Toe-sters In The Kitchen

13 Rose-Colored Hiding Spot

12 That Silhouette, Tho

11 The Couch Cushion Has Legs!

10 Drying To Blend In

9 If Only The Box Wasn't See-Through

8 Looks Comfy

7 The Couch Is Eating Felicia!

6 Impressive Use Of Space

5 The Dog Is Not Impressed

4 The Pajama Game

3 Damn Shadow!

2 Just One Of The Toys

1 Great Effort, But We See Right Through It

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